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  January 28, 2007

Ballintober Baptisms  211



James of Thomas WALSH and Mary HUGHES October 22 Gorthbawn

Eleanor of Walter McEVILLY and Biddi McDONOUGH November 8 Killadeer

Anne of Ed RYDER and Biddi SWEENY November 20 Killawalla

Sabrina of Thomas MacGRATH and Mary JOYCE November 22 Cloonboorhy

Patt of Thomas SWEENY and Biddi BASQUIL February 20 Ballyburke

Patt of Thomas GANNON and Mary COYNE February 25 Devlish


Stephen of Michael WALSH and Biddie FERGUS January 1 Derrew

Patt of James BYRNE and Biddie GIBBONS January 8 Kiltarsaghaun

John of Thomas and Mary McNULTY January 13 Ballyburke

Thomas of Patt GIBBONS and Sicily FLYNN January 18 Ballyburke

Eleanor of Anthony MULLONE and Catherine GIBBONS January 20 Bohaun

John of William Cannon and Mary JOYCE  January 31 Devlish

Walter of Andrew KIRKIN and Peggy WALSH February 3 Old Derrew

Martin of Pat LAWLESS and Margaret DOLAN February 5 Ballyburke

Thomas of Anthony BAYNES and Judy BURKE February 11 Killawalla

Catherine of Martin O'BRIEN and Margaret MALLEY February 25 Moore Hall

Walter of Richard GALLAGHER and Mary HENAGHEN February 28 Moore Hall

Anne of Patt McHALE and Mary DERIM February 28 Ballyburke

James of Margaret DOLAN and Mary HIGGINS February 28 Ballyburke

Patt of Patt GAVIN and Mary GAVIN March 6 Quelavalon

Margaret of Richard GIBBONS and Mary BRENNAN March 8 Devlish

Thomas of Thomas BRYNES and Eleanor GIBBONS March 10 Quelhrale

Biddie of David KEARNEY and Mary KEANE March 16 Bohaun

Eleanor of Thomas WALSH and Mary MULLIGAN March 20 Gorthbawn

Patt of Edward BRADY and Mary JOYCE March 23 Ballyburke

John of Patt WALSH and Mary BAINES March 25 Quelavelon

Mary of Patt WALSH and Mary HEFFREN April 2 Bohaun

Thomas of Michael IGO and Dorthea VARRITY April 17 Cloonboorhy

John of James GRADY and Biddie QUINN April 20 Bohaun

Ann of John CONWAY and Anne HUGHES May 3 Kiltarsaghaun

Anne of Thomas WALSH and Mary LYONS May 9 Bohaun

Mary of Patt GRADY and Honoria LUDDEN June 27 Bohaun

Mary of William STAUNTON and Biddi MALLY Kiltarsaghaun

John of James GIBBONS and Biddi LALLY July 6 Cranmore

Mary of Patt KELLY and Peggy O'BRIEN July 10 Carnacon

Catherine of Patt McNULTY and Mary HYNES July 12 Cloonkeen

Mary of James GREEVY and Honor WALSH July 17 Meneen

Mary of John REILLY and Kitty MEA July 19 Clogher

David of David WALSH and Catherine CANNON July 24 Creevagh

William of David SCARY and Mary GIBBONS July 24 Cartour

Catherine of Anonty JENNINGS and Nelly WALSH August 2 Clooncrooeel

Peter of John DEA and Winfred STANTON August 2 Clooncrooeel

Biddie of Thomas TOOLE and Mary RYAN August 7 Dromore

Biddie of James WALSH and Catherine HENEGHAN August 17 Gorthbawn

Patt of Patt CONCOURSE and Mary MALONE August 23 Bohaun

Anne of Patt BURKE and Ellen TUFFY August 24

Mary of Thomas MORAN and Nancy GRADY August 24 Bohaun

Mary of James GRIEVEY and Libby FAHEY August 30 Islandeady

Thomas of John WALSH and Mary BURKE September 4 Killadeer

Mary of Michael KIRBY and Catherine KEARNEY September 4 Gorthbawn

Mary of Lackey GAVEN and Anne KILCOYNE September 9 Cregganenugellogh

Patt of Denis McNULTY and Biddie JOYCE September 10 Drumneen

Mary of Michael Patrick STANTON and Mary WALSH September 11 Moore Hall

Catherine of Patrick FOX and Anne McGREAL September 13 Newtown

Mary of Thomas HIGGINS and Biddi BURKE September 23 Ballyburke

Michael of Thomas HIGGINS and Biddie BURKE September 23 Ballyburke

Biddie of James WALSH and Catherine HENAGH September 29 Gorthbawn

Patt of John CAVANAGH and Mary WALSH September 25 Gorthbawn

Nicholas of Patt KILCOYNE and Margaret ROACH October 11 Moore Hall

Anne of Patt MALONE and Biddie CONWAY October 20 Bohaun

Eleanor of Walter McEVILY and Biddie McDONOUGH November 9 Killadeer

Anne of Ed RYDER and Biddie SWEENY November 20 Killawalla

Ellen of Michael and Peg SWEENY November 21 Cloonboorhy

Michael to Peter COSGROVE and Peggy FITZGERALD November 21 Cloonboorhy

Mary to Edward COHEN and Ann BODKIN February 9 Stuckeen

Patt of Thomas JENNINGS and Biddie BASQUIL February 20 Cruckaragth

Patt of James HIGGINS and Sicly MALEY February 20 Old Derrew

Margaret of John TUFFY and Anne GANNON February 20 Devlish


Biddie of Ned WALSH and Peggy BASQUIL January 12 Killadeer

Biddie of John McVEIGH and Catherine HORAN January 29 Killawalla

Biddie of John NALLY and Biddie BASQUIL January 31 Creevagh

Anthony of Anthony GIBBONS and Honor COSTELLO January 31Gorthbawn SS Michael and Biddie COSTELLO

Mary of Patt CANNON and Biddie BASQUIL February 14 Bohaun

Anne of Patt DOLAN and Kitty WALSH  March  Bohaun

Martin Thomas of John WALSH and Mary HUGHES March 10 Gorthbawn

Patt of Patt McGOUGH and Mary SCOTT March 18 Killawalla

Patt of James KILCOYNE and Mary HIGGINS April Carnacon

Biddie of Andrew McGOUGH and Biddie HYLAND April 10 Killawalla

Mary of Patt KELLY and Honor KING May 3 Moore Hall

John of Richard FADDEN and Catherine WALSH May 2 Killadeer

Biddie of Michael GIBBONS Catherine MALLEY May 7 Killadeer

John of Philip GAVIN and Catherine CONWAY June 1 Bohaun

Patt of William JOYCE and Mary WALSH June 7 Killawalla

Mary of Martin GANNON and Honor COSGRIFF June 10 Killadeer

Mary of Michael BRADY and Sally GIBBONS June 22 Moore Hall

Michael to John COSTELLO and Mary MURPHY July 2 Killadeer SS Martin COSTELLO and Ann MURPHY

Anne of Thomas MORAN and Kitty MURPHY July 13 Derrynacanna SS Pat CAMPBELL & Mary WALSH

Edward of John BUTLER and Anne CUSACK July 25 Kinuary

Mary of Thomas MADDEN and Peggy MALLEY July 25 Gorthbawn

 John of John BURKE and Mary O'BRIEN July 28 Rustique

Mike of Pat GIBBONS and Catherine KNIGHT July 29 Maumeen

Mike of Patt DUFFY and Honor GIBBONS July 29 Ballyburke

Mary of Patrick BAYNES and Anne WALSH August 3 Crocksauna

Mary to John DURKIN and Ann KYNE August 8 Curlisduane

James of Patt EGAN and Judy WALSH August 10 Gorthbawn

Mary to Thomas and Mary MURPHY September 1 Carrawtos

Honor to Michael TORPY and Peg BURKE September 3 Killawalla

Bridget of John and Mary SHEA September 4 Cananfore

Margaret to Pat and Ann GANNON September 14 Devlish

Edmond of Ellen RYDER and Margaret TOOLE September 10 Carrowkeel

Mike to Thomas MITCHELL and Mary FERGUS September 12 Glasgort

Mary to Matthew STANTON and Mary LAVIN September 14 Ballyburke

Judy of Patt BASKWELL and Kitty GILES September 19 Creevagh

Bridget to John and Honor GOLDING September 21 Cloonkeen

Luke to Luke MEA and Bridget BRENNEN September 24 Feebae

Biddi of Michael FLAHERTY and Honoria HUGHES October 12 Killadeer

Judy to Peter HENEGHAN and Margaret GAVIN November 1 Bohaun

Honor to Pat CONROY and Ann CARTER November 5 Bohaun

Mary to Thomas HIGGINS and Biddy BURKE November 8 Ballyburke

Sally to Alex KITZGER and Bridget TUGHTY November 13 Moate

Mary of Thomas HIGGINS and Biddie BURKE February 8 Ballyburke

Anne of William GIBBONS and TUOHY February 14 Killadeer

John of Thomas WALSH and Sally DUGGY February 16 Killadeer

Mary of Thomas TRACEY and Honor KEANE February 26 Derreennascooba



Mary of John GLYNN and Bridget JOYCE January 30 Moore Hall

Bridget of Patt McDONELL and Sally CRADDOCK February 15 Ballyburke

Catherine of Patt HIGGINS and Mary JOYCE Ballyburke

Mary of John MORGAN and Peggy CLANCY March 4 Bohaun

Patt of Martin KEASEY and Mary SHERIDAN March 12 Ballyburke

Mary of John BURKE and Catherine LUDDEN March 24 Killadeer

John of Anthony GIBBONS and Honor COSTELLO April 5 Gorthbawn

Mary of John COSTELLO and Mary KING April 20 Gorthbawn

Biddie of John WALSH and Mary JOYCE April 28 Killawalla

Anthony of John LUDDEN and Mary WALSH May 5 Gorthbawn

John of Patt STANTON and Mary WALSH June 16 Moore Hall

Mary of Thomas BAYNES and Biddie BURKE May 5 Killawalla

John of Thomas CARROLE and Peggy FITZGERALD May 12 Killawalla
SS Catherine SHEA and John KNIGHT

William of Richard FADDEN and Catherine WALSH May 22 Killadeer

John of Patt GRADY and Sicily HEFFREN May 24 Bohaun

Patt of Edward WALSH and Sally GLYNN June 10 Gorthbawn

Honoria of Richard BURKE and Biddie DEA July 8 Ballyburke

Anne of Thomas KIRBY and Biddie WALSH July 15 Gorthbawn

Mary of Thomas WALSH and Eleanor HIGGINS August 3 Ballyburke

Anne of Michael HUGHES and Mary KANE September 20 Killadeer

Catherine of John COSTELLO and Mary MURPHY October 24


Daniel of Roger MULLONE and Honoria WALSH March 4 Killadeer

Biddie of Patt KILCOYNE and Peggy ROACH April 1

Mary of Owen KELLY and Peggy MURPHY April 9 Devlish

Margaret of Thomas WALSH and Sally DUFFY November 4 Killadeer

Martin of Patt WALSH and Mary BAYNES November 29 Killawalla




Mary of James CARTY and Biddie CONROY February 4 Bohaun

Catherine of Michael GIBBONS and Catherine MALLY February 4 Killadeer

Patt of Martin DOLAN and Mary HIGGINS August 30 Ballyburke

Patt of Thomas BUTLER and Anne HIGGINS September 13 Ballyburke


John of Patt KELLY and Mary GAVIN January 12 Devlish

Mary of John LUDDEN and Mary WALSH October 2 Gorthbawn

Matthew of Philip and Mary LALLY October 7 Drummin

Mary of Philip and Mary LALLY October 17 Dreenan

William of Michael and Biddi GRADY October 24 Bohaun

Biddi of Myles McEVILY and Biddi MADDEN October 24 Gorthbawn

William of Thomas and Mary BASQUIL October 28 Knocknarsh

Sara of Anthony and Biddi WALSH November 25 Drummin

John of Laurence and Biddi REILLY November 25 Newton



Mary of James and Mary HANORAN January 6 Glasgort

Patt of Austin and Mary STAUNTON January 14 Glasgort

Patt of Bartholomew and Catherine TOOLE January 12 Carrowkeel

Walter of Richard BURKE and Mary McNALTY January 14 Newtown

Biddie of Anthony COSTELLO and Judy McGRATH January 17 Stonepark

Mary of Michael and Sabrina TOUHY January 23

Patt of James and Sara COYNE January 27 Cloone

Biddi of James and Kitty GERAGHTY January 28 Gorteen



Augustus Martin Joseph of George MOORE and Mary BLAKE October 22 Moore Hall

Biddi of James and Anne TRACEY November 2 Dereenascoobe

Biddi of Thady and Winny FLYNN November 8 Kinuary

Thomas of Michael and Mary HUGHES February 4 Killadeer

William of Thomas and Biddi BURKE February 20 Ballyburke

Sara of Patt and Mary HIGGINS February 23 Shrakine


Biddie of Laurence CONWAY and Anne CORKEL April 22 Killawalla

Stephen of Edward LARKIN and Mary MALLY April 29 Derrew

Thomas of Patt GAVAN and Anne McNULTY April 29 Ballyburke

Catherine of Peter TOOLE and Mary Ann BOURKE May 10 Ballure

John of Michael MALLY and Mary GIBBONS May 20 Dereendafderg

Peter of  Michael McGIRR and Mary COLLINS May 30 Dereendafderg

Winny of Thady FLYNN and Winny GIBBONS June 2 Kinuary

Margaret of John LAWLESS and Mary DUFFY July 1 Bohaun

Biddi of Thady HENEGHAN and Mary McGINN September 30 Croaghrim

Thomas of Richard GIBBONS and Biddi JOYCE October 4 Moate

Thomas of John TRACEY and Anne HENAGHEN October 7 Dereenascoobe

Denis of Thomas LAVALLE and Margaret COSTELLO October 17 Ballure

Biddi of John WALSH and Mary KILCOYNE October 21 Luffertaun

Anne of John CONWAY and Anne MUGAN October 24  Kiltharsechaune

Winny of James HALLINAN and Mary DOLAN October 27 Kiltharsechaune

Bridget of Thomas and Catherine BURNS November 9 Tawnyagry

Anne of Thomas and Catherine BURNS November 9 Tawnyagry

Mary of Michael BURKE and Mary REILLY November 14 Cartonbower

Philip of Michael KEANE and Mary GIBBONS November 18 Kinuary

Mary of Thomas McGINN and Mary WALSH November 28 Bohaun

Mary of John and Anne GIBBONS January 26 Devlish

Thomas of John FEENERTY and Mary BAYNES February 23 Ballyburke



Patt of James GIBBONS and Honor CAVANGH April 5 Killadeer

Biddi of Patt CARNEY and Mary CARTY April 13 Bohaun

Mary of Thomas HENEGHAN and Margaret McGING April 17 Bohaun

Anne of Philip McGING and Mary KERRIGAN April 17 Kinuary

Mary of Patt GAVIN and Anne McNULTY July 12 Ballyburke

Mary of Patt HANNON and Mary BURKE July 18 Ballyburke

Ellen of Martin and Margaret FLYNN July 26 Gorthbawn

Julia of James O'MALLEY and Mary LUDDEN September 27




Mary of Michael FADDEN and Bridget BASWELL January 25



Anthony of Edward MURPHY and Rose HART  January 13

Pat of Tom MALONE and Anne KIRBY February 24 Killawalla

Patt of Michael BUTLER and Mary BOURKE February 10 Killawalla

Margaret of Michael TUFFY and Mary BOURKE April 7 Bohaun

Michael of John JENNINGS and Anne LUDDEN April 7 Gorthbawn

John of Michael CONWAY and Mary DOLAN May 10 Bohaun

John Joseph of James BASQUIL and Mary MALIA May 11 Killawalla

Mary of Laurence CONWAY and Margaret McGOUGH June 21 Devlish

Mary Rose of John CONNOR and Ellen McGOUGH July 26 Derrin

Sara of Michael CARTER and Mary LALLY July 28 Killawalla

Bridget of John HIGGINS and Margaret HENEGHAN August 15 Bohaun

Mary to Martin WALSH and Mary BAYNES November 5

Thomas of Michael LaVALLE and Bridget TINEY November 17 Ballyburke



Michael of Thomas SHERIDAN and Bridget DEA April 25 Killawalla


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