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The Emigrant Savings Bank was founded in New York in the early 1850's by Irish emigrants for Irish emigrants. The bank records that have survived are a valuable source of genealogical information - especially those known as the bank "Test Books". These Test Books contained answers to questions asked of the clients at the time the account was opened. The questions involved information that would presumably only be known to the client - and could therefore be used to identify them in later visits. The questions usually included year of birth, the ship and date of arrival in the US, and information about family members.

Below is a transcription of the entries for the 51 Garveys in the Emigrant Savings Bank Test Book records. Anybody lucky enough to have an ancestor in these records will find a goldmine of information.

First Last Date Account Occupation Address Details
Alice Garvey 10-Apr-1862 30028 16 William St Mother of Eliza Garvey Account#30028. Born in 1807. Arrived 1859 on ship Lady Franklin. Is a widow. 8 children.
Ann Garvey 13-Feb-1860 22899 Domestic 42nd St corner of 5th Ave Born Kile (Rile?), Co Cavan, Ireland in 1830. Arrived April 1848 on ship Caledonia. Is married to Patrick Garvey Account# 18307. No children.
Ann Garvey 11-Dec-1862 32722 Housekeeper 55 Mulberry St Born 1822 Co Sligo, Ireland. Arrived 1845 on ship Industry. Is married to Michael Garvey, 37th Reg NY Volunteers. 5 children, 2 sons in US Army. Michael born 1821. "He is not same ? and ? with her".
Ann Garvey 7-Mar-1868 63921 Housekeeper 56 Mulberry St Born 1822 in Co Sligo. Arrived 1845 on ship Industry. Husband: J?. Nee: Ann O'Hara.
Ann Garvey 23-Jan-1863 33496 Housekeeper 480 10th? Ave Born 1829 Co Cavan, Ireland. Arrived 1849 on Black Gale Line. Is married to Patrick Garvey. No children.
Ann Garry? 11-Sep-1863 36282 X Housekeeper 116 W 33rd St Born 1813 in Co Cavan, parish Killarney. Arrived 1849 on ship Conqueror. Widow of Patrick. 8 children, 4 boys, 4 girls.
Bartholomew Garvey 5-Feb-1868 63556 X Soldier Ft. Columbus, NY Born 1836 in Co Clare. Arrived 1867 on ship Ferreffa(?). Father: J?
Bernard Garvey 10-Sep-1862 31719 X Farmer Chapel Hill, NJ Born 1831 in Co Louth, Ireland. Arrived 1848 on ship Howard. Is single. Father:  Bernard, dead. Mother: Bridget Srahan, in New Jersey. 2 brothers and 1 sister.
Bernard Garvey 30-May-1864 40906 X Farmer Milltown, Monmouth Co, NJ Born 1830 in Dundalk, Co Louth, Ireland. Arrived 1848 on ship Howard. Single. Father: Bernard, dead. Mother: Bridget Soraghan.
Bridget Garvey 5-Aug-1864 41915 Housekeeper Chapel Hill, near Red Bank, NJ Born 1804 in Co Louth, Ireland. Arrived 1849 on ship Howard. Widow of Bernard. 4 Children.
Catherine Garvey 19-Jul-1853 4931 Domestic 12 Bridge St Native of Kilgarvan Parish, Co Kerry. Arrived NY on the Speed from Liverpool. Is single & don't speak English.
Catherine Garvey 03-Apr-1854 6723 Sister of Thomas Garvey Account # 6723
Catherine Garvey 24-Apr-1862 30144 Housekeeper Barrow St Born 1830 in Lake Patrick, Tyrone, Ireland. Arrived 1846 on ship Mary Harrington. Is married to John McManus. 6 children.
Darby Garvey 2-Aug-1861 27984 X Miner 82 Mulberry St Born 1831 in Drumcliff, Co Sligo, Ireland. Arrived 1852 from Eng(?). Is single. Parents in Ireland: Thomas and Mary Gillen.
Denis Garvey 21-Jan-1868 63329 Laborer 18 Cherry St Born 1831 in Kerry. Arrived 1852 on ship R Cobden(?). Wife: M Mahoney.
Eliza Garvey 10-Apr-1862 30028 Domestic 16 William St Born 1832 in Columkill, Longford, Ireland. Arrived 1854. Is single. Father: Henry, dead. Mother in NY: Alice Donahan(?). 4 brothers and three sisters.
Elizabeth Garvie 1-Aug-1872 91662 Domestic 109 Madison Ave Born 1847 in Co Meath. Arrived 1869 on ship City of Baltimore.Father: Ed. Mother: Annie Bean?
Ellen Garvey 21-Dec-1866 56516 Housekeeper 10 Mulberry St Born 1828 in Co Limerick. Arrived 1854 on ship Calhoun. Husband John. Nee Fitzgerald. Blind of left eye.
Honora Garvey 6-Jan-1860 22453 Domestic Elizabeth, NJ Native Early(?) Liffy(?), Ireland. Arrived Dec 185(?)6 on ship Ashburton. Is single. Parents: David and Bridget Kennedy, dead.
James Garvey 10-Feb-1857 13694 Clerk 75 Beekman St Native of Limerick, Ireland. Arrived Sep 1851 on ship West Point. Is single. Parents in NY. Father: William. Mother: Bridget Reidy. 2 sisters: Mary & Bridget.
James Garvey 16-Oct-1866 55610 X Liquors? 488 10th Ave Born 1839 in Co Cavan, Ireland. Arrived 1850 on ship Fidelia. Father: James. Mother: Mary.
John Garvey 25-Jul-1864 41790 X Painter 921 Broome Born 1841 in Co Clare. Arrived May 16, 1863 on ship Emerald Isle. Single. Father: James. Mother: Catherine Sullivan
John A Garvey 1-Jun-1863 35105 X Waiter with Astor House Born 1837 in Eastchester, Westch Co, NY?. Is single. Parents: Alexander and Ann Louisa Connor, live in Roxbury, MA.
Margaret Garvey 23-Jan-1869 22680 X seamstress 328 8th St Native Pomeroy, Ireland (Co Tipperary?). Arrived 1853 on ship "Herman". Is a widow of Peter Garvey. 3 children.
Margaret Garvey 9-Jul-1866 54048 X Housekeeper 426 11th Ave Born 1817 in Co Limerick, Ireland. Arrived 1850 on ship Princeton. Single. Father: Daniel. Mother: Hannah Collin.
Margaret Garvey 31-Mar-1868 64246 Domestic 51st St between 6th Ave 7th Ave Born 1848 in Co Leitrim. Arrived 1863 on ship Atmosphere. Father: John, dead. James and B. Brohan.
Margaret Garvey 1-Aug-1871 84199 Domestic Southampton, Long Island Born 1835 in Co Cavan. Arrived when a child. Father: William Faulkner. Mother: Prndg?  ?? Garvey.
Maria Garvey 20-Sep-1866 55170 Corner of 59th St and 1st St Wife of Thomas Garvey Account# 55170.
Mary Garvey 18-Sep-1856 12584 domestic 197 Schimmerhow St Native of Carrdigoguinness, Co Limerick, Ireland. Arrived summer of 1851 on ship Napolean from Limerick. Is single. Father: Michael, dead. Mother: Mary Horgan, is in NY(?).  4 sisters: Catherine & Ellen in NY.
Mary Garvey 6-Oct-1856 12779 housekeeper Corner of Water and Jackson St Native of Ballybrown near Limerick, Ireland. Arrived in May 1853 on ship Lucy Thompson from Liverpool. Parents dead. Father: Thomas Horgan. Mother: Bridget Jol???. Husband: Michael Garvey, dead. 8 children.
Mary Garvey 5-Nov-1859 21860 X Teacher Flushing St Native of Kilbegnet, Galway, Ireland. Arrived 1857 on ship Dromahain(?) from Sligo. Is married to James G. 1 child: James Jr.
Mary Garvey 8-Jan-1868 63091 Housekeeper 521 W 27th? Born 1844 in Cork. Arrived 1864 on ship City of London. Husband: James. Nee: Walsh
Mary A Garvey 13-Oct-1865 49682 Housekeeper Hunter's Point Born 1827 in Co Monaghan, Ireland. Arrived 1848 on ship John S.  Skiddy. ??? Thomas Cunningham.
Mary J Garvey 23-Dec-1864 44220 X Housekeeper Fulton Ave, Brooklyn Born 1824 in Co Galway, Ireland. Arrived 1857 on ship Jer Thompson. Husband: Edward. 1 child: Ellen.
Michael Garvy 16-Apr-1856 11334 laborer 111 Anthony St Native of Loughrea, Co Galway, Ireland. Arrived Mar 1st, 1848 on brig Pageant from Galway. Is married to Mary Morrison. 5 children. Parents dead. Father: Barthy. Mother: Honora O'Neill.
Michael Garvey 11-Dec-1862 32722 55 Mulberry St Husband of Ann Garvey Account# 32722.
Michael Garvey 3-Oct-1863 36738 X Rope maker Dunmore, Luzerne Co, PA Deposited for him by Mr. Brennan
Patrick Garvey 05-Apr-1852 1910 Farmer  Piermont, Rockland Co Native of Cappa, Co Clare, Ireland. Arrived Feb 16, 1852 on ship Lockport from Cork. Is single. Father: James, dead , Mother Catherine Conway lives in Ireland, 3 Brothers: John, Michael, &Thomas, 3 Sisters:  Bridget, Mary &Cath.
Patrick Garvey 14-Jan-1857 13514 laborer Chapel Hill, NJ Native of Dundalk, Ireland. Arrived Apr 31, 1848 on ship Howard from Liverpool. Is single. Father: Bernard, dead. Mother: Bridget Jorahan,  in NY.
Patrick Garvey 16-Nov-1858 18307 X Liquor dealer Corner of 5th Ave and 42nd St Native of Drung(?), Co Cavan, Ireland. Arrived NY 1846 on ship Cornelia. Is married to Ann Reilly. (Ann is the same as Account# 22899). No children. Died sometime before July 2, 1863.
Patrick Garvey 24-Apr-1862 30144 X Barrow St Patrick Garvey may have been added to Catherine Garvey's Account#30144 on July 31, 1863.
Patrick Garvey 4-Jan-1865 44450 Co G 135 NYC Born 1818 in Co Meath, Ireland. Is married. Wife: Mary. Was a foundryman.
Patrick Garvey 20-Aug-1866 54715 X Laborer Chapel Hill, NJ Born 1836 in Co Louth, Ireland. Arrived 1848 on ship Howard. Father: Bernard. Mother: M Sorahan
Patrick Garvey 23-Jun-1868 65461 X Laborer Middleton, NJ Born 1838 in Co Louth. Arrived 1847 on ship Howard. Father: Bernard. Mother: B Sorahan. Red hair.
Sarah Garvey 27-Feb-1864 39060 Laborer 249 W 47th St Born 1822 in Co Sligo, Arrived 1850 on ship Louisiana. 4 children, 2 in the Army: Pat and Francis. Husband is Thomas Garvey Account#39060
Thomas Garvey 03-Apr-1854 6723 Farm laborer Bleuthville, Rockland Co, NY Native of Cappagh, 4 miles from Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland. Arrived NY June 18, 1852 on ship West Point from Liverpool.Parents dead. Father: James, Mother: Cath Conway. 3 bros and 2 sis: Pat, Cath at residence - is single. Catherine Arrived in August of 1851 on ship ? Sprague from Liverpool. Is married to Michael McGrath.
Thomas Garvey 30-Nov-1858 18390 X carpenter Atlantic St, Brooklyn between Vanderbilt and Clinton Son of Mary Garvey, Account #12779
Thomas Garvey 21-Aug-1858 17659 laborer East NY Native of Loughrea, Co Galway, Ireland. Arrived NY Mar 2, 1851on ship Formiston(?) from Liverpool. Parents dead. Father: Thomas. Mother: Catherine Kearn(?). 3 bro & 1 sis. ?  ? Maria Crinnel, 1 child, ?
Thomas Garvey 27-Feb-1864 39060 Laborer 249 W 47th St Born 1816 in Co Sligo. Arrived 1846 on ship Joules at St Johns.  4 children, 2 in the Army: Pat and Francis. Wife is Sarah Garvey Account# 39060.
Thomas Garvey 20-Sep-1866 55170 laborer Corner of 59th St and 1st St Born 1826 in Co Galway, Ireland. Arrived 1849 on ship Princeton. Wife: Maria Crisnell
William Garvey 28-Sep-1852 2817 Drives Horse Cart 41st St below 10th and 11th Aves Native of Paynestown, Parish Rathcoffy, Co. Kildare, 2 miles from Clare. Arrived NY August 1835 on ship Thomas from Liverpool. Married to Judy Fagan, has 1 son Laurence. Parents dead. Father: Laurence, Mother: Rose Kelly. 2 brothers in US, don't know where, James and Henry. 1 Sister in Ireland: Mary.