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Baptisms in Balla-Manulla Parish  Co Mayo Ireland 1837 of 1864

July 22 2007          873





Bridget of Thomas and Bridget BURKE May 28

Bridget of Thomas WALSH and Catherine McGUIRE May 28

Sophia of Edmund WALSH and Winifred FALLON May 28

Bridget of Richard O'MALLEY and Catherine MALLY June 6

Jonathan of Michael WALSH and Mary MURRAY June6

Honor of Martin DUFFY and Mary WALSH June 9

Bridget of Thomas LOFTUS and Bridget RIDER July 9

Catherine of Michael WALSH and Mary McGANN July 15

Mary of Peter GITE and Anne COSGROVE July 16

Thomas of Thomas WALSH and Mary CARLY July 16

John of Pat WALSH and Celia BYRNE July 17

Margrit of Owen COSTELLO and Mary COSTELLO July 22

James of Pat DURKAN and Bridget MURPHY July 23

Pat of Richard STAUNTON and Penelope REILLY July 31

James of Pat FOY and Honor O'DONNELL July 31

Mary of Martin MURPHY and Bridget EARLY August 9

Anne of Pat MOONEY and Bridget STAUNTON September 3

Catherine of Richard MULLINS and Mary GREAVY September 8

Mary of Walter ROECHE and Bridget STAUNTON September 28

Michael of Bartholomew CAWLEY and Mary JOYCE October 8

Pat of Pat McDONNELL and Bridget GAVAN October 15

Martin of William LOFTUS and Anne MURPHY October 16

Martin of Pat MacDONNELL and Bridget GAVIN October 17

Martin of Pat DEVANEY and Honor CLARKE October 22

Bridget of Thady HOBAN and Mary REILLY November 17

Bridget of James and Bridget MURPHY November 27

Thomas of Peter SHERIDAN and Mary GORMAN November 30

Elizabeth of Thomas GRADY and Margaret DOWLING December 13

William of James and Mary DURKAN December 18




Catherine of John McHALE and Ellen CORLEY February 18 

Bridget of Jno McGARRY and Judith COTTON February 18

Pat of Thomas HIGGINS and Anne FAHY February 18 

Judith of James MORAN and Bridget WALSH February 18 

Anthony of James KEANY and Bridget GALLAGHER February 22

Mary of Pat MORAN and Sara McHUGH February 28

Margaret of Pat MacDONOUGH and Cate McLOUGHLIN March 2

Thomas of James SWANNICK and Anne WALSH March 2

Margaret of John REED and Margaret WARD March 7

Michael of Thomas CASEY and Mary McHUGH March 7

William of Peter HORKAN and Bridget RUANE March 7

Honor of James GANNON and Judith O'DONNELLE March 7

Pat of Edward McELLIN and Mary BURKE March 8

Bridget of Thomas RUANE and Mary KELLY March 8

Henry of Martin BLAKE and Bridget KELLY March 12

Bridget of Gilbert HESION and Dorothy GAHAM March 16

Thomas of James CONNOR and Bridget STANTON March 22

Honor of Stephen CODY and Mary CONNOR March 22

Michael of Dominick RAFFERTY and Catherine WALSH March 24

John of John KNIGHT and Mary MAURICE March 26

Anthony of Michael and Elizabeth GRADY March 26

Catherine of Martin HUGHES and Honor CAFFERTY March 27

Denis of Denis KELLY and Bridget STANTON March 27

Barbara of Francis LYNCH and Mary SWEENY March 27

Mary of William NOLAN and Honor O'BRIEN March 28 SS Richard O'BRIEN and Elisa RUSH

Ellen of William FARMER and Eliza GORDON March 28

Martin of Pat DENISON and Catherine LANGLEY March 30

Mary to John DEVANEY and Anne WALSH April 3 SS Pat DEVANEY and Judith WALSH

Ellen of Michael GARVEY and Bridget KELLY April 3

Honor of Michael MULLANY and Ellen KIRBY April 5

Pat of John SWANICK and Mary JOY April 6

Bridget of James ANSBORO and Margaret EGAN April 8 

Pat of Pat GOLDEN and Sarah HOPKINS April 8

Mary of David WALSH and Bridget DEMPSEY April 8

Pat of Thomas WALSH and Mary BEIRNE April 9 SS James and Mary O'DOWD

Catherine of Michael DEVANEY and Mary HENRY April 9

John of Robin GARVY and Alice WILDER April 9

Catherine of Michael KINE and Bridget HENRY April 9

Thomas of John STANTON and Mary CORLISS April 14

Michael of Michael O'DOWD and Mary WALSH April 15

John of James RICE and Bridget WALSH April 18

Anne of Thomas COSTELLO and Mary CORMACK April 21

Edward of John DEVINE and Bridget WALSH April 24

Bridget of Michael BLOUK and Bridget GRADY April 26

Margaret of Pat GARVEY and Mary MORAN April 26

Anne of Michael DURKAN and Celia JORDAN April 29

Honor of Pat CASEY and Ellen MURPHY April 29

Anne of Malacky LOFTUS and Catherine CAVANAGH April 29

Mary of Luke MADDEN and Jane SWANICK April 29

Bridget of James McNALLY and Catherine DENINSON May 2

John of John DOWD and Anne GARVEY May 9

Margaret of Henry McTIGHE and Elizabeth JENNINGS May 9

John of Michael WALSH and Margaret COLLINS May 17

John of James FOSTER and Mary BROWNE May 20

James of Michael MORAN and Mary DEVANEY May 21

James of Richard STANTON and Margaret MALONE May 21

Pat of Denis CLYMES and Judith DEVANY May 25

Honor of Michael McDERMOTT and Mary HANLEY May 31

William of John FARMER and Eliza CLEMENTS June 1

Honor of Pat DUFFY and Honor REILLY June10

Richard of Pat JOYCE and Bridget WALSH June 11

Bridget of Austin STANTON and Mary DOGHERTY June 11

Mary of Thomas MADDEN and Mary GRIMES June12

Anne of John LOFTUS and Mary CORLEY June18

Catherine of Pat SHAUGHSEY and Bridget HUGHES July 3

Martin of Michael MURPHY and Mary KLYE July

Michael of Richard MORAN and Honor CUNNANE July

Peter of John NESTER and Anne MAHON July

Catherine of Simon MULLINS and Mary COLLINS July

Michael of Michael JOYCE and Mary KELLY July 22

Margaret of Michael FAHY and Mary CONNOR July 22

Catherine of John GERATY and Catherine CONWAY July 22

Mary of Michael JOYCE and Mary KELLY July 22

James of Thomas DEA and Bridget REILLY August 8

Eleanor of Owen McGRATH and Margaret WALSH August 10

John of John CUNNANE and Mary LALLY August 21

Mary of John CAULFIELD and Winifred LAVEN August 27

Anne of Thomas McHUGH and Mary MITCHELL August 27

Eleanor of Matthew DEVANEY and Bridget LOFTUS August 27

Bridget of John WALSH and Mary HOPKINS August 27

Catherine of Andrew CONNOR and Catherine BYRNE September 7

Hugh of John KILROY and Eleanor McDONALD September 7 SS Mary O'SHEA

Thomas of Pat BROWNE and Anne DERRICK September 10

James of James WALSH and Bridget PENDERGRAST September 10

Edmund of James WALSH and Bridget PENDERGRAST September 10

Charles of Richard RUSH and Bridget MADDEN September 14

Michael of Peter GARVEY and Bridget MORAN September 16

Honor of Thomas DAY and Mary COLGAN September 30

Thomas of Pat KILCOYNE and Mary QUICK November 26 Dunmore

Anne of Richard STANTON and Margaret WALSH December 2 Derrynose

James of Pat WALSH and Margaret LOFTUS December 2 Carha

John of Pat WALSH and Margaret LOFTUS December 2 Carha

Eliza of Pat WALSH and Celia JENNINGS December 23

Mary of Peter HYNES and Catherine REILLY December 27

Pat of Pat STAUNTON and Bridget MORAN December 27




Anne of Pat MURPHY and Bridget FAHEY January 6

Catherine of Michael COSLY and Bridget WALSH January 18 Ballanfesane

Pat of John CONNELLY and ? WALSH March 10

Mary of John KELLY and Judith McDONOUGH March 17

Pat of Michael BURKE and Celia HUGHES March 18

Bridget of Thomas FOY and Bridget WALSH April 4

Bridget of John REILLY and Anne COSTELLO April 4 Ballycloyee

William of John and Sabrina COSTELLO April 4 Lakeland

Thomas of Thomas and Sarah HUGHES April 17

Bridget of David WALSH and Bridget DEMPSY April 30 Ballagram

Bridget of Pat REILLY and Mary DURKAN May 2

Bridget of Philip WALSH and Bridget NAUGHTON May 29

Ellen of Michael ROCHE and Margaret BURKE May 30

Mary of Michael KERRIGAN and Julia KILGANNON June9

Margaret of John WALSH and Anne FAHEY June 24

Mary of Michael FLANNIGAN and Catherine REILLY July 7

Jonathan of Pat BYRNE and Anne BURKE July 7

Julia of Edmund WALSH and Mary REILLY July 9

Mary of Mark MORAN and Catherine COONEY July 11

Mary of Francis BURKE and Mary STANTON August 26

Honor of Michael MORAN and Mary REILLY September 23

Bridget of Thomas REILLY and Margaret DEA October 2

Richard of Pat STAUNTON and Mary FLANNIGAN October 2

Michael of Pat GILL and Anne COSGRAVE October 3



Jonathan of Pat MURPHY and Margaret WALSH  January 2

Mary of Pat O'BRIEN and Anne REILLY January 2

Mary of Thomas HYLAND and Bridget DUFFY January 15

Pat of Pat GORMAN and Bridget HUGHES January 16

Bridget of Pat and KILCOURSE January 31

Bridget of Martin MURPHY and Bridget BRYAN February 25

Pat of Richard WALSH and Margaret DENNISON February 28

Pat of Pat MURRAY and Catherine HYLAND March 8

Honor of Mary HUGHES and Mary MALLERY March 8

Judith of Thomas and Mary GARVEY March 26

Pat of Martin BRENNAN and Mary HUGHES March 26

Bridget of James HUGHES and Bridget HYLAND April 5

Bridget of William WALSH and Mary CAVANAGH July 23

Bridget of James and Mary McHUGH August 3

Pat of James McHALE and Ellen CORLY August 4

Bridget of Michael and Elizabeth GRADY September 6

Catherine of James BIRMINGHAM and Mary WALSH September 21

Patrick of Patrick LARKIN and Celia BURKE September 29

James of James DILLON and Bridget McNALLY October 25

Thomas of Thomas CASEY and Mary McSHEA October 25

Bridget of William KILCOURSE and Margaret BRENNAN November 9

Edward of Francis LYNCH and Margaret SWEENY November 14 Ballinafad

Ellen of Thomas HYLAND and Ellen CUNNINGHAM November 15 Cortoon

John of Myles STAUNTON and Mary GALLAGHER November 15

Margaret of BRYAN MURPHY and Honor BOLAND November 15

Catherine of Michael McDONNELL and Sarah HUGHES November 22

James of John GERATY and Catherine CONWAY November 29

Mary of Michael REILLY and Anne MALLEY December 2

John of Bridget GRIFFIN and Bridget VAHY December 3

Mary of Michael McNALLY and Bridget McGREAVY December 5

Pat of Patrick WALSH and Mary MALLEY December 8 Balla

Bridget of Michael FLANNIGAN and Catherine REILLY December 8 Ballyoak

James of James WALSH and Eleanor BOLAND December 10

Michael of John DOWD and Anne GARVEY December 10 Roslahan

Catherine of Pat MORAN and Margaret SCANLON December 17 Cregg

Bryan of William McTIGH and Bridget QUINN December 24 Lakeland



Pat of Michael MORTON and Mary O'BRIEN January 10 Dasnadonce

Catherine of Robert KILPATRICK and Mary DONNELLSON January 7 Balla

Mary  of Robert KILPATRICK and Mary DONNELLSON January 7 Balla

Bridget of Michael BUTLER and Eleanor McLOUGHLIN January 21 Caffert

Mary of Edward WALSH and Mary CREATON January 27 Pollywddey

Mary of Henry STAUNTON and Bridget QUINN February 11 Park Lee

James of Henry McDONNELL and Margaret HORAN February 12 Manulla

William of Pat STAUNTON and Bridget MORAN February 12 Manulla

John of Dominick and Catherine BURKE February 18 Belcarra

Margaret of Thomas MANNION and Elizabeth WALSH February 20 Cortoon

Pat of Richard BARRET and Judith WALSH February 20 Roslahan

Pat of Peter MADDEN and Mary WALSH February 27 Cloonhall

Bridget of Pat and Ellen BURKE February 28 Drummody

Pat of Martin BRENNAN and Honor WALSH March 22 Kilnageer

Bridget of James WARD and Bridget REILLY March 24 Cloomacomuck

Mary of Pat DEVANEY and Honor CLARK May 2 Walshpool

Anne of Pat COSTELLO and Anne STAUNTON May 13

Honor of Richard GIBBONS and Margaret JOYCE June 9 Carrajanuis

Mary of Martin KERRIGAN and Mary CORLEY October 3 Rush Hill

Bridget of Michael BURKE and Cecily HUGHES October 8 Oldecurry

Anne of Hugh MADDEN and Bridget MALLY October 10 Carrowmore

Martin of James KILGALLON and Honor BRADY November 20




Mary of Pat COSTELLO and Catherine BROWNE March 28

Mary of Peter SHERIDAN and Mary GORMAN August Lismolin

Morgan of Morgan FERRIS and Honor McNALLY October 9 Island Park

Margaret of Jno LANGLEY and Bridget RAINEY October 23 Cloaghangan

Sara of Thomas CUDDI and Mary WALSH October 24 Roslahan

Mary of Myles ARMSTRONG and Sara FLYNN November 7 Skiddernagh

Eugene of Anthony VAHY and Barb McNAMARA November 3 Lugaphuill

Martin of James WALSH and Ellen LANNON December 2 Deerpark

James of David SURDIVAL and Bridget LYNCH December 4 Roslahan

Thomas of John FADDEN and Sabina COSTELLO December 4 Lakeland

Mathias of Michael McDONOUGH and Bridget KEAN December 7 Radiff




William of William NALLY and Bridget DOLAN May 17

Mary of Pat McDONNEL and Kitty BRADY May 18

Pat of William NALLY and Mary McKEON May 19

Honor of Thomas HIGGINS and Bridget CARNEY May 20

Bridget of Martin MULLEE and Anne NAUGHTON May 23

Mary of John KILGALLON and Mary JOHNSTON May 25

John of Mick BRENNAN and Bridget FOX May 26

Matthew of Luke DEVANY and Kitty GREHAM May 26

Bridget of William ARMSTRONG and Catherine IRWIN May 30 SS Myles and Bridget ARMSTRONG

John of Thomas GLYNN and Judy ROYNE June 2

Mary of Pat HYLAND and Catherine O'HORA June 2

Julia of Pat ROYNE and Anne MURPHY June 2

John of Pat SURDIVAL and Catherine HIGGINS June 2

Mary of Art MADDEN and Sally MALLY June 2

Pat of John MURPHY and Sally NALLY June 10 SS Thady LaVELLE and Celia EARLY

Bridget of James KIRBY and Mary McGRATH June 16

Mary of James MORAN and Catherine HUGHES June 23

Mary of Pat and Jane DOWD June 23

Catherine of Thomas ANSBORO and Anne CUNNIANE June 23

Catherine of Pat FITZGERALD and Mary DEMPSEY June 30

Pat of Owen COLLINS and Catherine LOOSKAN June 30

Peter of Michael WALSH and Catherine BLOUICK June 30 SS Pat and Anne SURDIVAL

Mary of James DOOLAN and Bridget GIBBONS July 2

Thomas of Peter TOUHY and Catherine GLYNN July 6

Anthony of Barnick and Jane McMANUS July 14

Margaret of Pat McDONNELL and Mary MULROY July 14

Alice of Martin DOGHERTY and Catherine STAUNTON July 14

Mary the bastard child of George ACTON Bridge Mount Nelly BYRNE a very young girl seduced by him while in his employ and married as pure and virtuous to Pat JENNINGS a workman 12/2/1860 July 21

Bridget Catherine of Martin GORMAN and Bridget REILLY July 22

Pat of Michael TONRA and Catherine McHALE August 4

Peggy of Pat KELLY and Kitty GLYNN August 9

Mary of Thomas BRENNAN and Mary LANGON August 18

Mary of Pat ANSBORO and Bridget KENNEDY August 21

James of Anthony DAVIS and Honor HIGGINS August 24

Bridget of Edmund COSTELLO and Bridget JOYCE August 30

Mary of Pat COSTELLO and Ellen DUFFY August 31

Biddy of Pat STANTON and Mary GALLAGHER September 1

Anne of James ARMSTRONG and Honor MITCHEL September 1

Owen of James DEASY and Catherine MALONE September 3

Dominick of John MORAN and Catherine GLYNN September 15

Michael of John REILLY and Mary TONRA September 21

Thomas of James DAVIS and Bridget CORMICK October 10

John of Pat MULLOY and Mary MADDEN October 20

Bridget of Thomas GARVEY and Mary MALONE October 20

Margaret of Pat McELLIN and Peggy COSTELLO October 20

Ellen of Pat CARTY and Bridget MULLEE October 25

Ellen of John BRADY and Nancy HALINAN October 27

Mary of Thomas IRWIN and Anne McGREAL October 27

Ellen of Pat JOYCE and Margaret CUNNANE October 27

John of Pat McELLIN and Honoria WALSH October 29

Catherine of John and Judy BODKIN November 12

Margaret of Denis CONRY and Mary O'BRIEN November 16

Mary of Michael CURRY and Honor DURKAN November 24 SS Martin DURKAN and Mary ROLAND

Mary of Martin BRETT and Bridget McELLIN November 28

Maria of Thomas BYRNE and Mary O'CARA December 12

Catherine of Michael MANNION and Margaret MULLEE December 22




David of David McDONNELL and Mary CONRY January 9

Mary of John CONCANNON and Mary FEENAGHTY March 5

Mary of John DURKAN and Honor FARRELL March 7

Matthew Bryan GLYNN and Catherine MADDEN March 9

Peter of Pat MOORE and Mary MURPHY March 15

Mary of Pat WALSH and Margaret MANNION March 17

Mary Anne of John MURPHY and Maria DENNISON April 17

Ellen of Mick McENTRYE and Peggy NALLY April 18

Mary of John McGOVERAN and Bridget McHUGH April 18

John of Thomas and Celia RAFFERTY April 23

Bridget of Pat CONNOR and Bridget TOULSTER April 23

Margaret of Pat MULLEN and Cisly TIERNAN April 23

Ellen of James KULKEN and Catherine BYRNE

Bridget of John HEVERAN and Peggy KERRIGAN April 25

Pat of Owen WHITE and Honor FLANNIGAN April 25

Ellen of John FORBES and Mary REILLY December 12

Mary of Michael STAID and Sarah CANNAVAN December 16






Mary of Luke LONDRA and Bridget GIBBONS January 14

Michael of Pat MURPHY and Winny DOYLE January 7

Mary of William WALSH and Bridget FLANNIGAN January 10

Thomas of John McELLIN and Mary MURPHY January 18

Lizzy of William RALPH and Sarah ARMSTRONG January 18

Anne of Pat JENNINGS and Ellen BYRNE January 25

Bridget of Pat DOLAN and Mary HYLAND January 28

Pat of James FADDEN and Nancy McMANES February 1 SS John and Ellen McMANUS

Anne of Pat FITZGERALD and Mary DEMPSEY March 1

Thomas of William WALSH and Mary BURKE March 8 witness Pat and Rose BURKE

Rose of Michael REILLY and Margaret McDONOUGH March 8

Mary of Pat RYDER and Bridget STANTON March 21 SS Pat and Mary EARLY

Andrew of Owen NILAND and Mary HUGHES March 21

Ellen of Owen NILAND and Mary HUGHES March 21

William of Dick MURPHY and Margaret CARNEY March 21

John of Mick BURKE and Mary ANSBORO April 5

Mary of Pat GAVAN and Honor HIGGINS April 12

Peggy of James MURPHY and Bridget ANSBORO April 12

John of Thomas BRENNAN and Winny DALEY April 17

Ellen of Michael HEGARTY and Mary GALLAGHER April 17

Michael of Owen KEANE and Mary COYNE April 17

Ellen of John CARNEY and Mary McNICHOLAS April 25

James of John HUGHES and Margaret CAWLEY May 7

Pat of Mick MORAN and Mary RYAN July 11

John of Wat HEVRON and Mary NALLY July 11

Pat of Matthew DUFFY and Mary NAUGHTON July 12

Michael of Thomas RICE and Mary JENNINGS July 12

Michael of John MORAN and Peggy McENTRYE July 19

John of John and Anne WARD July 19 SS David NOWLAN and Bridget WARD

Ellen of Thomas LONDRA and Mary O'BOYLE July 19

Biddy of Mick STAID and Sara CANNAVAN July 20

Honor of John WALSH and Nancy BROWNE July 21

James of Luke MULLEN and Peggy COSTELLO July 22

John of Michael KILROY and Catherine CUSACK July 26

Ellen of Michael MULROONY and Mary TUOHY July 29

Catherine of William ARMSTRONG and Mary REILLY July 26

Anthony of James CORRIGAN and Mary MITCHEL August 1

Catherine of Pat SHERIDAN and Kitty KEEFE August 2

Pat of James DAVIS and Biddy CORMACK August 8

Elizabeth of Martin MULLEE and Anne NAUGHTON August 8

Anne of Martin COSTELLO and Catherine MURPHY August 9

Pat of Pat KILGALLON and Kitty WALSH August 9

Pat of Luke DEVANNY and Kitty GREHAM August 30

Honor of Thomas VAHEY and Bab McNAMARA August 30

Mary of Luke LONDRA and Sally GIBBONS August 30 SS Pat BURKE and Mary MITCHEL

Peggy of Mark McNICHOLAS and Mary HUGHES September 8

Thady of Luke LOFTUS and Bridget McGREAL October

Bridget of David SURDIVAL and Bridget LOFTUS November 19

Lizzy of Michael NEVIN and Catherine ARMSTRONG November 29

Anne of James DEMPSY and Celia CONRY December 6

John of Tom HUGHES and May CAVANAGH December 6

Pat of James CASEY and Anne GALLAGHER December 13

Margaret of Mick REILLY and Honor WALSH December 25

Owen of James FALLON and Mary REILLY December 27

Michael of Pat McHALE and Bridget KEAVNEY December 27




Pat of Pat CONNOLLY and Catherine WALSH January 3 

John of Mick HUGHES and Bridget CONNOR January 6

James of Peter MORRIS and Mary CAHILL January 6

Thomas of Mick MITCHEL and Bridget MEARA January 9

Pat Thomas WALSH and Bridget RUANE January 10

Pat of Thady McKEON and Anne BURKE January 10

William of John KERRIGAN and Bridget FOSTER January 10

Pat of Pat TOUHY and Honor KEARNS January 13

Pat of Michael BRENNAN and Mary RICE January 17

William of John DEA and Margaret KEAVNEY January 17

Anne of Martin BRETT and Bridget McELLINN January 19

James of Dominick WALSH and Mary DOWNES January 30

Bridget of Thomas MADDEN and Anne WALSH January 31

Bridget of Thomas REILLY and Bridget REDDY February 1

Margaret of William ARMSTRONG and Catherine IRWIN February 7

Mary of Larry GREELY and Anne DEA February 17

Maria of Pat NAGHTON and Eliza HERAGHTY February 25

Pat of Michael KILLALOE and Mary HIGGINS February 28

Michael of Owen COLGAN and Catherine NALLY March 6

Anne of Anthony REILLY and Mary ANSBORO March 6

John of John LOFTUS and Mary ARMSTRONG March 6 Michael CHALK and Mary HIGGINS

Bridget Ellen of John HENAGHAN and Kitty DOWD March 7

Catherine of Pat McGUINNESS and Bridget NESTOR March 13

John of Pat MULLEN and Cisly TIERNAN March 13

Mary of Thomas SWANNACK and Bridget BRENNAN March 17

Pat of James LOFTUS and Anne SURDIVAL March 17

Pat of Ned WALSH and Mary McHUGH March 17

Mary of Ned WALSH and Mary McHUGH March 17

Thomas of Darby MULLEN and Bridget STANTON March 20 SS Richard STANTON and Cisly TIERNAN

Catherine of Pat STANTON and Honor GALLAGHER March 20

Thomas of Thomas FLANNERY and Margaret HEGARTY April 3

Ellen of Owen GALLAGHER and Catherine LOOKSKAN April 4 SS Thomas LOOKSKAN and Bridget GERATY

Thomas of Luke LONDRA and Bridget GIBBONS April 10

Pat of Pat KEANE and Ellen MaGLOIN April 10

Thomas of Thomas GILL and Anne KEARNS April 10

Thomas of Michael COLLINS and Mary WALSH April 17

Thomas of Ned DUNNE and Anne GALLAGHER April 17

William of Pat HENNELLY and Margaret STANTON April 17

Michael of John MURPHY and Nelly RICE April 17

William of William NOON and Nancy DONNELLAN April 22

Owen of Pat HENAGHAN and Mary BRENNAN April 24

Anne of John GARVEY and Ellen CARNEY April 24

Mary of William MURPHY and Maria DENNISON April 24

Bridget of David NOWLAN and Bridget WARD April 24

Margaret of Martin COONEY and Mary DIVINE May 1

Michael of Pat McELLINN and Peggy COSTELLO Martin May 1

John of Pat LOFTUS and Bridget DEVANNY May 3

Martin of Pat RONANE and Bridget HENAGHAN May 8

Rose of Pat JENNINGS and Mary CORLEY May 13

Michael of Martin O'GARRA and Margaret MORAN May 15

Thomas of Pat GARVEY and Kitty DOWD May 22

Ellen of John FAHY and Mary SWEENY May 22

Mary Anne of Michael COLLINS and Alice MOONEY May 22

Anne of Pat DEVANNEY and Biddy MULLEN May 26

Catherine of Thomas GORMAN and Biddy WALSH June 2

Anne of John McELLINN and Mary MURPHY June 8

John of Pat GORMAN and Mary ANSBORO June 12

John of Pat CONNOR and Bridget TOULSTER June 12

John of Pat BURKE and Jane DOWD June 18

John of Charley MORAN and Mary MORAN June 19

Bridget of Martin McELLINN and Sara McDONNELLE June 23

John of John SKIFFINGTON and Honor LOFTUS June 26

Bab of Pat WALSH and Bridget O'GARA June 26

Margaret of Michael KENNEDY and Anne MURPHY July 1

Libby of Pat WALSH and Peggy MANNION July 2

Honor of Charles McDONNELL and Bab McELLINN July 2

Pat of Owen McENTRYE and Mary NALLY July 3

Jane of Art MADDEN and Sarah MALLEY July 9

Ellen of John MORAN and Catherine GLYNN July 10

Peter of Art McEVILLY and Catherine HUGHES July 10

Bridget of John HIGGINS and Winny SOLAN July 14

Michael of John SURDIVAL and Bridget REILLY July 17

Julia of John WARD and Winny CARNEY July 17

James of Redmond REILLY and Margaret BURKE July 24

Mary of Mick TONRA and Catherine McHALE July 28

Thomas of John NALLY and Maria WALSH August 7

Pat of Pat MARTIN and Margaret MACKEN August 13

Margaret of Myles ROACH and Kitty GIBBONS August 15

David of Pat WALSH and Margaret GRADY August 15

Bridget of Pat REILLY and Mary WALSH September 3

Kitty of and Robert MOORE and Mary JOYCE September 4

Anne of John LOFTUS and Bridget COSTELLO September 4

Mary of Myles NALLY and Penelope LaVALLE September 7

Mary of Thomas REILLY and Bridget KERRIGAN September 7 SS Anthony FOX and Catherine KERRIGAN

Thomas of Pat RYDER and Bridget WALSH September 15

Bridget of John HUGHES and Mary ROACH September 18

Michael of Michael FLANNERY and Mary BIRMINGHAM September 24

Michael of Pat CANAVAN and Honor MURPHY September 25

Wat of John HEVERON and Margaret KERRIGAN September 25

Celia of Pat LOFTUS and Kitty MULLIN September 25

Mary of Charley ROPER and Kitty MALLY October 2 SS James ROPER and Peggy MULLEE 

Catherine of John McGOWN and Bridget McHUGH October 4

Thomas of John TUFFY and Mary BLOUK October 5

Pat of John MADDEN and Winny McGRATH October 9

Martin of John LORKAN and Ellen DUFFY October 22

Pat of Pat McMANUS and Anne HENAGHAN October 23

Anne of Hugh RAFFERTY and Anne MULLOY November 1

Pat of Michael CURRY and Honor DURKAN November 6

Thomas of Austin STANTON and Mary CLINES November 6

Martin of Martin WALSH and Margaret TONRA November 12

Elizabeth of Pat CONLAN and Catherine BANNON November 20

Margaret of Charles JOHNSTON and Jane BURKE November 24

Anne of Thomas KENNEDY and Anne ANSBORO December 1

Pat of Michael STANTON and Mary FARELL December 4

Margaret of Michael KENNY and Peggy CUNNINGHAM December 4 this child is a bastard got in the Parish of Knock where the father resides and mother was in service. She belongs not to this Parish, but was passing through

Ellen of Pat JENNINGS and Ellen BYRNE December 4

Ellen of Martin SKIFFINGTON and Ellen BLOUK December 4 SS Thomas SKIFFINGTON and Honor LOFTUS

John of Pat McDONNELL and Mary HOOK December 4

Margaret of Thomas ROACH and Sarah BRADY December 15

Pat of Denis GALLAGHER and Kit KEAVENY December 18

Letty of Thomas and Sara RAFFERTY December 23

Mary of John HENRY and Anne CREAN December 24

Margaret of Pat MURPHY and Winny DOYLE December 24

Bernard of Bernard CONRY and Mary REILLY December 29

Kate of Edward COLGAN and Bridget McHUGH December 31









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