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   March 4 2004

Lahardane Parish Marriages 117 Marriages


William EARLY to Cate CAWLEY 2-17 Ballyknock

Michael MacHALE to Honor MacHALE 2-17 Terry

Thomas BARRETT to Mary RUANE 10-15 Castlehill


Michael McANDREW to Mary McKINA 1-30 Toberrooaun

Pat CHAMBERS to Bridget LOFTUS 2-8 Canagh

John McNEETY to Mary PADDEN 2-23 Tonacrock

Laurence CORCORAN to Mary CORCORAN 2-23 Toberrooaun



John MAYOCK to Mary BOURKE 2-19 Cloghbrack

Hugh SALMON to Eleanor McGOWEN 2-20 Derryfadda

Michael JORDAN to Mary LOFTUS 2-20 Canagh

Dominick LADEN to Sicley CAWLEY 10-28 Knockfarnaght

Pat HARTE to Bridget MANNION 11-6 Castlehill


Peter CAWLEY to Bridget MAYOCK 1-30 Lahardane

Martin WALSHE to Ellen JUDGE 2-1 Aghaloonteen

Pat THORTON to Bridget McHUGH 2-2 Tonacrock

John WALSHE to Mary PHILBIN 3-7 Ballyteige

Pat McANDREW to Ann MAYOCK 4-14 Toberrooaun


Thomas GALEAGHAN to Mary McHALE 2-20 Toberrooaun

Pat MULEOWNY to Mary GERAGHTY 2-23 Cartron

Andrew COYNE to Mary CAWLEY 2-26 Cloghbrack

Thomas LOFTUS to Nelly ROWLAND 2-26 Cloghbrack

John DAVITT to Catherine GILLISPIE 3-3 Cloondaff


Pat SHARKEY to Mary DOGHETY 1-11 Lahardane

Pat MAYOCK to Bridget KELLY 1-30 Ballure

Thomas LOFTUS to Ester ROWLAND 1-30 Cloughbreck 1-30

Pat FORDE to Mary BARRETT 2-6 Castlehill

Thomas RYAN to Mary McNAMARA 2-6 Cloondaff

Anthony McNAMARA to Bridget CAWLEY 2-8 Toberrooaun

Pat HOPKINS to Elleanor WALSH 2-8 Castlehill

Pat NAUGHTON to Winny MAYOCK 3-9 Cunnaghmore

Pat McANDREW to Margaret RUANE 5-17 Castlehill

Pat BOGGAN to Bridget GILE 8-1 Cloggamagh

Pat PHILBAN to Catherine HEALY 8-21 Derryfadda

James HUGHES to Honor FLYNN 11-6 Levally

James ROWLAND to Honor LOFTUS 11-9 Derrymartin

John OBOYLE to Margaret WALSH 12-18 Derryfadda


Pat BOURKE to Nelly KIRBY 1-10 Cloghbrack

Richard COLEMAN to Mary CAUFIELD 2-9 Terry

Pat McNAMARA to Mary McGOWAN 2-15 Terry

John McGLOUGHLIN to Mary WALSHE 2-15 Castlehill

John LOFTUS to Mary CAWLEY 2-25 Castlebar

Pat CAWLEY to Bridget ROWLAND 2-28 Castlebar

Martin McGLOUGHLIN to Bridget LYNCH 9-28 Castlehill

John HARTE to Bridget BARRET 10-1 Lahardane

John FLEMMING to Mary CONNELLY 10-22 Ballyteige

Pat TIMLIN to Mary NEARY 11-24 Ballyknock 11-24

Charles DALY to Ellen McHALE 11-29 Toberrooaun

John LAVALLE to Mary BARRETT 12-1 Mapbrook


James DAVITT to Peggy FORRESTALE 1-20 Ballyteige

John NAUGHTON to Barbara EARLY 2-4 Mapbrook

Pat QUINN to Nelly CLARKE 2-4 Derrymartin

Peter JORDAN and Nelly LOFTUS 2-18 Derrymartin

Peter HOLMES to Bridget McDONNELEE 2-20 Mapbrook

Thomas CORCORAN to Sally McGOWAN 11-8 Toberrooaun


Pat FORDE to Rose HEGARTY 1-20 Toberrooaun

Hugh QUINN to Bridget CORNICK 1-27 Cloondaff

Michael DUFFY to Bridget GERAGHTY 1-28 Cloondaff

John KELLY to Ellen FLANNERY 1-29 Lahardane

James WILLS to Mary BROWNE 1-29 Park

Pat BROGGAN to Mary OBOYLE 1-31 Ballyteige

Pat McTIGUE to Nelly CLARKE 1-31 Bracklagh

Thomas KEANE to Ann FORRESTAL 2-3 Ballyteige

John COLEMAN to Mary NALTON 3-4 Terry

John NEARY to Bridget McHALE 3-5 Castlebar

Richard KELLY to Mary CAWLEY 3-5 Castlebar

Frank CORMICK to Bridget FORRESTAL 3-5 Ballyteige

William BROGAN to Bridget CAWLEY 3-21 Toberrooaun 


Peter GILLISPIE to Catherine FORRESTAL 1-18 Ballyteige

John MOLYE to Mary McKINNZ 1-31 Ballymacredmond

Michael McNAMARA to Margaret NAGHTON

James HUGHES to Ann PADDEN 2-7 Tonacrock

Owen DOGHETY to Bridget WALSHE 2-8 Derryfadda

Martin MOCKALE to Ann HARTE 2-12 Cloondaff

Michael KEANE to Mary CLARKE 2-12 Cortoon

Pat HARTE to Mary MURRAY 2-18 Caherduff

Thomas SHERIDAN to Bridget CORCORAN 3-13

Pat GERAGHTY to Ellen LYNN 7-19 Castlehill

Thomas MURRAY to Sibby EARLY 9-27

William QUIGLEY to Mary KEANE 9-28 Cloondaff


John ROWLAND to Mary McANDREW 1-15 Rathkeel

Pat ROWLAND to Mary McHUGH 1-16 Ballymoyock

Michael JUDGE to Mary CAWLEY 2-7 Castlebar

John FORDE to Bridget McANDREW 2-9 Lecarrow

James McDONNELLE to Mary MARTIN 2-9 Rathkeel

Pat MACKIN to Ann DOGHERTY 2-11 Lahardane

John OBOYLE to Bridget KELLY 2-11 Lahardane

Pat QUINN to Bridget McANDREW 2-13 Lahardane

Pat GERAGHTY to Mary MARTIN 2-13 Glenavenew

Pat GILROY to Honor PHILBIN 3-16 Cloondaff

Pat McGREAVY to Sibby QUINN 4-4 Levally

John McDONNEL and Bridget DIVER 4-12 Castlebar

Michael McANDREW to Ann EARLY 10-2 Toberrooaun


Bryan SHERIDAN to Bridget COLEMAN 1-29 Terry

Dominick CAWLEY to Cate McGOWAN 1-18 Derryfadda

Ned CAWLEY to Ann BROGAN 3-4 Ballyknock

Pat CAWLEY to Mary BARRETT 3-6 Toberrooaun

William NAUGHTON to Mary GERAGHTY 3-8 Doonbredia

Pat GERAGHTY to Bridget McNAMARA 3-18 Terry

Peter MANGAN to Bridget BARRETT 3-18 Castlehill

Michael BROWN to Bridget ODONNELE 7-12 Terry


Paul OBOYLE to Ann SHERIDAN 1-23 Ballyteige

Martin McHALE to Ann HAGERTY 2-18 Lecarrow

Edward BARRETT to Mary HARTE 2-16 Toberrooaun


Pat CHAMBERS to Honor OBOYLE 3-3 Ballyteige

Anthony McHUGH to Mary JOYCE 1-11 Glenmore

Anthony GERAGHTY to Mary HOUSTON 1-14 Doonbredia

Richard KELLY to Bridget HART 2-6 Derryfadda

Michael FLAHERTY to Ann MAYOCK 3-3 Knockfarnaght

Richard HAGHETY to Bridget McDONOUGH 11-28 Derryfadda


Pat GIBBONS to Mary TOLAN 1-7 Ballyduffy

Anthony BARRET to Mary COMMONS 1-25 Ballyknock

Thomas CHAMBERS to Mary GILLISPIE 2-20 Cloondaff

James MARGAN to Mary MONILY 2-20 Mapbrook

Michael DAVIT to Bridget GILL 2-23 Guntahala

John RYDER to Mary McHALE 2-23 Mapbrook

Anthony HARTE to Catherine BROWN 2-27 Castlehill

Michael KEATING to Bridget McDONNELLE 2-28 Lahardane

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