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Augustus Rogers (1847-1912) & Elizabeth Delorey Rogers (1848-1937)
Elizabeth was the daughter of Moise DesLauriers & Ann Landry, of Tracadie, NS

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William Arthur Delorey (1882-1943), son of Mary E. Delorey, and his wife, Elizabeth Rogers Delorey (1884-1973), daughter of Augustus and Elizabeth Delorey Rogers, above. Photo probably taken in the fall of 1910.

Contributed by James R. Delorey, San Anselmo, CA

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Bill Paschal is trying to identify the folks in these photos.

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His ancestors were Joseph Paschal (1853-?) and Sophie DesLauriers (1852-?), daughter of Moise DesLauriers (1819-1895) and Annie Landry (1819-?).

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Faye Zipeto is trying to identify these folks. She is the great-great-granddaughter of Jeremiah "Remi" DeLorey, son of Nicholas DesLauriers and Marie Girouard, and Elizabeth DeLorey, daughter of Fidele DesLauiers and Catherine Lawlor.

The lady in front of the car might be Catherine "Kate" DeLorey Bean, sister of Elizabeth DeLorey. The photo of the couple was taken at a studio located at 757 Washington St., Quincy Point, Mass. The male's name starts with "Jim" and the female's ends with "ny" or "ry." (The original writing has faded.)

These 2 photos came from the album of Larry Murphy's mother, Mary Florence (DeLorey) Murphy (1909-1989). The lady is identified as Sadie DeLory. We believe she may be Sarah Waters Delorey, the daughter of Michael Delorey and Mary[-Emily]Donnelly or Donolly, born 9 Oct. 1893 at Brockton, MA.

The other is listed on the back as "Billie and Adeline Perrault. No date, but it is noted that Adeline is 6 years old.

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"The first photo, not dated, could have been taken in Tracadie, NS."

"My mother's aunt, Mary Jane DeLorey b. 1868 d. 1958 is seen, third from the left in both photos. She was the daughter of Fidel and Catherine Murphy-DeLorey of Tracadie Antigonish County, NS. Mary Jane had two brothers, James b. 1869 d. unknown, Etienne Laurent DeLorey [my grandfather] b. 1872 d. 1928. Also one sister named Catherine. Other than her birth in Tracadie on 31 Aug. 1876, I know nothing more. Can anyone identify any of the other people in the photo?"

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Delia McDonnell (1885-1928) & Etienne Laurent DeLorey (1872-1928). Etienne was the son of Fidele DesLauriers (1835-1845) & Catherine Murphy (1845-1904), of Tracadie, Antigonish County, NS and grandson of Etienne DesLauriers (1789-1868) and Angelique Boucher (1789-1865), also of Tracadie.

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William John DeLorey (1920-1979) [far left standing], was the son of Etienne Laurent DeLorey & Delia McDonnell of Boston, MA. He joined the Army Air Force in the early 1940ís. He went through boot and then specialized training as a B-17 Radio Operator/Waist Gunner. He was given the rank of T/Sgt. and assigned to the 8th Air Force, 398th Bomb Group/601st Bombardment Squadron. This group, formed in the U.S. in 1943 and in early April 1944, left the States and deployed to an allied Air Force base in Nuthumpstead, England, for operations with the 8th Air Force. They arrived at Nuthumpstead in April 1944 and as a Bomber Group, quickly entered combat, flying their first mission on May 6, 1944. Until V-E Day, the group operated primarily against strategic objectives in Germany, attacking targets such as factories in Berlin, warehouses in Munich, marshalling yards in Saarbrucken, shipping facilities in Kiel, oil refineries in Merseburg, and aircraft plants in Munster. On D-Day, June 6, 1944, T/Sgt. William J. DeLorey, along with his pilot 1st Lt. Willis E. [Bill] Frazier and the crew, led a formation of six B-17s to France to bomb the beaches at Courseulles-sur-mer and to explode German mines at Juno Beach just before the Canadians came ashore. The 398th BG/601st BS operated out of England until they returned to the U.S. in May-June 1945. T/Sgt. William J. DeLorey flew at least 24 to 32 combat missions, survived the war and received his Air Medal [5/27/44 Auth. No. GO 419].

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From Laurie Camplese:

"I think the man on the left is Peter Francis Delorey son of Francois and Colette Alicon DesLauriers. The next person is [his wife] Theresa Anne DeCoste, then [their son and daughter] Joseph Leo and my grandmother Theresa Mae is on the end. I believe the photo was taken in 1924 and possibly in Nova Scotia. If anyone can verify the man on the far left [is Peter Delorey] please let me know." P>

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From Al Bernier, Jr.:

"Marie Angelique/Minnie/Mary Jane Delorey, taken in Boston(?) between 1904-1915. Her parents were Joseph-Albert Delorey (1865-1937) and Angelique/Jane DeCoste/Coste (1865-1937). My grandmother Minnie married John Hascue Raney in the Boston area abt. 1915. My mother was Marguerite Euditia Raney (1929-1984) and she married Albert Bernier, Sr. Both my sister's carry their grandmothers' name: Marie-Denise and Michelle Angelique. I'm still looking for pictures of Joseph-Albert Delorey and Jane/Angelique DeCoste and any preceding generations. Thank you. Al Bernier, Jr."

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