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My name is Denise, I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

I became interested in family history when, as a child, all the belongings of my late elderly Aunt Ruby Shrapnel were put into storage in a cottage on the family property.

My sisters and I spent hours in the cottage reading the old letters and trying on the tiny dresses and shoes which once belonged to my rather "height challenged" ancestors. When I was 10 many of these fit me perfectly! (My mother has a theory that we are all growing taller each generation due to better nutrition, she is probably right!)

Recently many of these letters, photographs, books and other memorabilia have been given to me for safekeeping. I felt I should try and catalogue what I have, it does not seem right for such a collection to sit in a cupboard and be forgotten. I hope that some of the information I have unearthed is of some use to somebody.

I have also attempted to expand on the collection using online family history data such as the free bdm website, LDS site, Google and by asking other family members to share their memories and data with me. I have been fortunate in that my Aunt Laura Cameron had already researched a lot of the Carlyle family, and my Cousin (once removed) John Miller is researching the Miller family. I have also been assisted by Paul Mann (please click & visit Paul's family history site) on the Carlyle side and a number of Markwell relatives. I am very very grateful for all the help I have received and if anyone feels I have used data which they would prefer I had not, please let me know, I have no desire to upset anybody, but feel that history is often something which should be shared.

Best wishes,

Denise :)