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Welcome to my little home on the Web! I am constantly in the process of updating this site, so please excuse the dust. In the meantime, come on in and look around. I only wish I could offer you a cup of cappuccino......

This site is mainly devoted to the following names that I am researching. I will be updating it as time goes on (and as more information becomes available).

Ackerman, Arnoldt, Asburgo, Ashley, Austin, Baldwin, Besch, Bomm, Busbee, Busby, Buskey, Buzbee, Cline, Conrad, Crow, Daugherty, de Soldan, de Solden, de Sölden, de Soelden, Deming, Dombrowski, Dunlap, Eicher, Eichnor, Eisenharth, Eisenhuth, Giddings, Graybeal, Griffing, Hachenberg / Hachenburg / Hochenberg, Hady, Hall, Heberling, Heckerling, Hochberg, Hollar, Hollars, Holler, Hollers, Hosbach, Jaenert, Jehnert, Jenert, Jordan, Kaufer, King, Klein, Kline, Koch, Kuhn, Lindeman, Lindemann, Lingemann, Linderman, Lindermann, Lorena, Lorraine, Lothringen, McCarthy, McNair, Meagher, Moore, Morgan, Neubert, Newlon, O'Connell, O'Malley, Osborn, Osborne, Petree, Poinsett, Rader, Rausch, Rininsland, Roark, Roddiger, Roeddiger, Roeder, Rohrbach, Roth, Ryan, Sass, Sasse, Sauer, Schade, Schlatter, Schmidt, Schmitt, Schneider, Shultz, Schweigert, Selden, Seldern, Seldon, Sheesley, Siehl, Sippel, Sipple, Smith, Snyder, Soldan, Solden, Soldern, Soldin, Sölden, Soelden, StClair, Suldan, Sulden, Suldern, Suldin, Suldon, Sultan, Sulthan, Sulter, Sultern, Sulton, Vanover, Vaughan, von Hachenberg, von Hachenburg, von Hochberg, von Hochenberg, von Saldern, von Seldern, von Sass, von Sasse, von Soldan, Wenger, Whidbee, Whidby, Widbee, Widby, Winger, Woodbey, Woodby, Yancy, Zimmerhackel, and Zulch / Zuelch

The following are some of the individuals that I am "stuck" on:

George W. Crow, John W. Dunlap, Lewis C. Dunlap, James H. Hollars, Nicholas Hosbach, Elizabeth King, Mary O'Malley, Eliza J. Moore, Charles T. Newlon, Edward S. Petree, Jacob Schlatter, Joseph Schlatter, Anna Margaretha Schmidt, Bernhardt Schmidt, Heinrich Schmidt, Johannes W. Schmidt, Anna Margaret Smith, Bernard (Barney) Smith, Henry Smith, John W. Smith, Uriah (Urias) Smith, Johann Conrad Heinrich Schneider, Mary Wenger / Winger, and Mathias Widby.

Other lines that I have an interest in are:

Anhalt-Bernberg-Schaumburg-Hoym, Asburgo-Lorena, Berlepsch, de Belgique, Habsburg / Hapsburg, Habsburg-Lorraine, Habsburg-Lothringen, Hohenlohe, Hohenzollern, Kirchberg, Nassau-Weilberg, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Schwarzenberg, Solms Braunfels, Wittelsbach, Wuerttemberg, von Belgien, von Hungen, von Oesterreich, von Oldenburg, von Schoenau.

I am also interested in information pertaining to any of the 1848 Revolutions in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire (including present-day Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine), Galicia, present-day Germany, Prussia, or Russia, and in Gorizia and Gradisca (German: Görz und Gradisca; Italian: Gorizia e Gradisca). I am especially interested in those connected to the House of Habsburg, or to any of the royal/noble houses that were closely aligned with the Habsburgs. In particular, liberal cousins of Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico, Archduke Stephen, (Erzherzog Stefan ) / Palatine Stephen of Hungary, the Grand Dukes of Oldenburg, or those involved with Archduke John (Erzherzog Johann), and any of those "48ers" who lived in exile, including displaced members of royalty/nobility of that time frame.

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