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bullet John Perry

He was married to Deborah Uppenkamp . Children were: Johnny Perry, Branson Perry.

bullet Johnny Perry (Private). Parents: John Perry and Deborah Uppenkamp.

bullet Harold Arthur Phipps

Children were: Mary Ann Phipps .

bulletMary Ann Phipps (Private). Parents: Harold Arthur Phipps and Norma Jean Apple.

She was married to Darrell Leon Free on 9 Aug 1975 in Stouder Memorial Hospital, Troy, Miami Co., OH.

bullet Lloyd Pierce

He was married to Maggie Klepinger ?. Children were: Lova Mae Pierce.

bullet Lova Mae Pierce (Private). Parents: Lloyd Pierce and Maggie Klepinger.

She was married to William Emanuel Wion on 22 Dec 1967.

She was married to Earl Littlenton Nollner before 1952. She was divorced from Earl Littlenton Nollner on 14 Feb 1958 in Davidson Co., Tenn. Children were: Susan Nollner, Linn Alan Nollner, Karen Nollner.

bullet Ora Rayford Pittman

He was married to Almarry Myrtle Wyan (Wion) on 12 Mar 1921 in Darke Co., OH.

bullet James Leonard Popp (Private). Parents: Robert Nelson Popp and Wanda Sullenberger.

He was married to Cathy Mae Sirch 8 July1967 in Grace Methodist Church, Piqua, Miami Co., OH. Children were: Jodi Lynn Popp, Jennifer Lee Popp.

bullet Jennifer Lee Popp (Private). Parents: James Leonard Popp and Cathy Mae Sirch.

bullet Jodi Lynn Popp (Private). Parents: James Leonard Popp and Cathy Mae Sirch.

bullet Robert Nelson Popp

Children were: James Leonard Popp .

bulletLinda Puterbaugh was born on 18 May 1937 in Potsdam, Miami Co., OH. She died on 14 Apr 1995 in 1 Circle Drive, West Milton, her home. She was buried on 18 Apr 1995 in Miami Memorial Park Cemetery, Covington, OH. Parents: Raymond Puterbaugh and Edna Iddings.

She was married to Richard Edwin Wion Twin on 14 Nov 1959. Children were: Mendy Lee Casey Wion, Raymond Dean Casey Wion.

bulletRaymond Puterbaugh.

Children were: Linda Puterbaugh .

bulletRobert R. Ray.

He was married to Brenda Sue Karns before 1972. He was divorced from Brenda Sue Karns on 10 Oct 1973. Children were: Teddy R. Ray.

bullet Teddy R. Ray (Private). Parents: Robert R. Ray and Brenda Sue Karns.

bullet Eva Reaver

She was married to John Moffit ?. Children were: Jacqueline Moffit Krug.

bullet ? Reed

bulletMary Margaret Reed was born on 2 May 1844 in Penn.. She died on 17 Feb 1900 in Greenville,Darke Co., OH.

She was married to George Washington Wyan (Wion) on 28 Dec 1859 in Mufflin Co., Penn. Children were: John Carver Wyan (Wion), George Vance Wyan (Wion), Elizabeth Ann Wyan (Wion), David Foster Wyan(Wion), Wyan (Wion).

bullet Mildred Riffell

Children were: Allan Boehringer, Scott Boehringer, Jack Boehringer.

bulletShirley Rae Roby.

Children were: Susan Renee Holbert .

bullet? Rohr .

He was married to Virginia Thomas ?.

bullet Florian A. Rosegarten

He was married to Martha Greese . Children were: RA TC SGTE-5 James Rosegarten.

bullet RA TC SGTE-5 James Rosegarten (Private). Parents: Florian A. Rosegarten and Martha Greese.

bulletDorothy Sanders.

Children were: Gary Eugene Banks.

bulletFrank Sass.

bulletShanda Sue Schauer.

She was married to Ricky Lee Boehringer on 21 Sep 1983. She was divorced from Ricky Lee Boehringer on 3 Oct 1990.

bullet Nancy Scholl

She was married to James Nelson Jr. Shives in Jun 1971.

bullet Henry Schumacher was born in Germany.

Children were: Henry Shoemaker.

bulletAlbert Grover Cleveland Schwartz was born in 1893. He died in 1969. Parents: Lewis Schwartz and Lydia Stone.

He was married to Irene Faig in 1918. Children were: Richard Eugene Schwartz.

bullet Daniel Schwartz was born on 24 Jan 1824 in Germany. He died in 1898.

He was married to Mary Hartsuct on 21 Jan 1848 in Germany. Children were: Lewis Schwartz.

bullet Justin Eugene Schwartz Parents: Richard Eugene Schwartz and Vicki Lynn Boehringer.

bullet Lewis Schwartz was born on 9 Dec 1861. He died on 28 Nov 1942. Parents: Daniel Schwartz and Mary Hartsuct.

He was married to Lydia Stone. Children were: Albert Grover Cleveland Schwartz.

bullet Matthew Albert Schwartz Parents: Richard Eugene Schwartz and Vicki Lynn Boehringer.

bullet Richard Eugene Schwartz (Private). Parents: Albert Grover Cleveland Schwartz and Irene Faig.

He was married to Vicki Lynn Boehringer in Las Vegas, Nevada. Children were: Justin Eugene Schwartz, Matthew Albert Schwartz .

bullet Lucille Selanders

Children were: Bernadine Alice Davis .

bulletCarl B. Sharp (Private). Parents: George W. Sharp and Tanny (Fannie) Boehringer.

bullet George W. Sharp was born in 1857.

He was married to Tanny (Fannie) Boehringer on 27 Jun 1883 in Covington, Miami Co., OH. Children were: William Edward Sharp, Carl B. Sharp.

bullet William Edward Sharp (Private). Parents: George W. Sharp and Tanny (Fannie) Boehringer.

bullet Phillip B. Sherdian

He was married to Dora K. Smith . Children were: Phyliss Ann Sherdian.

bullet Phyliss Ann Sherdian (Private). Parents: Phillip B. Sherdian and Dora K. Smith.

She was married to Albert John Thompson on 18 Mar 1972 in Pleasant Hill Miami Co., OH. Children were: Elizabeth Anne Thompson, John William Thompson, Jennifer Lyn Thompson.

bullet Daisy Sherwood

Children were: Virginia Mae Hicks.

bulletChristopher Shilt.

He was married to Elizabeth Anne Thompson late 1993 or early 1994. Children were: Jessica Ann Shilt .

bullet Jessica Ann Shilt (Private). Parents: Christopher Shilt and Elizabeth Anne Thompson.

bullet James Nelson Shives was born on 16 Aug 1917 in Woodington, Darke Co., OH. He died on 18 Feb 1990 in Good Samaritan Hospital, Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH. He was buried in Gettysburg, Adams Twp. Darke Co., OH. Parents: Lowell C. Shives and Hazel Harriet Walker.

He was married to Dorthy Esther Wion on 21 Jun 1941 in Cincinnati, Oh. Children were: James Nelson Jr. Shives , Jonette Dee Shives, Jon Michael Shives.

bullet James Nelson Jr. Shives was born on 30 Apr 1946 in Greenville, Darke Co., Ohio. He died on 8 Mar 1989 in Mineral, California. He was buried in Gettysburg Cemetery,Adams Twp. Darke Co., OH. Parents: James Nelson Shives and Dorthy Esther Wion.

bulletJon Felton Shives was adopted on 14 Apr 1982. Parents: Jon Michael Shives and Mary Kay Felton.

bullet Jon Michael Shives (Private). Parents: James Nelson Shives and Dorthy Esther Wion.

Children were: Jon Felton Shives.

bulletJonette Dee Shives (Private). Parents: James Nelson Shives and Dorthy Esther Wion.

bullet Lowell C. Shives

He was married to Hazel Harriet Walker ?. Children were: James Nelson Shives.

bullet Agnes Shoemaker Parents: Henry Shoemaker and Anna Boehringer.

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