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Marriages Aughaval (Westport) Parish 1830 to 1839 382




Mick HOBBINS to Sarah TOOLE January 8

John KERRIGAN to Anna JOYCE January 8

Ed HYNES to Ann DUFFY January 11 witness Grady HESTER and Penelope HESTER

Laurence MORAN to Margaret McKEAL

Thomas GIBBONS to Anne QUIN January 18

Henry WALSH to Sara MALONE January 18 


Peter KETTERICK to Honor McEVILA January 19 

Jno O'BOYLE to Bridget BURNS January 19 

Thomas GIBBONS to Mary QUIN January 21

John WALSH to Winifred DIGNAN January 22

John KERNS to Mary McNALLY January 25

Daniel McLAUGHLIN to Elizabeth REILLY January 25

John MULROY to Mary WARD January 26 

James Martin COFFEY to Catherine WALSH January 27

Thomas McGREAL to Margaret MALLY February 9 

Myles MALLY to Mary HERATY February 10 

James SCAHIL to Mary STAUNTON February 10 

Jno DUFFY to Winifred BERRY February 11

Anthony GRADY to Mary GERRATY February 17

Peter KETTERICK to Honor McEVILA February 19

Edmund KELLY to Mary McLAUGHLIN February 19

Pat REYNOLDS to Honor FLANAGAN February 21 

Edward SCAHILL to Bridget DAWSON February 22

William REILLY to Mary GIBBONS February 23 

Pat GERRATY to Jane FAIR February 23

Thomas McCAFREY to Anne BURKE March 9

Michael ODONEL to Mary SALMON March 10

Timothy CUSACK to Bridget FLANNERY March 12 

John LUDDEN to Mary GALAGHER March 15

Edward MURRY to Anne FRENCH 5-10

Pat TUNNY to Bridget HERGHTY October 6

Pat SCOTT to Bridget FRIEL October 15 

Jno RIELY to Margaret O'NEAL October 19 

Thomas RIELY to Margaret O'NEIL October 19

Martin LaVALLE to Mary MORAN October 25  

Michael McNALLY to Catherine DARBY

Michael NEEDHAM to Bridget GANNON November 1

Luke GERAGHTY to Bridget SCAHILL November 8 

Peter JOYCE to Mary SALMON November 18 

Dan McNAMARA  to Ellin BIRMINGHAM November 29 

Thomas CAVANAGH to Mary McNALLY 12-1




James McMURRY to Nelly GERRATY January 10 

Jno GIBBONS to Mary BYRNE January 15 

Martin MORAN to Mary MORAN January 16 

Owen LANGAN to Mary McKERINAN February 24 

Pat WALSH to Mary GIBBONS February 28 

William JENNINGS to Bridget FERGUS February 21 

Pat HIGGINS to Honor KERINS March 1 

Richard GILL to Mary FERGUS 

Pat CORCORAN to Catherine MALLY April 17 

Richard GILL to Mary FERGUS April 18 

Richard DAVIS to Mary SHAW April 22 

John DALY to Jane BRENNAN May 2




Pat MAKEN to Ellen CAMEL January 5

Daniel McLOUGHLIN to Elizabeth REILLY January 6 witness Anthony GAVAN and Catherine REGAN

Thadeus BERRY to Catherine GUANE Witness John McEVILY and Rose GUANE

Owen SEYMOUR to Mary MORAN January 17 witness Richard TOLSTER and Sally SEYMOUR

Henry SHERIDAN to Ann DEVINE January 17 

Mick FOX to Mary McCAFFERTY January 17 witness Thomas and Mary NAUGHTON

James SHERIDAN to Sally GALAGHER January 20

John SALMON to Anne McLOUGHLIN January 20

Peter REGAN to Margaret MALONE March 3

Felix HUGHES to Bridget CUNNINGHAM March 3

Pat FEILY to Margaret EGAN March 4

Mick REILLY to Bridget KERRIGAN March 7 witness Richard BURKE and Mary MALLEY

Thomas STANTON to Ann McLOUGHLIN March 7 

Myles O'DONEL to Mary SALMON March 16 witness James HENAGHEN and Bridget DAWSON

John WHITLEY to Catherine Beth BURKE April 8

Thomas BRENNAN to Ann COLLINS April 8

Pat McCAFFERY to Honor RUAN April 11 

Philip MAHON to Honor McNELLY April 11 

James McCORMICK to Bridget RUSH April 13 witness Austin NEEDHAM to Mary PHILBAN

Pat GIBBONS to Mary JOYCE April 13 

Owen MURPHY to Elen HESTIN April 14 

Pat PENDERGRAST to Mary KELLY April 15 witness John and Mary MULLOY

James BURKE to Mary BIRMINGHAM April 21 witness Pat QUIGLEY and Mary FERRIS

Pat CONNELLY to Bridget HALLINAN April 25 

James GORMAN to Catherine DIVER April 25

Anthony HERAGHTY to Mary MALLEY April 25

John MALEY to Catherine CANNON April 27 witness Austin PURCELL and Bridget BURKE

Anthony GALLAGHER to Winnie GAVAN May 

James DELAP to Jean COURTNEY May 8

Pat GIBBONS to Mary COMMONS May 15

William MURPHY to Rose TUNNY May 19

Owen CRAWFORD to Mary BALL May 30 witness Martin BALL and Pat CRAWFORD

Pat BURKE to Honoria NUGENT June 6 John JOYCE and Mary CARTER

Thadeus KESY to Bridget REGAN June 6

Pat CANNON to Celia GERAGHTY June 10 

John DUFFY to Honor CARNEY June 10 


Charles MacKILL to Ann CARROL June 20 witness Myles DEVLIN and Ellen McGUERRA

Mick HALINAN to Elen CUFF witness Ned ACTON and Ann REGAN June 20

Alex BELE to Bridget GANNON

Davis DERIG to Marcella GALHER July 10

James NESTOR Bridget LaVELLE July 18 witness Timothy REDMOND and Catherine HORN

Pat McMANCES to Margaret GETTINS July 22

Pat CARNEY to Sally KIRRIGAN August 4 witness Robert McNALLY and Bridget KIRRIGAN

John NAN to Honor KERRIGAN August 10

Pat DUNBAR to Honor GIBLIN August 16 witness Austin MALLEY and Mary GIBLIN

Thomas RYDER to Mary GILL October 14 

Martin BALL to Mary WARD November 1 witness Michael BALL and Judy WARD

Pat RUDY to Judith JUDGE November 3 witness John HILEY and Ellen NOLAN

Thomas RUDDY to Rose FERGUS November 3 witness

Peter McLOUGHLIN to Mary CURRIGAN November 7

John CUGHY to Mary GAVAN November 7

Pat GAVAN to Catherine GIBBONS November 9 

Pat NEEDHAM to Honor HOPKINS November 9 

Pat SULLIVAN to Ann GIBBONS November 11

Thomas McGREAL to Bridget HOBAN November 11

John WALSH to Winnie SALMON November 16 

Pat CAMEL to Mary SULLIVAN November 22

Pat KELLY to Ann GIBBONS December 6

Pat MALLY to Bridget MACKIN December 9

James DUGAN to Catherine McDONAGH December 11 

Denis DIVER to Winifred GAVAN December 11

John WAIR to Anne CARROL December 13

Walter MALY to Honor McHALE December 15

John KELLY to Honor KELLY December 19

Pat STONE to Catherine COLLIN December 20

Pat HIRITY to Hana HESTIN December 21

Austin BERRY to Mary GANNON December 24




John CONWAY to Elizabeth MULORONE January 3

Thomas JENNINGS to Catherine HERITY January 6

James KING to Catherine MALY January 6

Mick GUANE to Sally DUFFY January 6

Thomas SCOT to Honor BALE January 9 witness Mick BOYLE and Mary MALLY

Thomas FERGUS to Catherine GARUANE January 12 

Austin MALLY to Winnie MALONE January 3 witness John SCAHIL and Mary CRIBEEN

Thomas GERATY to Mary REILLY January 23 

Peter GIBBONS to Mary McGREAL January 23 witness Pat MURRY to Mary HORAN

James McHALE to Bridget ADAMS January 30 witness Austin McHALE to Honor MALLEY

James GILL to Honor McGREAL January 30 witness James GILL and Mary McDONAGH

Thomas QUIGLEY to Bridget HENEGHAN February 3 witness James HUGHES and Bessy QUIGLEY

Pat FERGUS to Bridget McKEON February 6 witness James FERGUS and Catherine RUDDY

Pat LYDEN to Catherine GAVAN February 7 witness Peter GIBBONS and Mary RIDER

Pat BURKE to Bridget GIBLIN February 10 witness Thomas BURKE and Mary GIBLIN

James LAVALLE to Margaret GERATY February 10 

John RYDER to Judy DURKAN February 10 

Jno GIBBONS to Bridget WALSH February 11 

Anthony GIBBONS and Ann ACTION February 11

William GILL to Mary MALLY February 11 

James SALMON to Mary RUDDY February 19

Peter GIBLIN to Sarah GANNON March 18

Pat CRIBEENS to Honor HIGGINS March 21

Laurence GERATY to Rose GERATY April 10

James WALSH to Mary REDINGTON April 10

John KEARNS to Ellin JORDAN April 11 witness James McLOUGHLIN and Catherine MOONEY

Peter ODONNILE to Bridget GIBBONS April 17 witness Pat GIBBONS and Maria JOYCE

Stephen NOON to Catherine McCORMICK April 23 witness John GREEN and Maria HALY

John EGAN to Rose WALSH May 5

Timothy GOLDEN to Elizabeth KEARNS June 15 witness John KEARNS

Michael DOOGAN to Margaret MALLEY August 12

Pat LENNON to Mary COYLE August 18

John CONNELY to Maria CARRABIN August 22 

Pat HALINAN to Dolly COUCH August 30 witness James LANGLEY and Maria HARLIN

Pat DARCY to Bridget GINLY September 2

Dominick GERATY to Catherine KELLY September 8

William GRADY to Jane JUDGE September 13

James McGREAL to Roseanne ODONNELL September 21 

John McMANUS to Honoria KELLY September 26 

George LYTLE to Honor JOYCE October 2

Michael GUANE to Maria HESTOR October 16

Pat NORRIS to Catherine FLEMMING October 17 

Charles McKEON to Mary GANNON October 23

William GUFF to Julia HIGGINS October 31

Jno KING to Charlotte DIX November 3

John HESTIN to Honor STANTON November 12

Pat DUFFY to Ann MALLY November 16 

Hubert HERAGHTY to Bridget KING November 16 witness Austin CORRIGAN James KING Honoria KING

Peter GAVAN to Mary DUFFY November 24

John WARD to Ellen GERATY November 27

Pat McNALLY to Bridget MALLY December 11 

John BARROT to Ellin HYNES December 15 witness Pat HYNES and Thomas WALSH

Laurence GERAGHTY to Mary MALEE 




Edward KELLY to Maria HIGGINS January 3

Michael FERGUS to Bridget BERRY January 13

Jno CARTY (13 Regiment) to Catherine MOORE January 13

Pat FOY to Margaret HERATY January 15

James DIVANY to Jean EDWARDS January 17

James NEEDHAM to Mary GETTINS January 19

Daniel YOUNG to Maria McDONNELE January 21

John GERATY to Anne KELLY January 25

Darby HESTIN to Susan DOLAN January 25

James McGREAL to Mary DERRIG January 25

Pat PHILIPS to Maria BROWNE January 27

Michael MALLY to Sally HOWLEY January 27 

Jno McGREAL to Catherine STONE January 27

Michael O'BRIAN to Mary WALSH January 27

Anthony CREAN to Eleanor SHEILS January 28

Pat GAVAN to Bridget REILLY January 30 

Phalin McNULTY to Mary RIELY January 30

Peter STANTON to Nancy O'DONNEL January 30

Edward KIRRIGAN to Mary GIBLIN January 31 

Robert DODD to Ann BOWEN February 1 witness Con McDONNELL and Ann EGAN

Edward GALLAGHER to Mary ODONELL February 11 witness Edward GALLAGHER and Mary KILCOYNE

Thomas McGREAL to Catherine JENNINGS February 11

Manus MULLOY to Celia GERATY February 12

Denis QUIGLEY to Catherine HESTIN February 12

Hubert BURKE to Mary HOPKINS February 14 

Martin DOHERTY to Mary HESTIN February 15 Kilgeever 

Timothy DERRICK to Catherine LYDAN February 18

Walter KELLY to Bridget HERRAGHTY February 18

Pat GIBBONS to Sarah CONRY February 22

William SHAHILL to Ann KIRIGAN February 23 witness Bernard KELLY and J. HARKIN

Philip GIBBONS to Ann CONWAY February 23 witness Maria GIBBONS and Martin MOFFET

Edmond SCAHIL to Honoria KEARNS February 24 witness John and Tim KEARNS

Martin McGUIRE to Maria McEVANNNY 2 February 25 witness Pat McEVANNY and Hugh McGUIRE

John JOYCE to Maria KIRBY February 27 witness Honor and Michael JOYCE

John CLEARY to Winnie GAVIN February 27 witness Catherine O'BRIEN and John McGREAL

James DOGHARTY to Kitty FOY March 1 

Pat HOUGH to Margaret CAUFIELD March 2

Edward REILLY to Ester MOONEY March 3

Owen MALLEY to Anne GALLAGHER March 18

Dominick BURKE to Margaret MURPHY March 18 

Michael GIBBONS to Sarah PENDERGRAST  March 19 witness James McDONNEL and Eleanor PENDERGRAST

Pat MALONE to Maria MacKEY March 19 

Michael CANNON to Maria GRADY March 20 

James HALEVIN to Ellen CAMPBELL March 22 witness John CAMPBELL

Michael DAVINE to Mary CARNY March 25

Pat BERRY to Bridget GIBBONS March 29 witness Thomas BERRY and Celia HALINAN

Mark BERRY to (85th Regiment) March 29 to Mary GLEASON

Pat DOWLE to Mary GERATY March 29

James McHALE to Ann COONEY April 22 

Edward BURNS to Kitty McGREAL May 19 

William EGAN to Ann JENNINGS May 29 witness James O'BRIEN and Charles HIGGINS

Richard BURKE to Maria CONNIFF June 3 

John MICAN to Margaret STANTON June 3 

Denis McCULLAGH to Maria KENNY June 9 

James HANORAN to Ellen CASSIDY June 22 witness John CAMPBELL

Pat KEANE to Honoria WALSH July 17

John CARNEY to Maria CORKERIN July 31 

Michael HENRY to Margaret ORMSBY August 13 

James GANNON to Mary GIBBONS August 13 Witness Austin MALY and Anne McGREAVY

Peter CARNY to Bridget OHARA August 13  witness John and Mary CARNY

Eugene KERRIGAN to Ellin CRANE August 13 

Nicholas MURPHY native city Kilkenny to Hanna O'HARA August 17

John BOYLE to Maria THORTON September 

Thomas FERGUS to Bridget CHRISTOPHER September

Pat HIGGINS to Mary LALLY September 7

John COEN to Maria FITZMORRIS September 28

Pat NOONE to Mary FERRIS October 3

Ned WALSH to Mary WALSH October 6

Joe MALLEY to Anne McEVELY October 8 

Mick McGREAL to Mary WALSH October 23

Bartholomew EGAN to Honor WALDRON November 2

Dominick McGREAL to Sarah KERRINS November 7 

John WALDRON to Rose STONE November 7 

Brian McMAHON to Mary KERINS November 14 

Mick BIRMINGTON to Ann DUFFY November 15 

Thomas SILK to Maria MITCHELL November 20 witness Martin and Catherine STANTON

Anthony KING to Mary WALSH November 20 

Daniel DOHERTY to Mary MORAN November 25

William CLARKE to Mary KELLY December 1

Martin BURKE to Ellen DALY December 1

William GOLDING to Bridget WALSH December 1

Pat McANDREW to Bridget GIBBONS December 2 

Thomas JOYCE to Mary GERITY December 2 witness Bernard SCAHIL and Mary DUFFY

Anthony FRIELE to Maria HERAGHTY December 7 

Thomas McHALE to Celia GROGAN December 16

Pat WALSH to Eleanor MORAN December 22 witness John MORAN and Maria DUFFY

James SCOTT to Anne TOOLE December 31

Marriages June 1835 to March 1836 *no dates

Martyn MADDEN to Catherine STANTON

Martin CANNON to Elleanor BYRNE

George BRANIGAN to Ellen DONNELLY witness Pat MULGREW and Anne BRANIGAN

Michael McHUGH to Mary RYDER

William DUNN to Mary WALSH

Alexander KEEFEE to Anne McNAMARA

Edmond NAUGHTON to Winifred FARRELL

Marcus NARY to Sarah N CONWAY

Henry KENNY to Mary RABBIT

Edmund BROWNE to Bridget McHALE

Thomas CUNANE to Bridget KELLY

Peter GAVIN to Bridget REILY





Myles GANNON to Ann DUFFY February 5

Pat MAKIN to Bridget MALLEY February 6

Pat GIBLIN and Honor GRADY February 13

James MALLEY to Ann MATTHEWS February 13

Pat GRADY to Margaret DUFFY February 14 

Laurence McGREAL to Nancy McGLYNN February 15

James KING to Honor GRADY March 13

John DOGHARTY to Kitty FOY March 17

Dominick BURKE to Margaret MURPHY March 18

Michael CANNON to Maria GRADY March 20

Denis HEAVRON to Mary MALONE March 20

Bryan KING to Winifred ACTION March 20 

Austin GIBBONS to Bridget BERRY 

Thomas HYNES to Celia BAINS April 4 

Michael RUDDY to Catherine GIBBONS April 12 

Pat CONWAY to Bridget KEAN April 14

James MacHALE to Ann COONY April 22

Richard GIBBONS to Margaret KILCOYNE May 16

Edward ERWINS to Kitty MaGREAL May 19

John MICAN to Margaret STANTON June 3

Denis McCULLOGH to Maria KENNY June 6

Michael HIGAB to Maria RICE June 19

Peter HEVIN to Mary Ann CLEMENTS July 8 

William BYRNE to Margaret McGRALE July 27

Martin NEADOM to Maria FADEN August 3

Martin HART to Maria SHERIDAN

Michael TOLSTER to Bess GRAHAM August 20

Bernard McGEE to Honoria EGAN October 6

James McLOUGHLIN to Ann GANHEA October 22 

Peter HENAGHEN to Mary Ann McNALLY October 27 

James BROWNE to Jane McNABB October 28

Pat CAMPBELL to Penpola McGLINN 1January 23 SS Pat EGAN and Austin COLMAN




Thomas MULROY to Mary MULROY January 1  witness William CUSACK and Catherine BURKE

James HORAN to Biddi MALLY January 18

Pat FADIAN to Anne LUDDEN January 20

Patrick MALLY to Biddi McGREAL January 23

Henry McDONAGH to Anne CUNNINGHAM January 24

James McKEON to Catherine KENNEDY January 24

John JOYCE Murrisk to Mary MALLY January 29

Pat HERGHTY to Ann GAVIN February 6 

Thomas KELLY to Catherine REILLY February 8

John FERGUS to Mary McGIRR February 11 witness James FERGUS and Ann McGIRR

Thomas DUFFY to Honor SALMON March 2

Edmund REILLY to Ester MOONEY March 3

William DURKIN to Honor MALLY March 4

Thomas MORAN to Anne SHERIDAN March 4

James HERAGHTY to Sydney GIBBONS March 7

Michael DUFFY to Maria CLEARY August 5

Michael MULHOLLAND to Mary BOYLE September 3 

Geoffrey GIBBONS to Mary FERGUS September 3 

Patt HIGGINS to Mary LALLY September 7

Patt JENNINGS to Biddi WALSH September 10

Jonathan REILLY to Biddi NEEDHAM September 10

Pat MULLOY to Mary BIRMINGHAM September 18 

Dominick McLAUGHLIN to Sally MULRONE September 18 

Michael NAVIN to Bridget KELLY September 28

Martin LYONS to Mary O'DOWD

William CONNOR to Elizabeth FAGHEY

Martin O'DONELL and Bridget COLLIN


Nicholas FINN to Bridget COGHLAN

James McGOUGH to Mary BERRY

Edmond JENNINGS to Margaret O'DOWDE

John WARD to Winifred SALMON

John BROWLEY to Bridget JOYCE

Pat DEMPSY to Bridget WALSH

Pat KELLY to Margaret KELLY

John ELLOT to Ellen GAWIN

Peter GAVIN to Honor MALLY witness Edmond WALSH and Honor WALSH




Peter GRALIS to Mary MALLEY January 7 the Quay witness Pat MALLEY and Bridget GRALIS

Darby REILLY to Catherine MORAN February 20 

Austin HOBAN to Mary BERRY February 25 Letterbrock

Peter GAVAN to Mary HESTIN February 25 Glinsk witness James GILL and Honor HESTIN

Patt CARROL to Mary NEEDHAM February 25 Murrisk witness Thomas LAVAN and Bridget JOYCE

Bernard BERRY to Winnie BERRY February 24 Glinsk witness Pat BERRY and Margaret FRIHIL 

Thomas GRADY to Biddi FITZGERALD February 26 Westport witness Thomas FITZGERALD and Mrs. Fitzgerald

Jno JOYCE to Anne DUFFY February 26 Kinnock witness Thomas MORAN and Margaret JOYCE

Jno DOLAN to Biddi MORAN February 26

Michael RIELY to Mary GIBBONS February 26 Glosh witness Jno RIELY and Mary HYNES

Peter SALMON to Mary REILLY February 26 Glanaviest

Richard GERAGHTY to Margaret GIBLIN February 26 Langloon

Pat KING to Ellin DERRIG February 26 witness Jno KING and Honor KERRINS

Michael LAVAN to Mary RIELY February 26 Murrisk

Richard GERAGHTY to Margaret MULCRONE Rachanne witness Jno MORAN and Mary HESTIN

Austin DUFFY to Catherine TUNNY 2 February 28 Glen witness Jno JOYCE and Margaret GAVAN

Darby RIELY to Catherine MORAN February 28

Mark STANTON to Mary GRADY March 5

James MALLY to Biddi DIVER March 10

Pat GANNON to Bridget COMMONS March 10

Austin DAVINE to Ellen KIELY April 1 Murrisk

Thomas MALLY to Mary GARVEY April 4 Murrisk 

James TUNNY to Ellin DOYLE April 19 Glosh

Pat KIRRIGAN to Mary SCOTT April 19 Kilsallagh Lower witness Anthony SCOTT and Judith KERRIGAN

Edward SCAHILL to Catherine O'BRIEN May 6

Luke LUDDEN to Mary GIBBONS May 22 

James BALL to Mary GAVAN May 25 Upper Kilsallagh

Michael WALSH to Margaret WALSH June 1 witness John and Mary WALSH

Daniel BARRET to Bridget MOVIN July 14 

Owen LANGAN to Nappy KELLY July 20 witness Stephen and Ellen MUNROW

Denis DUFFY to Biddy MORAN July 28

Andrew McDONAGH to Eliza CARROL August 11

John WILSON to Honor STEVENS August 17  

Thady BERRY to Mary HILL August 28 witness William MORAN and Judy MORAN

Denis DUFFY to Biddy MORAN August 28

James WALSH to Margaret CARROL September 19 witness Martin DAULTON and Ann McGREAL

James BERRY to Mary LUDDEN October 2

Martin GALAGHER to Kitty MALLEY October 4

John GIBBONS to Biddy MALLY October 6 witness Daniel MALLEY and Edward GIBBONS

Peter GIBBONS to Maria VIZARD October 11 

Pat CONNELY to Honor CASSIDY October 9

Thomas SCAHIL to Mary CAUFIELD October 19 

Richard GIBBONS to Sarah McLAUGHLIN October 20 Farnaght

John WALSH to Biddy CONWAY October 28

Pat SCAHIL to Margaret GERAGHTY November 8 Murrisk

Peter HERAGHTY to Mary CONWAY November 8 Murrisk

Bryan MacGLYNN to Margaret MALLY November 8 Carnalogan

Thomas WALSH to Maria MORAN November 8

Robert GOFF to Biddy KERNS November 8

John MALLY to Ann RUDDY November 10 

Anthony MORAN to Judith ANTHONY November 11 

James BERRY to Mary LUDDEN December Killencoff

John FILBIN to Moria GIBBONS December 6 

John LOFTIS to Margaret ROACH December 7

Pat CONOLLY to Honor CASSIDY December 9 Crowhill witness Pat CASSIDY and Mary GERAGHTY

Henry BARRET to Eliza GIBBONS December 14

Anthony KEAN to Bridget JOYCE December 15 

Jno MacANDREW to Mary GRADY December 15 Gurthane

John SULLIVAN to Biddi DEVANEY December 27 witness John CAMPBELL and Mary SULLIVAN




James GIBBONS to Julia McGUIRE January 6 

Thomas FALLON to Anne KEAN January 6 

Thomas KNIGHT to Anne WARD January 13

Lacky HOBAN to Judy DUFFY January 18 

Daniel SWEENY to Catherine COURTNEY January 21

Honor BARRET to Eliza GIBBONS January 24 Sheeroe witness Henry and City FOY

Anthony FLANERY to Mary GERAGHTY January 24 

Michael McMANUS to Mary McLOUGHLIN January 25 

Charles CASSIDY to Winifred GERAGHTY January 26 Crowhill witness Pat CASSIDY and Mary GERAGHTY

James KELLY to Celia KELLY January 26

Owen ODONNEL to Ann HYNES January 27

John KELLY to Ann NEVIN January 27 

Pat RUDDY to Mary COLLINS January 28 

Austin HANNON to Mary CURRIGAN January 28

Pat RUDDY to Mary COLLINS January 28

Brien DEVIN to Judy KENNY January 30

Daniel SWEENY to Catherine COURTNEY February 1 

Jno KEAN to Biddi MALLY February 2

John KELLY to Anne NEVINS February 7

Pat RUDDY to Mary COLLINS February 8

Miles CONWAY to Mary McHALE February 8 witness Laurence CONWAY and Mary STANTON

Pat KING to Bridget KING February 10 

James MacDONNELL to Catherine CUNNIFF February 10

Austin GILL to Honor BURNS February 11 witness Thomas PENDERGRAST and Honor BERRY

Neal DEVLIN to Margaret McGOURAN February 11

Bernard CURRIGAN to Mary DIVANE February 11 

Charles GROGAN to Moria CURRIGAN February 11 

James MARVIN to Biddi HYNES February 11 Durless witness Owen HYNES and Mary MARVIN

George KERRINS to Margaret O'DONNELL February 11 Owenwee witness Phil GAVAN and Margaret KERRINS

Thomas McGUIRE to Mary STUART February 11 witness James GALLAGHER and Bridget KELLY

John McEVILY to Catherine FERGUS February 12 Mullagh

Michael KIRBY to Honor JOICE February 12 

Jno MALLY to Biddi FERGUS February 12 Upper Kilsallagh witness Martin MALLY and Margaret FERGUS

Patt KELLY to Biddi BALL February 12 Upper Kilsallagh witness Thomas KELLY and Margaret NEEDHAM

Jonathan LaVALLE to Margaret MALLEY February 14 witness Jno WALSH and Catherine MORAN

Jacob ROONY to Annie McMANNANA February 16

Jno MALLEY to Ann MALLEY February 17

Daniel SLEVIN to Honor DALY February 19

Owen O'DONNELL and Anne HYNES February 27

Myles DEVLIN to Bridget BRADY March 12 

John McCORMACK to Mary FOWLER March 13

Pat LaVELLE to Mary Ann ARTHUR March 17 Derrenanof

Thomas CANNON to Winifred McLOUGHLIN March 23

James HAWKSHAW to Honor WALSH May 5 witness Myles HAWKSHAW and Mary WALSH

Michael FEDERSON to Ann BRAWLEY May 12

Malacky CORCORAN to Ellen GIBBONS June 5 witness James DAWSON and Mary FOY

John GARVEY to Maria JOYCE July 25

Thomas MALLY to Mary GILL August 14 

Jno KERRINS to Elizabeth WALSH August 18

John DEMPSY to Bridget GREEN September 17  witness John LENNON and Mary HAMILTON

Edward HYNES to Catherine THORTON October 5

Pat WALLACE to Mary SWEENY October 10

Austin NEEDHAM to Sarah PADEN October 22

Michael GIBBONS to Eliza FERTIAN November 14 witness George MOONY and Catherine NESTON

James RIDER to Biddi CRIBBEEN November 19

Francis DEA to Biddi DUNBAR November 21

Thomas RIELY to Bridget BRENNAN November 24

John VAUGHN to Mary WALSH November 29

Michael MALLY to Mary KERRIGAN December 13 

Pat McGREAL to Eliza RINGLAND December 3

James OSULLIVAN to Ann BUCKLEY December 20  



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