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Descendants of John George and Catherine KEGLEY

Descendants of John George and Catherine KEGLEY John George KEGLEY (subject to verification of course!)

Welcome to my KEGLEY webpage which proves working together works! I can not and do not take credit for all the research reflected on this webpage. Many distant KEGLEY-CAGLEY cousins have graciously shared much information with me and I do appreciate each of you! I feel I have found several kindred spirits as well as distant relatives and my family circle has been greatly expanded. There are still loose ends to try to work into the picture and many knots to unravel. We need to discover Catherine's maiden name and just where in Germany our ancestors hailed from. We know that John George and Catherine had at least twelve children we are aware of and we have descendants of eight of the twelve. Two daughters were stillborn and we are still missing the progeny of two of the sons listed. (This is assuming the original list of twelve children is correct…there are days when I have my doubts! I feel that Barbary Mary KEGLEY has to fit in the picture somewhere but so far have not been able to place her.) Parents and siblings for John George and Catherine would be great wouldn't they? As the pattern of the day seemed to be using the same names within a family frequently and rather indiscriminately, the puzzle is quite confusing at times. Quite often, a complete section is put together and the pieces seem to fit beautifully only to discover it is wrong. Backtracking and correcting the errors sometimes gets even more confusing! Yet, the challenge and the satisfaction of discovering distant relatives and learning how vast and yet how small our world truly is, keeps me searching for one more piece to fit into the big picture. Sometimes it seems I gather more information on the peripheral lines than on the actual KEGLEY line but it all seems to fit at some point. There have been many folks who have promised to help who have yet to come through but I have hope that one day they will remember their promise and make their contribution to the family file. My inbox is always open and I love family history snail mail as well! No information is given on living individuals this update. I have only had one complaint but I have had others hesitate to share in case their name appeared on the webpage. To me, this seems to throw up brick walls to our research, but I am trying to be as accommodating as I can to the many folks who have shared information with me. I do not wish to offend anyone and that is the truth! Corrections, advice, and constructive suggestions are always welcome and are greatly appreciated. Please let me know when you have visited the webpage and how you fit into the KEGLEY picture. Best Regards and Happy Hunting to all! Dianna Gilliam

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