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From the Newspaper,
The Madisonville, Kentucky Hustler
Friday, 20 March, 1896



Excellent Likeness of the Rev. Samuel F. Fowler, Pastor of the Christian Church of This Place--Sketch of His Life and Career.

We present to our readers this week a most excellent and striking picture of the Rev. Sam F. FOWLER, pastor of the Christian church at this place.

He was born on a farm in the parish of Springfield Co., Province of New Brunswick, D.C., on the 26th of July, 1844, and is consequently in the 52d year of his age. His early educational advantages were quite limited, as he attended a subscription school in the winter months, walking through the snow five miles each day in order to get to the place where learning was dispensed. His parents were of Scotch Irish descent and were of the Baptist persuasion. At the age of twelve the young man joined the church of his parents and very soon expressed a desire to enter the ministry. In this he was encouraged by his parents and others.

When Mr. FOWLER was sixteen years of age he taught a subscription school, the only kind of schools that were taught in the province at that time. About that time the church called him to conduct religious worship and he preached his first sermon. In talking with this divine he said that for his first effort he took the text, "Adam, where art Thou?" He divided it thus: "Whence comest Thou?" "Where art Thou?" "Whither goest thou?" While the young man did the best he could, yet the probability is that his first sermon was not one of any great importance except to himself. He continued to preach and teach until 1865, receiving from the former kind words, socks, mitts and occasionally under clothing. The idea then prevailed that the gospel was free to all. The idea still prevails to an alarming extent in many places.

In April, 1865, Mr. FOWLER was married. About that time he held to views that were not in accord with the church to which he belonged. He then united with the Christian church in St. John, New Brunswick. After taking a special course in biblical study he was called to the church at Lord's Cove on Deer Island, in the province in which he was born. After spending two years at that point, was called to serve the church at Letcete in the same province. From there he went to Boston, Mass., where he spent a year in study and preaching. Since then he has served the church as pastor in Massachusetts, Pennysylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, Indiana and Kentucky. During his pastorate at Charlottsville, Va., he became an American citizen; this, he says, he regards as next to citizenship in the kingdom of Christ. During these years he has held an average of six protracted meetings per year and during his ministerial career has seen over five thousand persons take their stand with the church. Rev. FOWLER has had charge of the Christian church at this place for the past two years and has been engaged for the third time. The Board has employed him for another twelve months and at an increased salary. He is to give his whole time to the church at this place with the exception of two months which is allowed him for evangelical work.

The people of Madisonville are glad to learn that Mr. FOWLER is to be with them for another year. He is a splendid speaker, plain and practical, logical and yet frequently eloquent. He is zealous in the work of the Lord and commands the respect of the people without regard to church or creed.

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