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John-1725 in Scotland

1802 in Scotchtown

Sally Haffie- 1735-1801

Andrew- 1778-1839

Mary Jaggar- 1779-1845

John A 1809-1881

Susan Ames -1813-1833

John James 1842- 1912


Esther Keeler 1839- 1916


William -1607-1677

Elizabeth Story ??-1685

Joseph 1636-1714- Charleston

Hanna Jenny


Elizabeth Paige

John 1711-1762

Sarah Haynes-??-1750

Haynes - 1749




Hayne C - 1811-1882

Harriet Willard -1816

Walter Haynes 1847-1915

Susan Elizabeth 1847-1891


Shirrell Norton McWilliams


Children in 1917

Mabel Lizzie Johnson



Esther Elizabeth 1897- 195?

Mabel Leetta 1899- 195?

John James 1904- 196?

Georgiana - 1901-1971


September 29, 1896

Shirrell helped found the Triangle Club at Princeton University with the writer Booth Tarkington. He wanted to become a professional actor but his parents had such a hissy that he stayed in Buffalo where they set him up in a series of businesses which he managed to run into the ground. He ended up as Commissioner of Jurors for Erie county and acted in amateur theatricals. By the time he died the family fortunes were pretty well exhausted. (this info via his grandaughter Shirrell)

"as the commissioner of Jurors for the last 15 years he had come in contact with every class of citiznes and few men had become better know. His social activities als mad ehim popular- particularly his enthusiastic interest in the Buffalo players and Triangle Club (obituary piece)