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Garveys in Ship Passenger Lists

The following lists are a transcription of the Garveys appearing in ship passenger lists for the ports of NY, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and various ports in Maine (LDS microfilms FHL#418222, FHL#419471, FHL#205748, and FHL#350237). It also includes Loretta Barnard's transcription of New York arrivals in Jan-May, 1852 (LDS FHL#175465-175473). The list of more than 500 Garveys includes arrival dates from 1825 to about 1890. It probably includes something less than a third of all the Garveys who entered the United States during this time period.

The two links below contain identical information - they differ only in how the entries are sorted. Use them in the following manner: let's say your ancestor was Owen Garvey, born about 1840, and arrived in the US sometime about 1856. Start by looking for your ancestor in the "Passenger Lists - by Name" page. It shows an Owen Garvey, born 1841, who arrived in Boston on the ship "Chariot of Fame" on Nov 21, 1855 (arrival dates are given in the format "mm-dd-yyyy"). Next look in the "Passenger Lists - by Ship" page for the ship "Chariot of Fame". There are records for two trips made by the ship - arriving July 20,1854, and Nov 21, 1855. It can be seen that a Patrick Garvey, born 1836, arrived on the same ship with Owen in 1855. If you already knew that Owen had immigrated with a brother Patrick that was five years older then this may be your ancestor.

Passenger Lists - by Name Passenger Lists - by Ship

Researching the name Owen Garvey would be an "ideal" case in that Owen was an unusual Irish first name. Most of us are facing the difficulty of looking for an ancestor with one of the following 6 first names:

James, John, Patrick, Bridget, Mary, Margaret

There were dozens of immigrant Garveys with each of these names. So it must be kept in mind that finding a John Garvey in this list with approximately the correct birth and arrival dates does not necessarily guarantee that he is "your" John Garvey. There may have been another John Garvey with similar dates that does not appear in this list.

Learn more about any particular ship by going to Magellan - The Ship's Encyclopedia. This is a wonderful resource!

"What do I do if my ancestor isn't in this list?"

Most of the Irish arrived through the port of New York. Many of the New York entries for the time period of 1846-1865 are included on the Family Tree Maker CD #357 "Irish to America". This CD includes entries for about 700 Garveys. Family Tree Maker has also released a second CD - FTM # 264 "Irish to America - Vol 2" that claims to cover the time period 1846-1886. Unfortunately they did not do as good of a job with this CD as with the first volume. The CD actually only covers the Garvey entries well for the years 1865-66, plus about a third of the entries for 1847 and 1880-84, and a handful of entries in the period 1850-52. Nonetheless it includes entries for another 130 Garveys.

Family Tree Maker CDs FTM#273 (New York 1820-1850) and FTM#256 (Boston 1821-1850) are passenger lists for the years earlier than those covered by the "Irish to America" volumes.

These CDs are often up for bid on Ebay at prices somewhat below the retail cost.

Immigrant Ships Trascribers Guild

Another online resource to check is the Immigrant Ships Transcriber's Guild. Another 38 Garvey passenger entries can be found in their first four volumes. Use the "Compass" search feature to find them.