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DESLAURIERS MARRIAGES AT ARICHAT, RICHMOND COUNTY, NOVA SCOTIA 35. Jan. 7, 1840 Policarp Giroir, s/o Michel Giroir & Marie Boudreau Sophie Deslauriers, d/o Jean Baptiste Deslauriers & Magdeleine La[ndry] Witnesses: Desire Terrio & Edward Marmeau Priest: J. B. Maranda 222. Jan. 11, 1847 Charles Roy, s/o Charles Roy & Adelarde Bout[in] Elisabeth Deslauners, d/o Charles Deslauriers & Angelique Coste Witnesses: Marin Hureau & Edmond Terrio Priest: J.B. Maranda 352. Jan. 19, 1852 Emilien Deslauriers, s/o Jean Baptiste Deslauriers et Anastasie Doir Marine Deslauriers, d/o Charles Deslauriers et Angelique Benoit Witnesses: Polycarpe Gerrior & Marie Desiauriers Priest: W. Chartier 353. Jan. 19, 1852 Isaac Fougere, s/o Pierre Fougere et Charlotte Boutin Anne Deslauriers, d/o Charles Deslauriers et Angelique Benoit Witnesses: Jean Baptiste Girrior & Marin Deslauriers Priest: W. Chartier 419. Nov. 12, 1855 Gaston Lavandier, s/o George Lavandier & Catlostie Brault Marie Deslaurier, d/o Charles Deslaurier & Angelique Benoit Witnesses: Louis Delaurier & Adelle Boult Priest: H. Girrior 491. Jan. 13, 1858 Louis Morel, s/o Pierre Morel & Susanne Deslaurier Henriette Marchand, d/o Isaac Marchand & Henriette Boudrault Witnesses: Pascal Boudrault & Judith Marchand Priest: H.Girrior 524. Jan. 10, 1859 Siffroi Theriault widower of Virgine LeBlanc Melanie Pan widow of Docite Beausejour Witnesses: Hubert Deslaurier & Henriette Pan Priest: H. Girrior 532. Feb. 7, 1859 Hubert Samson, s/o Hubert Samson et Lisette Richard Marine Girroir, s/o Policarpe Girroir et Sophie Deslaurier Witnesses: Frederic Boudrault & Adelle Samson Priest: Donald McIsa (McIsac?) 635. Aug. 22, 1862 Jean Deslauriers, s/o J. B. Deslauriers Marguerite Samson, d/o Pierre Samson et MeIanie Theriault witnesses: Jean Samson & Elizabeth Deslauriers Priest: H. Girrior 651. Jan. 19,1863 Roderick McDonald, s/o Alexandre McDonald et Anne McDonald Charlotte Deslauriers, d/o Charles Deslauriers et Angelique Benoit witnesses: Allen McDonald & Olive Marchand Priest: H. Girrior 1099. Sept.15, 1884 John McDonald, son of Augustin McDonald & Anne McDonald Marie-Anne Fougère, dau of Isaac Fougère & Anne Deslauriers witnesses: Daniel McDonald & Marie Anne McEachran Transcribed by Mary (DeLorey) Ferguson, March 2004. Source: Notre Dame De L'Assomption Parish Records, Arichat, N.S., Marriages, 1843-1934

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