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  March 4 2004 Crossmolina Baptisms 191




Pat of James MULLINS and Alice CUMMIS September 4 Tooreen

Mary of Michael GILBRIDGE and Eleanor MURPHY September 4 Barrack

Edward of Robert O'KEANE and Mary BOURKE September 4 Crossmolina

John of Michael REGAN and Mary MURRAY September 5 Polladoohy

Michael Joseph of STEWART and Alice WILLIAMS September 5 Crossmolina

Michael of Alix NAUGHTON and Mary MURPHY September 6 Keel

Pat of James CARRICK and Mary GILLESPIE September 14 Crossmolina

Ann of Pat GERAGHTY and Ann GALLAGHER September 17 Errew

Jno of Pat MEELINS and Mary HUGHS September 25 Crossmolina  

Barbara of James MOYLES and Catherine RUTLEDGE October 2 Gurrum
Martin of Thomas WALSH and Catherine JUDGE October 29 Ballykinava

Mary of Jno BARRITT and Mary FLYNE November 2 Parks

Barbara of Pat REGAN and Catherine GALLAGHER November 2 Crossmolina

John of Pat McCARRICK and Ann HICKSON November 5 Crossmolina

Sara of Michael GINLY and Mary ULRICK November 6 Killeen


Hugh of Anthony GORDON and Winny HORAN July 3 Ballykinava

Pat of Pat MILLS and Sally GALLAGHER July 5 Crossmolina

Michael of Thomas McLOUGHLIN and Mary BOURKE July 22 Ballykinava

Frances of William CHAMBERS and Mary BARRETT July 25 Crossmolina

Mary of James FOX and Mary HART July 30 Crossmolina

Hugh RUANE and Bridget LOFTUS 8-2 Lecarrow

John of Oliver BOURKE and Margaret NALLEN 8-3 Crossmolina

Ann of Jno CAROLAN and Honoria JUDGE 8-8 Ballykinava

Ann of Martin and Nancy OBRIEN 8-8 Crossmolina

Michael of Martin BARRET and Bridget GALLIHAN 8-9 Crossmolina

Michael of Edward WALSH and Bridget CONWAY 8-10 Tooreen

Ann of John and Mary FLYNN 8-11 Crossmolina

Michael of Hugh HOWLEY and Ann TOLAN 8-16 Fotish

Eleanor of Watt McANDREW and Mary QUINN 8-19 Killeen

Anthony of Hugh DUANE and Elinor SYREN 8-25 Crossmolina

William of Dr Pat McCAWLEY and Helena KNOX 8-21 Crossmolina

Eliza of Michael GILL and Rose GALLAGHER 8-27 Crossmolina

Thomas of Thomas HOLMES and Margaret GILBOY 8-31 Crossmolina

Martin of Anthony GALLAGHER and Catherine FLYNN 8-28 Eriff

Michael of Pat KENNEDY and Margaret CURRAN September 26 Glenowen 9-26

Richard of Pat COLEMAN and Mary RICHARDS September 26 Knockglass

Bridget of Martin DEVANY and Catherine JORDAN  October 2

James of Thomas MULLINS and Bridget CAMPBELL October 7 Rungar

Honoria of James CADEN and Mary FLYNN 1October 8 Carrowcloghagh

Bridget of Anthony RUANE and Eleanore BROWNE October 9 Tooreen

Mary of Michael OBOYLE and Margaret CONNICK October 10 Carrowcloghagh

Bridget of Pat NAUGHTON and Honoria ERWIN October 26 Killeen

Eleanor of Michael GERAGHTY and Bridget HOPKINS October 27 Errew

John of William FEDERSTON and Bridget LYNNE October 28 Crossmolina

Mary of John LAHY and Mary MORAN November 3 Meelangh

Thomas of Martin REDDINGTON and Mary MURRAY November 7 Crossmolina

Bridget of Michael COLEMAN and Catherine ROACH November 5 Crossmolina

Honoria of Ulick NALLEN and Margaret JORDAN November 15 Crossmolina

Thomas of Pat DUFFY and Bridget JUDGE November 17 Fotish

Edmond of Pat COLEMAN and Ann CLARKE November 24 Crossmolina


Mary of Anthony REGAN and Mary LEONARD 1-4 Tooreen

Mary of Pat HERAGHTY and Mary JUDGE 1-7 Crossmolina

Mary of Andrew HUGHES and Mary DAVID 1-11

Pat of Pat HOGAN and Mary MAHON 1-13 Crossmolina

Bridget of James GALLAGHER and Mary McLAUGHLIN 1-23 Ballykinava

William of William STEPHENS and Mary RAPE 1-23 Crossmolina

William of William MAXWELL and Sally WALSH 1-11 Gortnaraby

Mary of Pat BOURKE and Eleanor GERAGHTY 2-20 Errew

Mary of Anthony MULCRONE and Mary MOYLE 3-1 Longford

Mary of Henry GAUGHAN and Catherine HART 3-5 Crossmolina

Mary of Jno ERWIN and Mary KILGALLIN 3-8 Crossmolina

James of Martin FLAGHERTY and Bridget CARROBINE 3-11 Crossmolina

Thomas of Thomas MANGAN and Mary McHALE 3-11 Brigh

Pat of Michael CADIN and Bridget GALLAGHER 3-16 Knockbaun

William of Morgan SWEENY and Honria BARRETT 4-14 Garrow

Honoria of Pat CROONEEN and Honoria BARRETT 4-16

Catherine of Daniel McKEAN and Eleanor MURAY 4-17 Polladoohy

Bridget of Pat BURNS and Judith MULDERICK 4-30 Cloonane

John of Andrew CLARKE and Barbara OHARA 5-14

Thomas of James CARRICK and Mary GILLASPY 5-15

John of Pat RUANE and Mary MULLIN 5-17 Lecarrow

Peter of Peter QUINN and Mary RUANE 5-20 Crossmolina

Mary of Thomas FLEMMING and Mary CAWFIELD 6-1 Barrackhill

Catherine of Pat COLEMAN and Bridget COLLINS 6-2

Bridget of James HOGAN and Bridget MURPHY 6-2 Errew

James of Eugene BOYLE and Catherine GILROY 6-8 4 Garrow

Ann of Martin McKEON and Bridget HEGARTY 6-10 Milleane

Jno of John HABET and Catherine CARABINE 6-14 Crossmolina

Bridget of Riger LOUDIN and Barb BROGAN 6-11 Poligo

Ann of John LAVALE and Eleanor BARRER July 2 4 Garrow

Mary of TOBIAS McHALE and Mary GERAGHTY July 11 Creevy

James of Michael BARRETT and Catherine JACKSON 7-12

Mary of Thomas LEONARD and Catherine BROGAN July  Polladoohy

James of Michael MARTIN and Bridget WALSH 8-19 Crossmolina

Pat of Jno FLEMMING and Jane CORCORAN September 12 Knockbaun

Robert of Jno BOLAND and Jean ROC September 17 Crossmolina

Martin of Jno NASH and Mary QUINN September 18 Crossmolina

Thomas of Thomas McHALE and Catherine HEGARTY September 19

Bridget of Pat BROGAN and Sibby MORAN September 24 Crossmolina

Henry of Anthony and Bridget GILLESPY September 27 Crossmolina

Anthony of Pat REGAN and Bridget DONEGAN October 8 Polladoohy

Mary of Michael QUIGLEY and Catherine McGINLY October 8 Gortduff

Bridget of James OKEAN and Eleanor REILLY October 9 Gortnalier

Anthony of James JENNING and Ann FERFUSON October 9 Polladoohy

Rose of Thomas KILGALLON and Catherine CADEN October 21  Killeen

Thomas of Matthew MORAN and Peg RUANE 12-14  Killeen

Francis of William OFARRELL and Mary McHALE 12-19 Knockglass

Michael of Martin HOWLEY and Bridget CREENY 12-20


Pat of Martin OHARA and Mary HOPKINS 1-7 Crossmolina

James of Michael JUDGE and Sally GALLAGHER 1-19 Daumore

Mary of Henry JOYNT and Sally GILROY 2-2 Kilmaine

Pat of Michael GAVIN and Mary CADIN 4 Killeen

Winfred of Thomas GILROY and Eleanor BOYLE 2-13 Fotish

Betty of Hugh RUANE and Biddy McCUE 2-13 Crossmolina

Mary of Ned and Nancy WALSH 2-13 4 Killeen

Ann of Dudley READY and Ann MEACHAM 2-24 Kinard

Pat of Pat HOWLEY and Bridget BOURKE 3-1 Corraun

Mary of Michael OHARA and Biddy McGINN 3-12 Moylaw

Pat of Thomas and Mary COSTILLO 3-12 Crossmolina

John RUANE and Catherine CALLAGHAN 3-22 Crossmolina

James of James OFAREL and Mary MOYLE 3-24 Gortskeddia

Ann of Pat COLMAN and Mary CUGGAN 3-25 Knockglass

Bridget of Michael QUINN and Mary MaGUINESS 4-26 Crossmolina

Mary of John HEALY and Barb BROGAN 4-29 Pilovary

Peter of Bartley GILLAND Peggy FOX 5-1 Crossmolina

Bridget of Michael McANDREWS and Mary MARTIN 5-5 Creevy

Pat of Ned RUANE and Catherine WALSH 5-21 4 Killeen

John of James McANDREW and Mary FERGUS 5-21 Crossmolina

Pat of Pat NALLIN and Peggy HOGAN 5-23 Longford

John of Pat FERGUSON and Catherine CORCORAN 6-4 Crossmolina

Martin of Thomas PADDIN and Mary McHALE July 13 Alhavellia

Bessy of Daniel JUDGE and Barb LOFTUS July 13 Rathbaun

James of Pat MADDEN and Mary REGAN July 16 Polladoohy

Catherine of Pat OBOYLE and Bridget BARRETT July 19 Tooreen

Nelly of Pat FORDE and Mary NALLEN July 25 Longford

Jane of Cormack MULCHRONE and Mary CORCORAN September 17

Bridget of Thady FORDE and Mary WALSH November 9 Kildaree

Bridget of Martin LOFTUS and Eleanor CORCORAN November 17 Killeen

Biddy of John GILROY and Nelly WALSH 12-29 Crossmolina



Pat of John JUDGE and Bridget LEONARD Richmond 6-19

James of Dominick LEODEN and Mary KILLEEN July 2

John of Peter McMANARA and Judith MaGUIRE October 20 Killeen

Martin of Denis CARABINE and Bridget RUANE November 7 Crossmolina

Catherine of Michael TOLAN and Bridget ROONEY November 12 Crossmolina

Pat of Pat FERGUS and Catherine CORCORAN November 19 Crossmolina

Pat of Pat BROGAN and Celia MORAN November 25 Crossmolina




Mary of Pat KELLY and Catherine MORAN Lecarrow 2-29

Frances of Anthony LIGHE and Mary WESTEN July 29 Ralhoe

Catherine of Martin LOFTUS and Eleanor CORCORAN July 29  Killeen

Eleanor of Pat BROGAN and Celia MORAN September 23 Crossmolina

Mary of Martin OHARA and Mary HOPKINS October 2 Fotish

Judith of John HOGAN and Bridget MURPHY October 12 Errew

Richard of James FARRELL and Mary O'BOYLE October 14 Gortskeddia

Martin of William WALSH and Rose SWEENEY October 22 Creevy

Margaret of Michael WALSH and Eleanor GAUGHAN October 24 Crossmolina

John of Frances NEALIS and Winny BOURKE November 10 Errew

Martin of Hugh RUANE and Bridget McHUGH November 18 Crossmolina

John of Michael McDONNELL and Catherine GALLAGHER November 19 Errew

Elizabeth of John LOFTUS and Mary HERBERT November 20 4 Killeen

Thomas of James GILROY and Bridget COLEMAN 12- Fotish

Edmond of James ANKERR and Bridget STEPHUS 12-2 Crossmolina

Thomas of Thomas McGREAL 12-6 Barbara McDONNEL Crossmolina

Mary of Pat HOPKINS and Margaret MURPHY 12-9 Crossmolina

Bridget of Michael CADEN and Mary HOPKINS 12-14 Crossmolina

Francis of Charles COLLINS and Mary NAUGHTON 12-16 Crossmolina

Pat of Neil JUDGE and Catherine GILROY 12-18 Fotish

James of William STEPHENS and Mary RAPE 12-18 Crossmolina

Celia of John ERULY and Bridget RUAN 12-20 Crossmolina

Thomas of Pat FLYNN and Ann BOURKE 12-22 Fotish




Anthony of Michael TIMMONY and Mary BROGAN July 10 Ballymoneen

Michael of John BARRET and Sally LEONARD July 10 Polladoohy

Sara of Pat SWEENY and Ann COLEMAN July 10 Crossmolina

Rose of Michael FLANGAN and Margaret GALLAGHER July 10 Crossmolina

Thomas of Michael GROANGHAM and Honor DYRA July 10 Doreen Crossmolina

Michael of Frank McDONNELL and Mary CLARKE July 10 Glenavenew

Elizabeth of Anthony and Bridget McGUGAM July 10 Crossmolina



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