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Garveys in the 1900 Census

The 1900 US census is a goldmine of information in comparison to censuses conducted in earlier decades. The month and year of birth are given, birthplaces of both parents, and how many years a person has been married. For immigrants to the US the year of immigration is also specified.

Transcriptions have been completed for the states with active links:

Alabama Alaska Arkansas Arizona
California Connecticut Colorado District of Columbia
Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii
Iowa Idaho Illinois Indiana
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Massachussetts
Maryland Maine Michigan Minnesota
Missouri Mississippi Montana North Carolina
North Dakota Nebraska New Jersey New Hampshire
New Mexico New York Nevada Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island
South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas
Utah Virginia Vermont Washington
Wisconsin West Virginia Wyoming Military and Naval

The meaning of the information in each of the transcription columns is given in the table below.

A County
B Township
C First name
D Last name
E Page #
F Line #
G Dwelling #
H Family #
I Address
J Street
K Relationship to head of household
L Race
M Gender
N Month of birth
O Year of birth
P Age
R Years married
S Number of live births
T Number of children surviving
U Place of birth
V Father's place of birth
W Mother's place of birth
X Year of immigration
Y Years in US
Z "na" indicates naturalized citizen
AA Occupation
AB Months unemployed
AC Months in school
AD Able to read
AE Able to write
AF Able to speak English
AG Rent (r) or own (o)home
AH Home owned free (f) or mortgaged (m)
AI Home (h) or farm (f)
AJ Number of agricultural schedule