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Descendants of Bolzer Dill


The following information is a "work in progress"...


Generation No. 1


Bolzer1 DILL was born 1818-1823 in Rhine River, East area, Germany, and died October 3, 1874 in Ontario, Canada. He married Magdelena CLAVER, born about 1834, {CLEAVER?} on August 14, 1852 in St. George's Parish Church, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

ALTERNATE SPELLINGS for Bolzer include: Balzar, Belzer, Belser


Aug. 14 - Balzar DULL, Township of Clinton, and Magdalene CLAVER, Township of Louth; witnesses: Dilman H. Moyer, George Mirutsa; by George A. Bull.

"St. George's Parish Church, St. Catharines. Jubilee Celebration and Historic and Centenary Review" edited by Rev. Robert Ker, Rector.

1871 Ontario, Canada Census (NAC: C-9897) Aldborough Twp, Elgin West, Div. 2, page 21

Belser Dill, Age: 48, born: Germany, occupation: Farmer, religion: RC


Buried at Oakland Cemetery, Mosa Township, Middlesex County, Ontario

DILL (white marble)

In memory of/Belzer Dill

who died/Oct. 3, 1874/age 56 years

"A faithful friend, a husband dear,

A tender parent lieth here.

Great is the loss we here sustain,

But hope in heaven to meet again."

DILL (gray sandstone)

In memory of Magdalene,

wife of Belzer Dill,

died Mar. 31, 1898 aged 64 yrs.


Children of Bolzer Dill and Magdelena Claver are:


Killion2 Dill, born about 1853 in Ontario; died July 14, 1915 in Ontario.


John Dill, born about 1855 in Ontario.


Mathias Dill2, born about 1856 in Ontario; died 1918 in Aldborough Twp., Elgin Co., Ontario.


Barbra Dill, born about 1859 in Ontario.


Mary Dill, born about 1862 in Ontario.


Margret2 (Maggie) Dill, born March 25, 1864 in Ontario; died March 17, 1943 in Little Fort, British Columbia.


Frank Dill2, born December 3, 1867 in Ontario.


Emma Dill, born about 1869 in Ontario.


Noah Dill, born about 1872 in Ontario.



Generation No. 2

Killion2 DILL (Bolzer1) was born about 1853 in Ontario, and died July 14, 1915 in Ontario. He married Fanny.

Probable that William DILL, b:12 Oct 1854, ( is actually Killion DILL. {Both have a spouse named Fanny/Fannie 1869-1955}


Concession 3, Lot 6

Aldborough Township

Elgin County


Large dark brown granite block on grey granite base East side:

DILL / In memory of / Killion DILL / died July 14, 1915, aged 62 yrs / wife / Fanny 1869 - 1955


Children of Killion Dill and Fanny are:

i. Mary3 Dill, born November 3, 1895.

ii. Bessie3 Dill, born August 7, 1898.


Mathias2 DILL (Bolzer1) was born about 1856 in Ontario, and died 1918 in Aldborough Twp., Elgin Co., Ontario. He married Catherine HENDERSON, born 1842 Ireland, and died 10 Feb 1909.

Buried at Big Bend Pioneer / Depew Cemetery

Catherine HENDERSON, wife of Matthias DILL, d. Feb 10, 1909,

ae. 66 yrs. 11 mos. 17 ds.


Child of Mathias Dill and Catherine Henderson is:

i. William3 Dill, born July 8, 1882 in Aldborough Twp., Elgin Co., Ontario; died October 15, 1967 in Dutton, Elgin Co., Ontario. On April 30, 1913 he married Lily Bell Campbell (1890 - 1961).



Margret (Maggie)2 DILL (Bolzer1) was born March 25, 1864 in Ontario, Canada, and died March 17, 1943 in Little Fort, BC, Canada. She married Isaac HERSHEY on March 21, 1883 in Presbyterian Manse, Rodney, Aldborough Twp., Elgin Co., Ontario.

 Children of Maggie DILL and Isaac HERSHEY are:


Emma Louise3 Hershey, born April 10, 1884 in Cass City, Michigan, USA; died October 13, 1960 in Victoria, BC. Married Milton EDWARDS on 3 June 1904.


David Hershey3, born July 9, 1886; died April 4, 1963 in Glasgow, Montana, USA. Married Katie KENT-GARCIA on 2 May 1923.


Benjamin Hershey, born January 27, 1890; died January 4, 1919 in Irma, Alberta.


Isaac Jr. Hershey, born February 19, 1894; died May 27, 1914 in Irma, Alberta.


Mary Magdalena Hershey3, born August 13, 1896; died December 15, 1968 in Irma, Alberta. Married Willie GOODWIN on 17 November 1917.


Elizabeth Gertrude Saphrona Audrey Hershey3, born June 23, 1899 in Colchester, Ontario, Canada; died May 7, 1957 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Married Joseph Vickars ROTHERY on 12 January 1920 at Kamloops, BC.


Robert F. Hershey, born September 8, 1901; died December 20, 1918 in Irma, Alberta.


William Hershey, born April 13, 1905 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada; died May 28, 1965 in Tranquille, Kamloops, BC.


 There were 11 to 13 children born to Maggie and Isaac - names of the remaining children are unknown.



Frank2 DILL (Bolzer1) was born December 3, 1867 in Ontario, Canada. He married Mary L. ??


Child of Frank Dill and Mary is:

i. Mary J.3 Dill, born August 21, 1899.


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