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 February 15 2007 Ballintober Parish County Mayo Baptisms 1870-1881

I have tried to transcribe as error free as possible. If you spot any errors or know the correct spelling of town-lines, please feel free to let me know

189 Baptisms


Mary of James CARTER and Catherine CANNON January 6 Baloor 

Thomas of Martin KEARNY and Mary MULROY January 8 Castleburke  

Mary of Martin FAIDON and Mary MALLY January 11 Killawalla  

Bridget of Pat GANNON and Catherine HIGGINS January 14 Rustique  

Mary of Michael WALSH and Mary BYRNE January 16 Moate

Ellen of Michael KEVIL and Mary GIBBONS January 20 Cartoonbower  

Bridget of Jno McGUIRE and Mary SCAHIL January 28 Dereenascoobe  

Mary of Thomas McGING and Margaret BURKE February 6 Dereendafderg  

Bridget of Pat GIBBONS and Margaret CARNEY February 12 Kiltharsechaune  

Peter of John TUOHY and Margaret IGO February 18 Cloonboorhy  

Jno of Pat McEVILLY and Mary BEANE February 23 Derryoran  

Bridget of Michael McGREEVY and Ann CARTER April 1 Ballure  

Pat of John FAHY and Mary CONNOR April 2 Newtown  

William of John BRENNAN and Catherine MUGAN April 4 Devlish  

Thomas of Pat RYDER and Winifred McDonnell April 4 Cartronbower  

Pat of James WALSH and Mary KILEEN April 5 Gorthbawn  

Bridget of Richard WALSH and Mary TRACEY April 5 Killawalla  

Bridget of Pat MORAN and Catherine PENDERGRAST April 7 Ballintubber  

Pat of John GILLIGAN and Honor DEA April 10 Ballyglass

Ann of Ned JOYCE and Bridget HIGGINS April 11 Killawalla 

James of James WALSH an Mary GERAGHTY April 13 Curlisduane  

George of Martin BELLE and Mary McDONNEEL April 18 Ballyburke  

Ned of Peter DEA and Mary O'BRIEN April 24 Cartronbower

Michael of Thomas TRACEY and Ann HUGHES April 29 Cloonboorhy

Pat of James WALSH and Mary KILEEN May 6 Gorthbawn  

Bridget of Thomas PHILBIN and Bridget GANNON May 8 Rustique  

John of Michael KERRIGAN and Kate O'BRIEN May 20 Dereenascoobe  

Ann of Pat McDONNELL and Mary GAVIN May 23 Ballintubber  

John of James GIBBONS and Honor CAVANAGH May 29 Killadeer  

Walter of Pat HANNON and Mary BURKE June 4 Derrew  

Walter of Walter HOPKINS and Mary ROLAND June 5 Dromore  

Honor of Matthew LALLY and Mary DURKAN June 6 Derryoran  

John of Thomas REILLY and Mary BARRETT June 8 Killawalla  

Mary of Michael McDERMOTT and Ann FLYNN June 12 Kiltharsechaune

Mary of Jno LUDDEN and Mary CARNEY 

Sarah of Michael BOURKE and Mary HORAN June 20 Ballyburke  

Mary of Pat BURKE and Catherine DILLON June 20 Cullintra

John of Pat KELLY and Catherine STANTON June 24 Moore Hall  

John of Michael HAYES and Kitty MORAN July 3 Derryoran  

Mary of Pat BAYNES and Bridget GARVEY July 4 Ballyburke

Martin of Thomas MORAN and Julia GOFF July 10 Baloor

Owen of William CUSACK and Nancy KING July 10 Sandyhill

Honor of Luke LEONARDS and Catherine DUNNE July 11 Knocknaragh

Michael of Anthony McHALE and Mary VAHY July Ballyglass  

Anthony of Pat ROGERS and Mary CONNOR July 28 Lisrobert  

Honor of Jno LARKIN and Mary McHALE July 31 Derrew  

Mary of John DUFFY and Bridget McGING August 5 Croaghrim  

Edward of Dominick MALLY and Margaret LANGAN August 7 Cappaharnaun  

Maryann of Terry O'SULLIVAN and Mary JOYCE August 8 Killawalla  

Martin of John MORAN and Catherine CASEY August 14 Ballintubber  

Bridget of Thomas BURKE and Bridget BRENNAN August 14 Ballyburke 

Honor of Pat CONROY and Winifred HANNON August 22 Killawalla  

Julie of Peter TUOHY and Mary CARTY August 23 Ballintober  

James of James HIGGINS and Ann WALSH August 28 Kinuary

John of William and Mary GIBBONS September 2 Devlish  

Mary Ellen of John WALSH and Mary BAYNES September 9 Killawalla  

Mary of Pat TRACEY and Mary CORKRAN September 11 Dereenasc8obe  

Bridget of Pat CAIN and Mary McGING September 17 Kinuary  

Mary of Hugh SCAHIL and Bridget MALONE September 18 Croaghrim

Mary of Anthony DOLAN and Sally FINNERTY October 6 Ballyburke  

Margaret of James WALSH and Mary DURKAN October 7 Moore Hall  

Pat of Pat WALSH and Mary SCAHIL October 9 Drumneen  

Jno of Martin GIBBONS and Bridget RONAYNE October 12 Devlish  

Mary Ellen of James JENNINGS and Mary CARNEY October 29 Moore Hall  

John of Thomas LAWLEY and Mary VAHEY November 5 Ballintubber  

Bridget of Larry and Mary CARROLL November 5 Devlish  

Bridget of Thomas BURKE and Mary CAVANAGH November 7 Bohaun  

Martin of Thomas JOYCE and Mary MORAN November 10 Culluane

Mary to John TOLSTER and Bridget CLYNES November 10 Lisrobert  

Mary of John and Fanny BLAKE November 16 Rinaneel  

Jno of Jno and Catherine WALSH November 19 Gorthbawn  

Ann of Pat CARNEY and Mary CARTY November 20 Bohaun  

Sarah of Pat BRENNAN and Bridget ANDERSON November 22 Kiltharsechaune  

Pat of Pat FEENY and Bridget LOFTUS November 25 Rinaneel  

Bridget of Pat CORCORAN and Ann HIGGINS November 27 Bohaun 

Anthony of Michael BURKE and Mary RIELY November 28 Ballintubber 

Mary of Thomas CORCORAN and Bridget CONWAY December 1 Dereenascoobe  

Mary of Jno WALSH and Honor GREAVY December 1 Gorthbawn  

Martin of James FARRAGHER and Bridget MORAN December 4 Ballyburke  

Mary of Thomas CORCORAN and Bridget CONWAY December 5 Dereenascoobe  

Mary of Michael BRENNAN and Bridget CAIN December 9 Baloor  

Thomas of Michael ROWLEY and Ellen PENDERGRAST December 17 Dromore  

Bridget of Pat PENDERGRAST and Honor WALSH December 17 Newtown  

Ellen of Pat DUFFY and Mary LYDEN December 18 Dereendafderg  

Bridget of Pat CARNEY and Bridget HUGHES December 20 Ballintubber  

Martin of Pat FEENEY and Bridget LOFTUS December 22 Rinaneel  

Joseph of Pat STANTON and Mary BLAKE December 22 Rinaneel  

James of Richard KEATING and Sally REILLY December 24 Newtown


Pat of Michael GANNON and Bridget KILEEN January 7 Rustique  

Mary of Thomas CONORY and Ann LOVRAN February 2 Derryoran  

Julia of William FADIAN (?) Honor WALSH March 5 1871

Bridget of James MALLY and Mary LUDDEN March 12 Gorthbawn  

Michael of Pat GIBBONS and Bridget HENGHEN April 2 Devlish  

Mary of Pat BAYNES and Bridget GARRY April 30 Ballyburke  

Catherine of John FOY and Bridget GIBBONS May 7 Derreen  

James of Thomas LOFTUS and Mary KNIGHT May 9 Knockarhara  

Mary of Martin WALSH and Mary FLYNN May 21 Gorthbawn  

Sarah of Thomas and Bridget MURPHY May 21 Killadeer  

Bridget of Thomas KILCOYNE and Catherine KIRBY May 22 Ballintubber  

John of Pat GIBBONS and Ann WALSH June 18 Kiltharsechaune  

Judy of Thomas NAUGHTON and Mary CARNEY June 18 Kiltharsechaune  

Peter of James McGOUGH and Mary NEWELL June 25 Ballintubber  

Mary of William BASQUIL and Ann GIBBONS June 30 Killadeer  

Catherine of Matthew MALLY and Ellen DILLON August 13 Cullintra  

Honor of James FERGUS and Margaret O'BRIEN August 27 Killawullaun    

William of John DUFFY and Bridget McGING September 3 Croaghrim  

Bridget of John LARKIN and Mary McHALE October 1 Derrew  

Mary of Michael KERRIGAN and Bridget O'BRIEN November 12 Dereenascoobe  

?? Peter LALLY and Ann PEMBRECK November 3 Cartronbower  

James of James McLEONARD and Mary McGING November 5 Kinuary  

Bridget of Martin FERGUS and Mary MALLY December 7 Killawalla


Charles Cornelius of Charles CROTTY and Sophia WYNNE February 9 Kinuary  

Isobela of James JENNINGS and Margaret CARNEY no location

Celia of Edward BURKE and Mary KILEEN April 7 Ballincula 

William of William DEA and Bridget GOLEY May 9 Mount Pleasant  

John of Thomas KELLY and Ann HUGHES May 9 Cloonboorhy  

John of Pat McDONALD and Mary GAVIN May 26 Cloonakeel  

Laurence of Walter HOPKINS and Mary ROWLEY May 30 Dromore  

John of Thomas SCHAILL and Sicily CONNOR May 30 Dromore  

John of Roger HYNES and Catherine MALLY May 30 Stonepark  

John of John GANNON and Mary GAVIN June 2 Rustique

Thomas of John TOULSTON and Bridget GLYNES June 9 Lisrobert 

Martin of Pat GIBBONS and Honor CARNEY June 10 Sheean 

Thomas of James TOULSTER and Mary WALSH June 9 Kiltharsechaune  

John of Pat McGREEVY and Mary WATER June 30 Derreen  

Mary of John TUOHY and Margaret IGO July 7 Cloonboorhy  

John of Pat FLYNN and Mary HEVERAN July 7 Kinuary  

Catherine of Michael HORAN and Mary CASEY July 14 Cartronbower  

Ellen of Thomas KILCOYNE and Sally KIRBY July 21 Ballintubber  

John of Brian CONNOR and Julia HORAN August 17 Kiltharsechaune  

Philip of Thady DUFFY and Mary MALLY August 17 Kiltharsechaune  

Bridget of John HIGGINS and Mary HENEHEN August 23 Kinuary  

Bridget of Pat BUTLER and Catherine BURKE November 17 Killawalla  

Bridget of Pat McHALE and Mary RIELLY November 17 Bohaun  

Ann of Michael HENGHEN and Biddy KELLY December 12 Kinuary  

John of James HIGGINS and Ann WALSH December 12 Kiltharsechaune  


Mary of John GIBBONS and Honor CAVANAGH Jan Killadeer 

William of Michael McHALE and Bridget KILCOYNE Knockaraha  

Thomas of Thomas HENEHEN and Bridget LUDDEN January 4 Dereendafderg  

Bridget of Michael WALSH and Mary MALLY January 6 Cartronbower  

Catherine of Thomas CONNOR and Bridget LaVALLE January 10 Derreen  

Mary Margaret of Pat McEVILLY and Mary DEANE January 10 Derreen  

Mary of Michael FADEN and Mary BASQUIL March Killawalla  

Mary of Edward WALSH and Bridget DONNEL March Knocksowna  

Mary of Pat SHEA and Mary SHEA March Cullintra

Thomas of Pat NALTY and Judy NEWAL March Cranmore  

Pat of Pat KEARNY and Mary CARTY March Bohaun  

James of Pat BAYNES and Bridget GARVEY March Ballyburke  

Thomas of Mark MULROY and Bridget IGO June 8 Newtown  

Ann of Michael WHITE and Mary SCANLON June 8 Caranultor  

Mary of Pat HALLEY and Mary CONROY September 15 Rinaneel  

Ellen of Armstrong McHALE and Mary VAHEY September 23 no location  

Mary to John MURPHY and Bridget CAMPBELL born October 3 1873 Gorthbawn

Michael of Michael PHILBIN and Mary WALSH Rustique married Nora DUFFY in Chicago
February 15 1911


Bridget to Anthony MURPHY and Margaret CANNON January 1 Killadeer  SS Patrick STANTON and Catherine STANTON

Bedila of Peter MURPHY and Maria MaGRATH February 9  

Jane of Austin McGING and Sally KILCOYNE June 21 Carnacon  

John of Richard BURKE and Honor WALSH June 21 Newtown  

Bridget of John WARD and Ellen GOLEY June 21 Cloonencela  

the following all appear to be June 26 Baptisms

John of Pat WALSH and Mary SCHAHIL Drumminroe

Mary of Thomas DILLON and Mary CUSACK Cullintra

Catherine of Thomas McGINN and Mary WALSH Bohaun  

Sarah of John TUOHY and Ann WALSH Derrynacanna  

Pat of Pat GRIFFIN and Ann CONNOR Cartronbower  

Anthony of John TRACEY and Ann HENEHAN Dereenascoobe  

James of James KILCOYNE and Bridget KNIGHT Knockaraha  

John of Austin CONNELLY and Mary KING Croaghrim  

Jane of Austin BURKE and Mary CARTER Killawalla  

James of James HOLLAND and Mary DOLAN Kiltharsechaune  

Thomas of Pat BOYLE and Ann McDONNELL Moore Hall

Walter of John LARKIN and Mary McHALE Derrew  

Bridget of Anthony MURPHY and Mary CANNON Sandyhill  

Pat of Thomas HENEGHEN and Catherine GIBBONS Dereenascoobe  

Maria of Thomas SHERIDAN and Rose MADDEN Kiltharsechaune  

John of John SHEA and Mary WALSH Killadeer  

Pat of Pat FLYNN and Mary HENEHAN Bohaun  

Bridget of James GREHAN and Bridget JOYCE (illegitimate) Hazelrock  

Pat of Pat McEVILY and Mary DEANE Derrynacanna  

Bridget of John MORAN and Ann WILLIS Skehahagh  

Mary of Martin FERGUS and Mary MALLY Killawalla  

Pat of William BASQUIL and Ann GIBBONS Killadeer
Bridget of Thomas TUFFY and Mary MULLOWNEY Dereendafderg  

Bridget of Thomas HENHEN and Bridget LEYDEN Dereendafderg  

Bessy of Pat CORLEY and Mary WALSH Ballintubber  

Catherine of John GAVIN and Ann TRACEY Dereenascoobe  

Mary of Mick GIBBONS and Biddy McGINN Kinuary  

John of Pat WALSH and Domida CANNAN Killawalla  

Charles of John HIGGINS and Catherine McDERMOTT Bohaun  

Bridget of James HUGHES and Bridget FINNERTY Ballyburke  

James of Thomas MORAN and Judy McGOUGH Baloor


Michael of Martin KEVNEY and Mary MELIA September 30 Castleburke  

Michael of Pat IGO and Maria MALLY November 25 Drimod  


Pat of (illegitimate) Pat HENRY and Mary WALSH January 9 Ballyglass  

MaryAnn of Pat MORAN and Honor GARVEY January 22 Newtown  

Pat of John SHEA and Mary WALSH January 23 married Margaret KENNY in Castlebar
February 20-1915  

Mary of Thomas SCAHIL and Celia CONNOR January 30 Carnacon  

Sarah of John MURPHY and Bridget CAMPBELL March 5  Gorthbawn SS Thomas and Catherine KIRBY  

Mary of James McGREEVY and Ellen McGREEVY June 15  

Mary of Alick McDONNELL and Mary CANNON September 8 Moore Hall

Steven of Michael GRIFFIN and Mary HUGHES August 4 Cartronbower  

Pat of Pat HOOLINAN and Bridget McMANUS September 7 Ballencheck  


Bridget of Michael MURPHY and Mary ARMSTRONG January 26 Ballyburke  

Catherine of Anthony MURPHY and Margaret MURPHY March 13  

John and Michael of Thomas McGING and Mary WALSH June 2  

Thomas of John GAVEN and Ann TRACEY August Dereenascoobe  

Ann of Pat GAVEN and Ann McNULTY August Ballyburke  


Bridget to Michael MURPHY and Maryanne ARMSTRONG January 26 Ballyburke SS  James ARMSTRONG and Catherine ARMSTRONG

John of Michael and GALLAGHER March 2 Ballynamarroge  

James and William of Pat CONNOR and Mary BASQUIL March 14 Drumminroe  

Sarah of William RALPH and Mary CONNOR April 13 Ballyglass  

Ann of Michael and Bridget GIBBONS April 13 Devlish


Mary of John WALSH and Catherine WALSH January 29 Kinuary  

Mary of John WALSH and Margaret GAVAN January 29 Curlisduane  

Mary of Michael LUDDEN and Margaret Joyce March 23 Cranmore  

Pat of John BYRNE and Catherine FITZPATRICK March 23 Gorthbawn  

Ellen of Thomas MURPHY and Bridget MALLY March 29 Dromore  

John of Thomas STANTON and Judith HUGHES May Moore Hall  

Eliza of Thomas BARRETT and Fanny BLAKE May Rinaneel  

Thomas of William DEA and Bridget GOLEY May Thomastown  

Mary of John WALSH and Catherine WALSH June 15 Gorthbawn

Catherine of Michael HOPKINS and Bridget PENDERGRAST July 8 Dromore  

Thomas of Martin HUGHES and Kitty MALLY July 8 Stonepark  

John of Pat FITZPATRICK and Catherine HENRY July 30 Carnacon  

Mary of Charles FLYNN and Mary GILMOUR August 8 Ballintubber  

Pat of Thomas HORAN and Pat WALSH September 2 Barnakillew  

James of Austin McGING and Sarah KILCOYNE September 2 Carnacon  

Stephen of Michael PHILBIN and Mary WALSH September 2 Ballyglass married Ellen CARTY Chicago March 20-1909  

Julia of John CASEY and Bridget MURPHY December 5

Edward Augustus of Thomas McGUIRE and Jane CULLINAN January 5 Ballyglass  

Bridget of Pat FEENEY and Bridget BURKE July 25 Rinaneel  

Mary of Thomas STANTON and Judy HUGHES August 7 Moore Hall married James WARD
April 1September 1908 St Paul's NYC  

Thomas of Mary FADIAN and Mary QUINN August 18 Carnacon married Margaret TUORA St
Columkillis Brighten Boston 1910


Martin of John GERAGHTY and Harriet BROWNE January Cloonkeen  

Eleanor of Michael MURPHY and Maryanne ARMSTRONG February 6 Ballyburke SS William TREACY and Ellen ARMSTRONG

Bridget of John WALSH and Mary CORCORAN March Curlisduane  

Pat of John JOYCE and Bridget GERGHTY March Ballinacloigh  

John of Pat LYDON and Mary PHILBIN March married Mary HAMYAN November 10 St Thomas Acquaints Church Philadelphia


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