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March 1, 2005

Mayo Abbey Baptisms Claremorrris


Sally of John CONOR and Margaret KENEDY April 4

Thomas of Thomas and Mary MEATH April 4

John of Thomas CASEY and Anne SHERIDAN April 10

Cate of Michael and Cate MALLY April 10

John of Pat SOLAN and Maria HYNES April 10

Thomas of Pat KELLY and Mary KENEDY April 10

Sabina of Pat KILLEEN and Mary MALLY April 14

Cate of Darby McANDREW and Honor KING April 23

James of Michael FALLON and Anne DUFFY April 25

James of Pat STEPHAN and Biddy MONAGHAN April 25

John of Thomas FALLON and Sally SWIFT May 1

John of Peter DOWD and Margaret McDONAGH May 10

John of Thady KEVIL and Honor PATERSON June 3

Bridget of Thomas NOLAN and Mary CONRY June

John of Luke HYNES and Margaret WALSH June

William of Edmond NAVIN and Mary MURPHY June

Mary of Pat KENEDY Mary NOLAN June 26

John of Thomas KELLY and Biddy HENAGHEN June 26

Andrew of Thomas KENEDY and Bridget GILL June 28

James of Martin KEVIL and Anne CRIBIN July 3

Honor of Mark GLYNN and Mary McNULTY July 4

Denis of John GALEHER and Mary KILGARRIFF July 9

Thady of Thady SOLAN and Biddy MORAN July 12

Biddy of Andrew CONNOR and Biddy KELLY July 12

Margaret of Edmond CERIGAN and Biddy CONNELLY July 16

Mary of Peter CONEL and Anne ANDREW July 16

Mary of Edmond JENNINGS and Elin RYDER July 17

Mary of Thomas NEALY and Mary GRIFFIN July 18

Mary of Pat NESTOR and Mary FALLON August 1

Bridget of James CANAVAN and Elinor MEATH August 5

Bridget of Pat REILY and Margaret GALIHER August 5

Sabina of John DEA and Catherine McNAMARA September 8

Mary of Michael HUGHES and Mary LAWLIS August 28

Mary of Edmond WALSH and Biddy HUGHES September 10

Anthony of Pat McDONEL and Mary RIELY September 10

Michael of Thady DILLON and Margaret CORRIS September 20



James of Thomas COSTILLO and Mary WALSH August 10

Thomas of James MALLY and Biddy SWIFT August 10

Anthony of Anthony CONNOR and Biddy KELLY August 10


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