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The DeGroff's and Related Families


Johannes TELLER

Abstracts of Wills Vol VI 1760-1766, Page 14

In the name of God, Amen. I, JOHN TELLER, of Duchess County, being sick. I leave to my wife Margaret 4 cows so long as she continues my widow, and if she shall marry, the said four cows shall belong to my son Jacobus, and if he dies without issue then to my brother, Isaac Teller, and my sister, Margaret Teller. All just debts and funeral charges are to be paid out of a certain crop of wheat which I alot for that purpose. I leave all my personal estate to my son Jacobus, but if he die without issue, then to my brother Isaac, and to my wife, Margaret Teller, and I make them and my sister, Margaret Teller, executors. April 6, 1760.

Witnesses, Samuel Anthony, Christian Lumaree, Samuel Stockham. Proved, October 22, 1760, before Matthew Dubois, Judge of Common Pleas, John Baily and Johanes De Witt, Justices.


The History and Descendants of John and Sarah Reynolds, Page 293-294

DEXTER REYNOLDS: (Marcus Tullius7; 2 Stephens; Nathaniel4; James3; John2; John1) b. Albany, N. Y., Dec. 22, 1828; d. there at 98 Columbia St., Aug. 19, 1906. He m. Miss Catherine Maley Cuyler, April 19, 1865, at Rochester, N. Y., by Rev. R. Bethel Claxton of St. Luke's Episcopal Church. They resided at 20 Elk St., Albany, N. Y. She was b. Cuylersville (see Cuyler Genealogy in Genealogical and Family History of Southern N. Y., 1914, edited by Cuyler Reynolds.) Livingston Co., N. Y., Dec. 2, 1845; educated at a boarding-school in Utica, N. Y. She died while visiting in Rochester, Oct. 23, 1875; buried in the Reynolds' lot in the Albany Rural Cemetery. Her father was Colonel Wm. Tremper Cuyler, b. Albany, Dec. 22, 1802; d. Cuylersville, N. Y., Dec. 21, 1864, son of Johannes Cornelius(+) Cuyler (b. Schenectady, Dec. 5, 1766, d. there Oct. 25, 1828)
(+)Cuyler Descent: JOHANNES CORNELIUS CUYLER (born in Schenectady, N. Y., Dec. 5,
1766; died there Oct. 25, 1828) m. Hannah Maley (b. Oct. 12, 1769) who was the dau. of
John Maley (b. in Alsace, 1743) who came to America in 1766 and two years later was
a tax-payer in Albany, where he died Oct. 28, 1811, leaving a large estate. His wife was
Catharine Tremper (b. 1748) dau. of Jacob W. Tremper, of Kingston, N. Y., of whose
estate John Maley and William Tremper were made administrators Oct. 6, 1795. The earlier
generations spelled the name Trompour and Trumpbour. Johannes Trumpbour, of Ulster
Co., whose will was executed March 3, 1783, proved June 28, 1785, appointed his wife,
Cristine, and sons, Nicholaus and Jacob, executors.

Johannes C. Cuyler in 1800 purchased Old Fort Johnson (near Amsterdam, N. Y.)
which had been the manor-house of Sir William Johnson, which he occupied at his summer
residence until 1817.

He was the son of Cornelis Cuyler (b. in Albany, Oct. 13, 1735, d. in Schenectady, Feb.
1, 1794) and Anna Wendell, whom he married March 26, 1763. She was born in Albany,
June 5, 1736, and died in Schenectady, Feb. 25, 1775. She was the dau. of Jacob Wendell
(b. 1702 d. Aug. 2, 1745), who married Helena Van Rensselaer (b. Oct. 4, 1702) Dec. 19,
1728. Jacob Wendell was the son of Harmanus Wendell (b. 1678 d. 1731) and Anna Glen
(b. 1677 d. 1756) whom he married in 1699. Harmanus was the son of Hieronimus Wendell
(b. 1655 d. 1691) and Anantje Visscher, the dau. of Harmanus Bastiaan Visscher (b. 1619
d. 1693) and Hester Tjerkse. Harmanus was the son of Bastiaan Visscher, of Horn,

Hieronimus Wendell was the son of Evert Jansen Wendell (b. 1615 d. 1709) who, July
31, 1644, m. Susanna De Trieux (d. 1660) the dau. of Philip De Trieux (b. 1585) and
Susanna De Schene. Anna Glen, wife of Harmanus Wendell, was the dau. of Jacob
Sandertse Glen (b. 1647 d. Oct. 2. 1685) trader. of Albany, who married Catharina Van
Witbeck, dau. of Jan Thomase Van Whitbeck.

Jacob Sandertse was the son of Sander Leendertse (Glen) and Catalyn Dongan (Doncassen).
He d. Nov. 13, 16??, and his wife, Aug. 12, 1684. Tradition declares that he
was Alexander Lindsay, of the Glen, younger son of the Earl of Lindsay, and that the
name Sander Leendertse was a Dutch corruption of the Scotch name. He was in the employment
of the West India Company and settled at Fort Nassau, on the Delaware, in 1633, bu??
in 1665 removed to Schenectady as holder of the patent of Scotia. A portion of this estate
and a fine house erected in 1717 are still owned by the Sanders-Glen family.
and Hannah Maley, b. Oct. 12, 1769. Her mother was Nancy Bancker Stewart, b. Leicester, N. Y., Feby. 10, 1810; d. Feby. 3, 1848, the dau. of John Stewart, whose father John Stewart came from Vermont and settled at, or near, Whitehall, N. Y., and m. Diadema Griffiths, whose family had also come from Vermont to Whitehall. John Stewart, Sr., having died, Diadema Griffiths m. Aaron Fuller with whom she
Helena Van Rensselaer, wife of Jacob Wendell, was the dau. of Hendrick Van Rensselaer
(b. Oct. 23, 1667 d. July 2, 1740) who inherited that portion of the Manor which was on
the East side of the Hudson River and erected a brick residence called Fort Crailo, still
standing in the City of Rensselaer, where "Yankee Doodle" was composed. He married,
March 19, 1689, Catrina Van Brough (b. 1665 d. Dec. 6, 1730). He was the son of
Jeremias Van Rensselaer Patroon, of the Manor (d. Oct. 12, 1684) and Marritje Van
Cortland, whom he married July 12, 1662 (b. July 30, 1645 d. Jan. 29, 1689). Jeremias was
the son of Kiliaen Van Rensselaer (d. 1643) first Patroon and Anna Van Weely, whom
he married in 1627. She died, 1670, and was the dau. of Jan Van Weely, wealthy pearl
merchant of Barnevelt (Assassinated 1616) and Leonora Hawkins, of Antwerp.

Marritje Van Cortland, wife of Jeremias Van Rensselaer, was the dau. of Oloff Stevense
Van Cortland (b. 1600 d. April 4, 1684) Patroon of the Van Cortland Manor and son of
Stephen Van Cortland and Catharina--(b. 1565). Oloff Stevense Van Cortland m. Anneke
Lookermans on Feb. 26, 1642, who died 1669. She was the dau. of Govert Lookermans and
From Tournhout.

Helena Van Rensselaer, wife of Jacob Wendell, was the dau. of Catrina Van Brough,
who married Hendrick Van Rensselaer, March 19, 1689 (b. 1665 d. Dec. 6, 1730). She was
sister of Pieter Van Brugh VI., mayor of Albany, and the dau. of Johannes Van Brugh
(b. 1624 d. 1699) and Catarina Jansen (m. 1658). Johannes was the son of Pieter Verbrugge.

Catrina Jansen was the dau. of Roeloff Jansen (d. 1637), the son of Tryn Jansen and
Anneke Janse (Webber) (b. 1605 d. 1688) who tradition says was the dau. of Anne Webber
by Frederick Hendrick (b. 1584 d. 1647) the second son of William the Silent (b. 1553
d. July 10, 1584) who came to the throne in 1625 as Prince of Orange, after the unexpected
death of his brother, Maurice. She was given a large farm lying below Wall Street, New
York, which, on the occupation of the British in 1686, was presented to Trinity Church and
which has been the subject of litigation ever since.

Cornelius Cuyler, husband of Anna Wendell, whose ancestry has been given above, was
the son of Johannes Cuyler (b. in Albany, June 21, 1698 d. Oct. 24, 1746) a trader of
Albany, and Catharina Wendell, b. 1705, m. Oct. 28, 1727, d. April 12, 1746. She was a
sister of Jacob Wendell, the father of Anna.

Johannes Cuyler was the son of Abraham Cuyler, a trader and Justice of the Peace
in Albany, and brother of Johannes Cuyler, XIV. mayor of Albany. He was buried in the
Albany Church, July 14, 1747. His will is dated May 11, 1742, but was not proved until
Oct. 10, 1747, and is recorded in Liber p. 179 N. Y. Surrogates Office. He married in the
Dutch Church, Albany, Nov. 17, 1689, Caatje Bleecker, dau. of Jan. Jansen Bleecker and
Margaret Rutgers Van Schoenderwoert. She was b. May 1, 1670, and died April 8, 1734,
and was bur. in the Albany Church, April 11th.

Jan. Jansen Bleecker was b. July 9, 1641, at Meppel, Overyssel, Holland, the son of
John Bleecker. He was married Jan. 2, 1667, and died at Albany, Nov. 21, 1732, and
was buried in the Dutch Church on Nov. 24th. He was the father of Johannes VIII, Mayor
and Rutger, the fifteenth Mayor of Albany.

Abraham Cuyler was the son of Hendrick Cuyler, born at Hasselt, Holland, whose
baptism is there recorded August 11th, 1637, as Henderyck, the son of Isebrant Coylaert, a
tailor, and Evertien Jansz. He married about 1660, at New Amsterdam, Anna Schepmoes,
and in 1664 settled in Albany and bought a lot on the East side of Pearl Street and after
1680 lived on the South side of State Street near the Fort. He was commissioned
Lieutenant of a Foot Company for the County of Albany and Major of all the Foot Companies
in the City and County of New York, Dec. 16, 1689. He delivered Ft. James to the Leislerians
and was Captain of the Fort in 1689.

His will is dated March 21, 1690, and his wife took out Letters of Administration on
it Nov. 17, 1690. Will filed in Surrogate's Office, N. Y. Liber 14 A., p 124.

Annetje Schepmoes, his wife, was baptised in the Dutch Church at New York, Feb. 16,
1642. She was the dau. of Jan. Janse Schepmoes, of Delft (b. 1605) and Sarah Pieters
(b. 1609) who were married in Amsterdam in 1632.

Jan. Janse Schepmoes d. in New Amsterdam, Jan., 1656, and on Oct. 7th of the same
year his widow m. Willem Cook. Her will is dated July 3, 1702, and was proved March 18,
1702-'3 and is recorded in Liber 7, p. 93, at the N. Y. Surrogates.

The Holland ancestors of Hendrick Cuyler, who lived at Hasselt, as given in The
Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America, by Maria Churchill Nicoll, are:

Isebrant (father of Hendrick) & Evertien Jans, son of Reynier (b. about 1578-'80) and
Hendryckien Jans, son of Cornelius and Marrietien Isebrants, son of Andreas--an organist
of Hasselt, son of Engbert (barber surgeon) b. before 1509, son of Andreas, a grandson of
Tydeman, an official in Hasselt in 1456.

All previous to Isebrant spell the name Koylert.


Abstracts of Wills Vol III 1730-1744, Page 146.-- "Know all men by these Presents, that I, PHEBE (TITUS) FIELD, widow of Robert Field, of Newtown, in Queens County, being this 12th day of the 11th month, 174 2/3, very poorly in body." I leave to my trusty friends, Richard Hallett and Richard Betts, of Newtown, 10 for the use of the People called Quakers, belonging to the weekly meeting of Newtown. I leave to my sister, Patience Haight, 30. To my cousin, Phebe Haight, widow of John Haight, of Flushing, 5, "and one Grassatt suit of apparell;" to my sister, Patience Haight, and my cousin, Phebe Haight, all the rest of my clothes except my best cloak and cap. To my cousin, Hannah Thorne, wife of Isaac Thorne, 1. To my cousin Phebe, wife of Jonathan Homes, the chest of drawers she hath already. To the 6 daughters of John Haight, deceased, 1 each. To Martha, wife of Epenetus Wood, 6. To my cousin, John Titus, son of John Titus, 4. To Lydia Soule, at the Nine Partners (in Duchess County), my best cloak and cap. To my cousin Elizabeth, wife of Henry Townsend, 1, for her daughter Phebe. To David and William, sons of my brother, Silas Titus, 15s. each. To Phebe, daughter of Edmund and Sarah Titus, 1. To the 4 daughters of my cousin William Willis, 1 each. To the two daughters of my cousin Henry Willis, 1 each. To the two daughters of my cousin, John Willis, 1 each. To the eldest daughter of Samuel Willis, 1. To the 4 daughters of my brother, John Titus, 1 each. To the eldest daughter of Joseph Clement, 1, and 10s to his two other daughters. To my cousin, Phebe Townsend, and her daughter, Almy Townsend, 1 each. To my cousin, Temperance, widow of Joseph Wright, and to my cousin, Elizabeth Wooden, wife of John Wooden, 1 each. To Henry Pearsall, 1. To the wife of Robert Field, and her two daughters, and her two sons, Elnathan and Robert, each 1. To Phebe, daughter of William Stevenson, 1. To Phebe, daughter of William Van Wyck, 1. To Phebe, daughter of Samuel Titus, 1. All the rest of my estate to my relations, as my executors shall see cause. I make my cousin, Samuel Titus, and my trusty friend, Richard Hallett, executors.

Witnesses, Benjamin Fish, Peter Praa Van Zandt, John Pettit. Proved, November 12, 1743.