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Castlebar Co Mayo Ireland Births includes villages in the area.  Occupations listed after  residence
Occupations Abbreviations   L=Laborer  LH=Landholder  F=Farmer   135 Births


James Robert of David McCLEAN and Eliza Jane McCLENNAN 11-16 Moghim Book Seller

James of Ed HEALEY and Ellen MURPHY 11-17 Charles St Castlebar Carpenter

Bridget of Edward ROWLAND and Margaret TIMLIN 12-2 Terryduff F

Pat of Michael MORAN and Catherine McHALE 12-11 Turlough L

Mary of John FLYNN and Catherine FLAHERTY 12-14 Church St L

Charles of Charles GAY and Margaret ARMSTRONG 12-15 Lockneen F

Thomas of James McGOWEN and Catherine FORDE 12-15 Ballyma Credomord F

Thomas of Michael HEGARTY and Catherine TIMONY 12-20 Cortoon F

Margaret of Michael MALLEY and Mary WALSH 12-21 Burrin F

Margaret of Pat SAUNDERS and Biddi MALLEY 12-22 New Antrim St Castlebar

Bridget of Pat SWEENEY and Catherine MORAN 12-23 Tully F

Bridget of James HOOKS and Bridget CORCORAN 12-25 Cum F

David of Thomas KELLY and Margaret RIELLY Kilmullagh 12-26 F

James of William JACKSON and Teresa POLLARD 12-26  Castlebar Sgt No Mayo Regiment

Bridget of John JENNINGS and Mary MYLOTT 12-27 Graffa More 12-27 F

Ann of Mary MORAN and Anne KENNY 12-28 Tawney Cahern 12-28 F

Biddi of Dominick O'MALLEY and Margaret LENGON 12-29 Cappachenan LH



Peter of James COSTELLO and Anne KINUARY 1-5 Ballyard LH

Laurence of  Edward and Mary KILBAYNE 1-8 Castlebar Shopkeeper

Biddi of Thomas FENAGHTY and Judy JENNINGS 1-13 Baloor LH

Mary of James REILLY and Catherine CASEY 1-15 Coollodge LH

Biddi of Anthony BAINES and Mary McNULTY 1-16 Killawalla LH

Ellen of John MORAN and Anne WILLIS 1-18 Ballintubber F

Biddi of Hugh MURTAGH and Catherine CORLEY 1-18 Ara LH

Biddi of James GERAGHTY and Catherine WALSH 1-19 Falfada L

Mary Anne of Michael WALSH and Rose GARVEY 1-21 Tucker St  Baker

Pat of James CARNEY and Michael COGGER 1-24 Brownhill Tailor

Mary of Michael TOUHY and Mary TOUHY 1-28 Skihana LH

Pat of Pat CONLON and Catherine BANNON 1-31 Bally Kingar

Biddi of Pat WALSH and  and Peggy MANION Balljaderan 2-2 LH

Bridget of Pat RYDER and Ellen McEVILLY 2-3 Killawalla LH

Biddi of Pat KILCOYNE and Mary MALLEY 2-6 Knockaraha LH

Mary of Pat WALSH and Honor SWORDS 2-8 Cloverhill L

Pat of Michael HAYNES and Kitty MORAN 2-9 Derryran LH

Ann of Pat MURPHY and Winni DOYLE 2-10 Balla Tailor

Pat of Pat AUSTROW and Biddi KENNEY 2-12 Ballinhoe 2-12

Grace of John ODONNELL and Margaret MALLEY 2-14 Kilmaorde LH

Anne of  ? TRACEY and Catherine BURN 2-22 Tawnayey LH

Biddi of  ? TRACEY and Catherine BURN 2-22 Tawnayey LH

Biddi of Barney CONWAY and Mary REILLY 2-24 Caronahan

Pat of James GIBBONS and Biddi KELLY 2-28 Devlish LH

Pat of Charles MULROONEY and Margaret COLEMAN 2-28 Newtown LH

Biddi of Pat WALSH and Biddi RONAN 2-28 Devlish West LH

Biddi of Michael BRENNAN and Biddi KEAN 3-1 Cappaharnaun LH

Pat of Pat GIBBONS and Biddi MULLROY 3-1 Lack LH

Pat of Mary CORLEY and Margaret CONWAY 3-4 Ballyvary LH

Barnide of John BAILNEEL and Biddi STAUNTON 3-11 Clooknee L

Thomas of Pat CORLEY and Winny KENNEDY 3-17 Middletown LH

Anthony of Anthony MULLOY and Biddi RUANE 3-17 L

Mary Ann of Thomas REILLY and Biddi REDDY 3-18 Balla Shoemaker

Maria Ellen of Richard CHRISTOPHER and Catherine CANARON 8-17

Edward of Henry CARRON and Honor QUINN 8-10 Teacher


Mary of Martin LOGAN and Margaret McLOUGHLIN 5-20 Cloonfert F

Peter of Thomas McGOUGH and Biddi TUOHY 6-8 Knockofenta F

Joseph of Thomas Joseph WYNNE and Margaret 6-13 Market Street Shopkeeper

Thomas of Pat HOBAN and Anne WALSH 6-18 Capparanney F

William of William WHITE and Mary LUDDEN 6-19 Killycommon F

Mary of Pat MULCHRONE and Catherine BARRET 6-21 Carheens F

Honor of James CALLAHAN and Mary MORAN 6-27 Derrygarrow F

Biddi of John KILCOYNE and Judy FINN 6-27 Knocknadean F

Biddi of John DUFFY and Margaret McHUGH 6-29 Ballyshane F

Maria of Michael McDONOUGH and Sabrina DEVANEY 7-13 Loganasheuy F

John of William FADDEN and Biddi DEVANEY 7-20 Cloonagh F

Mary of Pat OPKINS and Margaret STAUNTON 7-25 Lugaphuill F

Mary of Charles DARBY and Margaret McDONNELL 9-5 Drinadan LH

Mary of  Martin COGGAR and Anne WALSH 9-6 Cloonconlan  LH

Julia of Pat HUGHES and Mary GIBBONS 9-10 Ballinafad LH

Anne of Michael McINTRYE and Sarah CORLEY 9-15 Broadfield LH

John of John KERRIGAN and Biddi FOSTER 9-15 Rosslahan Servant

Mary of John LOWRY and Biddi CONNER 9-24 Balla  Shoemaker


James of James WALSH and Mary RODGERS 5-20 Spencer St Smith

Edward of John CASEY and Biddi MURPHY 5-29 Killadeer F

Mary of James BOURKE and Mary MORAN 5-29 F

Thomas of Michael BURKE and Mary MANION 6-9 Cloonboory LH

Mary of James CORLEY and Biddi HANNON 6-10 Laghtabary

Pat of Michael HOPKINS and Biddi PENDERGRAST 6-10 Dromore

Biddi of Mark HORAN and Honor MULROY 6-10 Folfadda L

Thomas of James TOULSTER and Mary WALSH 6-12 Lisrobert

John of Martin MULROY and and Mary Hart  Walshpool  LH

Richard of Thomas COLGAN and Margaret FLANAGAN 6-14 Balea

Laurence of Walter HOPKINS and Mary CROWLEY 6-12 Dromore

Margaret of Michael McNICHOLAS and Catherine DONLON6-15 LH

Mary of Michael HENAGHAN and Catherine MALLY 6-18 Pollacuaddy  LH

Peter of Charles GARVEY and Mary Ann GILDEA 6-24 Charles St Baker

Margaret of Richard CARNEY and Mary MULROY 6-25 Balduff LH

Catherine of Hugh CORLEY and Michael MULROY 6-26 Middletown LH

Tom of Tom GARVEY and Biddi LEHAN 7-2 Tully F

John of Pat FLYNN and Mary HEVERAW 7-4 Kinuary F

Mary of John GAVAN and Ann TRACEY 7-4 Dereenascoobe F

Mary of John KEANAD and Margaret MANION 7-5 Clarentubber L

Biddi of William BOURKE and Mary DEVANNEY 7-5 Drumdough LH

Anne of Pat DUFFY and Biddi BYRNE 7-7 Kilthsharne F

Thomas of David REILLY and Mary FLYNN 7-8 Logofail F

Philip of Thaddeus DUFFY and Mary MALLY 7-9 Kilthsharne F

John of John PENDERGRAST and Biddi STANTON 7-10 Cloongavane LH

John of Pat McDONNEL and Mary GAVAN 7-10 Cloonebovell F

Frederick Aloysius of James FAUKIN and Maria Theresa WALSH 7-11 Bridge St Shopkeeper

Peter of Michael FADDEN and Mary BASQUIL 7-12 Kilthsharne

Annie Mary of Tom DARCY and Ellen BRADLY 7-13 Castle St Boot and Shoemaker

Pat of John CARNEY and Mary HENEGHAN 7-14 Balcarra F

Biddi of Thomas MORAN and Judith GOUGH 7-18 Ballure F

Pat of Tom DEVEREUX and Biddi MALONEY 7-19 Castle St Mason

Mary of Martin McHALE and Mary REARON 7-20 Gorthbane LH

James of Pat RYDER and Winifred McDONNELL 7-20 Cartnobower 7-20 F

John of Michael GIBBONS and Mary HENEGHAN 7-21 Kilthsharne 7-21 F

Anna Josephine of John RYAN and Margaret WALSH 7-21 Ellison St Excise Officer

Martin of Pat GIBBONS and Honor CARNEY 7-23 Kilthsharne F

Mary of Pat BARRET and Mary BASQUIL 7-23 Narrow Lane L

Honor of James KELLY and Honor WALSH 7-13 Ballavary Carpenter

Mary of John LYONS and Margaret SHERIDAN 7-25 Carragowen L

Catherine of Michael HORAN and Mary CASEY 7-26 Cartoonbower F

Ellen of Thomas KILCOYNE and Cicily KIRBY 7-27 Ballintubber F

Pat of Thomas GERAUNA and Winni KENNEDY 7-29 Adeloon LH

Pat of Thomas GIBBONS and Honor LEONARD 7-30 Cloonfert F

Mary of John SWEENY and Winni ROCHE 8-1 Fencefield LH

Owen of Thomas LAVIN and Mary LAVIN 8-2 Ballinhole LH

Harriet Augusta of William QUAILE and Ann June SULLIVAN 8-3 Weslyan Minister the Mall

John of Pat GREEVY and Mary WATERS 8-5 Drumiroe West F

James of Michael McNICHOLAS and Catherine MORAN 8-6 Daugnmore LH

Mary of Dominick GAVIN and Catherine McHALE 8-6 Corraun LH

John Joseph of Thomas STANTON and Ellen WALSH 8-8 Balla Teacher

Catherine of William WALSH and Catherine CRADELOCK 8-9 Hawthorne Lodge Servant

Catherine of John MURPHY and Catherine NARY 8-9 Lognesky F

Thomas of Pat MALLY and Mary ADAMS 8-10 Lakill LH

Edward if Henry CARRON and Honor QUINN 8-10 Carrowbrunage Teacher

Catherine of David BOYLE and Biddi MALONY 8-12 Cloonfert F

Margaret of Thomas HYLAND and Mary CORRIGAN 8-12 Ara LH

Honoria of John MULREADY and Alice WALSH 8-20 Pullough Railway Gatekeeper

Peter of Hugh KENNY and Mary KIRBY 8-27 Knockruska 8-27

Pat of Anthony CUNNINGHAM and Mary NEEDHAM 8-29 Castle St Shopkeeper

Martin of Martin DUNLEAVY and Mary CLARKE 9-3 Cappavier  F

Mary of John SHERIDAN and Margaret MURPHY 9-20 Distributor of Stamps Mayo

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