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Letter from Rob Foord (this letter forms the background of these pages) Rob was born in 1796, I think there is something a bit special about a letter written by someone who lived 3 centuries ago!

Letter from Susannah Comport

Letters from Martha Buist - Friend in Gympie Qld, quite a few names mentioned.

Letter from Percy Brook - Tells a little of an early cattlemans life, working with cattle in "new" land far from home.

Letter from Claude Markwell - A letter from a drover (as above)

Letters from Nellie - I don't yet know who Nellie is, but seems to be a friend rather than a relative. An interesting insight into the shock of "Colonial" life.

Letter from George P Comport

Letter from Laura Comport

Letter from Jack Conway - Sad news from the war front.

Letters from Louie Hadlow - 1st WW letters, tell about the loss of a young soldier and life in Maidstone 1917-1918. Many names are mentioned.

Letter from Connie Smith - Sympathy

Letter from Amy Finney _Sympathy

Letter from Edmund Daly - Friend of Aubrey

Letter from Madge Conway - Aubreys Fiance's cousin

Letter from Jack Conway Injured WW1 Digger, friend of Aubrey and Markwell family.

Letter from Laura Smith - The end of the war!

Letter from Connie Gittins - End of War

Letter from Claude Markwell

Letter from Amy Finney