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[Both of my great-grandparents were descended from Thomas Jacquet dis DesLauriers.
I have therefore split this summary into two parts.]



I. Jean JACQUET dit DESLORIERS, son of Marcel JACQUET and Marie ROUCHAULT,married Marie GONFRAI, daughter of Alexander, and Marie ROGUE. They resided in the parish of Sainte-Marie-la-Petite, Rouen, Normandy, France.

II. Thomas "Baptiste" JACQUET dit DESLORIERS, born November 17, 1725 at Rouen; came to New France (Quebec) in the military as a clerk for the King's storehouses, in the Company of Monsieur Cabanac at Quebec (City); married by permission of Lt. Gov. Vaudriel, June 19, 1752 at Lavaltrie, QC to Marguerite, the daughter of Jean-Germain SIGOUIN and Marie-Louise QUAY. According to family tradition, the JACQUET family left New France after it fell to the British and moved to the fishing port of Arichat, Cape Breton. About the time of the American Revolution they moved again, to Baie Fortune (now Rollo Bay), P.E.I., where they built a schooner and carried on trade with the islands of Saint-Pierre & Miquelon (off the southern coast of Newfoundland) where many Acadian refugees had settled. Before 1787 they had moved to Tracadie, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia, where they finally settled. Around the time of the French Revolution, Thomas is said to have returned to France to claim an inheritance and was never heard from again.

III. Alexis "Alexander" JACQUET dit DES LAURIERS, Sr., seaman, farmer; bapt. Jan. 18, 1765 at Berthier-en-haut (now Berthierville), QC; died before 1838; married before 1792 to Anne (bapt. Agnes), daughter of Joseph PITRE dit MARC and Anne Marie BOURG, Acadians of Baie Fortune, P.E.I. and Arichat, C.B.; born about 1766; died June 3, 1834.

IV. Alexandre DES LAURIERS, Jr., farmer; born before 1800; died Sept. 30, 1862 at Tracadie; married Jan. 7, 1819 at Tracadie, to Marie, daughter of André BARRIAULT and Sophie GOUTHREAU, Acadians.

V. Placide "William" DES LAURIERS or DE LOREY, farmer; born about 1826 at Tracadie; married Feb. 22, 1848 at Tracadie to Anastasie "Theresa", daughter of Joseph "Benoni" MAILLET (or MAYETTE) and Marguerite LEVANGIE, born Jan. 13, 1817 at Tracadie. Placide and family emigrated to Boston, MA in 1880. He married a second time to Julie, daughter of Regis (DE) COSTE and Martine GOYETCHE of the Cap-au-Guet district of Arichat, Cape Breton; born about 1832. That marriage took place Nov. 11, 1881 in Boston.

(by Placide's first wife)

VI. Simon Placide DE LORY, farmer, stonemason, fireman at the shipyards, machinist; born July 29, 1863, bapt. Aug. 1st at Tracadie; died Aug 21, 1922 at East Braintree, MA; married 1st Nov. 28, 1883 at Our Lady of Victories Church, Boston, to Sophie, daughter of Maurice MATHÉ and Marie COTE. (They may have had 3 daughters, sent to N.S. to be raised by relatives after her death). A second marriage, May 14, 1888 at Sacred Heart Church, Weymouth, MA to Susanne "Annie Susan", daughter of Honoré "Henry" DE LOREY and Rose DADEAU (See Part II); she died Jan. 19, 1917 at East Braintree; 14 children. Married a third time Sept. 20, 1917 at Weymouth, to Elizabeth PITTS DE YOUNG, a widow, daughter of Amos PITTS and Elizabeth CARPENTER, born about 1873 in Nova Scotia; she had no children by Simon. Simon and Annie Susan are buried at St. Francis Cemetery, Weymouth.

(by Simon's second wife)

VII. Simon Benjamin "Ben" DE LOREY, ironworker; born Dec. 4, 1892 at Weymouth, MA; died Feb. 6, 1958 at Detroit, MI; married Sept. 25, 1916 at Detroit, MI, to Winifred Theresa, daughter of William PARKS and Jane HARRIS; born Nov. 6, 1890 at Lake Linden, MI; died Dec. 9, 1978 at Detroit. Both are buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, MI.

VIII. Donald Robert DE LOREY, born Oct. 14, 1920 at Detroit, MI; died July 8, 2004 at Livonia, MI; married Aug. 30, 1941 at Detroit to Gertrude Pearl, daughter of Arthur Russell MADILL and Mary JASTER.

IX. Mary Anne DE LOREY; married Frank John FERGUSON.



I. Jean JACQUET dit DESLORIERS and Marie GONFRAI (See Part I, No. I).

II. Thomas "Baptiste" JACQUET dit DESLORIERS and Marguerite SIGOUIN; (See Part I, No. II).

III. Jean-Baptiste JACQUET dit DES LAURIERS, also known as John DE LOREY, Sr., seaman, farmer; born and bapt. July 12, 1761 at Lavaltrie, Quebec; died about 1838/1840 at Tracadie; married first, about 1783 to Anne (bapt. Agnes), daughter of Claude COSTE and Marguerite VIGNEAU, born Apr. 1, 1764, bapt. July 29, 1771 at Arichat; died about 1800. Second marriage, about 1802, probably at Baie Fortune (now Rollo Bay), P.E.I. to Madeleine, daughter of Jean Baptiste LANDRY dit ALEXIS and Anne PITRE, Acadians; died about 1825 or 1826.

(by Baptiste's second wife)

IV. Benoni "William" DES LAURIERS, seaman; born & bapt. June 6, 1816 at Tracadie; died Oct. 29, 1875 at Tracadie; married about 1836 to Anne, daughter of Louis PAROU and Isabelle MATHÉ, born and bapt. Oct. 16, 1816; died Mar. 11, 1890 at Weymouth, MA.

V. Honoré "Henry" DES LAURIERS/DE LOREY, seaman; born about 1837 at Tracadie; died Nov. 1923 at Merland, N.S.; married first about 1862 to Rose, daughter of Joseph DADEAU and Susanne DES LAURIERS, born Apr. 23, 1842; died Sept. 10, 1866; 3 children. Secondly married, January 7, 1868 at Little Glace Bay, Cape Breton, to Annie, daughter of David and Mary BRODERICK; 8 children.

(by Honore's first wife)

VI. Susanne "Annie Susan" DE LORY, born Mar. 5, baptized Mar. 6, 1863 at Tracadie; died Jan. 19, 1917, at East Braintree, MA; married May 14, 1888 at Weymouth, MA to Simon Placid DE LORY; 14 children (See Part I, No. VI).

VII. Simon Benjamin "Ben" DE LOREY (see Part I, No. VII).

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