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Garveys in the Irish Education Surveys of 1826 and 1835

In 1826 and 1835 surveys were made of all teachers in Ireland - right down to the level of "hedge schools". The following are all the Garvey entries found in these two surveys. The Garvey teachers listed were all located in or near County Armagh.

Both Education Survey volumes are located in the National Library in Dublin.

At that time if a teacher wanted a job in a town that already had a teacher, he could try to oust the local teacher by issuing "a challenge". The two teachers would then meet and match academic wits - with the winner being decided by a local dignitary (usually the priest). If the newcomer were judged to be the victor, he would then takeover the position of instructor of the town's children. Read more about it in a story called The Hedge School written in the 1820's.

There may have been an interesting story behind how Patrick Garvy came to be listed as the schoolmaster in Creggan in 1835. Creggan's teacher in the 1826 survey had been John Garvey. John apparently had reason to move on to a position in Carlingford, County Louth by the time of the 1835 survey.

Committee of Public Instruction
Irish Education Inquiry - 1826

James Garvey
Portadown, Drumcree, County Armagh
Roman Catholic
Income: 13-14 l
School: a thatched cabin - very bad.
36 students

John Garvey
Creggan, The Fews, County Armagh
Roman Catholic
Income: 30 to 35 l
School: small house - value: 30 l
40-50 Students
Scriptures read

Committee of Public Instruction
Irish Education Inquiry - Second Report 1835

James Garvey
Portadown, County Armagh
Kilmacarly National School
Annual grant of 8 pounds from the National Board and School
Rates from 1d to 2d per week
Males: 10, Females: 15
Diminishing enrollment
3 R's taught

Patrick Garvy
Creggan, County Armagh
Daily school
Payments by children varying from 1s to 3s a quarter producing about 12 pounds a year
Males: 48, Females: 12
Diminishing enrollment due to the opening of other schools
3 R's taught

John Garvey
Carlingford, County Louth
Hedge school
Payments by children from 3s to 5s per quarter
Males: 42, Females: 10
Increasing enrollment
3 R's taught