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These are books and other resources that I used and/or found to be helpful when researching my DeLorey family tree.

"*" indicates I own this book. I will do lookups if requested. However, PLEASE specify which book you want checked, and the specific name(s) you are seeking. Approximate time period would be helpful also. Any vague requests, e.g. "Send me everything you have on my great-great grandfather Billy-Bob DeLorey" will be ignored.

To place a lookup request contact me at:

* Arsenault, Bona. Histoire et genealogie des Acadiens, 6 Vols. Ottawa: Television de la Baie des Chaleurs Inc, 1988.

Charbonneau, Hubert & Jacques Legare, eds. Repertoire des Actes de Bapteme, Mariage, Sepulture et des Recensements du Quebec Ancien, 45 Vols. Montreal: Presses de l'Universite de Montreal, 1980-1988.

* DeCoste, Evelyn. Cape Jack Road. Private publication, 199?.

* DeCoste, Evelyn. The Village and Easte Havre Boucher: A Journey to the Past. Private publication, 199?.

*DeCoste, Evelyn. West Havre Boucher, Linwood, Frankville: A Journey to the Past. Private publication, 199?.

* De Lorey, Marie Eleanor. Eighty Norton Street. Unpublished.

* Jehn, Janet B. Corrections & Additions to Arsenault's Histoire et genealogie des Acadiens. Covington, KY: Janet B. Jehn, 1988.

Jette, Rene. Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles du Quebec. Montreal: Les Presses de l'Universite de Montreal, 1983.

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Massachusetts Registrar of Vital Statistics. Vital records from 1896 to present.

Massachusetts State Archives. Vital records prior to the year 1896, (filmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).

* Melanson, F. J. Genealogies of Certain Families of Chezzetcook, N.S. - Mayet. 4th Ed. Halifax: F. J. Melanson, 1990.

* Melanson, F. J. Genealogies of the Families of Chezzetcook, N.S. - Bonnevie, Boudrot, Breau, Clerge... 6th Ed. Halifax: F. J. Melanson, 1988.

National Archives. U.S. Censuses of Massachusetts for the years 1880, 1900, 1910 and 1920. (Available on microfilm through the Family History Library, Church of Jesus Christ of L.D.S., Salt Lake City, Utah.

* Poirier, Michel. Les Acadiens aux iles Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, 1758-1828. Moncton, NB: Les Editions d'Acadie, 1984.

Public Archives of Nova Scotia (P.A.N.S). Various land grant, census, probate and civil records. (Available on microfilm through the Family History Library, Church of Jesus Christ of L.D.S., Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sessional Paper No. 18. Report Concerning Canadian Archives for the Year 1905, Vol. II, Parts A and B. Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, 1994 (Reprint of edition first published in 1906 by the Canadian Archives.)

St. Peter's Parish, Tracadie, N. S. Baptism, marriage and burial registers.

Tanguay, L'Abbe Cyprien. Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Canadiennes. Pawtucket, RI: Quintin-Rock Publications, 1982. (Reprint of edition first pub. Montreal: Eusebe Senecal & Fils, 1887).

* White, Stephen A. Registre de l'Abbe Charles-Francois Bailly, 1768-1773. Moncton, N.B.: Universite de Moncton, 1978.

* Through the Years......175th Anniversary of St. Peter's Parish, Tracadie, N.S. Antigonish: Casket Printing and Publishing Co., 1978.


* Blanchard, J.-Henri. The Acadians of Prince Edward Island, 1720-1964. Charlottetown, P.E.I.: Author, 1964.

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