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 Murrisk Abbey Cemetery incomplete additions  from May 2011


Jack HYNES born Galway June 1928 died Philippine Islands 24th Jan 2006

In Loving Memory of Nora GRODEN (nee GAVIN) beloved wife of Michael John died 4th June 2010 aged 89 years together again

In Loving Memory of Vincent GRODEN died 3rd Feb 2010 aged 73 years

In Loving Memory of Catherine NEEDHAM Culleen and her son Pat

In Loving Memory of Mac O'MALLEY 5th Nov 1931 9th July 2010

In Loving Memory of Tim CONWAY Kilsallagh died 27th Nov 2010 aged 90 years

In Loving Memory of Patrick CONWAY Kilsallagh and his wife Sarah erected by their family

In Loving Memory of Tommy Joe GRODEN Murrisk Pier born 6th Sept 1939 died 25 March 2009

In Loving Memory of James HOBAN Murrisk born Jan 2 1923 died 30th July 2002 and his loving wife Nora (nee KELLY) born 28th Sept 1919 died 1st Jan 2008

In Loving Memory of Joseph GANNON Kilsallagh and London died 18th Oct 2002 aged 66 years and his wife Breege Donegal and London died 9th March 2010 aged 69 years

In Loving Memory of Kay O'MALLEY died 25th April 2010

In Loving Memory of Brendan O'MALLEY died 27th Nov 2007

In Loving Memory of Gerald Gerard BRACKEN born in South Hampton New York State 05/06/32 died in Murrisk 6/12/2007

In Loving Memory of Patrick NEEDHAM (John) Culleen died Feb 19 1999 aged 90 years and his wife Mary Ellen died 18th May 20-- aged 96 years

In Loving Memory of James O'GRADY Thornhill died 24th Feb 1981 and his wife Julia died 6th Oct 2008

In Loving Memory of Austin GERAGHTY Furrigal died 10th Jan 1981 his wife Bridget died 23rd Dec 1987 their daughter in law Eileen  GERAGHTY died 10th Jan 2008 aged 61 years

In Loving Memory of John WALSHE Thornhill, Murrisk died 31st Jan 2001 aged 80 years and his wife Margaret (Peggy) (nee LYDON) died 11th March 2002 aged 76 years and his brother Martin died 26th Nov 1982

In Loving Memory of John NEEDHAM 1876-1958 and his brother Patrick 1890 1980 erected by his brother Patrick

In Loving Memory of  Michael GAVAN Carrowkeran Murrisk died 27th Feb 1966 aged 72 and his wife Mary Louise died 15th Dec 1966 also their daughter Sarah Ann O'GRADY died 12th Dec 2003 aged 77 years and her husband William O'GRADY died 5th May 2010 aged 92 years

In Loving Memory of  Peter MORTIMER Lecanvey died 26th March 1966 aged 59 years and his wife Julia died 25th Oct 1985 aged 81 years and their daughter Julie 1944-2007

In Loving Memory of Michael GAVIN Murrisk died 18th May 1967 Mrs. Mary KELLY (nee GAVIN) died 8th April 1972 also his brother John GAVIN died 25th July 1970 and his wife Mary GAVIN died 9th Aug 2001 and their great grand daughter Ruth Mary LAMBERT died 29th July 2009 aged 7 years

In Loving Memory of Hedwig SEUR nee FISCHER 1896 1998 Peter Law LAST 1950 2010

Treasured Memories of a loving wife and mother Christina CARNEY Breaffy late of Murrisk died 3rd Dec 1998 aged 54 years and her beloved husband and devoted father William CARNEY Breaffy late of Aughagower died 31st July 2009 aged 71 years

Treasured Memories of a loving husband and dad Michael McGREAL England and Murrisk died 4th Jan 1999 aged 62 years and beloved wife and mother Joan Anne McGREAL died 19th March 2009 aged 69 years

In Loving Memory of a dear son and brother Michael John GRODEN died 12th Aug 1983 aged 17 years

In Loving Memory of  Sean BEIRNE Murrisk late of Ballinagare Co Roscommon died 19th Dec 2008

In Loving Memory of Carmel ROCHE Murrisk died 24th May 2008

In Loving Memory of Mary Anne McDONALD Furrigal 07 March 1924 06 April 2008

Treasured Memories of a wonderful son and brother and true friend Dylan BEIRNE Carrabawn Westport 30-10-1092 18-2-2008

In Loving Memory of Breege GANNON (nee RABBETT) Lecanvey Westport 23-06-1931 08-02-2008

In Loving Memory of Satch KIELY (Phil SMITH) Clareville Rosbeg died 6th Nov 2003 Karen KIELY STAED Butratty died 30th Oct 2007

In Loving Memory Henry GILL Ivy House Thornhill died 2nd Jan 2006 aged 84 years

In Loving Memory Austin O'REILLY Murrisk died 19th Sept 1930 and his wife Hanoria (nee BROWNE) died 24th Sept 1982 and his father Thomas died 24 Feb 1939 and his mother Mary died 26th Feb 1947

THOMPSON Arthur Frederick Bennett (Buddy) husband of Peggy Died March 3 1984 A. M. Peggy E. THOMPSON "the Dutchess" 1915 1999 

In Loving Memory of Austie GANNON Thornhill died October 1 1983 and his wife Catherine died December 28 1989 

In Loving Memory of John BRADLEY Murrisk December 29 1995 aged 79 Always Remembered by his family  

RIP Kathleen FERGUS Culleen died July 7 1987 

In Loving Memory of Patrick FERGUS Mullagh died January 6 1951 and his wife Bridget died April 28 1953 RIP erected by their son 

In Loving Memory of Nora FERGUS December 26 1971 and her brother Patrick Died June 5 1987 age 77 RIP by her brother Patrick

In Loving Memory of our Parents William FERGUS January 29 1918 Mary FERGUS January 24 1948 and our sister Margaret November 10 1908 

In Loving Memory Thomas FERGUS died August 15 1978 age 85 years and his wife Rose Died June 29 1982 aged 80 also their son Sean died September 15 2000 aged 54 years 

Pray for the Souls of Michael DUFFY Culleen died January 1957 aged 77 years and his wife Honoria died December 12 1959 aged 78 

In Loving Memory of James McDONNELL Furigal died October 16 1956 RIP 

In Loving Memory of John BRADLEY Murrisk died September 12 1947 his sister Sarah NEVIN died February 21 1960 RIP erected by their family 

In Loving Memory of John DUNNE Gloshpatrick died August 21 1962 and his Wife Catherine died March 21 1962 Mary GRADY (nee RUANE) Murrisk died August 20 1965 and their son Thomas Died September 11 1970 RIP 

In Loving Memory of Seamus CANNON Lecanvey October 10 1988 age 62 RIP 

In Loving Memory of William FLYNN August 14 1961 buried St Joseph Cemetery Columbus Ohio USA and his wife Florence (nee KELLY) formerly of Murrisk January 2 1970 May they Rest in Peace

In Loving Memory of Michael GRODEN Murrisk died May 11 1964 his wife Bridget died February 19 1982 and their son Austie November 28 1988 and their son Michael John died December 10 1993 RIP

John FADDEN died August 1 1920 aged 65 years James FADDEN February 27 1923 aged 62 years

In Loving Memory of Stephen JORDAN Murrisk February 15 1971 Tommie JORDAN April 23 1980 and his wife Louise (WESIE) January 26 1999

In Loving Memory of Thomas O'MALLEY Culleen died September 16 1971 aged 52 RIP  

In Loving Memory of Martin GERAGHTY Culleen January 26 1972 and his sister Margaret September 11 1977 also their brother Thomas May 31 1988 sister Bridget November 24 2000

In Loving Memory of Mollie TUOHEY "Lemdsa" Murrisk 1910 1997 and Leo TUOHEY 1918 2001 Love Does Not Come to an End

Cherished Memories of our dear and much loved parents Jack CUMMINS Thornhill Murrisk died April 12 1999 his wife Sarah died June 16 2000 

Much loved sadly missed Imelda CLAVIN wife and mother died Murrisk December 18 1999 aged 55 

Treasured Memories of a Loving husband and father Austin GAVIN Murrisk-na-bol died April 14 1998 aged 87 and his wife Bridget January 11 2000 aged 84

 Treasured Memories of Mary McCORMACK Westport January 31 1929 June 13 2001

 In Loving Memory of Colm FEENEY Sligo and Lecanvey died February 28 1999 age 63

 In Loving Memory of Brendan REIDY Malahide County Dublin June 29 2000 age 50 

With Treasured Memories of Margaret HODSON Herfordshire and Westport Beloved wife of Albert and mother of Clare died January 6 1986 age 65 and her husband Albert June 13 1988 

In Loving Memory of Julia A SAMMIN November 21 1975 age 75 and her husband Daniel died July 16 1992 age 98 Thornhill 

In Loving Memory of Margaret O'DONNELL Gloshpatrick, Murrisk May 12 1975 and her husband Paddy December 21 1990 RIP 

In Loving Memory of James SCOTT Thornhill April 11 1975 Mary SCOTT December 16 1995 age 90 years their son Paddy died 19th Dec 2007 aged 61 years RIP Erected by his wife and family 

In Loving Memory Michael GAVIN Murrisk March 1945 and his wife Margaret May 1961 also their son Michael November 1961

Pray for the souls of Austin GILL of Murrisk and his wife Julia and her brother Thomas GANNON RIP Erected by Martin GILL Baby Bernard Oct. 1990 

In Memory of their daughter Mary SPURLING February 10 1973 aged 65 RIP

In loving memory of Thomas GRODEN, Murrisk March 24th 1983. Aged 70 years 

In Loving Memory of Michael NEEDHAM February 11 1995

In loving memory of John F. GRODEN, Died 18th July 1976. Sarah GRODEN October 25 1979. May GRODEN, March 14 1981.

In loving memory of Patrick GRODEN, Murrisk Pier April 6 1954. His wife Anne Died 20th Mar. 1987. RIP

Frank GRODEN, Murrisk April 11 1981 RIP

In loving memory of Paddy GRODEN, Murrisk na Boll March 29 1970. And his wife Katie September 29 1980. Also his Uncle Patrick GAVIN December 9 1976. And their son Sean April 10 1994 following an accident. Aged 36 years. RIP.

In loving memory of Pat GRODEN, Murrisk October 26 1978 aged 63 years. And his wife Winifred died April 18 1988. RIP.

In loving memory of Eddie GRODEN, Bristol and Murrisk, April 71995. Aged 64 years. Rest in Peace 

In Loving Memory of Austin BURKE Carrowkerran June 29 1957 aged 76 his wife Maria January 13 1961 aged 78 RIP

In loving memory of John GRODEN, Murrisk May 25th 1959 and his wife Catherine died 28th July 1917

In Loving Memory of Frank McGUIRE Culleen May 8 1981 aged 84 his sister Bridget CANNON Gloshpatrick January 24 1974 age 82

In Loving Memory of Winifred NAVIN Furrigal August 8 1972 68 and her Daughter Bridie October 2 1972 aged 42 her husband James February 26 1980 age 85

In Loving Memory of John GILL Thornhill November 23 1978 wife Jane April 8 1997

In Loving Memory of William McDONNEL Furrigal January 28 1928 and his wife Bridget August 3 1965

In Loving Memory of Robert LaVALLE Cortoor July 4 1919 and his wife Mary Anne October 1 1957 also their son Patrick April 8 1964 also Myles LaVALLE November 21 1986 Thomas LaVALLE October 7 1988 aged 85 

RUDDY Thomas J. December 15 1930 Catherine October 23 1940 Thomas J Jr Josie November 11 1941 Grace RUDDY January 15 1983 Erected by their Daughter Patricia USA 

RUDDY Bridget died February 1917 Charles February 23 1918 

O Lord Have Mercy on the Souls of Michael BURNS who died August 29 1900 age 74 also Norah BURNS who died December 26 1900 age 38 also John BURNS who died July 10 1910 age 90 Also John Joe BURNS who died June 1884 age 4 also John BURNS September 1973 age 64 Erected by their son John BURNS

In Loving Memory of Owen CAMPBELL Murrisk age 91 and Mary CAMPBELL age 92 Erected by their son Rev James CAMPBELL (this was on a marker inside a fenced in area) 

In Loving Memory of Patrick PRENDERGRAST died March 1941 Ellen PRENDERGRAST died January 27 1961 Mary PRENDERGRAST 1929 Thomas PRENDERGRAST February 16 1958 Mary PRENDERGRAST September 29 1999 RIP

In Loving Memory of Mary E. GERAGHTY October 18 1922 her daughter Mary February 11 1925 Also her husband Patrick GERAGHTY August 22 1943 their son Michael John November 6 1991 RIP 

In Loving Memory of Patrick SALMON November 11 1888 age 73 and his wife Mary SALMON who died January 1 1881 age 50 Thomas WALSH October 25 1929 Bridget WALSH Gurranacloughlin October 8 1961 and her husband Peter February 27 1983 RIP Erected by their Son Patrick J. SALMON 

Pray for the Souls of Thomas GAVIN Murrisknabole his Catherine(nee Scahill) and their son Austin James CONLON Carrick, Kilmagh his wife Bridget nee BYRNE)also Tommy GAVIN Murrisk and Omagh 

In loving memory of Mary E CAMPBELL of Murrisk July 17 1977 sister Jean April 16 1992  

In loving memory of Thomas CAMPBELL Shankill Dublin and Murrisk. Died August 4 1994. and his mother Mary died July 10 1995

In loving memory of William CAMPBELL of Kilmeena December 26 1993 and his beloved wife Rosaleen WALSH August 71994  

Patrick WALSH of Lecanvey November 12 1910 wife Sarah Jane July 24 1982  

In loving memory of John E WALSH Cuilleen, Kilsallagh November 27 1981 age 73

In loving memory of Edward WALSH Culleen June 19 1938 wife Mary April 17 1958 sons Michael August 24 1985 Edward January 14 1987 and James November 23 1985

In Loving Memory of Patrick WALSH of Culleen. Died 22nd April 1994, aged 85 years. His beloved wife TERESA, died June 30 2001 aged 87 years

In loving memory of Margaret Mary WALSH of Thornhill, Lecanvey September 171994 age 74 James GILL May 21 1977 age 78  

Austin KILCOYNE 1895-1976 Creggerbawn  

John SCAHILL January 18 1991 sister October 18 1976 Bridget SCHAILL July 14 1983 

Austin GANNON September 26 1923 wife Margaret August 30 1973 son James October 18 1909 

John GERAGHTY Lecanvey March 10 1943 wife Margaret 11-17-1867  

Pat and Sarah GERAGHTY Kilsallagh  

William GIBBONS Mullagh January 8 1944 age 88 wife Honor February-1911 son Michael 1912 age 2

Bernard MacKELL August 20 1965 wife Anne December 20 1971 

Anne NEEDHAM February 15 1863 age 40 husband Austin August 25 1896 age 75  

Michael NEEDHAM May 30 1930 Bridget NEEDHAM December 25 1951 husband Pat September 10 1958 

James NEEDHAM February 12 1908 age 45 wife Mary June 16 1940 age 72  

Edward GRODEN May 28 1928 wife Catherine December 28 1955  also their son Edward June 18 1970 aged 60 years.

Grace GARVEY November 1 1903 Francis  

Anthony HYNES April 3 1901 age 82 

Mary GERAHTY Culleen July 6 1946 husband Thady December 29 1950  

Kate KILCOYNE January 27 1966 age 63 Thomas F KILCOYNE June 28 1970 age 78  

Ann McGING January 1911

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