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Baptisms in Ballintober Parish Co Mayo Ireland 1855 1859
These are as accurate as possible but due to poor handwriting errors may occur.
 Spellings of townlines in particular may be incorrect.  193 births


Pat of Timothy QUINN and Bridget NALTY January 12 Castlecarra

John of Michael and Mary WALSH January19 Killawalla

Bridget of James and Honor HIGGINS January21 Shraghskhere

Pat of James and Ann GERAGHTY January21 Kinuary

Matthias of Thady and Mary HENEGHEN January21 Croaghrim

Bridget of Thomas and Margaret CARROLL January28 Dereenascobe

Mary of Pat and Catherine DEA February 6 Cullintra

Ellen of Pat and Mary KING February 7 Croaghrim

Bridget of Pat and Ann KEANE February 10 Kinuary

Bridget of John and Mary MULROY February 18 Croaghrim

Mary of Michael and Bridget McHUGH February 23 Cartronbower

Pat of Michael BYRNE and Bridget PHILBIN March 4 Carnacon

John of John VARILY and Kitty HYNE March 25 Ballinacloigh beg

Thomas of Denis PHILBIN and Bridget BURKE March 25 Cranmore

Mary of Daniel and Bridget GAVIN April 11 Kiltharsechaune

John of John and Bridget MITCHELL April 28 Kiltharsechaune

Bridget of Thomas SWIFT and Mary LAMBERT May 6 Ballinacloigh

John of Pat GILMOUR and Mary MALLY May 13 Ballintubber

Richard of James and Mary WALSH May 13 Gorthbawn

Bridget Illegitimate of Pat CONWAY and Mary RIDER May 13 Killawalla

Mary of Thomas and Bridget DUFFY May 13 Kinuary

Thomas of Pat and Sarah LYONS May 17 Killadeer

Honor of Ned and Mary LARKIN May 17 Derrew

Pat of Pat and Mary RYDER May 20 Cartronbower

Bridget of Thomas and Bridget GRADY May 20 Bohaun

Thomas of Walter HOPKINS and Mary ROWLEY May 22 Dromore

Ann of John ROWLEY and Bridget MADDEN May 22 Dromore

John of Hubert GIBBONS and Peggy DEA June 3 Ballintubber

Honor of Michael and Bridget PHILBIN June 15 Barnakillew

Margaret of John GAVIN and Mary PHILBAN June 16 Curlisduane

John of John and Mary McNULTY June 17 Devlish

Peter of John DEA and Kitty DONNELLY July 8 Castleburke

Bridget of James BRENNAN and Ellen MALLY July 8 Clogherdale House

Thomas of James and Ellen CARTER July 9 Killawalla

Honoria of John and Mary HOBAN July 15 Creevagh

Mary of John and Mary LUDDEN July 15 Gorthbaun

Sally of Pat LALLY and Bridget STANTON July 20 Kiltharsechaune

Henry of Matthias KINNANE and Bridget KELLY August 5 Lisrobert

Pat of Martin and  Mary WALSH August 3 Gorthbaun

Mary of Anthony and Margaret MURPHY August 8 Ballyburke

Mary of Ned and Cecily GIBBONS August 15 Cappaharnaun

James of Thomas KELLY and Peggy BAYNES September 9 Ballintubber

Walter of Thomas LAWLESS and VAHEY October 6 Ballintubber

Thomas of Edward BAYNES and Mary HYNES October 15 Carrowbaun

Martin of Martin CONNOR and Mary Ann DWYER October 20 Lisrobert

Mary of Michael and Mary KEANE November 1 Moate

Michael of Anthony and Mary BERRY November 4 Derryoran

Catherine of Thomas and Honor TRACEY November 17 Dereenascobe

Honor of Thomas KINE and Bridget GERAGHTY November 10 Rinaneel

Dominick of Thomas GAVIN and Judy LACY November 6 Ballinalecka

Pat of Thomas KELLY and Mary WALSH December 2 Moore Hall

Mary of Anthony McHALE and Mary VAHY December 2 Ballyglass

Catherine of Michael DARCEY and Catherine BARDINCAN December 2 Kigalla

Thomas of John and Mary KIRBY December 5 Gorthbawn

Thomas of Thomas KELLY and Margaret KILCOYNE December 6 Tebrines

Pat of Peter STANTON and Mary CUSACK December 16 Ballintubber


Thomas of Michael and Mary JOYCE January 5 Kiltharsechaune

Catherine of Thomas and Honor HESTIN February 9 Bohaun

Pat of Martin GOLEY and Bridget WALSH February 17 Ballyglass

Pat of Pat MONGHAN and Peggy HALLINAN March 2 Annes

Mary of John (deceased) and Bridget SHERIDAN March 8 Killawullaun

Margaret of John C HUMPHRIES and Margaret CARRABINE March 23

Mary of Martin HENEGAN and Bridget DUFFY March 30 Ruchane

Bridget of John GIBBONS and Margaret MURRAY April 1 Carnacon

Bridget of John GARVEY and Mary MADDEN April 3 Newtown

Mary of Michael MURPHY and Sally WALSH April 7 Ballyglass

James of John BURKE and Bridget NOLAN April 7 Tubberuane (Aughagower)

Catherine of John DWYER and Mary HIGGINS April 13 Moore Hall

Thomas of Thomas MORAN and Bridget BASKWELL April 13 Knockaraha

Thomas and Catherine of John LALLY and Margaret BERRY (since dead) May 11 Cranmore

Pat of James and Catherine WALSH May 28 Gorthbawn

Bridget of John NEILL and Margaret McNULTY June 14 Cloonkeen

John of Pat PENDERGRAST and Libby KEAVNEY June 17 Carrowkeel

Margaret of Pat FADEN and Mary GILLIGAN June 29 Glasgort

Catherine of Myles JOYCE and Catherine RYDER July 10 Newtown

William of William GOLDING and Catherine COLLERAN July 13 Kilskiagh

Mary of John and Mary LUDDEN July 15 Gorthbaun

Ellenor of Pat GARVEY and Mary McLOUGHLIN July 25 Newtown

Pat of Michael MaGRATH and Judy MALLY August 2 Stonepark

Pat of Martin and Mary WALSH August 3 Gorthbaun

John of James and Mary BASQUIL August 27 Killawalla

Henry of Thomas LAWLESS and Mary VAHEY October 12 Ballintubber

Mary of Thomas LAVALLE and Mary COSTELLO October 12 Ballure

Thomas of Michael and Mary HUGHES December 4 Killadeer

Bridget of Thomas JOYCE and Mary STANTON December 14 Newtown

Pat of Michael BUTLER and Ellen McLAUGHLIN December 20 Newtown

William of John and Bridget BURKE

Mary of John THEAHER (?) and Honor WALSH December 22 Stonepark


Catherine of John and Mary MALONE January 6 Ballyburke

Pat of John and Catherine BURKE January 16 Killawalla

Pat of James and Bridget HUGHES January 22 Ballyburke

Thomas of Pat JOYCE and Ann TOUHY February 4 Cloonboorhy

Bridget of Pat and Sally LYONS February 5 Killadeer

Ann of Thomas SWIFT and Mary LAMBERT February 7 Ballinacloigh

Pat of Michael KELLY and Mary VARLEY February 8 Killawalla

Mary of John and Mary McGREEVY February 22 Derryoran

Ellen of Thomas and Catherine BASQUIL March 2 Ballure

Peter of John GIBBONS and Honor TUOHY March 15 Cloonboorhy

Pat George of Edward McCABE and Eliza SWINDLEY March 22 Maumeen

Mary of Pat STANTON and Honor MaGUIRE March 26 Skehahagh

Mary of James EGAN and Mary KELLY March 28 Ballyglass

Bridget of Walter HOPKINS and Mary ROLAND April 5 Dromore

Francis of James LAWLESS and Ann McCORMACK June 15 Ballintubber

Michael of Ned and Catherine JOYCE June 28 Bohaun

Michael of John and Ellen FLYNN September 8 Gorthbawn

Michael of Pat and Bridget McEVILLY September 25 Killadeer

James of Michael BURKE and Mary McGOUGH October 18 Kigalla

Bridget of James WALSH  and Bridget FLYNN Nov 19  Gorthbaun

Anne of James WALSH and Mary CONNOR November 22 Gorthbaun

Alice of Martin WALSH and Mary GIBBONS November 23 Gorthbaun

Mary Ellen of Pat HORAN and Ann KEATING November 28 Newtown

Thomas of Michael McGRATH and Judy MALLY December 19 Stonepark

Thomas of Michael FINNERTY and Mary FADIAN Dec Ballyburke


Mary of Pat CONWAY and Winifred HAVERN March 1 Killawalla

Pat of Martin MALONE and Mary TUFFY March 14 Dereenascobe

John of John CASEY and Catherine HIGGINS March 14 Killawalla

Pat of John BURKE and Biddy MURPHY March 29 Ballyburke

Thomas of Pat NALLY and Mary KING April 21 Ballyglass

James of John VARRILY and Kitty HYNES April 25 Ballinabeg

Peter of Pat DEA and Catherine MALLY May 7 Cullintra

William of Mark MULROY and Bridget IGO May 13 Newtown

Nina Louise Mary of George Henry MOORE and Mary BLAKE May 13 Moore Hall

John of Thomas BURKE and Bridget BRENNAN May 23 Ballyburke

Margaret of John EGAN and Catherine CARTY May 30 Kigalla

Pat of John McGUIRE and Mary SCAHIL June 17 Maumeen

William of Pat LYONS and Sara KILROY July 25 Killadeer

Francis Joseph of James LAWLESS and Ann McCORMICK October 7 Ballintubber


Michael of John MULLLIN and Margaret COONEY January 1 Cloonknueil

Ann of Michael RYDER and Mary HENAGHEN January 1 Greenfield

Margaret of Michael FILBIN and Biddy HALLIGAN January 6 Rinaneel

Pat of Martin KILCOURSE and Judy BOURKE January 11 Ballintubber

Thomas of Pat CORCORAN and Ann HENEGHEN January 12 Bohaun

Pat of Thomas LAVALLE and Margaret COSTELLO January 13 Ballure

Thomas of James FERGUS and Peggy O'BRIEN January 16 Skehahagh

Bridget of Thomas McHUGH and Mary KILEEN January 21 Rustique

Bridget of James MALLY and Catherine BARRETT January 23 Kilsagha

Pat of John KELLY and Mary McGOUGH January 26 Skengshern

Anna Maria of James GREHAN and Ellen RUANE January 29 Carnacon

Michael of Martin VARRILY and Catherine BRENNAN January 29 Ballinachilah

William of James CONNOR and Mary KEANY February 5 Ballinachilah

Bridget of Anthony McHALE and Mary VAHEY February 12 Ballyglass

Bridget of Anthony LUDDEN and Judy DUFFY February 13 Cappaharnaun

Honor of John MALONE and Honor COLEMAN February 20 Ballyburke

Pat of Pat KEANE and Ann CORCORAN February 23 Kinuary

Catherine of Neal DONNELLY and Ellen FADEN February 23 Baunoges

Pat of Francis McDONNELL and Biddy McHALE February 27 Ballyglass

David (??) of Edward LaVALLE and Alice PENDERGRAST February 29 Killawalla

John of Pat McHUGH and Kate HENEGHEN March 1 Ballintubber

Bridget of John GREAVY and Mary HORAN March 6 Derryoran

Ann of Martin FLANIGAN and Mary CORLEY March 9 Ballintubber

Pat of Thomas MaGRATH and Mary DELANEY March 12 Stonepark

Pat of John KERRIGAN and Mary FEENY March 17 Dereendafderg

Mary of John FLYNN and Eliza WALSH March 17 Gorthbawn SS Pat COSTELLO and Margaret FLYNN

Myles of John BURKE and Catherine HIGGINS March 20 Killawalla

Julia of James BASWELL and Mary WALSH March 25 Killawalla

Edward of James DUFFY and Bridget HENEGHEN March 27 Dereendafderg

Churched Bridget FOY March 27 Dereenascobe

Churched Bridget TUOHY March 27 Derrynacannana

Churched Ann GIBBONS March 27 Devlish

Ann of Thomas McHALE and Mary CONRY April 9 Ballachole

John of Martin PENDERGRAST and Mary LaVALLE April 10 Maumeen

Pat of John ??? and Bridget GAVIN April 12 Drumminroe

Mary of John O'BRIEN and Sarah QUINN May 8 Rustique

Austin of Thomas BURKE and Mary FADEN May 8 Killawalla

Thomas of Michael BUTLER and Mary LAWLESS May 8 Killawalla

Pat of Martin HENEGHAN and Bridget DUFFY May 20 Ruchane

Nancy of James HIGGINS and Honor McDONNEEL May 21 Shrashehen

Thomas of John HEVRAN and Honor LOFTUS May 27 Knockaraha

Bridget of Thomas HORTON and Honor MALONE May 29 Bohaun

James of John McGOUGH and Sally GORMAN May 31 Cartronbower

Thomas of John LUDDEN and Mary WALSH June 4 Gorthbawn

John of William CHAMBERS and Mary HERAGHTY June 11 Killawalla

Ann of Michael FADEN and Mary QUINN June 18 Greenfield

Bridget of Michael MURPHY and Sally WALSH June 23 Ballyglass

James of John LAWLESS and Peggy DUFFY July 10 Bohaun

John of Lacky LEONARD and Kitty DUNNE July 11 Knockaraha

Mary of John McGUIRE and Mary SCAHIL July 11 Dereenascobe

Richard of David RIELLY and Judy FLYNN Killawalla July 19

Catherine of Denis FILBIN and Margaret WALSH July 27 Barnakillew

Mary of Michael FINNERTY and Mary FARAGHER July 31 Ballyburke

Mary of John GAVIN and Bridget MOHAN August 1 Ballyglass

Pat of Pat HORAN and Ann KEATING August 8 Newtown

Margaret of John MURPHY and Mary DUGGY August 28 Kiltharsechaune

Mary of John CORCORAN and Bridget BURKE September 10 Hazel Rock

Michael of John FAHEY and Mary CONNOR September 12 Newtown

Bridget of Pat GAVIN and Mary WHELAN September 16 Ballyglass

Mary of James HUGHES and Bridget IGO September 18 Ballyburke

Mary of John KELLY and Bridget McHUGH September 18 Ruchane

Myles of Robert NALLY and Ann WALSH September 18 Attavally

Mary of Pat FADEN and Mary GILLIGAN September 21 Greenfield

Joseph of Pat BURKE and Mary VAHY October 2 Ballyglass

John of Thomas DEMPSEY and Ellen BOYLE October 14 Cloonkeen

Pat of Michael McGOUGH and Bridget BURKE December 4 Kegalla

Sabrina of Pat McGOUGH and Kitty BURKE December 13 Cloonboorhy

John of Peter BURKE and Judy DOLAN December 18 Bohaun

Thomas of John McGREEVY and Bridget MADDEN December 23 Newtown


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