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Drummin and Lecanvey Parish  Co Mayo Ireland

Baptisms 117




Catherine of Anthony GRADY and Anne MALLY 2-25

Patt of Bernard MACKLE and Mary KILCOYNE 3-17

Michael of Ned GNODERN and Margaret GAVIN 4-7

Austin of Austin and Mary NEEDHAM 4-16

William Michael GRADY to Honor GERAGHTY 4-22

Mary of William GRADY Catherine McGREAL 4-28 

Mary of Patt NEEDHAM and Mary MITCHELL 6-3

James of James and Margaret McDONNELL 6-3

Anne of John and Mary GRADY 7-1

John of Michael GAVIN and Kate JOYCE 70-8

Thomas of John and Honor BURNS 7-15

Anne of Owen and Catherine FERGUS

Owen of Michael and Mary GRADY 7-22

Biddie of Michael and Biddie BAYNES 7-22

Patt of Thomas MORTIMER and Anne MALLY 7-29

Anne of Michael and Mary MORTIMER  8-19

James of Owen and Ellen MARVIN 9-2 Durless

Patt of George and Biddie MORTIMER 9-2 Durless

Mary Agnes of George and Mary FAIR 9-10 Durless

Anne of Patt and Mary MALLY 9-10 Killsallagh

Kate of Thomas and Biddie REILLY 9-10 Murrisk

Patt of Michael NEEDHAM and Mary McGUIRE 10-4 Murrisk

Mary Anne of John and Anne SCAHILL 10-21 Murrisk

Kate of Patt and Mary MALLY 10-21 Murrisk


Martin of Martin and Biddie NAVAN 10-28 Murrisk



Catherine of Michael GRADY and Maria CARROLL 4-6

Patt of Thomas and Anne FERGUS 4-18 Mullagh

Martin of Patt LALLY and Catherine GERAGHTY 5-11

John of Bernard and Mary MacKEE 5-18

Biddie of Thomas and Biddie FERGUS 5-18

Edward of Edward and Biddie KELLY 6-12

Ellen of Michael and Ellen MALLY 6-22

William of John and Biddie GEAGRTY 6-12

Biddie of Thomas and Catherine GAVIN 6-29

Honor of Thomas and Biddie FLANAGAN 7-6

James of James CANNON and Anne MOREEN 7-13

Joseph Edward of Austin and Mary GANNON 7-19

Julia of Patrick and Julia KETTERICK 7-20

Thomas of Patt and Mary JORDAN 8-7

Margaret and Peter FERGUS and Mary GERATHY 8-31

Catherine of Austin NEEDHAM and Mary McNIELA 9-6

Catherine of William and Catherine MALLY 9-13

Catherine of Peter and Biddie SALMON 9-13

James of John and Anne JENNINGS 10-5

Michael of Patt GRODEN and Honor GERAGHTY 10-5 Murrisk

Patt of James REILLY and Mary GAVAN 10-12 Murrisk

Anne of Michael SCAHILL and Margaret DAVIT 10-12 Murrisk

Biddie of Thomas GANNON and Mary MALLY 10-19 Murrisk

John of Thomas and Anne MORTIMER 10-26 Murrisk

Biddie of Michael and Catherine GAVIN 10-26 Murrisk

Mary of Patt and Mary WALSH 10-26 Murrisk

Julia of Ned BURCELL and Mary NEEDHAM 12-7 Culeen

Mary of John and Marie MORTIMER 12-14 Cuileen

William of John and Mary GRADY 12-21 Cuileen

Catherine of James and Catherine SCOTT 12-29 Cuileen







James Patrick of Patrick and Mary NEEDHAM 2-8 Cuileen

Austin of Michael and Biddie GAVIN 4-19 Murrisk

John of Michael OTOOLE and Mary MALLY 5-3 Lecanvy

Mary of James and Catherine FERGUS 5-3 Culleen

Owen of Owen and  Mary CAMPBELL 8-16 SS Austin GIBBONS and Honor CAMPBELL





Thomas of Patt GAVIN and Judy HORAN 1-3

Bridget of John SCAHILL and Biddie GAVIN 1-6

George of Michael MORTIMER and Mary CANNON 1-31 Lecanvy

Bridget of John BOURKE and Bridget NEEDHAM 2-7

Ellen and Catherine of Patt and Catherine MORTIMER 2-7

Catherine of Edward SAMMON and Bridget McGREAL  2-28

Bridget of Bernard MACKEL and Mary KILCOYNE 4-11

John of Thomas FERGUS and Bridget FLANAGHAN 5-23 Mullagh

John Francis of Patrick and Bridget KELLY 5-25 Murrisk

Mary of Francis and Mary HOGH 6-6

John of James and Catherine HYNES 7-11

Sarah of Henry and Bridget GIBBONS 7-18

Michael of Mary and Bridget GAVIN 8-10

Martin of George MORTIMER and Catherine HOLLAND 8-15

Hugh of Felix MaGUIRE and Mary HYNES 9-20

Peter of John and Mary FOEY 11-1

Thomas of Patt and Bridget GERGHTY 12-12 Lower Killsalagh





Thomas of Patt NEEDHAM and Mary MITCHELL 1-21

Honor of Thomas FERGUS and Bridget MALLY 1-6 Mullach

Margaret of Edward and  Mary MALLY 1-9 Murrisk

Thomas of Patt MALLY and Kate FLANAGHAN 1-23 Kimmock

Bridget of Patt GRODAN and Honor GERAGHTY 1-23 Murrisk

Mary of Patt and Mary MALLY 6-29 Killasagh 6-29

Thomas of Michael GAVIN and Catherine JENNIGS 6-29 Kimmock

Michael of Michael and Ellen BAYNES 6-29 Durless

Biddie of Thomas McGIRR and Mary MALLY 6-29 Culleen

Patt of James SCOTT and Catherine MORTIMER 7-17 Kilsagh

Kate of James FERGUS and Kate HYNES 10-25 Culleen

Patt of Patt WALSH and Mary BRODEN 11-13 Glash

Margaret of Patt JOYCE and Mary REILLY 11-13 Murrisk





Mary Anne of John REILLY and Mary GAVIN 4-26 Murrisk

Patt of Mary and Biddie GAVIN 4-26 Murrisk

John of Edward SALMON and Biddie McGREAL 7-19

Edward of James FERGUS and Catherine HYNES 8-9 Cullwwn

James of Patt MALLY and Mary FOY 8-30 Kimmock

Biddie of James FOY and Fate GIBBONS 9-27 Furrigal

Mary of Martin NAVIN and Biddie GERAGHTY 9-27 Cuileen




Dominick of Dominick McDONNELL and Mary SCAHILL 1-29 Kelmore

Patt of Martin BERRY and Biddi GRADY 2-5 Lynavesta

Margaret of John HOBAN and Mary McDONNEL 3-5 Pawnyard

Margaret of James KING and Biddi JOYCE 5-7 Oughty

Mary of Patt COLLINS and Winni HASTINGS 5-7 Drummin West

Kate of Michael GRADY and Mary WALSH 5-7 Letterbrock

John of Patt NEVIN and Honor HERAGTY 5-17 Lynavesta

John of Denis McGUIRE and Catherine KING 6-1 Kellmore

Patt of Michael KING and Margaret SALMON 7-30 Kellmore

Michael Joseph of John KELLY and Mary LALLY 8-13 Drummin East

Bernard of Patt KELLY  and Mary TOOLE 8-20 Drummin

James of James KELLY and Honor McGREAL 9-10 Drummin

John of Thady HASTINGS and Margaret McGREAL 9-20 Drummin

James of Michael KING and Biddi TUNNEY 10-8 Kellmore

Biddi of John FREIL and Biddi KERINS 12-10 Kellmore

Margaret of Thady HASTINGS and Catherine DUFFY 1-6 Oughty

Biddi of John TOOLE and Honor JENNINGS 1-6 Oughty

Philip of Patt GAVAN and Catherine STAUNTON 1-15 Oughty





Patt of James KING and Biddi JOYCE 1-6 Drummin

Mary Anne of Austin GIBBONS and Mary MALLY 2-10 Drummin



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