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NOTE: Some researchers list William Fowler's parents as Henry Fowler and Rebecca Newell and some list him as the son of Joseph Fowler and Sarah Betts - you decide!

"In the name of God, Amen, this 24 January, 1711. I, William Fowler of Flushing, in Queens County, yeoman, being in perfect health. I leave to my son, John Fowler, 240 acres of land, which is one half of the land which is not yet disposed of in the lot commonly called No. 2, lying in the bounds of Rye, in Harrison's Patent, in Westchester County; and is bounded north by Lot No. 3, east by Blind Brook, west by the division line, and south by the division which shall be made by my executors. I leave to my son, Joseph Fowler, 240 acres, which is the other part of the said tract, bounded east by Blind Brook, and Thomas Meritt, south by the land of Jonathan Haight, west by land I have given to my son William, and north by the division line to be made by my executors. With all the houses and appurtenances. My son Joseph is to pay to my daughter Sarah, 30, when she is 18, and to my daughter Hannah, the same. And whereas I have another tract in said Patent called No. 7, and an addition which I bought of Samuel Haight, in all 900 acres. It shall be divided among my three sons, Jeremiah, Thomas, and Henry, when of age, and they shall also have 15 each. I leave to my son Benjamin, my shop and tools of the smith's trade. I leave to my daughter, Mary Dusenbury, a negro girl, and to my daughter Rebecca another, and 30 to each. To my daughters Sarah and Hannah, 20. My wife is to have possession of all lands on Long Island during widowhood, or until my son Benjamin is of age. I leave to my son, Benjamin Fowler, all my lands and meadows in Flushing, and he shall pay to his mother 100, and 25 to each of my daughters Rebecca, Sarah, and Hannah. I make my wife, Mary Fowler, and Jeremiah Fowler, of Eastchester, and William Thorne of Flushing, executors.

Witnesses, Joseph Hunt, Thomas Cook, Daniel Clarke. Proved, May 25, 1714."

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