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 September 14,2006


Aglish/Ballyhean Parish (Castlebar) Co Mayo Ireland  Baptisms if a Street is listed it is in Castlebar 1822 to 1849




Pat to John BOURKE and Mary McLOUGHLIN  




Mary of Martin and Mary CORCORAN August 23

Moira of Ambrose STANLEY and Matilda COSTELLO October18

William of John BURKE and Bridget DACY October 18

Martin of Patt GREGHLY and Biddy MURPHY October 18  

Bridget of Tom FLYNN and Kitty McGOUGH November 1

Thomas of Edmond COONEY and Mary WALSH November1

John of Thomas WALSH and Mary KILLAN November 26  

John of Pat KEANE and Bridget FLANIGAN November 26




Maria to Laurence CHRISTOPHER and Bridget HUGHES

Catherine to Thomas McENELIA and Bridget McDERMOTT February 18

Richard to Michael DEVERS and Anne McGUIRE February 18

Mary to Martin CORCORAN and Mary CORCORAN February 23

John of Pat KELLY and Mary KELLY April 25

John of Dominick JOYCE and Sally RUSH May 25

Catherine of John McHUGH and Anne FELBIN May 28

James of Martin WALSH and Mary MALLY June 4

Judith of Richard WALSH and Biddy O'BRIEN June 5

Nelly of Michael JEFFERS and Mary QUIGLEY June 5

John Walter of Edward JENNINGS and Margaret O'DOWD June 8

Bridget of Michael MALLY and Mary WALSH June 12

Martin of John WALSH and Ann MULOY July 15

Bridget of John FOY and Bridget KEANE July 15

James of Michael MORAN and Judith WALSH July 18

Ellen of James McNELIA and Bridget CANNON July 18

Pat of Thomas ROGERS and Sarah ROGERS July 19

Margaret of Bryan MORRIS and Catherine MALLY July 23

Thomas of Stephen TONRA and Ellen LEGEN July 25

Catherine of James McCORMACK and Ellen LEGER July 25

Wallace of William McNELIA and Bridget McHUGH August 5

Catherine of Richard LYONS and Catherine COLLINS August 5

Mary of Anthony LUDDEN and Katherine FITZGERALD August

Jno of Martin WALSH and Mary LaVALLE August

Mary of Pat HOPKINS and Bridget McHALE August

Thomas of John KELLY and Mary MacGREAL August 15 SS Christy DUNLEAVY and Mary MacGREAL

Mary of James McGOUGH and Cathy MUGAN August 15

Pat of John BURKE and Mary BRENNAN August 23

Ellen of William WALSH and Mary FERGUS

Thomas of Thomas GRIFFIN and Bridget LANDON August 27

Michael of John McHUGH and Nancy CUNNANE August 27

Thomas of Edward CHRISTOPHER and Bridget GIBBONS August 27





Pat of Anthony CRADOCK and Mary HUGHES February 4

Anthony of James McGLOON and Mary BOURKE February 4

Michael of William DUNNE and Mary WALSH April 25

Bridget of James MORAN and Ellen BOURKE May

Margaret of John WALSH and Ellen GANNON May 22

Joseph of Thomas MULROONY and Ellen BOURKE June

John of Mathias FAHEY and Kitty LIVINGSTON June 10

Henry of Henry WALSH and Biddy KELLY July 2

Bridget of Henry WALSH and Biddy KELLY July 2

William of Martin MORAN and Anne BARRET August 4

Martin of William DOLAN and Biddy McGOUGH November 6

John of Thomas KILLEEN and Biddy MURPHY November 9

Catherine of Pat CARROLE and Sibby McNALLY November 9

Martin of William CONNOR and Mary MULOY November 24

Bridget of Michael WALSH and Mary MITCHEL November 24

Bridget of Thomas PURCEL and Catherine COUGHLIN November 24

Bridget of Martin DEVERS and Biddy KYNE November 24

Bridget of James BYRNE and Biddy KELLY November 27

Pat of Austin JOYCE and Catherine WALSH December 2

Catherine of Pat HOPKINS and Mary WALSH December 2

Honor of Pat and Mary FERGUS December 2






Edmond of Pat RADDICAN and Anne MOLLOWNEY  January 7

Sally of Peter MORAN and Biddy GERAGHTY January 7

Pat of Michael SWEENY and Honor MULROONY January 22

Mary of Pat and MURPHY January 22

Bryan of Richard FLANNERY and Mary MANIGAN January 22

Pat of Pat COLEMAN and Margaret GALLAGHER January 23

Ellen of John WALSH and Mary FLANERY January 25

William of James MORAN and Anne MALLY January 26

Bridget of John MARA and Bridget HERRON J January 28

Dominick of Neal McCOURT and Kitty DERMOTT February 24

Pat of John ADAMS and Biddy CALLAGHEN February 25

James to James NALLY and Biddy DEACEY February 25

John of Michael KING and Mary McKEONE March 23

Bridget of James NALLY and Biddy DEACEY March 24

Mary of John KILROY and Mary GAVIN March 31

Peter of Pat KEARNS and Margaret BOURKE April 4

Mary of James McEVILA and Mary THORTON April 22

Luke of Luke MADDEN and Margaret LYNCH April 23

Mary of John KELLY and Mary JENNINGS April 25

James of Martin COSTELLO and Honor ARMSTRONG June 13 Killadeer

William of William CAMPBELL and Bridget FLYNN Duffort




Edward of John TADDEN and Biddy LUNNEY March 31

Mary of Patt STANTON and Bridget HEALLY March 31

Cathy of Patt JOYCE and Anne REILY April 1

Mary of Mike KILCOYNE and Mary GANNON April 1

Cathy of Peter REILLY and Cathy GALLY April 4

John of Patt LANDIE and Bridget MORAN April 4

John of Richard McHALE and Mary MURPHY April 14

Thomas of Frances FLEMMING and Cathy GAVIN April 14

Thomas of Martin McHUGH and Mary JENNINGS June 30

John of Patt McINTRYE and Judy FERGUS June 30

James of Patt TILBIN and Kitty McTIGUE June 30

Bridget of Patrick HYNES and Mary WALSH July 9

Honor of Peter THORTON and Nancy MALLY July 14

Martin of John WALSH and Anne MULOY July 15

Bridget of James FOY and Bridget KEANE July 15

James of Michael MORAN and Judith WALSH July 18

Ellen of James McNELIA and Bridget CANNON July 18

Pat of Thomas ROGERS and Sara ROGERS July 19

Michael of Anthony HENNPHER and Mary SHEA July 22

Margaret of Bryan MORRIS and Catherine MALLY July 23

Thomas of Stephen TONRA and Ellen LEGEN July 25

Catherine of James McCORMACK and Ellen LEGER July 25

Wallace of William McNELIA and Bridget McHUGH August 5

Catherine of Richard LYONS and Catherine COLLINS August 5

Mary of Anthony LUDDEN and Kelly FITZGERALD August

Jno to Martin WALSH and Mary LaVELLE August

Mary to Pat HOPKINS and Bridget McHALE August

Mary to B McTIGUE and Ellen McHALE August

James of Patt RYDER and Bridget MORIN September 14

William of Patrick GAVIN and Bridget STANTON September 15

Catherine of Thomas McHALE and Mary FAULKNEY November 1

James of Pat CAWLEY and Anne CURREN November 9

Thomas of Thomas SWIFT and Sally KILGALLON November 16

John of Laurence CONNOR and Eliza McNAMARA November 18

John of Michael KEAVENNEY and Mary ROACH November 28

Mary of John CONSCINE and Mary CHALK December 1

Michael of Martin DUFFY and Mary HYNES December 1

Alexander of Peter FOY and Maria FLANAGAN December 4

Charles of Swoden GREEN and Catherine CARROLE December 19

Pat of Peter MORAN and Kitty McENELIA December 22

Mary of James ROACH and Mary DELANEY December 23

Ellen of Richard WALSH and Judy WALSH December 23

John of Thomas WALSH and Mary PHILBIN December 26 Westland




James of James FLANNERY to Bridget JENNINGS January 5

Bridget of Richard MANYAN and Mary LOFTUS January 12

Thomas of John JENNINGS and Catherine MEA January 12

Pat of Michael MORROWSON and Winny McHALE January 12

Maria of Edward SHANNON and Mary MANGAN or MANYON January 12

Ned of Michael REILEY and Bridget CUNNINGHAM January 12

Kitty of Michael BAYNES and Ellen GALLAGHER January 19

Bridget of Michael BAYNES and Ellen GALLAGHER January 19

Ellin of John KIELTY and Kitty GRIMES January 26

James of James LUDDEN and Bridget O'HARA February 2

James of John JOHNSON and Maria RIELEY February 7

John of John McGOUGH and Bridget MULROONY February 13

John of Pat ROGERS and Mary CARNEY February 16

Sarah of Pat McGUIRE and Biddy BYRNE February 16

Mary of Thomas STANTON and Mary STANTON February 17

Mary of Thomas HILL and Mary DOHERTY February 23

Edward of John McGRAIL and Ellen BARRETT February 23

Mary of Michael DOGHERTY and Margaret or Mary CANNON February 23

John of John WALSH and Mary COMBER March 2

Pat of Thomas MURPHY and Nana GLYNN March 2

Pat of John REILEY and Bridget McHALE March 2

Joseph to Pat BOURKE and Maria WILSON March 3

Mary of Pat RYDER and Biddy CORCORAN March 4

Pat of James MORROWSON and Kitty EGAN March 4

Pat of Pat DOWD and Mary McTIGUE March 4

Maria of Christopher SWEENY and Mary LYNCH March 8

Bridget of Richard STAUNTON and Winny McEVILY March 9

Matilda to Ambrose HARLOW and Matilda COSTELLO March 10

Michael of Pat MURRY and Mary MURRY March 9 Barrowna

Ellen to Martin BOYLE and Bridget TOOLE March 19 SS Michael COSTELLO and Anne MULLOY

Pat to Pat DEACY and Catherine BURKE March 25 SS Walter DEACY and Mary MOONEY

Bridget to John DEACY and Bridget COGGILL March 25 SS John THOMAS and Honor MacDONNELL

Pat to Bryan and Mary MULLOY March 26 SS Philip and Mary CONNER

John to Pat DEACY and Mary GRADY March 30 SS Charles BURKE and Pincella NAYTON

Pat of John McHALE and Biddy FARRILL April 3

Mary of James JEFFERS and Mary KENNY April 3

Mary of Thomas MORAN and Mary FLANNERY April 3

Pat of William RIELEY and Mary FLAHERTY April 6

Michael of Michael HOBAN and Ellen FEENY April 6

Pat of James MANYAN and Mary SULLIVAN April 10

Edward of Richard FLANNERY and Mary MANYAN April 13

John of Martin EGAN and Mary BOURKE April 13

Bridget of Martin KILLEEN and Biddy SHERIDAN April 13

Margaret of Arthur WELL and Bridget SWEENY April 16

Bridget of John BOURKE and Mary CLARKE April 20

Anne of John FOY and Judy BYRNE April 20

James of Thomas CONNER and Bridget DARCY April 21

Ellen of Geoffrey LaVALLE and Catherine WARRIN May 1

Bridget of William MURPHY and Bridget LYNCH May 4

Thomas of James HOBAN and Mary BOYLE May 4

John of Thomas SHERIDAN and Winny CORCORAN May 10

John of James KENNEDY and Margaret TURNER May 12

Catherine of Peter COLEMAN and Catherine DUFFY May 12

Helen of Pat McEVILY and Mary KNIGHT May 13

Bridget of John McEVADY and Sarah KELLY May 11

Sarah Anne of Ben JACKSON and ? Rice May 18

Roseann of James WALSH and Catherine KENNY May 22

Bridget of Michael MULROONY and Mary CONNOR May 25

Maria of John REED and Mary CURRA May 31

Anne of Michael MALLY and Bridget FAHEY June 1

Thomas of John RABITT and Mary FLANIGAN June 1

William of Jno SAUNDERS and Mary TOONEY June 2

Jno of Martin CANNON and Bridget TIERNAN June 4

Mary of Nicholas FOY and Jane REDDINGTON June 15

Pat of Anthony CREAN and Margaret FALLON June 17

Rose of Pat CAMPBELL and Celia DAVIT June 22

John of John GARRY and Anne GLYNN June 22

John of Edward MULROONY and Hanna NOLAN June 22

Denis of Denis KENNY and Catherine CARR June 22

Catherine of James HOPKINS and Bridget McGRAIL June 29

John of Pat McNALLY and Bridget EGAN June 29

Catherine of Pat TUHOY and Bridget DOLAN June 29

Michael of Michael MAUGHAN and Bridget LOUGHLIN June 30

Maria of Michael TOULSTER and Judy CAHAN June 30

Mary of Pat CUNNINGHAM and Bridget PHILNAN July 4

James of Owen HYNES and Mary McGOUGH July 4

Bridget of Anthony BYRNE and Nancy MALLY July 4

Margaret of John CAMPBELL (30th Regiment) and Bridget DUFFY July 4

Mary of Martin WALSH and Mary MALLY July 4

Honor of Jno TONDRA and Bridget FADIAN July 7

John of Jno CANNON and Bridget GAVAN July 9

Catherine of Thomas MacDERMOTT and Anastia CANTON July 11

George of Martin BARRETT and Mary McNALLY July 13

Catherine of John CARR and Mary McDONOUGH July 13

Mary of John CALWELL and Bridget FLANIGAN July 13

James of Malacky HENEGHAN and Catherine STANTON July 16

Thomas of Francis CARR and Honor HOBAN July 18

Thomas of William RYAN and Sally ROACH July 22

Angus Augustine Kent of Alexander McDONNELLE (Adjustent of 30th Regiment) and Maria McDONNELL July 25

Julia Edelia Bridget of William HACKETT and Mary BOURKE July 25

Owen of Owen VAHEY and Julia COSGROVE July 25

John of John McNALLY and Mary KILCOYNE July 25

Michael of Michael FLANNERY and Mary CONNELLY July 25

Mary Anne of Charles BIVER (30th Regiment) and Mary McMAHON July 25

Bridget of Anthony AUSTIN and Bridget JOYCE July 25

Mary of Michael DARCY and Catherine HARDEN July 27

James of John BEALY and Biddy McDONNELL July 27

Helen of Pat JENNINGS and Catherine HYLAND July 27

Bridget of Pat STANTON and Mary KERRIGAN July 29

Eliza of William WALSH and Margaret LAWLIS August 1

James of Robert MALONEY and Catherine WALSH August 11

Michael of Pat KERINS and Margaret BOURKE August 15

Edward of Eugene McSWEENY and Margaret WALSH August 16

Mary of Myles ROACH and Ellen BYRNE August 17

John of Farill HOPKINS and Mary MacNICHOLAS August 18

Mary of Nicholas BERRY and Mary WALSH August 18

Helen of Thomas MULDOON and Nelly BOURKE August 18

Thomas of Darcy MALLY and Bridget McTIGUE August 23

John of John MULLOY and Mary FITZMORRIS October 5

Michael of John MORAN and Kitty MARTIN October 5 Burren

Bridget of Michael MADEN and Judy GILL October 5




Anne of Anthony LUDDEN and Ellen FITZGERALD January 5

Catherine of Bryan MORRIS and Catherine MALLY January 6

Thomas of Pat CORCORAN and Catherine JENNINGS January 7

Michael Peter of Martin WALSH and Catherine BRADY January 11

Pat of Michael MURRY and Sarah O'BRIEN January 11

Anne of Pat RIELLY and Anne FAHEY January 11

Laurence of James FLANNERY and Fanny MURPHY January 14

John of Eugene DURCAN and Ellen JOHNSTON January 17 

Pat of Thomas BURKE and Honor FLAHERTY March 22

Mary of Pat BRIEN and Margaret SHARFEE March 22

Margaret of James FOY and Bridget MacHALE April 4

Hugh of James DEVLIN and Bridget PHILBAN April 5

John of John WALSH and Nancy MULLOY April 8

Helen of Michael ALPINE and Margaret QUINN April 11

Bridget of Michael DEACY and Bridget THOMAS April 12

Sibby of James and Mary McDONNELLE April 12

Michael of Pat FLANNERY and Mary McFADEN April 12

Bedelia of Thomas BRENNAN and Bridget McDONNELE April 18

Maria of Matthew FLANERY and Honor FEHAN April 20

Anne of Anthony HOPKINS and Bridget SMITH April 20

Catherine of Pat McNULTY and Mary DOLAN April 20

Catherine of James MORAN and Mary BOURKE April 20

William of Pat STANTON and Catherine COGIL April 20

Thomas of Pat KILLEEN and Bridget MURPHY April 20 SS John BERRY and Mary KEANE

Catherine of George BOURKE and Mary FAHY April 20

Thomas of Pat JEFFERS and Mary McHALE April 20

James of Ulick JEFFERS and Celia PHILBAN May 1

Helen of Pat GIBBONS and Honor BAYNES May 3

Catherine of Jno WALSH and Ellen KILROY May 10 SS Thomas COOKE and Mary KILROY

Sally of Francis BLEAN and Bridget JENNINGS May 10

Bryan of Michael FARRILL and Mary CALLAHAN May 10

Richard of Miles JOYCE and Mary BOURKE May 10

Catherine of Thomas FARRILL and (49th Regiment) Anne CAHILL May 12

Mary Jane of Thomas FARRILL and (49th Regiment) Anne CAHILL May 12

John of Anthony MacHALE and Mary MORAN May 12

Elizabeth of Pat GRADY and Mary O'MALLY May 13

Catherine of Hugh FEENY and Bridget KIELTY May 13

John of John MOONEY and Mary MULROONY May 22

Mary of James KELLY and Ellin LANGIN May 24

Sabina to Martin MULROONY and Mary BARRETT May 24

Roseanne of Edward HUGHES and Bridget McANDREW May 24

Helen of Michael DARCY and Mary ARTHUR May 24

Bridget of Michael DARCY and Mary ARTHUR May 24

Pat of Matthew CARNEY and Anne HOPKINS June

Mary of Dominick BLAKE and Anne BOURKE June

Ellen of Thomas HICKEY and Ellen WALSH June 6

Mary of Martin PHILBAN and Bridget KILGALLON June 7

Helen of Michael REILLLY and Mary WHITE June 7

James of Michael WALSH and Mary KILCOURSE June 15

John of John CUSACK and Catherine GILDEA June 15

John of John ROACH and Mary FLYNN June 21

Michael of John GOLDIN and Bridget JENNINGS June 22

Anne of Matthew CAMPBELL and Mary QUINN June 22

Michael of Michael LEDGER and Alice DUFFY June 24

Anne of Michael LEDGER and Alice DUFFY June 24

Michael of Thomas BURNS and Judith BURNS June 28

Catherine of John COGGILL and Mary COGGILL June 29

Catherine of Anthony CANNON and Nancy McHUGH June 29

Arthur of Pat TONRA and Honor MURPHY July 5

Pat of Pat MURRY and Mary DAISEY July 6

Catherine of Pat DUFFY and Mary KEANE July 8

Sarah of John CAMPBELL and Biddy FOY July 8

Bridget of Thomas FALLON and Bridget REILLY July 12

Catherine of Pat WALSH and Ellen WALSH July 19

Thomas of James KERRIGAN and Mary THOMAS July 20

Anne of Michael MORAN and Bridget KELLY July 23

Michael of Pat WALSH and Honor CARROLL August

Peter of John and Ellin VAHEY August

Pat of John FEANY and Anne GILDEA August

Pat of Thomas GALLAGHER and Bridget JORDIN August

Mary of John MUGAN and Bridget KELLY August 2

Thomas of Pat ROACH and Mary MALLY August 2

Anne of Owen VAHEY and Judy VAHEY August 2

Maryanne of John COMBER and Rose McNAMARA August 2

Julia of Pat EGAN and Catherine HIGGINS August 2

Anthony of Michael KILCOYNE and Mary CONNOR August 2

Catherine of Pat TUNNY and Bridget BROWNE August 8

Anne of Pat FLYNN and Ellen COGGILL August 9

Richard of Pat OWENS (49th Regiment) and Mary MAHONEY August 10

James of James GERAGHTY and Bridget WALSH August 15

Eliza of Thomas QUINN and Catherine McHALE August 16

William of Cormack and FLYNN August 16 

Michael of Pat GALLAGHER and Sibby BARRETT August 18

John of John JENNINGS and Mary ROGERS August 25

Judy of John CONNOR and Bridget GAVIN September

Michael of Michael HENAGHEN and Mary McHUGH September

Mary of John SKIFFINGTON and Mary McGOUGH September

Charles of Michael KING and Judith GIBBONS September 8

Michael of Pat FENEEY and Mary DOHERTY September 9

Michael of Owen GALLAGHER and Mary NESTOR September 10

Hugh of Hugh HOPKINS and Mary COSTELLO September 11

Michael of Michael DONELL and Anne GARVEY September 15

James of Martin WALSH and Anne MULLOY September 15

Mary Anne of John CUNNINGHAM and Mary CARNEY September 15

Pat of Thomas and Mary MULROONEY September 16

John of John RYDER or RUDDY and Bridget CANNON September 16

Anthony of Anthony GINNELLY and Mary MORAN September 16

Thomas of Michael RICHARDSON and Mary BAYNES September 18

Francis of John HUGHES and Anne WALTERS September 19

James of James KELLY and Catherine DIVANY September 19

Mary of Henry McDONOUGH and Anne CUNNINGHAM September 23 Tinkers

Ellen of John MUGAN and Mary McDONNELL September 24

Maria of Richard WALSH and Bridget FLANIGAN September 29

Mary of Martin DARCEY and Mary DERRIG SS Michael DAISY and Mary ARTHUR September 30

Ellen of Anthony LOFTUS and Mary McNAMARA September 30

Maria of Thomas MITCHEL and Honor CARNEY September 30

Maria of Joseph STANTON and Mary FLANERY September 30

Catherine of Michael BARRETT and Honor DEVEBY October 15

Charles of Michael McNULTY and Mary MADEN October 18

Mary of Martin and Bridget GRIMES October 18

Catherine of James McHALE and Nancy WALSH October 18

Mary of James McDONNELL and Mary CURRIN November 2 SS James WALSH and Mary BRADY

Thomas Martin of Charles BOURKE and Purcella NALON November 8 SS Richard GARVEY and Catherine FLAHERTY

Pat of James FLYNN and Nancy REILLY November 8 SS James BOURKE and Anne BOURKE

Pat of John CORCORAN and Bridget CUSICK November 8 SS Pat McHUGH and Anne QUINN

Thomas Edmund of James BYRNE and Mary BYRNE November 23

Henry James of Charles BROWLEY and Bridget MYLOTT November 24

John of William KEARY and Judy MURRY November 29

Margaret of Pat KEARNEY and Mary McHUGH November 29

Thomas of Thomas McGOUGH and Anne MURPHY November 29

Anne of Edward COONEY and Mary CARRA November 29

Hugh of James QUINN and Winny MORRIN November 29

Mary of Pat KEANE and Nancy GALLAGHER December 13

James of Thomas McTIGUE and Mary McTIGUE December 27





Bridget of Dominick McGRAIL and Catherine FLANERY January 6

Anne of Mark CARTY and Mary WALSH January 20

Michael of James HENAHAN and Honor RYDER February 1

Henry of William FITZMORRIS and Bridget STANTON February 7

Henry of Patt and Ellen STANTON February 8

Pat of Pat CANTON and Mary MORAN February

Mary to Michael KILLEEN and Honor FLYNN February 18

Mary to John HIGGINS and Mary CHAMBERS February 20 SS Thomas HIGGINS and Mary GAVIN

Honor to James SWEENY and Mary McGREEVY February 20 SS Thomas CURLEY and Rose McHUGH

Pat of John GANNON and Ellen GANNON February 21

Pat of Michael KING and Mary COYNE February 21

Pat of Michael CAUFIELD and Bessy PHILBAN February 21

Bridget of Felix QUIGLEY and Bridget CURIGAN February 21

Martin to John EGAN and Sara EGAN February 23

James to John GILLIESPE and Mrs. GILLIESPE  February 27 SS John ACTON and Harriett COSTELLO

Pat to Richard WALSH and Mary WALSH February 27 SS John and Anne GARRY

John to Pat MULLEN and Bridget BROWNE February 27 SS Thomas CONNOR and Bridget BROWNE

John to DenisREILLY and Catherine MURRY February 28

Mary to Michael TOONEY and Bridget QUINN February 28

Pat of Martin HENAGHAN and Anne GERAGHTY March 3

Catherine of John O'HARA and Catherine ROACH March 7

James of James FITZMORRIS and Mary FALLIN March 7

Pat of Mark JENNINGS and Catherine BOURKE March 7

Mary Anne of Thomas McCARTHY and Margaret STANTON March 10

Mary of Edward DOHERTY and Judith BRENNAN March 11

Martin to Pat FLANERY and Mary STANTON March 21

Pat of Pat CONNOR and Sarah ROGERS March 21

Mary of Michael MORROWSON and Honor MALLY March 21

William of John LALLY and Catherine CHAMBERS March 21

Winny of Martin CAFFEY and Bridget CONNELLY March 28

Michael of Pat GAVIN and Mary BURNS April 4

Cathy of James DEVERINE and Ellen FLANNIGAN April 4

Bridget to James WHITTLE and Margaret WHITTLE April 7

Catherine of Peter MULLIGAN and Biddy MULLIGAN April 7

Matthew of John COONEY and Mary LOFTUS April 7

Pat to John JOHNSTON and Maria REILA April 8

Cathy of Ned NOONE and Anne McEVILLY April 18

Agnes of John STANTON and Bridget MURROWSON April 18

Honor of Ned WALSH and Honor McANDREW April 19

Michael of Pat KILLEEN and Mary KELLY April 21

Honor of Owen DAISEY and Mary DORCEY April 25

Thomas of John FERGUS and Maria McGOUGH May 1

Patt of Michael TIERNANA and Margaret JOYCE May 2

Luke of Luke MADDEN and Margaret LYNCH May 4

Jane of Patt WALLACE and Margaret SWEENEY May 5

Catherine of John WALSH and Bridget LUDDEN May 10

Mary Jane of John HUMPHREYS and Margaret CORRABINE May 10 Ballyhean

John of Peter COGHILL and Mary COGHILL May 16 Ballyhean

John of John HIGGINS and Catherine HIGGINS May 16

James of James and Bridget RIELEY June 10

Honor of John and Honoria CARTY June 10

Honor of John Richard and Anne McHALE June 25

John of Thomas FLANGAN and Mary FLANGAN June 30 Ballyhean

Michael of Pat and Mary GILLAN June 30

Mary of Pat CALLAGHEN and Peggy JENNINGS June 30

Mary Catherine Jane of Martin SHERIDAN and Margaret BUTLER June 30

Anne of James SKIFFINGTON and Ellen DEA June 30

Peter of Thomas BOURKE and Mary CARNEY July 2 Rahins

Patrick Charles of Pat RALPH and Julia ARMSTRONG July 4

Michael William of Darby KING and Mary CANNON July 8 Cloonferth

Peter of Peter McCORMACK and Rose CLEARY July 18

Robert of Thomas KELLY and Bridget McTIGUE July 18

James of Andrew NARY and Peggy NOLAN July 18

James of Ned McTIGUE and Bridget McCORT July 22

Francis of John HUGHES and Anne WALTERS July 22

Bridget of Mike MULLINEY and Margaret STANLEY August 2

Sabrina of Patt ROGERS and Sabrina CHAMBERS August 5

Patt of James JOYCE and Mary BOURKE August 8

Joe of Joe WALSH and Cathy ROACH August 8

Robert of Ulick JEFFERS and Mary KILROY August 17 Sarnaght

Tobias John of John FILBIN and Margaret WALSH September 17

Thomas of James SMITH (65th regiment) Jane IRWIN Castlebar Barracks

Catherine of Pat KILCOURSE and Catherine GIBBONS September 24 Ringarraun

Thomas Daniel of Thomas BRENNAN and Mary McDONNELL September 27

Anne and Mary Bastards of Dominick BURKE and Bessy ANDREW September

John of Anthony TUNNY and Mary DUNNE October 11 SS Pat TUNNY and Alice McGRAIL

Thomas of Mark ROACH and Mary McHALE October 31 SS George GIBBONS and Anne JEFFERS

Edward of Joseph JOYCE and Winny HYNES November 13 SS Edward and Mary HYNES

Mary of Walter McDONNELL and Sarah McDONNELL November 21

Dominick of Edward Dominick BLAKE and Mrs. BLAKE November 23

Neal of Michael GALLAGHER and Mary MUGAN November 23

James to Denis MURRY and Catherine MURRY December 5

Anthony to Anthony McHALE and Margaret MULLINS December 5 Derrew

Ellen to Pat LaVALLE and Mary LALLY December 19 Spencer St




Pat to Pat GAVIN and Anne BOURKE January 8 Spencer St SS John and Ellen GARVEY

Agnes to John and Julia RYDER January 16

Ignatius to Ignatius KELLY and Mary TUOHY

Eliza to Robert BRENNAN and Sarah MULGREW April 14

Michael to James FORDE and Mary McHALE April 7

Anthony to Pat CORCORAN and Mary JENNINGS April 7

Edward to John WALSH and Bridget CONWAY April 23

John Joseph to Charles BRAWLY and Bridget MILLET April 30

Sarah to Anthony CARNY and Sally CUNNINGHAM April 30 

John to Martin MULROY and Mary CONWAY May 9

Mary to Daniel GRESHAM and Anne FLANNIGAN May 13

Jane to Pat KILLEEN and Catherine KILLEEN May 19

Mary to Pat CREANE and Mary DEVANEY May 19

Pat to Martin FOY and Bridget GANNON June 4

Bridget to John CARR and Mary McDONOUGH June 17

Michael to Richard WALSH and Mary MURPHY August 4 SS Michael DEVINE and Mary JORDAN

Mary to Thomas BARRETT and Mary GIBBONS August 4

Bridget to Pat DEACY and Catherine BOURKE September 3 SS Martin CANTON and Bridget RYAN

Bridget to Anthony CONNOR and Mary ACTON September 13

John of James McKERNAN (19th Regiment) and Bridget BOURKE October 15

Thomas of James WINTERSCALE and Mary CLEARY December

Pat of Francis FLEMING and Mary GAVIN December

William Joseph of James ARMSTRONG and Maria SHERIDAN December 1

Ellen of Anthony McHALE and Anne HOBAN December 1

Bridget of Laurence CANNON and Honor REGAN SS John and Mary DAWSON December 9





Pat of William FITZMORRIS and Bridget STANTON February SS Mark FITZMORRIS and Mary HOPKINS

Pat of William McGLOON and Mary CUNNINGHAM February 4

John of Hugh McDERMOTT and Mary McTIGUE February 4

Pat of Peter LEVINGSTON and Mary DUFFY February 13

Anne of James McHALE and Ellen MURRY February 24

Mary of Denis KENNY and Catherine CARR March

Margaret of Pat HUGHES and Bridget WATERS March

Pat of Michael COONEY and Ellen MURRY March 20

Pat of John LUDDEN and Bridget MURRY March 20 SS Michael MURRY and Anne DAILY

Thomas of Pat NEWEL and Catherine FLYNN March 24 SS James WALSH and Catherine O'HARA

Margaret of William MURPHY and Bridget LYNCH March 25

Elin of Martin MALLY and Mary Elin ROWLEY April 1

Betty of John KIELTY and Betty GRIMES April 4

Mary of Mark FITZMAURICE and Anne McHALE April 6

Bridget of John PHILBAN and Bridget McHUGH April 12

Thomas of Thomas and Sarah ROGERS April 14

Bridget of Pat GALLAGHER and Margaret JENNINGS April 15

Ellen of Michael HEVERAN and Mary KILLEEN April 15

Mary of John RYDER and Catherine TUNNY April 15

Martin of Michael MaGRATH and Bridget ROPER May 6

Michael of Michael MULLOWNY and Judith QUINN May 7 SS David MULLOWNY and Anne LARKIN

Edward of Peter LOFTUS and Anne GILLASPHY May 13

William of James MORROWSON and Bridget EGAN May 17

Anne of John COSC and Catherine McHALE May 20

Catherine of Thomas MORAN and Mary HUGHES May 27

Mary of Thomas FLANIGAN and Mary HERETY May 27

Ellen of James HOBAN and Mary BOYLE June 3

Bridget of Pat QUINN and Bridget CARNEY June 3

Sabina of Myles McDONNELLE and Mary O'BRIEN June 7 SS Anthony COONY and Nancy WALSH

Catherine of Thomas BRANNELLY and Maria McGREEVY June 18

Anne of Dominick MONAHAN and Sabina WALSH July 10 SS Pat GILBOYNE and Anne HEVERAN

Bridget of Michael GALLAGHER and Mary MUGAN July 13 SS John WARDE and Bridget GALLAGHER

John of Luke WARD and Mary WRIGHT July 14 SS Carolan WRIGHT

William of William COUGHLIN and Mary KILCOYNE July 15 SS Pat KELLY and Mary KILCOYNE

Maria of Owen FLYNN and Maria DAISEY July 23 SS Pat FLYNN and Bridget DAISEY

Mary of Michael McDERMOTT and Honoria FALNERY July 23

Maurice of Thomas HICKEY and Ellen WALSH July 23

Thomas of William CAMPBELL and Bridget August 12 SS Pat RYDER and Catherine QUINN

Mary of Pat FARRIL and Mary RYDER August 6 SS William BOURKE and Margaret LYONS

Michael of Pat JENNINGS and Sarah KELLY August 9

Michael of Herbert CANEVARN and Mary KIMANE August SS John MANLEY and Bridget BOURKE

Michael of Pat CAUFIELD and Margaret MORAN SS Pat MORAN and Catherine GRADY August 12

William of Denis BYRNE and Bridget LUDDEN August 12 SS John MULLIGAN and Ellen TRACY

Honor of Thomas McGOUGH and Anne MURPHY August 15

Mary of Stephen CLARKE and Bridget STANTON August 28

Michael of John QUINN and Sarah SPEACY September 2

John of John KELLY and Mary McGRAIL September 2 SS Pat McGRAIL and Ellen BOURKE

Thomas of Pat CLEARY and Bridget GIBBONS September 3 SS Pat GIBBONS and Catherine FADDEN

John of Hugh HOPKINS and Marie COSTELLO September 3

Mary of Michael RIELY and Ellen McGREEVY September 4

Rose of Martin KELLY and Bridget CONNOR September

Margaret of Edward FINERTY and Margaret MANGIN September

Mary of John JOYCE and Jane LOGAN September 23

John of Pat MORAN and Mary COONEY September 23

Teresa of Thomas MORAN and Sarah McNAMARA September 23

Pat of John CUSACK and Catherine GILDEA October SS John FLYNN and Mary CONLEY

Bridget of Walter DURCAN and Mary MURRY October 7

Sarah of Thomas GROGAN (19 Regiment) and Bridget MADDEN October 7

James of James HEARINS and Mary MALONE October 21 SS John and Rose DEVLIN

Michael of Pat WALSH and Honor CARROLL December 6

James of Pat HIGGINS and Bridget LALLY December 26

John of Thomas MULLINS and Anne McTIGUE December 31



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