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Ootacamund, "Ooty" - the hometown of the Ingram family in Tamil Nadu, India from about 1920-1934

Welcome to our Family Tree...

Our BODDINGTON ancestors go back through several generations of Northampton "cobblers" to the peasant class farm workers of feudal Bedfordshire, Huntingdonshire and Northamptonshire in the late 16th century. On our INGRAM side, we have family ties to the watermen, bargemen and mariners of Essex who for many generations plied their trade on the busy waterways of the Thames estuary and English Channel. We also have lateral or "secondary" roots resulting from early British and Dutch expatriates who left their European homelands in the late 18th century to live, work and eventually settle in distant colonial India.

Our family tree is structured mainly around the pedigree charts of Thomas BODDINGTON and Dorothy May INGRAM. However, the charts include links to most, if not all the lateral branches of our related families. So visiting cousins, second cousins, nieces and nephews might well find something of interest here. First time visitors might find it more convenient, (and quicker) to go straight to the Index of Names or Surnames in the navigation bars or the Table of Contents below, and click on those names in which they are particularly interested. All names in the lists are hyper-linked to the appropriate juncture and time line in our family tree. Dates, place names and events that have been 'estimated', 'calculated' or otherwise considered "Said To Be" are either enclosed in angle brackets thus, <1856> or prefixed with the symbol "§". Verified data on individual pages and charts are linked to numbered source citations listed at the bottom of the page. All that said, the data published here are far from complete and there is still much research to be done. There are many omissions and possible errors. If anyone thinks they can fill in the gaps or correct any of the mistakes, please email me. Better still, if you have your own family history web site, why not link us to your pages so that we can exchange information?

Details of living persons in this database have been suppressed as far as possible to protect the individual and to prevent fraudulent use of personal data.

Credits and Acknowledgements

I am grateful to the following for providing corroborative data of one sort or another and for kindly agreeing to share the results of their own research:

Clive Boddington, for helping me trace the link between our recent shoemaking past and our earlier agricultural roots in feudal Bedfordshire and Huntingdon. Also for putting me in touch with the invaluable genealogical notes of our family historian Henry Boddington.
Dave Billings for his contribution to the Boddington-Family site regarding Susan BODDINGTON, née BATES'S record of the births of her children in the family Bible, (Finedon and Northampton).
Carole Pavitt, for all the work she has done on the INGRAM family in Southend-on-Sea, Essex prior to 1800, much of which is reproduced here with her kind permission.
Rona Langston (née Ingram) (NZ), for filling in many of the "gaps" that remained in our early INGRAM roots and for kindly allowing me to quote from her comprehensive and invaluable research notes.
Meryl Yost, Malcolm Ward and other selfless members of the Aus-Tasmania RootsWeb mailing List for helping me trace the final chapters in the tragic life of our convict ancestor William Boddington (1806-1888).

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Amendments and Updates

These pages are continually under development and will be amended as research proceeds and further information becomes available. They were last updated on:

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