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   July 22, 2007

Westport Parish Births, some marriages listed. 1862 to 1879

     If a Street is listed i. e. Bridge St the location is Westport  over 600 births
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Robert to unreadable and Mary HOBAN January 3

Charles to David GAVAN and Eliza MURRY January 5

Margaret to John and Mary MALLY January 19

Michael to Pat and Mary MaGING February 9 Westport SS Peter WALSH and Anne CONNOR 

Sally to Peter GIBBONS and Kitty GIBBONS February 9 Westport

Bridget to Pat REILLY and Margaret REILLY February 9 Westport

Catherine to Michael and Ann REILLY February 9 Westport

Mary to Pat and Honor MaGREALE February 12

Ellen to Robert HESTIN and Ellen MUGAN March 1

Ellen SULLIVAN to Anthony GIBBONS and Mary SULLIVAN March 2 Westport SS Ellen SULLIVAN

Margaret to John and Catherine HOPKINS March 6 Carrowbawn

Eliza to Pat CRAWFORD and Margaret BROWN March 14 Murrisk

Patrick Joseph to John COYNE and Ann MALLY March 16

Maryellen to Thomas CONNOR and Julia WALSH March 21  Drumincliff

Sabrina to John WALSH and Bridget JOCE March 21 Quay Rd

Catherine to John MacANDREW and Mary GRADY March 22 Drummincliff

Stephen to Stephen GIBBONS and Heneritta GRANT March 31

Honoria to William BURKE and Honor MULCONE April 4 Rossbeg

Honoria to John McGREAL and Honor HYNES April 6 Bridget St

Philip to Martin KING and Mary CANNON April 7 Fairgreen

John to Michael and Mary LAIDEN April 10 Quay

Michael to James MULLIN and Mary CUNNUNGHAM April 11 Sheeroe

Ann to Honor COWLEY (father not known) April 11 Louisburgh

Michael to Pat FITZPATRICK and Bridget KING April 21

William to John BURIS and Sarah GIBBONS April 27 Derrygorman

Dominick to John BURIS and Sarah GIBBONS April 27 Derrygorman

Mary to John NEEDHAM and Bridget GALLAGHER April 26 Quay

Ellen to John HALLINAN and Celia GIBBONS April 27 High Street

John to John GANNON and Ann BROWN April 28 the Town

John to Martin and Susan WALSH April 28 the Town

Mary to Pat CONWAY and Ann MULRIAN May 2 Lackloon

Julia Ann to James TOOLE and Rose MADDEN May 10 Peter Street

John Michael to James BICKELL and Julia WOODHOUSE May 17 Fairgreen

John to Austin WALSH and Bridget DUFFY May 26 Owenwee

James to James and Bridget MaGREAL May 27 Owenwee

Thomas to John and Bridget MaGING May 28 Owenwee

Maryann to Peter MALLY and Ann HENAGHAN May 28 Barrack Hill

Catherine to Michael CALLAGHAN and Mary KING June27 High St

Margaret to Michael CAMBEL and Maria GIBBONS July 29 SS John GIBBONS and Bridget SCAHIL

Joseph to Peter KERNS and Ellen NEEDHAM November 28 Belclare

Jane to Edward and Mary FOX December 20 High St



Margaret to James SCOTT and Mary FREHIL January 1 Boheh

Bridget to John MALGLAUGHLIN and Catherine ODONNELL January 1 Kilmeena

Bridget to Michael GAVEN and Catherine MURPHY January 12

Catherine to Timothy and  Margaret KEANS January 14

Pat to Michael WALSH and Bridget MALLY January 19 Altmount St

John to John MORAN and Catherine SCAHILL January 24 Mill St

Thomas  to Thomas HOPE and Mary KEARN January 26 Castlebar St

Michael to Thomas HOPE and Mary KEARN January 26 Castlebar St

Catherine to John and Bridget COLLINS February 1 Peter St  

Thomas to Thomas and Eliza CRAWFORD February 16 High St

Sarah to John and Bridget GERAGHTY February 17 Drummencliff

Pat to Pat TUNNEY and Eliza NESTOR February 21 Peter St

Mary to Richard GILL and Bridget GIBBONS February 27 Derrygorman

Edward to William Peter and Mary GILL March 9 the Quay

Agnes to Pat and Bridget DURKIN March 10 Bridge St

Mary to Pat LITTLE and Bridget SHORT March 17 Longford

John to Pat DIVINE and Mary LOFTUS March 19 James St

Thomas to Michael CORCORAN and Mary MALLY March 21

Anthony to Thomas McLAUGHLIN and Honoria HALLINAN March 22 The Town

Margaret to Michael CUNNINGHAM and Catherine McLOUGHLIN March 22 Drummincoff

William to Pat KEANE and Sarah MALLY April 2 Fairgreen

Thomas to Pat McGREAL and Mary ODONNELL April 5 Westport

James to Edward King and Sarah MALLY April 6 Town

Julia to Pat and Mary GAVEN April 10 Ballysham

Anthony to John and Mary FINEGAN April 11 Shop St

James to Simon MORAN and Kitty MaGREALE April 12 Carrowshawn

Pat to Thomas COSTELLO and Mary BEANS April 23 Rossbeg

Mary to Austin KELLY and Bridget TOOLE April 27 Breaken

John to Michael GERAGHTY and Bridget MaGREALE April 29 Bridge St

Alice Mary to Stephen GIBBONS and Honoria MaGREALE May 2 town

Thomas to John GANNON and Bridget MaGREALE May 3 Fairgreen

Bridget to John FREHIL and Mary MOONEY May 4

James to Edward King and Sarah MALLY May 4 Town

Henry Edward to William and SCOTT Lackloon May 5

Mary to James FOX and Margaret HALLINAN May 6 Longhean

Mary to Thomas MORAN and Margaret KITRICK May 9 the Quay

Thomas to William DUFFY and Honoria GREAVY May 12 Mile St

Pat to Peter HERAGHTY and Margaret MaGREALE May 13 Carrowbaun

Patrick John  to Pat GIBBONS and Sara GILL May 13 Shop St

Michael to Thomas and Bridget GRADY May 16 Altmount St

Christopher to Pat and MALONEY May 16 Town

John to Thomas FOY and Mary STANTON May 17 Sheigh

Mary to Thomas NOON and Nancy SKIFERTON May 17 Town

Bridget to John and Bridget KING May 17 Castlebar St

Winifred to Thomas MacNAMARA and Mary MORAN May 18 Belclare

Margaret to James and Rose SWIFT May 20 Peter St

Mary to Pat GLYNNE and Ellen JOYCE May 26 Town

Thomas to Thomas KERRIGAN and Bridget GALLAGHER May 27 Town

Mary to Pat and Bridget MALLY May 30 Prospect St

John to Martin MUNSTER and Mary KEAN June 4 Prospect

Mary to Pat MALLY Bridge St and Honor Fox High St June5

Margaret to Pat GILDEA and Mary WALSH June10 High St  

John to John COLLINS and Julia Young June10 Town  

Eliza to Robert and Margaret LYNSKY June10 Bridge St  

John to John and Bridget MacNALLY June 22 High St

Elinor to Frank and Kitty JOYCE June 23 Quay

Bridget to John and Jane HENAGHAN June 23 Knappa

John to Pat GRADY and Bridget MaGREALE June 24 the Quay

Michael to Myles REILLY and Margaret REGAN July 3 the Quay Rd

James to James CLANCY the Mall July 14

Joseph to Pat MALLY and Bridget WALSH July 19 Bridge St

John Joseph to John and Mary McDONNELL July 17 Fairgreen

Anna Pat and Ann CAVAGHN July 24 Quay

Francis to Pat and Mary MOORE July 25 James St

John to Michael  McGREAL and Mary GLYMA July 29 Town

Austin to Thomas McMANUS and Elizabeth JOYCE August 7  Prospect

Michael to Thomas DAWSON and Nancy BRENNAN August 8 Derrygorman

Thomas Henry to Henry BOURKE and Rose EGAN August 16 Westport

Hugh to James McGUIRE and Mary KELLY August 19 Knappa

Mary MaGREALE (illegitimate) to John MaGREALE and Bridget DIVINE August 30

Honoria to Michael BARRET and Mary DARCY September 6 Town

Michael to James and Rose DUGGAN September 7 Town

Mary to Richard GIBBONS and Bridget GIBBONS September 16  High St

Winifred to Andrew STONE and Bridget FITZGERALD September16 Westport

Honoria to Teresa to John and Ann MALLY the Mall September 27

Margaret to James McGREAL and Mary HERAGHTY September 30 Owenwee

Pat to Austin GIBBONS and Julia MALLY September 30 Quay

Martin to Dominick BURKE and Bridget McDONNELL October 1 Peter St

Ellen to Owen CAMPBELL and Mary MALLEY October 16 Murrisk SS Michael CAMPBELL and Bridget MALLEY

Eliza Jane to Thomas and Bridget CLANCY October 25 Belclare

Bridget to Austin McMANUS November 11 Owenwee

Pat to John CAMPBELL and Bridget SHAUGHESY November 18 Toberrooaun

Agnes to Pat GALLAGHER and Margaret GILL November 19 Town

Mary to William MALONE and Mary BOYLE November 20 Fairgreen

Joseph to John and Sarah BURNS November 29 Derrygorman

Ellen to Thomas WALSH and Sarah WALSH November 27 High Street

Bridget to James MacGREALE and Catherine BROWNE December 1 Bridge St

Jane to Edward and Mary FOX December 20 High St

Bridget to Pat and Ann COYNE December 26 Altmount St


Timothy to John and Honoria MaGREALE January 18 Bridge St

James to James and Rose NOONE  January 19 Castlebar St

Pat to Timothy and Julia KELLY January 27 Brackloon

Thomas to Thomas GAMMON and Julia CORCORAN SS John CAMPBELL and Alice TOOLE January 30

Julia to Austin LYNSKY and Ann LaVALLE March 20

Agnes to Pat and Mary COYNE March 28 Barrack Hill

Pat to Joseph SCAHIL and Ann MaGUIRE March 29 Derrygorman

Dominick to David and Eliza GAVAN April 6 High St

Thomas to Thomas and Catherine WALSH April 13 the Mall

Sarah to James and Anne JOYCE April 24

Michael to Michael and Bridget GERAGHTY April 28 Drummuncliff

William to William FOSTER and Winny HYNES May 1 the Lodge

Kate to Pat SALMON and Mary GILL May 5

Bridget to Austin MALLY and Margaret GIBBONS May 15 Barrack Hill

Margaret to Pat and Mary FERGUS May 26

Margaret to Michael and Ann MaGREALE May 27 Owenwee

Mary to Dominick SALMON and Bridget MaGREALE June12 Mitchfield

John to Michael CAMPBELL and Margaret GIBBONS June26 Murrisk

John to Pat and Bridget KEANE June29

John to Pat and Margaret WALSH July 2 Rosbeg

Mary to Peter and Sarah LaVALLE July 10 Belclare

Michael to James and Ellen GIBLIN July 30 Quay

Stephen to Pat and Bridget FITZMORRIS August 12 Quay Road

Roger to Mary and Bridget MADDEN August 28 Rosbeg

Margaret to Pat KEANE and Sarah MALLY September 25 Peter St

Pat to Pat and Emelia GRADY November 6

Peter to Michael and Margaret FOY November 6

John to John and Bridget FADIAN November 6

Mary to Pat and Bridget KEATING November 7 James St

Sara Jane to James NOONE and Mary MacDONNELL November 10 Peter St

Ann to James TOOLE and Mary WALSH November 26 Town

John to James and Rose SWIFT December 6 Barrack Hill



Peter Francis to Edward WALSH and Ellen WALSH James St

Pat to Peter NEEDOM and Bridget BRADY January 16 

John to Joseph and Anne MacDONAGH  February 7 High St

Pat to Pat McGREAL and Honoria FLANIGAN March 10 Prospect St

Anne to John and Sarah GIBBONS April 16

Bridget to Michael and Mary SCOTT April 30 James St

John to Edward BERRY and Mary GAVIN May 12 Boheh

Mary to John and Ann CONNELLY May 13 Knappa

Wrong side to the Blanket Maria to David FAIR and Margaret JOYCE May 13 Murrisk

Anne to Austin and Catherine GANNON May 28

Austin to Austin and Mary KILCOYNE July 2 High St

James to Peter and Catherine MULKERN July 2 Bridge St  

Helen to Thomas McNAMARA and Mary MORAN July 10 Belclare

Catherine to Peter JOYCE and Mary WALSH July 18 Prospect St

Honor to Myles LaVALLE and Celia WARD July 23

Agnes Mary to John EGAN and Mary BELTON August 9 Westport

William to William and Maria CAMPBELL August 20

Austin to John and Mary GIBBONS August 20

Mary to John SCAHIL and Bridget BALL September 17 Murrisk

Pat to John and Honoria CONWAY October 4 Bridge St

Thomas to Pat GAVIN and Catherine HOBAN December 9 Boheh



Thomas to Pat and Mary DERRICK January 31 Farnaght

Mary to John and Margaret MALLEY March 11

Mary Ellen to Myles and Bridget NAYLON March 11

Austin to Pat and Bridget GERAGHTY March 18

Mary to John and Winny REILLY March 18

John to Peter and Bridget JOYCE March 25

Austin to Michael and Catherine O'DONNELE March 25

Anne to Thomas and Bridget O'DONNELE March 25

James to Henry and Bridget GILL April 22 Thornhill

John to James DUFFY and Winifred DUFFY May 7

Margaret to Pat MORAN and Bridget REYNOLDS June 25 Drummincliff

Mary Ellen to Robert and Kate MAINS June 22 Cloona

Hugh to Pat and Bridget GERATY June24

John to Thomas and Mary CARROLL June24

Thomas to Thomas and Alice CRAWFORD July 8

Austin to Austin and Catherine GERAGHTY July 8

John to James and Catherine SCOTT July 22

Sarah to Bridget and Ann WHELAN July 29 Castlebar St

Thomas to Pat JOYCE and Bridget JOYCE August 5 Durless

Mary to Augustine HERAGHTY and Julia McNEEME August 5

Mary Ann to Austin SALMON and Eliza DUFFY October 20 Prospect

Mary to Daniel CAMPBELL and Ann KENNEDY October 24 Bridge St



John to Austin and Bridget GERAGHTY January 20 Lecanvey

James Patrick to John MALLEY and Bridget MALLEY February 10

James to Bartholomew GRADY and Mary GRADY February 10

Anne to Peter and Eliza McDERMOTT February 10

Mary to Pat and Catherine FARILL February 10

William to Michael GIBBONS and Catherine BRADY February 17

Pat to Michael DUFFY and Honor FERGUS February 24 Kilsallagh

Pat to John and Bridget GAVIN February 24 Thornhill

Philip to Philip and Honoria WALSH Drumminduff March 18

Honoria to Coan and Mary BURKE March 24 Town

John to John RALPH and Bridget McGREAL April 21 Bridge St

Edward to Pat and Bridget REILEY April 28

John to John GIBBONS and Sarah McDERMOTT May 5 Kilsallagh

John to Michael and Kate FOY May 12 Kinknock

Anne to Myles and Honor JOYCE May 12 Kinknock

Thomas to John JENNINGS and Anne McKEON May 26

John to James GIBBONS and Bridget FLANAGAN May 26 Culleen

John to Thomas JORDAN and Honor GRODAN June 2 John married Mary BRADY on February 22 1909

John to Michael CASEY and Sabrina LaVALLE June2 Killenduff

Michael to Edward KELLY and Bridget SCAHILL June 9

Anne to John MALLY and Margaret JOYCE June 9

Mary Anne to Owen CAMPBELL and Mary MALLEY June 20

John to Pat GRADY and Margaret BURKE July 6

Anne to Michael GRATAN and Bridget GAVIN July 6

Austin to Martin and Mary WALSH July 17 Prospect

Mary to Thomas GIBBONS and Ann Hunt August 4 Town

Michael to Michael and Honor GAVIN August 11 Murrisk

Pat to John JOICE and Bridget CONNELL August 25

Barbara to John REYNOLDS and Margaret STEWART August 26 Octagon

Margaret to James and Honor PENDERGRAST September 15

Julia to Pat CONNELL and Susan BOYLE September 20 Knockloon

Daniel to Martin MORAN and Mary HESTIN October 5

Sarah to Hugh GILL and Bridget HAUGH October 15

Martin to Pat GILL and Mary KERNY November 9

Augustine to Henry and Bridget GILL November 15 Thornhill

Bridget to Patt and Mary DERRICK December 8 Formoyle

Catherine to James McGREAL and Catherine BROWN December 12 Bridge St

Thomas to Thomas and Bridget HAUGH December 22

John to Pat and Bridget KERRIGAN December 22

Thomas to John WALSH and Honor MORAN December 25 Barrack Hill



Joseph to George HOLLAND and Ellen MORTIMER January 1

Catherine to Edward PURCELL and Margaret NEEDOM January 5 

Daniel to Thomas and Maria COSTELLO January 28 Rosbeg

Hugh to Graham YOUNG and Ellen COSTELLO February 20 Belclare

Michael to John DUFFY and Peggy JOICE May 3

John to Pat PRENDERGRAST and Mary DUFFY June 7

Anne to Thomas GERAGHTY and Catherine MORTIMER June 7

Pat to Michael and Bridget NEEDHAM July 5

Austin to John DUFFY and Honor KELLY July 5

Thomas to Michael MORTIMER and Mary CANNON July 5

Barbara to Peter FERGUS and Margaret GERAGHTY July 5

John to ? GILL and Mary GRADY July 12 Thornhill

Bridget to Thomas CARROLL and Mary JORDAN July 19

Mary Anne to John McGREAL and Mary GANNON August 2

Ellen to John BRADLY and Mary DUNNE August 2 Murrisk 

James to Felix McGREAL and Margaret GANNON August 15

James to Pat LALLY and Catherine GERAGHTY October 8

Thomas to Edward and Anne MALLEY October 18 Murrisk

Anne to Martin MORAN and Mary HESTOR October 25

Martin to John KELLY and Anne BRADLEY October 25

Sarah to John RYAN and Celia MALLY November 11 James St

Peter to Thomas GIBBONS and Catherine OBRIEN November 22 Mitchfield

Pat to John GREALIS and Anne MALLY November 22

Bridget to Stephan JORDAN and Bridget SCAHIL November 22

Thomas to Daniel GAVIN and Mary FOY December 6

Thomas to Michael GIBBONS and Catherine GRADY December 12

James to Austin NEEDHAM and Mary McENILA December 12

Austin to John McGING and Bridget MORAN December 15 Quay

Pat to John GIBBONS and Honor CARROLL December 20 Murrisk



Michael to Pat and Mary BAYNES January 1 Durless

Pat to James JOYCE and Anne McGIRR January 16

Catherine to Thomas MORTIMER and Winifred EGAN January 17

Bridget to Austin MALLY and Mary BURNS January 17

Owen to Pat MALLY and Bridget GRADY January 24

Pat to John MALLY and Margaret JOYCE January 24

Catherine to Thadeus CONWAY and Mary HAMEL January 24

Ellen to Peter BRADLEY and Mary HOLLAND January 24

James to Austin and Eliza SALMON June11 Prospect

Bridget to Edmund and Mary KITTERICK June 15

Julia to John BOYLE and Mary MALLY June 15

Catherine to Pat and RUDDY July 3

Michael George to Michael MORTIMER and Catherine MALLY July 12

Julia to Edward PURCELL and Mary NEEDOM July 18

Catherine to Austin McGING and Mary REILLY July 20 Trafalgar

Austin to Michael McGREAL and Mary CANNON July 29 married Honor KERRIGAN March 23 1909

Catherine to Michael CAMPBELL and Mary GIBBONS September 23

Mary to George HOLLAND and Ellen MORTIMER September 26

Sarah to Myles LaVALLE and Celia WARD September 26

Catherine to Pat and Margaret BRADY October 14 the Lodge

Philip to Pat McGING and Mary MALLY November 4 Derrygorman

James to John BUTLER and Mary BURKE November 5 Altmount St

Catherine to James and Rose SWIFT November 15 Peter St

Ellen and Mary to Edward HALLINAN and Bridget HOPKINS November 15 Corrig

Bridget to Pat GRODIAN and Honor JOYCE November 9

Austin to James and Honor PRENDERGRAST December 5

Mary to Pat McLAUGHLIN and Biddy MALLY December 5

Bridget to Pat and Mary DERRICK December 8 Farnaght

Bridget to John and Mary LAMBERT the Quay December 11

Bridget to James and Mary MULLINS December 15 Sheeroe

Pat to Martin JOYCE and Bridget JORDAN January 9 Murrisk

John to Anthony GREALIS and Mary GILL January 9 Kilsallagh

Pat to Anthony GRADY and Anne MALLY January 25

John to John and Mary GREALIS January 30 Kilsallagh

John to William and Mary MUNSTER February 2 Belclare

Michael to Thomas COSTELLO and Mary BEANS March 8 Carualyon

Pat to James and Bridget GIBBONS March 13 Culleen

James to Philip and Eliza DUFFY April 19 High St

John to James and Alice McGIRR May 1 Culleen

Myles to John and Bridget FOX May 3 Altmount St

John to Michael KILCOYNE and Anne MALLY May 5 Kilsallagh married Catherine MORRISON February 16 1889

Margaret to John and Mary GIBBONS May 9 Owenwee

Mary to John and Mary FADIEN May 10 Loughlown

Honor to Edward and Bridget BURKE June 5 Murrisk

Bridget to John and Winifred SCAHIL June 5 Murrisk

Michael to John and Catherine PENDERGRAST June 5 Kilsallagh

Thomas to James BIGGANS and Bridget FARRAGH July 3 Shop St

John to John and Bridget SHAW August 11 Town

Mary to Pat FLANAGAN and Margaret WALSH August 21 Owenwee

William to William LANDERS and Sarah GRADY August 11 Westport

Margaret to Owen FERGUS and Anne MALLY September 11

Anthony to Thomas THORTON and Anne HOPKINS September 25

Thomas to Michael MALLY and Catherine DUFFY October 25

Anne to Philip and Mary MORTIMER October 30

Catherine to Peter and Bridget NEEDHAM October 30 Murrisk

Anne to Peter and Bridget NEEDHAM October 30 Murrisk

John to John SALMON and Bridget GAVIN November 1

Peter to Pat and Mary PENDERGRAST November 18 Kilsallagh

Ellen to Anthony HYNES and Ellen McGUIRE November 27

Mary to Peter REILY and Bridget JORDAN December 18

Catherine to Martin REILY and Honor McGREAL December 18

James Neal to Edward McEVILY and Mary GILL December 25 



Philip to Pat MORTIMER and Catherine CONWAY January 6

Honor to John and Honor DUFFY Kilsallagh January 8

Honor to John and Mary RIELY Murrisk January 8

Francis Joseph to Michael GILL and Mary SALMON January 22

Owen to Thomas and Alice CRAWFORD January 29 Kilsallagh

Michael to Peter and Bridget SALMON January 29 Kilsallagh

James to Austin and Bridget GRADY January 29 Murrisk

Ellen to George and Catherine MORTIMER January 29 Lecanvey

Pat to Frank and Honor McDERMOTT February 19 Kilsallagh

Patrick Joseph to John and Bridget SULLIVAN February 21 Castlebar St

Ellen to Thomas MORTIMER and Winifred EGAN March 5

Joseph to Joseph and Bridget GILL March 24

Francis to Ned and Anne GANNON March 25 Thornhill

James to John LAFFERTY and Mary O'NEIL March 30 Higgins St

Mary Catherine to Michael and Emila HAYES April 15 Westport

Anne to Austin and Mary GANNON April 16 Thornhill

Sarah Jane to Austin and Catherine GANNON April 31 Murrisk

Mary to Pat and Anne MALLY April 31 Kinnock

Mary to Pat and Bridget MALLY May 7 Culleen

Thomas to Thomas GRADY and Mary RIELY May 7 Murrisk

Margaret to Peter JOYCE and Sara MALLY May 14

Mary to Stephen JORDAN and Mary SCAHILL May 14

John to Philip and Catherine MORTIMER May 21 Lecanvey

Honor to ?? CAMPBELL and Mary GIBBONS May 25 Peter St

Thomas to Pat BAYNES and Mary BERRY May 28 Durless

John to John and Julia MORAN June 4 Kilsallagh

Mary to Pat and Winifred JOYCE June 18

John to John McGING and Bridget MORAN June19 Quay

James to Austin MALLY and Mary BURNS June 29

Mary to Michael GRADY and Mary CARROL July 6

Mary to Edward and Mary KELLY July 9 Glen

Austin to Philip and Bridget BRADY July 23 Murrisk

Catherine to William and Catherine ACTION August 2 Town

Pat to George HOLLAND and Ellen MORTIMER August 20

William to Pat FARRELL and Catherine GILL August 20

Pat to Michael and Bridget COYNE August 27 Kilsallagh

Austin to Thomas DEVINE and Ellen BURKE September 1

Ellen to Michael CUSACK and Ellen BOURKE September 2

Austin to John O'DONNELL and Julia MALLY September 6

Margaret to Peter WALSH and Catherine GANNON September 10

John to Thomas CARROLL and Mary JORDAN September 10

Anne to Thomas GORDAN and Mary GRADY September 17 Murrisk

James to Austin and Mary KERINS September 11 Owenwee

Richard Michael to Michael and Ellen FRIEND September 17 Quay  

John to Bartly and Mary GRADY October 8 Murrisk

Michael to Thomas and Catherine GAVAN October 8 Murrisk

Bridget to Austin and Mary NEEDHAM October 8 Murrisk

Martin to John and Margaret GAVIN November 1 Knockfin

John to Thomas and Bridget MALLY November 2 Tully

Bridget to Pat LALLY and Catherine LALLY November 12 Durless

Bridget to Thomas and Kate PENDERGRAST November 19 Kilsallagh

Mary to Michael MURRAY and Mary MURRAY November 19

Bridget to Thady CONWAY and Bridget SALMON November 27

Pat to Pat LANGAN and Bridget KERRIGAN December 10 Carrowbaun

Mary to Edward and Mary KITTERICK December 10 Kilsallagh

Mary to James and Mary GILL December 10 Thornhill

Ellen to Pat RUDDY and Mary RUDDY December 10 Lecanvey

Ellen to John MALLY and Honor MALLY December 17 Ellen married Michael O'DONNELL February 20 1911

Mary Evelin to Francis BOURKE and Mary KERR December 31



Pat to Austin and Honor SCAHILL Prospect January 1 married Catherine HESTON February 5 1909 Castlebar

Ellen to Ned and Mary MUNSTER January 1 Belclare

John to Michael and Mary RUDDY January 14 Murrisk

Thomas to John and Rose DEMPSY February 4 Westport

Michael to Neal and Alice MALONE February 5 Westport

Catherine to William and Bridget GIBLIN February 11 Rossbeg

Pat to Martin and Mary MORAN February 18 Lecanvey

Honor to Owen and Catherine FERGUS February 18 Culleen

Matthew to Matthew BECKETT and Margaret MALONE February 19 Westport

Mary to Martin and Bridget JOYCE February 25 Murrisk

Mary to Pat and Judy KITTERICK March 10 Kinnock

Pat to John and Margaret CORRIGAN March 16 Sheeroe

Michael to Pat and Margaret WALSH March 19 Rosbeg

Bridget to James KERRIGAN and Bridget HESTIN March 23 Owenwee

Pat to Michael and Biddy MORAN March 24 Durless

Bernard to Bernard and Bridget KELLY April 1 Brackloon

Timothy to Bernard and Bridget KELLY April 1 Brackloon

John to James and Ellen WALSH April 5 Boheh

Maryann to Thomas and Mary COSTELLO April 14 Rossbeg witness James and Bridget COSTELLO

Julia to John WALSH and Eliza FRENCH April 14 Westport

Mary Ellen to James and Ellen GIBLIN May 15 Quay

Ann to John and Mary GIBBONS May 18 Owenwee

Michael John to Thomas and Anne STEPHENS August 11 Quay

Bridget to Edward KING and Sally MALEY September 5 Town

Catherine to Peter and Catherine MULKERINS September 10 Town

Austin to Austin and Julia HESTIN September 11 Mitchfield

Michael to John and Bridget McGING September 11 Quay

Stephen to John WOODS and Mary MALLY December 24 Quay


Sally to John FOX and Bridget PENDERGRAST January 1 Westport

Bridget to Pat BERRY and Margaret GANNON January 12 Killeencoff

Bridget to Pat and Ellen BOYLE Town January 22 married Martin SHERIDAN Altmount St July 30 1910

Margaret to Austin and Mary JUDGE January 28 Owenwee

Robert to Robert and Margaret DORIS February 3 Town

Peter to John MUNSTER and Margaret MALLY March 26 Prospect

Peter to Peter and Bridget McCORMACK March 31 Westport

John to Michael and Mary KILCOYNE April 30 High St

Mary Agnes to Thomas and Delia MORAN May 4 Town

John to Pat and Mary Anne EGAN June 7 Town

John to John and Mary GIBBONS June 9 Owenwee

Philip to Brian and Mary COYNE July 2 Killeencoff

Catherine to James and Mary Anne KILCOYNE and Mary Anne July 2 Town 

Peter to Thomas and Bessy McMANUS July 26 Prospect

Anne to John and Mary HOGSHAW and Mary August 31 Town

Michael Joseph to John and Eliza JOHNSON September18 Town

Michael to Anthony and Anne COYNE September 18 Town

Sarah to Austin and Mary MacMANUS November 24 Owenwee

Austin to John and Mary SCAHILL December 14 Murrisk



Susan to Pat and Catherine O'BRIEN January 1 Mitchfield

Bridget to John and Helen SCAHIL January 2 Belclare

Michael to Michael and Mary HAYES January 15 Town

Mary Ellen to John and Bridget McGING February 9

Anne to James McDONNELE and Mary HESTION February 21 Owenwee

Mary to Edward and Bridget BERRY March 27 Knappa

Ester Eleanor to Michael and Ellen FRIEND April 17 Town

Pat to Charles COYNE and Catherine MORAN April 19 Derrygorman

Mary to Pat and Ellen CORCORAN April 20 Town

Patrick to Joseph  and Maria GILL April 20 Town

Bridget to Pat EGAN and Mary Anne SWIFT May 4 Castlebar St


Martin John to Martin FEGAN and Ellen KING May 10 Town

Catherine to Martin and Bridget GREEN May 12 Town

Margaret Mary to Thomas McGLOUGHLIN and Margaret WALSH May 22 Westport

John to Daniel and Mary McGING June 4 Town

Anne to Michael and Anne MALEY June 9 Killecoff

John to Thomas and Bridget COYNE June 14

Bridget to Pat and Honor McGREAL June 15 Prospect

Francis to Thomas WALSH and Mary LAFFY June 18 Quay

John Dominick and George and Eliza SHERIDAN June 24 Town

Michael to Henry and Margaret NASH July 4 Town

Bridget to Martin and Bridget WALSH July 28 Town Yard
Sarah to Pat and Mary WALSH July 31 Rosbeg
Margaret to  Thomas and Bridget FREHIL August 24 Bohea

Catherine to Patt and Catherine DUNBAR Town September 7

Catherine to William and Catherine ACTIN September 10 Town

Margaret to Richard GIBBONS and Bridget LANGAN September 24 Westport

Michael John to John DOBBINS and Bridget GIBBONS September 28 Westport

Mary to Peter MALONE and Margaret WALSH October 5 Derrygorman

James to Richard and Bridget WALSH October 18 Prospect

Richard to Michael and Mary Anne CUNNINGHAM November 11 Ballina

Thomas to Peter and Catherine GIBBONS December 12 Bohea

Catherine to John GANNON and Bridget McGLOUGHLIN December 12 Westport


Martin to John McGING and Bridget MORAN April 15 Quay

Thomas to James and Mary BURKE Quay May 3

Ann to Martin and Mary WALSH April 8 Castlebar St

Martin to John McGING and Bridget MORAN April 15 Quay

John to John and Bridget DUFFY June 8 Streamstown

Michael to Thomas MALLEY and Catherine LaVALLE August 2 Castlebar St Blacksmith 

Philip to Michael DERRY and Catherine MURRAY September 6 Knockbrack

Michael Joseph to Dominick HASTINGS and Bridget DURCAN September 11 Westport

Joseph to John McGREAL and Mary GIBBONS September 12 Westport


Thomas to Michael and Catherine CONWAY Town January 20

James to James LEHIN and Maria CASEY January 23 Town

Kate Agnes to James MORAN and Mary KIRBY January 24 Town

Honor to James KERIGAN and Bridget HESTIN January 25 Mitchfield 

Mary Bridget to Patt and Sarah HOPKINS January 30 Carrowbaun

Catherine to James WALSH and Honor MORAN February 3 Town

Patt to Michael and Mary McGREAL February 6 Glinsk

Catherine to James and Ellen WALSH February 9 Boheh

Mary to Pat MORAN and Catherine RUDDY February 17 Clavane

Mary to John and Mary LAMBERT February 27 Quay

Ellen to Thomas and Ann MORAN March 14 Gurthane

William to Thomas HESTIN and Margaret GIBBONS  March 17 Derrygorman

William Francis to Timothy and Eliza MURPHY April 4 Town

William James to William and Ellen DAY April 12 Barrack

Dominick to Michael DUNNE and Maria MORAN April 29 Westport

Julia to Peter and Ann CAIN May 6 Tonranny

Pat to John GIBBONS and Ann CUNNINGHAM June 8 Town

Peter Joseph to John GIBBONS and Mary McGREAL June12 Owenwee

John to Michael MALLY and Catherine REILLY June18 Westport

James to Patt HUGHES and Catherine PHILIPS June 30 Tonranny

Mary Elizabeth to Michael DUFFY and Rose DURKAN July 5 Town

Edward to Edward TOOLE and Mary MONAGHEN July 11 Quay

Joseph to Austin MALLY and Ann KEARNS August 4 Owenwee

Tobias to Myles and Julia BURKE August 6 Borras

Catherine to Austin McMANUS and Mary McNEAL August 10 Owenwee

John to Matthew HENEGAN and Maria STANTON August 28 Town

Philip to Matthew HENEGAN and Maria STANTON August 28 Town

George to James and Jane FAIR August 29 Knappagh

Michael William to Pat OBRIEN and Catherine DURCAN September 2 Mitchfield

Mary to Philip GIBBONS and Margaret JOYCE September 13 Mitchfield

William to James GILL and Maria STONE September 15 Westport

Catherine to Patt MURPHY and Julia HENEGHAN September 15 Prospect 

Mary to James and Ellen TOOLE September 23 Ardmore

Pat to Edward Birmingham and Elizabeth STUART September 28 Town

Bridget to Pat and Bridget LANGAN October 3 Carrowbaun

Thomas to Martin GAMMON and Ann FITZPATRICK October 8 Streamstown

John to Patt and Mary Ann FERRIS October 31 Rossbeg

Margaret to William and Honor SHERIDAN November 1 Town

Michael Martin to John and Bridget WALSH November 2 Quay



Anne to Peter O'MALLEY and Catherine GERAGHTY January 11 Carrowbaun

Pat to Pat and Mary FLANIGAN January 5 Owenwee

Elizabeth to Pat DAVY and Jane Elizabeth HALE January 6 Bellunder

Anne to Thady FADIAN and Mary ROONEY February 5 Belclare

David to Stephen POWER and Bridget MURRY March 4 Town married in St Kevin's Dublin August 14 1933 MORMSBY

John Patrick to John DODD and Bridget MOLONY March 6

Pat to John and Bridget ENGLISH March 13 Quay

Mary Anne to Edward STOKES and Mary CORCORAN March 16 High St

Maria to John LAMBERT and Mary CORRIGAN April 1 Quay

James to Michael MASTERSON and Anne SHERIDAN April 4 Barrack Hill

Pat to Owen COYNE and Mary STAUNTON April 21 Castlebar St

John to James and Bridget KERRIGAN May 20 Owenwee

Mary Anne to Austin McGING and Margaret MOAN May 26 married to Edward KING on October 20 1908

Peter to Austin JUDGE and Mary GIBBONS June 26 Owenwee

Mary to Pat McDONNELL and Margaret MURRY July 20 Fairgreen

Catherine to Daniel and Mary McGEE August 13 Town

William Augustine to William and Mary KELL August 26 Town

Catherine to Martin WALSH and Bridget DUFFY August 31 Boggate

Mary Catherine to James and Bridget LOCKER October 9 Quay Rd

Anthony Martin to Anthony and Anne COYNE November 5 Peter St

Thomas Joseph to Thomas MULKERRIN and Maria CORLEY November 18

Martin Vincent to Thomas and Mary FITZPATRICK November 22 Town

Thomas to James WALSH and Julia KENNY December 1 Town

James to Daniel McCAULIFF and Elizabeth BIRMINHAM December 8 Town

Bridget to Thomas and Catherine O'BRIEN December 26 Owenwee




James to Pat MURPHY and Maria HASTINGS March 25 Town married Margaret HASTINGS May 24 1911

Mary to Martin WALSH and Bridget TUNNY Mary Derrygorman March 24

James to Michael and Mary NAVIN April 17 Town

Peter to James and Bridget KERRIGAN September 12 Owenwee

Austin to Austin SCAHIL and Margaret CURRIGAN December 3 Mill St




James to Robert HOGSHAW and Margaret CONWAY January 1 Westport

Mary Francis to Patrick Joseph DAVY Jane Elizabeth HALE January 5 Town

Fitzgerald to Fitzgerald and Mary COLLINS January 23 Town

Sarah to Austin and Mary KILCOYNE February 3 Town

James to Daniel McFEELY and Catherine McGREAL February 21 Town

Catherine to Edward HARAN and Mary HENEGHAN February 23 (died as a child) High Street

Elizabeth to Austin McGING and Margaret MOAN May 7 Town

Elizabeth to James HAWKSHAW and Mary GALLAGHER May 14

Nora to John and Bridget McGING July 12 Town

Julia to John and Mary CURRIGAN August 21 Sheroee

Pat to Philip and Mary MALONE August 28 Derrygorman

Edward to Pat and Margaret WALSH Rosbeg September 18 Maria KITTERICK

Joseph to Hubert and Mary Ellen NELIS October 12 Town

Martin to John and Mary LOMBARD November 15 Quay

Martin to Thomas THORTON and Anne McGLOON November 15 Murrisk

Ellen to Dominick and Bridget SALMON December 2 Mitchfield

John to Pat and Mary HEARTY December 15 Owenwee



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