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Baptisms in Aughaval (Westport) Parish Co Mayo Ireland 1845 to 1856

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Westport Baptisms




Austin of Michael GAVAN and Catherine GAVAN July 13

Austin of Pat MORAN and Bridget KITERICK July 20

Pat of Philip and Ciley McGING August 1

Robert of Robert EDWARDS and Anne GRAVEN

Ellen of Pat HESTIN and Peggy MORAN August 3 Kilsallagh 

Catherine of Henry PHILIPS and Judy WALSH August 9

Mary Anne of Daniel McGREAL and Susan MURPHY August 12

Richard of John KEARNS and Margaret GERAGHTY August 15 SS John and Mary HOPKINS

Austin of Austin RIELY and Kitty PARSEL August 15

John of Peter DOUGHERTY and Mary HOBAN August 15

Mary of Thomas RUSH and Mary KYNE August 15

Ned of Edward GALLAGHER and Mary O'DONEL August 21

Joseph of Pat CONNEL and Mary SALMON August 27

Michael of Pat CONNELY and Honor CASSADY August 31

Anne of Simon EGAN and Mary QUINN September 5 SS Michael KERRIGAN and Susan TOOLE

Pat of Martin MORAN and Margaret WALSH September 6

Michael of John TUNNY and Honor GIBBONS September 6

John of James DUNBAR and Mary LEWIS September 6

John of John JOYCE and Mary FADEN September 7

Mary of William MURRAY and Mary GRODAN September 10

Catherine of James SCAHIL and Mary STANTON September 13

Thomas of William SMYTH and Mary HESTIN September 14

Bessy of James DEVANEY and Kitty JOYCE September 22

Pat of John CHAMBERS and Mary MORAN October 13

John of John SEYMOUR and Anne ACTON October 15

Ellen of Peter SYMTH and Margaret FERGUS October 16

Ellen of Frank COLLINS and Anne SCAHIL October 19

Anne of Owen MALLY and Biddy WALSH October 19

Biddy of Philip and Bessy FITZSIMMONS October 22

Mary of Thady and Mary LYONS October 26

Honor of John and Kitty MALLEY October 30

Ellin of John and Ellin JOYCE October 31

Thomas of Thady BERRY and Mary Hill November 2

Bridget of John HYNES and Mary MALLEY November 9

Mary of Thomas SCOTT and Mary RUDDY November 9

Anne of Peter and Mary GIBBONS November 17

Mary of Austin and Judy McGREAL November 18

Bridget of John KEARNS and Eliza BURKE November 23

Belinda Mary of Joseph and Eliza BURKE November 24

Catherine of Thady CAIN and Mary HESTIN December 7 Ougherty

Thady of Philip KERIGAN and Sally DERRIG December 14



John of Michael ODONELL and Mary BOYLE April 4

Bridget of Pat DUFFY and Nancy MALLY April 6

Mary of Pat LYONS and Mary McDONAGH April 11

John of James JOYCE to Jane CONNELLY April 11

John of James McGUIRE to Catherine FREIL April 11

Laurence of David CONWAY to Bridget REILLY April 18

Mary of Denis DALY and Bridget MORAN April 23

Catherine of Thomas HESTIN and Honor HOPKINS April 25

Bridget of James STEWARD and Bridget MALLY April 26

Ned of John DUFFY and Catherine MALLY April 26

Pat of James PENDERGRAST and Mary STAUNTON April 25

Mary of Thomas BALL and Catherine MALLY April 26

Pat of Austin DUFFY and Honor GERAGHTY April 26

Mary of Pat HERAGHTY to Mary KIRIGAN April 26

Pat of Pat DALY and Catherine FLAHERTY April 29

John of Austin FADEN and Honor GILL  April 29

Roseann of Pat REILLY to Catherine DALY April 29

Mary of Daniel HERAGHTY and Mary GRYMES May 2

Mary of Ned McGUIRE and Bridget HERAGHTY May 2

John of Pat DUFFY and Mary DONNELLY May 2

Mary of Frank CHAMBERS and Eleanor NAUGHTON May 2

Mary of Pat McEVILLY and Bridget FREIL May 2

Bridget of John REILLY and Bridget SALMON May 2

Sarah of John McLOUGHLIN and Ann MALLY May 13

Ann of Pat MAVIN and Judy LAVALLE June 4

Bridget of Ned MURRY Sabine CURRAN June 5

Ann of James KERRIGAN and Mary LALLY June 11

Michael of Luke GERAGHTY and Bridget SCAHIL June 14

Mary of Jno MALLY and Mary CAROBINE June 14

John of Michael JOYCE and Ellin ODONNELL June 14

Ellin of Peter SALMON and Mary DUFFY June 19

Honor of Pat DEVINE and Mary MALLY June 21 Kinnock

John of Phil GAVEN and Catherine HALLINAN June 28

Austin of Austin GILL and Bess CAROBINE July 2

John of John FERGUS and Sally McGARR July 10

Bridget of Pat FERGUS and Sally BRENNAN July 10

Austin of James DUFFY and Mary CONRY July 24

Mary of Thomas CRAWFORD and Bridget MALLY July 24

Austin of James BALL and Mary GAVEN July 24

Bridget of Thomas LAVALLE and Nelly BURKE August 15

James (illegitimate) of James VAUGHAN and Nelly JENNINGS August 15

Mary of James GERATY and Bridget HESTON August 16

Margaret of James BURKE and Mary BIRMINGHAM August 16

Catherine of Jno GERATY and Cecila MaGUIRE August 16

Pat of John SALMON and Mary SHERIDAN August 24

Austin of Thomas GIBBONS and Mary LAVALLE August 24

Honor of William BANES and Mary BURKE August 24 Furgill

Catherine of Thady HESTON and Ann GAVEN August 24 Ballencoigh August 24

Ann of Pat GERAGHTY and Mary KEANS August 24

Mary of John REILLY and Mary GRODEN September 6

Mary of James FERGUS and Mary JOYCE September 6

Peter of Peter GRADY and Bridget BANES September 6 Glass

Margaret of Michael MALLY and Mary KIRRIGAN September 6

James of OWEN and KITTERICK October 11 Thornhill SS Pat WALSH and Alice TOOLE October 11 Thornhill

John of Matthew GIBBONS and Honor WALSH October 11

Martin of Thomas BRADY and Mary CARROLL October 11

Matthew of Pat and Bridget KELLY October 12

Thomas of Denis and FITZPATRICK October 12

Letita of John and Ann MORALLY October 18

Andrew of Thomas and Winny McGREAL October 18

Philip of Philip and Bridget HASTINGS October 19

Pat of Michael FOY and Mary HUGHE October 20

Pat of Pat McGRAH and Bridget MALLY October 25

Mary of Martin DOUGHETLY and Mary HESTIN October 25

Ann of Matthew GAVAN and Mary MURPHY October 25

Mary of Dominick McGREAL and Bridget GIBLIN November 21


James of Pat KERRIGAN and Honor FLYNN January 7

Mary of Pat RUDDY and Bridget FERGUS January 7

Margaret of Michael and Honor FERGUS January 8

Anthony of Michael GAVEN and Mary KITRICK January 10

Michael of James WALSH and Margaret McGREAL January 10 Lecanvey

Mary of John REILLY and Catherine MALLY January 15

Pat of John McEVILLY and Mary KILCOYNE January 12 Thornhill

Judith of John MORAN and Bridget GAVEN January 27

Bridget of Michael DUFFY and Honor RUDDY January27

Austin of Austin and Kitty GIBBONS March 22 Kilsallagh

Catherine of James and Rose HUGHES May 17 SS John and Sally CAMPBELL

Honor of Owen and Ann GARAGHTY May 29

Mary of Pat GIBBONS and Mary TUOHY July 12

James of Philip McARDLE and Margaret CAIN July 12 SS Mary GALLAGHER and John CAMPBELL

Bridget of John CANNON and Bridget NEEDHAM October 31

Catherine of Pat HALLANAM and Mary HORAN November 14

Maryann of Pat and Celia FORD November 15

Winifred of James GALLAGHER and Ann MacLOUGHLIN November 27

Martin of Martin MORAN and Margaret WALSH December 25

Stephen of Thomas KILROY and Bridget GREADY December 26

William of William FLANGAN and Margaret WALSH December 30


William of Robert MaMAHON and Honor WHITE February 23

William of Pat DUFFY and Mary MORAN February 13

Thomas of John REILLY and Mary WALSH February 17

Bridget of Mary MULLHOLLAND and Ann GERAGHTY February 19

Peter of Henry SHAW and Nancy ROGERS February 21

Mary of Pat GALLAGHER and Bridget HALLINAN June 1

Mary of John MULLOY and Mary BRENNAN June 7

Mark of Michael WALSH and Ellen EGAN June 8

Mary of Michael SALMON and Ann BALL June 10

John of Pat CLARKE and Ann DOLAN June 10

Pat of Pat JOYCE and Mary BRIGAM June 10

John of John MacNAMIS and Peggy MORAN June 20

James of Simon and Mary QUINN June 22

Peter of Michael JOYCE and Mary GALLAGHER June 25

Fanny of Richard LANDRUM and Ann ORMSBY June 26

Sarah of John and Mary MALLY July 1

Eugene of John GIBBONS and Kate COYNE July 3

Thomas of Neal MACKEL and Honor REILLY July 9 Killeen

Pat of Thady and Margaret TOOLE July 13

Bridget of John BURNS and Mary HOUGH July 16

William of John and Mary LUDDEN July 21

Mary of John and Mary NICKELSON July 21

William of Richard and Ann ORMBSY July 21

Dudley of James and Mary TOOLE July 23

Thomas of John and Mary WOODS July 23

Margaret of John MaGUIRE and Mary MALLY July 26

Ellin of Pat KEARNY and Sally KIERIGAN July 24

Peter of Pat MaGUIRE and Mary MALLY July 26

Mary of Alick McCABEE and Margaret NOONE August 1

Francis of Francis CUNNINGHAM and Bridget MERCHANT August 3

Maria of James JORDAN and Catherine WALSH August 6

Mary of Michael CAIN and Nelly BRIEN August 19

Mary of Michael FARAGUR and Nelly MALLY August 27

Elen of James McGING and Biddy GRADY September 16 Killeen

Ellin of Austin FADEN and Mary GILL September 16

Ann of Thomas KELLY and Mary NEEDHAM September 18

William of George REDFERN and Sabina CASEY September 19

Mary of Richard DURKIN and Nancy JOYCE September 20

Mary of James SHAW and Sarah HERAGHTY October 11

Mame of Michael GREENE and Mary HAMILTON October 12

Anthony of Michael FERGUS and Honor FREHILL October 29

Sarah of Austin BERRY and Mary GANMOM October 29

Julia of Myles STAUNTON and Mary CORRIGAN November 11

Sarah of James KELLY and Jane ORMSBY November 24

Honor of James REILLY and Bridget CAIN December 4

Ellin of Thomas and Ellin FITZGERALD December 10


John of John and Honoria NICHOLSON January1 Carrowbaun

Peter of Pay and Peggy ROONEY January1

Pat of Pat COLLINS and Catherine KING January22

John of John MacINTIRE and Mary MALLY January25

Pat of Thomas GERAGHTY and Bridget ACTION January26

John of Eugene NEEDHAM and Mary FLANNERY January26

Pat of Martin GIBLIN and Mary STAUNTON February 11

John of William GARAVAN and Ellin MacNALLY February 16

Philip of Philip MALLY and Bridget KELLY February 16

Margaret of John MURRIE and Mary MYLOTTE February 16

James of John DOGHERTY and Ellin FORD February 25

Bridget of John GERAGHTY and Bridget KELLY February 26

Austin of Pat DERRIG and Ann WALTERS February 26

John of John MAY and Mary FADEN March 3

Mary of John HEALY and Bridget STEPHENS March 3

Dominick of Michael SILK and Mary SWEENEY March 4

Maria of Pat HERAGHTY and Fanny HESTIN March 20

John of John MALLY and Ann FEIWL March 17

Michael of Michael MALLY and Margaret DEVANY April 1

George of John CHRISTY and Mary GRADY April 1

David of Michael BURKE and Kitty WALSH April 2

John of John HERAGHTY and Ann ROONEY April 4

Anthony of Pat FREHILL and Bridget NAVIN April 22

John of Anthony FREHILL and Ann MALLY April 23

Bridget of William HALLANAN and Mary GERAGHTY April 27

Owen of Michael DOGHERTY and Bridget STAUNTON April 28

Pat of John DUFFY and Margaret CARROLL May 3

Henry of Myles DEVLIN and Mary MAKIN May 17

Mary of James GIBBONS and Julia MacGUIRE May 21

Eliza of Michael REDFERN and Sabina CASSEY August 5

John of Pat LUDDIAN and Nelly RUANE August 6

Maria of Owen DIGNAN and Ann DAWSON August 19

Mary of Matthew MASON and Mary GORDAN August 20

Michael of Thomas MALLY and Bridget DIVEN August 21

Sarah of John BOURKE and Mary FADIAN August 28

Catherine of James GIBLIN and Catherine MALLY August 28

Bridget of Pat TOOLE and Bridget DIGNAN August 30

Mary of Pam McGREALE and Mary SHERIDAN September 2

Bridget of Pat BROWNE and Ann KEARNS September 2

Michael of Myles BOURKE and Bridget HESTIN September 6

Michael of John ARMSTRONG and Ellin MacDONELL September 6

Edward of Edward GINMILLY and Kitty GALLAHER September 26 Workhouse Paupers

Bridget of John and ROSE MORAN September 29

Nancy of Michael and Bridget MORAN September 29

Walter of John DONNELL and Winnie GIBBOS September 30

Margaret of William and Bridget GILLAN September 30

Elizabeth of Martin GRADY and Mary LAVALLE




Margaret of Philip GIBBONS and  Bridget MacDONNELL January23

Ann of Pat HALLANAN and Dolly COOL January23

John of Pat FITZMORRIS and Bridget KING February 8

Charles Frances of Thomas GROGAN and Bridget SHERIDAN February 20

James Patrick of John and Mary KELLY February 24

William Patrick of J CAMPBELL and Margaret CARROLL March 3

Michael of Pat and Francis CUNNINGHAM and Bridget MARCHANT March 6

Owen of Thomas WALSH and Mary DOUGHERTY April 12

John of William DUFFY and Mary MacDONNELL April 21

Elizabeth of William FLANIGAN and MaryAnn WALSH May 16

John of Michael FRIHILL and Mary MALLY May 19

Bridget of John NEVIN and Mary FLANIGAN May 30

Pat of Michael REILLY and Sarah JOYCE August 18

Bridget of James MOUAGHAM and Bridget MURRAY August 23


Edward Joseph of John MULROY and Catherine BRENNAN January22

David (an Adult) of John CANE and Jane MacNICKLE February 5

Bridget of John MULCRONE and Mary HOBAN February 5

Ann of Pat and Mary MaGING  SS Austin MaGING  February

John of Owen KING and Eliza WARD February 21

Mary of John FINIGAN and Margaret GERAGHTY March 1

Henry of Henry DOWDLE and Sarah DURBAR March 7

Pat of John DOGHETY and Ellen FORD March 9

Ellen of Michael GIBBONS and Bridget SCAHILL March 16

James of John MULDOON and Honor GERAGHTY April 6

Michael of Pat SALMON and Mary REILLY April 7

Michael Joseph of Austin MaGING and Bridget BOURKE April 8

Mary Ann of Henry LAWN and Margaret DONNELLY April 13

Pat of Pat DURBAN and Eliza LYNSKY April 15

James of James MaGUIRE and Catherine FREHILL April 19

Bridget of Michael FERGUS and Honor FREHILL April 25

Bridget of Edward GUFFE and Bridget CUSIACK May 4

Michael of Bryan DIVER and Ann MURPHY May 5

Ellen of Bryan GERAGHTY and Ann DUFFY May 5

Peter of John DUFFY and Ann MOREE May 21

Joseph of James KITRICK and Mary GAVAN May 29

Catherine of William SCOTT and Margaret MEANS May 30

Mary of John CASSIDY and Bridget REILLY June 4

John of James GIBBONS and Catherine MALLY June 11

John of Edward HEART and Catherine NEVIN June 12

Ann of Pat MUNSTER and Maria MALLY June 16

Thomas of Thomas GERAGHTY and Bridget ACTION June 22

John of Pat DUFFY and Barbara MaGREAL June 22

James of Martin MALLY and Ann MOFFIR June 23

Jane of Pat DOWDLE and Mary GERAGHTY June 27

Alexander of James MALLY and Mary DAWSON June 28

Bridget of David CUISACK and Sarah PHILBIN July 9

John LAUDRUM an adult received into church August 5

Michael of Michael HALLANAN and Ellen GUFFO August 6

Bridget of John WALDRON and Rose SHANE August 21

Michael of Martin DWER and Sarah GRADY August 21

Ann of Pat MacHALE and Ann MacNALLY August 21

Honor of Thomas GIBBONS and Honor COYNE August 27

William BANES an adult September 6

Pat of William FLANNIGAN and MaryAnn WALSH September 6

John of John MORAN and Margaret REID September 8

Mary of Mary MURRAY and Margaret HENGAHAN October 3

Mary of Pat DERIG and Mary WALTERS October 3

Austin of James MaGREALE and Bridget OBRIEN October 3

Catherine of John KELLY and Kate DURBAN October 4

Michael of Pat and Margaret CAWFIELD October 6

Bridget of Austin FERGUS and Honor RUDDY October 12

Eunice of Austin MaGREALE and Judy SCOTT

Pat of Thomas MaGING and Judy DENIG  October 18

Pat of Pat HENAGHAN and Bridget MacEVILLA October 18

Honor of Thomas JOYCE and Honor RUDDY October 20

Thomas of William KELLY and Mary GRADY November 3

Pat of Timothy RUDDY and Ellen KILLEEN November 4

Kate of John CAMPBELL and Eliza CARROLL SS Michael CAMPBELL and Bedelia MORLEY November 25

William of Pat FITZMORRIS and Bridget KING November 26

Bridget of Thomas WALSH and Mary MORAN November 30

Mary of James KEANE and Margaret KERIGAN November 30

Maryann of Andrew CORLEY and Mary SMYTH November

Thomas of James MacNULTY and Winifred BOURKE 1February 7

Stephen of Martin MOFFEE and Mary MALLY December 11

Catherine of Pat GAVEN and Mary MacNALLY December 11

Mary of John PIERCE and Catherine REILLY December 27


Peter of Martin and Mary MOFFIT January2

Joseph William of Austin LYNSKEY Catherine COLLINS January4

Dolly of Thomas NEWAL and Mary HOBAN January12

Michael of Joseph MacDONAGH and Ann MURRAY February 1

Bridget of Pat JOYCE and Mary SHAUGHNESSY February 1

Bridget of John HIGGINS and Mary GREAVY February 1

Patrick Joseph of Andrew STONES and Bridget FITZGERALD February 4

John of William HIGGINS and Winny CONNELLY February 5

Pat of James KELLY and Catherine TUNNY February 22

Pat of William SCAHILL and Bridget GIBLIN March 1

Julia of John FORD and Ellice DONNELLE March 2

Maryann of John RYAN and Sabrina MALLY March 6

Catherine of Michael CASSIDY and Bridget MONAGHAN March 9

Catherine of Anthony NEAL and Bridget WALSH March 13

Pat of William SMYTH and Mary CAVANAGH March 16

Mary of John KEAGAN and Mary MaGLAUGHLIN March 19

Margaret of James KELLY and Jane ORMSBY March 19

Catherine of James KING and Catherine MALLY March 24

John of Michael MALLY and Alley MaGING March 29

James of John MALLY and Mary GAUGHAN April 4

Mary of Pat NAVIN and Judith HENAGHTY April 6

John William of Pat JOYCE and Ann KNOSE April 8

Catherine of Bernard DESIE and Catherine QUIGLEY April 17

Myles of Michael MALLY and Ellin PENDERGRAST April 10

Margaret of Owen MURPHY and Ellen HASTINGS May 12

Thomas of Felix and Bridget HUGHES May 13

Bridget of Eugene DIGNAN and Ann DAWSON May 13

Catherine of Andrew CURLY and Maria SMYTH May 13

Cornelius of John and Ann RUDDY May 14

Mary of Dominick MaGREALE and Sarah DONNELL May 15

Mary of Pat CRAWFORD and Margaret BROWNE May 20

Catherine Bengann MARKS and Mary GRADY May 22

Michael of James BURKE and Margaret HESTER May 22

Marti of Pat DUFFY and Catherine MaGING May 23

Peter of John CONWAY and Honor DUFFY May 23

Margaret and Mary CONWAY and Margaret MacDONNELL May 25

Michael of John HESTIN and Bridget NAVIN May 25

Anthony of Anthony KEANE and Bridget JOYCE May 27

Thomas of Thomas MORAN and HAMILTON May 31

Margaret of Pat MALLY and Mary SHEA June 1

Thomas of Charles GARDNER and Eliza MOOREE June 6

William of William SCAHILL and Nancy KERIGAN June 8

Thomas of Pat GIBLIN and Honor GRADY June 12

Anthony of Thomas MUGAN and Catherine KIRKPATRICK June 13

John of James John and Jane CONNELLY June 17

John of James HENGHEN and Mary KEANE June 20

Michael of Austin MALLY and Margaret GIBBONS June 26

William of Austin MaGING and Sarah MORAN June 27

Ann of William MORAN and Ann NUGENT June 27

Michael of Michael FRIHILL and Honor NAVIN June 27

Pat of John MaGREAL and Kathy HUGHES July 2

Catherine of Anthony DERRY and Honor SHERIDAN July 3

William of James NAVIN and Ann EGAN July 4

Pat of Thomas FINN and Mary DOGHERTY July 4

Richard of William SCOTT and Bridget HUGHES July 15

John Joseph of Joseph and Eliza MAINES  July 18

Tobias of Pat BOURKE and Margaret LANGAN July 20

Pat of John MaGREAL and Kitty HUGHES July 20

Mary of William SCOTT and Bridget MaKENNA July 20

Roseana of James GOLDING and Bridget GIBBONS August 1

John of John NAVIN and Mary FLANIGAN August 6

Thomas of Thomas FERGUS and Eliza DEVANEY August 12

John James of Richard WHELAGHAW and Ann JOYCE August 15

?? of Pat MULCRONE and Honor COLLINS August 15

Bridget of John NARRY and Honor KERIGAN August 15

Michael of Thomas ANDERSON and Mary MURRAY August 17

Edward of Thomas MALLY and Mary DONNILL August 21

Peter of Peter KING and Ann DENIS August 21

Bridget of Michael WALSH and Mary KELLY August 22

Peter of Pat MaGREAL and Catherine CONWAY August 22

Mary of William BURNS and Sarah MORAN August 23

Serean of Henry and Matilda KEANE August 23

Thomas of Edward HEART and Ellen NAVIN August 26

Maryann of John SMITH and Catherine DEAN August 27

Ellen of Philip MALLY and Bridget DUANE (or DEANE) August 27

Pat of John BURNS and Sarah GIBBONS September 4

Sarah of William GOLDEN and Maria FITZGERALD September 8

Catherine of Thomas MaGUINESS and Margaret KELLY September 12

Michael of Thomas GERAGHTY and Mary BRENNAN September 12

?? of John MaGLOUGHLIN and Mary HUGHES September 12

Maria of Pat HASTINGS and Margaret MOREE September 17

Pat of Pat CORCORAN and Kitty MALLY September 22

Michael of Pat CRAWFORD and Bridget DIVER September 28

Mary of James MaGREALE and Bridget OBRIEN October 2

Mary of John NEAL and Mary LENSEY October 3

Catherine of Dominick MaGREALE and Mary SHERIDAN October 16

Timothy of John KERINS and Bessy WALSH October 26

Mary of Hugh HILL and Mary FALLEN November 7

Mary of Pat QUIGLEY and Catherine REILLY November 21

Nappy of John GARMIN and Bessy NILAND November 26

Joseph of Pat DURKAN and Eliza LYNSKY December 3

Michael of Pat FERGUS and Mary CLARKE December 16


Bridget of John GRODEN and Mary JOYCE January9

Maria of James and Bridget CONNOR January11

Pat of Pat and Margaret FLANNERY January13

Michael of James and Mary DUFFY January13

Bridget of William MALONE and Ann KEANE January15

Fanny of George and Catherine MOONEY January20

Ellen of Thomas and Mary CAHILL January23

Richard of Richard MaGREAL and Catherine HESTIN February 28

Margaret of Pat and Bridget DIVER March 6

Mary of Frank HYNES and Mary MULLALLY March 28

Pat of Owen HYNES and Mary FOSTER March 28

Sarah of John MacMANUS and Honor MALLY March 31

Catherine of John and Sarah JUDGE April 16

Ann of Michael FRIHIL and Mary MALLY May 22

Ellin of Bernard CAMPBELL and Bridget GAROM June 16

Sarah of Honor DOWDLE and Sarah DUNBAN or DUNBAR July 6

Mary of Pat GREADY and Mary McGIRR August 9

Austin of John REILLY and Mary GRODEN August 14 Drummin

Thomas of John and Margaret MERCHANT November 27

Ann of Peter and Mary WALSH December 4

Mary of Nicholas and Mary WALSH December 10

Bernard of Bernard and Catherine DORIS or DIVIS December 31


Bridget of John and Mary MacNAMARA January1

Peter of Simon and Catherine MORAN January3

Bridget of John and Catherine HOPKINS January3

Henry of Pat and Mary CAMPBELL January16

Michael of Dominick and Margaret MacDONNELL January15

Maiea of Austin and Bridget DILLION January18 SS John CAMPBELL

Pat of John and Honor FOX March 25

James and John of Edward and Mary MALLY April 19

John of Michael and Mary KING April 30

William of John and ELLIN GAWSON April 30

Bridget of William and Ellin JOYCE July 5

Pat of Thomas and Bridget LAUGHLIN July 23

Margaret of Pat and Margaret BARRETT July 26

Bridget of Pat NEEDHAM and Bridget MORTIMER July 28

Pat of Pat and Mary JOYCE July 31

Maryann of James and Maria MacDONAGH August 1

Maria of Pat and Maria DURKAN August 6

Bridget of John and Bridget FITZMORRIS August 14

Judith of Pat and Judith NAVIN August 14

Martin of Pat and Honor WALSH September 4 Manulla

Margaret of Michael McLAUGHLIN and Bridget SWEENY December 3


Bridget of Michael and Honor BERRY May 3

Julia of Peter and Ann DUFFY May 27

James of Pat McGING and Mary MALLY June 23

Winfred of Thomas and Mary TUNNEY June 24

Peter of Owen WALSH and Mary GIBBONS July 4 in workhouse

Bridget of Pat JOYCE and Bridget McGREAL  July 10

Thomas of Pat JOYCE and Alice ODONNELL July 22

Eliza of Robert and Mary DOON August 22

Bernard Jochin of William and Catherine CONNELL September 6

Mary of Pat CONWAY and Ann REID September 11

Mary of John SCOTT and Bridget FADAN September 29

Michael of Pat and Bridget KING September 30

Michael of Michael McGRATH and Bridget KEEGAN October 1

Elizabeth of Bernard CAMPBELL and Bridget GAVEN October 2

Peter of Pat McGUIRE or McGIRR and Mary KILCOYNE October 22

John of Pat WALSH and Mary WALSH October 28

Michael of Pat and Bridget DURBAN November 26

Catherine of Michael and Ann LAVALLE November 26

Charles of Pat JOYCE and Laura MacARDLE December 2


Bridget of John RIELY and Mary GORMAN February 24

Anthony of Peter THORTON and Anne MALLOY February 24 

Peter of William MALLEY and Mary KILCOYNE February 27

Pat of Michael GERAGHTY and Bridget MaGREAL March 16

Nancy of Francis and Bridget CUNNINGHAM March 17

Ann of Thomas and Ann DAWSON March 21

Sarah of John and Eliza MALLY April 10 Westport

Mary Josephine of John and Mary MALY April 10

John of Michael and Bridget CORCORAN April 13

Pat of Pat KERIGAN and Honor SCAHIL April 13

Catherine of Martin and Bridget GRADY April 16 Corrug

John of John and Mary HIGGINS April 16

Mary of Michael and Mary GERAGHTY April 20 Ballure

Jemima Mary Agnes of Thomas and Margaret MacDONNELL April 26

Ellin of Thomas and Catherine CANNON April 26

Honor to Richard and Bridget GILL May 3

Louis of Thomas and Ellin MacCORMACK May 8

Thomas of Michael and Mary CAROLL Westport SS John CAMPBELL and Mary KELLY May 10

John of John and Ann CONNELLY May 15 SS William BERRY and Mary TIMONY

Ann to Pat and Ann FERGUS May 15

Christopher Joseph of Christopher and Bridget YORK June 6

Michael to John and Honor CONWAY June 8

Bridget of James and Mary MaGUINESS July 4

Andrew Peter of Andrew and Bridget STONE July 6

Joseph of John and Honor HIGGINS July 9 Westport

Peter of Peter and Mary DARCE July 16 Workhouse

John of Peter and Nancy KERIG July 19 Drummin

Margaret of Darby and Mary TOOLEE July 20 Cerane

Catherine of John and Mary GRIMES August 6 Drumneen

Michael of James and Mary HENAGHEN August 8 Sheeroe

Joseph John and Mary CHEISTY August 9 Streamstown

Michael and Mary of Pat KELLY and Bridget CONWAY August 10

Thady of John and Bridget HESTOR August 22 Drummin

Bridget of James TOOLE and Mary WALSH August 22

Bridget of James McHALE and Ellen HESTION

Mary of Ned COONEY and Nancy RUDDY September 6

Mary of John RALPH and Ellin WALSH September 6

Ann of Denis FAHY and Sarah DUFFY September 20

Catherine of James BURKE and Bridget LAMBERT September 20

Catherine of James DOYLE and Mary HANNON November 16

James of Roger FLAHERTY and Mary JOYCE November 26

Ellin of Pat COYNE and Mary TAYLOR December 1

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