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  June 15 2006



Aughaval (Westport) Parish Marriages 1850 to 1905


If there is a separate village for child that is listed after their name. If there is one village listed after father that is the only one listed for both 350 marriages more to come




Pat JOYCE to Bridget McGREAL January 13

Toby MURPHY to Ellin DIVANY January 12 witness John ORMSBY and Mary DIVANY

James GRADY to Mary GERATY

Pat O'NEAL to Winny FERGUS January 19 

John KING to Honor FERGUS January 21

Thomas O'TOOLE to Sarah O'DONEL

Pat DOWDLE to Ann HUGHES January 27 witness John COMMINS and Mary QUIGLEY

John REILLY to Bridget FRIEL January 27 

Dan GAVIN to Eliza MORRY

John LYON to Mary GIBBONS January 28 

James RIDER to Catherine FERGUS February 3 

John GERAGHTY to Mary HEART February 4 witness John and Mary FERGUS

John HENEGHAN to Catherine MALONE February 9

Frances HYNES to Mary LALLY February 12 

Richard MacGREAL to Mary MacLOUGHLIN February 14 

Robert HESTION to Helen MUGAN February 15

Christopher JOHNSTON to Catherine GAMERON February 17 Witness Thomas FRENCH to Catherine CAMERON

Peter BRADLEY to Sarah SCANLON February 20 

John MaGREALE to Catherine HUGHES February 25 witness Philip HUGHES and Ellen CONROY

Thomas DONNELLY to Mary COYNE March 2 

Anthony HYNES to Mary MALLY March 4 

Richard GIBBONS to Bessy WALSH March 6 

Charles COSTELLO to Bridget GIBBONS March 7 witness Thomas and Honoria COSTELLO

Martin MALLY to Ann MOFFIT March 19 witness Ed COMMINS and Sabrina BERRY

Michael MALLEY to Sally GIBLIN

John FINIGAN to Margaret GERAGHTY March 23 

Andrew CORLEY to Marie SMYTH March 24 witness George CONLEY and Catherine DALE

Peter NELIS to Eliza JOYCE April 6 

Pat MALLY to Mary SHEA May 21 

William CAMPBELL to Mary ROWE May 27 witness Martin GERAGHTY and Bridget PHILBIN

James CRIBEEN to Mary HALLANAN June 6

Austin HESTIN to Judy WALSH June 13

Austin MALLY to Margaret GIBBONS June 24 witness John and Mary DONNELL 

John HASTINGS to Bridget FERGUS July 1 witness Pat HESTIN and Honor FERGUS

Pat MURTY to Bessie DOWD August 5 

James RUDDY to Bridget TOOLE August 20 

Pat FRIEL to Mary HALANAN August 28 

William JENNINGS to Winny CONNELLY September 7

Pat MUNSTER to Maria MALLEY September 12 witness Belinda MacNEALE and James KELLY

Thomas GIBBONS to Mary DALE September 19 

Philip HUGHES to Ellin CONWAY September 22 

John MALLY to Mary BRAWLEY September 25 

Thomas CRONAN to Bridget KILCOYNE September 29

John BOURKE to Catherine KEARNS September 30 

Terrence McCORMACK to Helen FLANIGAN November 4

Pat MORAN to Honor DONNELL November 8

Peter CORRIGAN to Catherine GALAGHER November 20

Austin DURKAN to Biddy CAMPBELL December 4 

Pat MALLEY to Mary SHEA December 21 witness James McGREALE and Eliza GERAGHTY

James FARGAHEN and Mary KELLY December 28

James HESTIN to Mary FREHILL December 29




Austin MacEVALLY to Sarah GAVIN January 5


John PIERCE to Catherine REILLY January 12  

Pat MURRAY to Eliza HENRY January 12 

John MURPHY to Ann GERAGHTY January 22

Cormick MaGREALE to Bridget KELLY January 29 

Dominick McGREAL to Sally O'DONNELL January 29

Pat SALMON to Mary GILL February 2 

Frances GILL to Ann MALLY February 2 

George MOONEY to Catherine BOURKE February 8 

James COLLINS to Mary GALLAGHER February 20 

Anthony TOOLE to Mary GAVAN February 20 

Michael MALLEY to Judy FREAL February 24

Pat FERGUS to Bridget JENNINGS March 2

James MURRAY to Mary WOODHOUSE March 4

Martin TULLY to Bridget MORLEY March 9 

Bennett STEPHENSON to Bridget JOYCE March 16 

Thomas LEWIS to Catherine CORCORAN May 1 

Pat KELTON to Ann BURNS June 27

James BOURKE to Bridget LAMBERT July 10 

Ed COONEY to Jane CAMIRON August 14

Peter WALSH to Mary DOWLAN September 5 witness James SCOTT and Honor DERRIG

James MaGLOUGHLIN to Mary DIVEN September 20 witness William HOBAN to Mary COPPINGEN 

Alexander MacNULTY to Jane McKEONE September 30 

George SHAW to Ann MaGREALE October 1 

Peter MALLY to Judith WARD October 7 

Richard WHELAND to Ann JOYCE October 8 witness Pat WHELAND and Mary JOYCE

Hubert FLYNN to Catherine BUCHANNON October 9 

Pat CONWAY to Margaret LANDRUM October 21

Michael ODONNEL to Bridget GERAGHTY November 17  




John GIBBONS to Peggy CAMPBELL January 7 

John VAHY to Ann MURRAY January 27  

James SCOTT to Mary FREHIL February 9 Boheh witness Jno SCOTT and Margaret JOYCE

Pat MULLOY to Bridget FARRELL February 12 

Austin HERAGHTY to Catherine HESTIN

Pat MOORE to Bridget WALSH March 9 

Thomas BOURKE to Honor GAVEN March 20 witness Edward BURKE and Bridget LYONS

George WALSH to Ann MALONE May 1 

Philip REGAN to Ann GIBBONS May 28 

John GARMEN to Ellin PIERCE May 28 

Pat GILL to Kathy SULLIVAN June 27 

John McGREAL to Mary JENNINGS July 14 

James SCOTT to Ann HEVERAN August 1 

Pat SCAHILL to Sabrina MALLY September 1  

Pat BOURKE to Honor GAVAN October 16




Michael MALLY to Catherine DUFFY March 3 

Charles GIBBONS to Catherine MORTIMER April 7 

Myles JOYCE to Honor MALLY May 1

 Thomas McNAMARA to Honor LaVELLE 

Martin McENTEE to Ann PHILIPS 10-23 




Michael McGREAL to Bridget KERRIGAN February 20  

Michael FREHIL to Maria FERGUS February 27 

David FITZMAURICE to Bridget KELLY June 26 




Anthony KEARNEY to Margaret WALSH February 12 

Michael ODONNELL to Winny FLANEGAN February 18 

Malacky KITRICK to Mary BRADLEY February 18 

Pat KILCOYNE to Margaret HOLLAND September 1 

John SCOTT to Ann FADIN October 4




Pat BARRETT to Catherine WALSH January 7 

John JENNINGS to Mary MacNAMARA January 12 

Austin KELLY to Bridget TOOLE January 13 

Myles SCOTT to Bridget SCAHILL January 27 

Daniel MORAN to Mary JOYCE January 28 

William FLANAGAN to Honor MULKIN January 30 

John DUFFY to Bridget KING February 1  

Felix McGUIRE to Margaret GARNON February 5 

John KERRIGAN to Ellin HYNES February 5  

John GAVEN to Bridget DAVITT February 6  

Thomas GERAGHTY to Catherine MORTIMER March 12 dispensation March 3 

Anthony TOOLE to Mary MALLY June 23 

Peter LaVALLE to Ellin CURRIGAN June 23 

Darby PADDEN to Mary LEMONS June 27 

Joseph CHRISTIE to Bridget JEFFERS August 11 

John McNEELY to Bridget CUSACK August 13 

James SHERIDAN to Bridget JOYCE August 13  

Austin KILCOYNE to Mary PHELPS October 8 

Thomas MORAN to Ellen GIBBONS October 12

John McNALLY to Bridget CUSACK October 13

John MORAN to Catherine SKAHILE October 25

John MULKERN to Catherine BOYLE November 6

Peter FLYNN to Ellen KERINS November 16

John KILKENNY to Bridget MORAN November 24 

Anthony SCOTT to Judy PENDERGRAST November 25




William BURNS to Margaret STEPHENS January 5

John BROGAN to Bridget KERRIGAN January 10

Pat CANNON to Kate GREALY January 20

Pat McGREAL to Honor MONAGHAN January 21 

Martin KING to Mary CANNON January 22

James KENNEDY to Mary GALLAGHER January 26

Richard HORAN to Julia MACKEN January 26

James KENNEDY to Winny GALLAGHER January 26

Edward RUDDY to Sarah MORAN January 28

William BURKE to Honor MULONE January 29

John GIBBONS to Mary FREHILL February 7

Thadeus GAVAN to Mary MaGREALE February 8

Michael MALLEY to Bessy KERNS February 10

Myles PENDERGRAST to Margaret SCAHILL February 13

Luke CARRIGAN to Bridget GIBLIN February 13

Thomas ROUSE to Mary GERAGHTY February 20 

Pat SALMON to Bridget FERGUS March 29 

James NOONE to Rose LUDDEN April 22 

Pat NYLAND to Mary FARRELL May 1

James BRYAN to Sarah MELLON May 10 

Peter DEAN to Mary MURRAY May 20 

Austin HERAGHTY to Mary DUGGAN May 25

Pat O'HARA to Bridget QUIGLEY June 19

James CONNELLY to Maria ROONEY June 22

John WALSH to Honor MORAN June 25

Thomas MORAN to Eliza MORAN July 1

Edward BIRMINGHAM to Eliza Mary STUART July 4

Pat KELLY to Catherine MORAN July 11

Thomas MORAN to Catherine REYNOLDS July 23

Myles JORDAN to Margaret GRAHAM July 30

Michael MOORE to Mary NEEDHAM August 3

Pat KINSKREEN to Catherine MUGAN August 22 witness Daniel McGING and Margaret SCOTT

Pat KITTERICK to Bridget MURRAY August 25 Pat WALSH and Bridget KETTERICK

Martin GANNON to Anne FITZPATRICK August 25

Hugh MUNSTOR to Catherine CAIN August 28

Michael BROWN to Catherine MaGLOUGHLIN August 31

Pat WALSH to Mary CANNON September 18

Pat MacDONNELL to Ann COYLE September 19

James SWIFT to Rose MacMANUS September 23

Michael LUDDEN to Mary MALLEY September 29

John GIBBONS to Kitty WALSH November 3

Michael NOONE to Bridget McKEW November 10




Richard MADDEN to Mary DALY February 16

Pat MALLEY to Bridget WALSH February 18

Pat MaGREAL to Mary Ann DONNELL March 6

John MacDONAGH to Mary O'DONELL March 12

John GERAGHTY to Mary HOPKINS April 7 

Paul KEANERY or KEAVENY to Catherine ROWLAND May10

Dominick MacDONNELL to Honor FERGUS May 10

Michael GANNON to Bridget MaGLOUGHLIN May 20

John WALSH to Margaret SHERIDAN May 24

Michael MacNENIE to Mary ROCHE  

Pat OHARA to Bridget QUIGLEY June 19 

John WALSH to Honor MORAN June 22 

Pat KELLY to Catherine MORAN July 11 

Mary MOORE to Mary NEEDHAM August 3 

Pat KELLY to Mary WALSH August 6

Peter MacMANUS to Anne GANNON August 11

Peter HERAGHTY to Margaret MaGREALE August 21 

Pat KINSBREEN to Catherine MEGAN August 22 

Pat KITTERICK to Bridget MURRAY August 25 

Charles BERRY to Catherine KEARNEY August 28




Austin WALSH to Bridget DUFFY February 6 

Pat MaKENNA to Bridget KENNEDY February 17 

Austin GANNON to Catherine KING February 27  

John WALSH to Mary MacDONNELL February 27 

James BURKE to Ellen MALLEY March 4

James MacGRATH to Mary Ann COLLINS March 16 

Austin GARATY to Sally KELLY

Pat MacLOUGHLIN to Kitty KANE March 20

Pat CUNNIFFE to Mary COYNE March 20

Marty LYONS to Bridget SCOTT August 19 witness William COLEMAN and Bridget SCOTT

John BOURKE to Susan HALLINAN September 6

Michael MALLEY to Bridget SULLIVAN November 13




Robert ANDERSON (Protestant married with special permission) to Mary Ann SCANLON January 18  

James GRADY to Nelly DONNELLY January 30 

John WALSH to Honor McGUIRE January 31 witness Martin WALSH and Mary GIBBONS

Pat MaGREALE to Honor FLANAGAN February 15

Thomas NEVIN to Sarah KING February 16 

Pat TOOLE to Sarah KEANE February 17

William O'MALLEY to Maria O'MALLEY February

John CAMPBELL to Ann BIRMINGHAM February 21 witness Daniel CAMPBELL and Bridget BIRMINGHAM

Pat GAVAN to Bridget CONWAY February 28

Martin KERRIGAN to Julia SCAHILL March 15

Capt. Peter REYNOLDS to Mary REYNOLDS April 5 

Michael MURPHY to Mary TIMONY April 12 

John FADIAN to Bridget HEART May 24

William LANGMORE to Mary GILMORE May 25

John MacGREAL to Ellen HERAGHTY July 27

John O'NEAL to Mary MaGING August 11 witness Michael O'NEAL and Anne MaGING

Pat MADDEN to Maria WALSH October 22

Michael McKENNA to Honor CONWAY November 21




Owen CAMPBELL Murrisk of Michael and Eleanor CAMPBELL Murrisk to Mary MALLY Murrisk of Thomas and Anne MALLEY Murrisk witness Edward and Mary MALLY

James GIBBONS of Pat and Anne GIBBONS Kelledangan to Catherine KELLY of John and Mary KELLY January 15 Cleraun

John LAMBERT of Michael and Bridget LAMBERT Westport to Mary CORRIGAN of John and Catherine CORRIGAN Westport January 19

Pat TOOLE of Pat TOOLE and Margaret BASKWELL Drummin to Anne FERGUS of Thomas FERGUS and Honor HALLANAN February 23 Drummin

Thomas SCAHILL of John and Mary SCAHILL Lecanvey to Bridget GIBLIN of Michael GIBLIN and Anne DORRIS April 3 Westport

Dominick SALMON of Mitchfield of Judy SALMON to Bridget McGREAL of Michael McGREAL October 29

Thomas WALSH Clare Island of James and Mary WALSH Turloughmore to Ellen GIBBONS of Laurence and Bridget GIBBONS Westport


Thomas WALSH of Martin and Sally WALSH Ternacrugha to Anne MARVIL of John and Bridge MARVIL Gloshbaun January 27


Stephen JORDAN of Stephen JORDAN and S. JOYCE Murrisk to Mary SCAHILL of James SCAHILL and Mary STANTON February 7

Edward WALSH of Peter and Honor WALSH James St to Ellen KNON of William and Jane KNON Gorthae September 15

Michael O'DONNELE of Michael O'DONNELE and Mary BOYLE Thornhill to Catherine GILL of Henry GILL and Catherine BOYLE November 8

Pat DUFFY of James and Sarah DUFFY Aughaval to Anne SCOTT of James and Anne SCOTT Cloona December 24


Peter BRADLEY Cloonagh of Pat BRADLEY to Mary HOLLAND of Arthur HOLLAND Culleen March

Pat O'SHEA Kilmeena John SHEA to Mary Anne FEANY of Michael FEANY May 17 Westport

Thomas MORAGHAM of Pat MORAGHAM and Margaret KELLY Carnocun to Kate GERAGHTY of Martin GERAGHTY and Mary EGAN Murrisk July 9

William BIVANE of William BIVANE and Margaret MALY Louisburgh to Mary WALSH Thornhill of Pat WALSH and Mary DONNELY Louisburgh October 2

Pat MORTIMER of George MORTIMER Lecanvey to Catherine CONWAY of Peter and Sarah CONWAY Lecanvey October 7

Daniel CAMPBELL Town of Daniel and Julia CAMPBELL Town to Rose Marie KENNEDY Town of James KENNEDY and Mary MADDEN November 20 witness Daniel CAMPBELL (town) and Jane McDONNELL (town)




Charles RUDDY of John and Anne RUDDY Murrisk to Bridget SCAHIL of Michael and Mary SCAHIL  Murrisk January 22

Pat MALEY of Pat and Bridget MALEY Culleen to Bridget GRADY of William and Bridget GRADY Kilsallagh February 10

Mick GALLAGHER of John and Nancy GALLAGHER Kelmore to Honor BERRY Pat and Bridget BERRY Drummin February 27

James GIBBONS of Pat and Mary GIBBONS Culleen to Bridget FLANIGAN of Pat and Mary FLANIGAN Owenwee May

Michael WALSH Derrygorman of Martin and Catherine WALSH to Bridget QUIGLEY of Thomas and Bridget QUIGLEY Ardygorman May 18 witness Martin and Bridget WALSH Derrygorman

Thomas McLOUGHLIN Westport of Owen and Catherine McLOUGHLIN Rougham to Margaret WALSH of Pat and Mary WALSH Derrygorman July 2




Edward McNEELY of Austin and Ellen McNEELY Thornhill to Margaret GILL of James and Margaret GILL January 20

John KELLY Kilmacade to Bridget WALSH of Anthony WALSH Derrygorman February 10

Pat KERIGAN Murrisk of Edward KERIGAN to Bridget WALSHE of David WALSHE Murrisk February 10

John BUTLER of James and Anne BUTLER Athlone to Margaret McDONAGH of Pat and Mary McDONAGH Westport August 3

Martin RUSH Westport of Martin and Honor RUSH Galway to Mary RUSH Galway of John and Mary RUSH Galway August Dispensation August 7

Pat HYNES 27 laborer Carrownechten (Pat HYNES Thornhill) to Kate MURPHY 16 Dooncastle (Martin MURPHY Aughagower) October




Thomas GANNON of Peter GANNON and Margaret BOURKE Kilsalgh to Mary GRADY of Thomas and Mary GRADY Thornhill January 14

Pat O'BRIEN of Pat O'BRIEN and Judith DUFFY Mitchfield to Catherine DURKIN of Richard DURKIN and Winny JOYCE February 12 Drummin




Michael GERAGHTY of Peter GERAGHTY and Mary HYNES Murrisk to Mary Anne BOURKE of Dominick BOURKE Quay January

Peter BERRY of Pat and Honor BERRY Lynavesta to William HASTINGS of John and Bridget HASTINGS Lynavesta January 19

Pat TOOLE of Charles TOOLE and Bridget McEVILY Falduff to Mary HESTIN of Peter HESTIN and Mary DUFFY Drummminee February 5

John GIBBONS of Peter and Mary GIBBONS Owenwee to Mary McGREAL of Dominick and Sarah McGREAL Owenwee February 7

Thomas GANNON Thomas and Kate GANNON Carrowkennedy to Bridget HERAGHTY of John and Mary HERAGHTY February 7 Owenwee

Austin NEEDHAM of Pat NEEDHAM and Bridget GARVEY to Mary GERAGHTY of Michael GERAGHTY and Honor REILLY February 9 Murrisk

Darby McCANN of Thomas and Bridget McCANN to Mary McHALE of James and Catherine McHALE April 11 James St

Thomas DIVINE of Austin and Ellen  DIVINE Murrisk to Ellen BOURKE of James and Margaret BOURKE Glosh

Richard POWER Murrisk of James and Mary POWER Co Kilkenny to Margaret Terese Murrisk of Timothy McJUNNEFS June 5

William SLOE of James and Ellen SLOE Town to Mary O'DONNELL of Cornelius and Bridget O'DONNELL Town June 5




Philip KETERICK of Pat  KETERICK Louisburgh to Bridget MALLY of Pat and Mary MALLY Kilsallagh

George MORTIMER of Austin MORTIMER Lecanvey to Catherine HOLLAND February 13 Culleen

Augustine FLANIGAN of Pat FLANIGAN Prospect to Anne GAVIN of Michael GAVIN Culleen married Lecanvey February 27

Michael FRIEND of Pat FRIEND Military Barracks to Ellen BIRMINGHAM of James BIRMINGHAM October 6


John FOY Lecanvey to Mary MORTIMER Lecanvey January 22 witness Pat FOY and John MORTIMER

Philip FOY Carrowbaun of Thomas FOY to Anne CAMPBELL of Michael CAMPBELL Murrisk February 12

William GRADY of Pat GRADY Furgil to Honor GERAGHTY of Martin GERAGHTY Furgil February 21

Philip O'BRIEN of Philip O'BRIEN Bohaun to Bridget McGING Austin McGING Streamstown March 21 dispensation

John NEEDHAM of James NEEDHAM Culleen to Mary MURRAY of Edward  MURRAY Sandyhill March 21 dispensation

James GALLAGHER of Pat GALLAGHER Louisburgh to Margaret GRADY Culleen April 23 witness Pat GRADY and Mary McGIRR

Richard NEALIS Peter St Westport of Hugh and Anne NEALIS to Bridget NAVIN Peter St Westport of Hugh and Anne NEALIS August 7

John KITTERICK Louisburgh of John KITTERICK to Mary BERRY of Charles BERRY Lundsthole August 13

Austin JUDGE of John and Sarah JUDGE Owenwee to Mary GIBBONS of Richard and Mary GIBBONS Owenwee dispensation December 12


Thomas KITTERICK of John KITTERICK Crickeen to Mary FERGUS of Pat FERGUS Mullagh January 28

Peter JOYCE Farmer of John JOYCE Owenwee to Kate HASTINGS Ballyobrien of Mixhael HASTINGS January 29

Edward MALLY Culleen of Pat MALLY to Bridget MALLY of Martin MALLY Kilsallagh February 7 Dispensation

Pat GAVIN of Thomas GAVIN Murrisk to Catherine BARRETT Murrisk to Pat  BARRETT Quay June 9

James HEVRON Ballinrobe John HEVRON to Bridget GRADY of William GRADY Westport August 4



Austin MALLY of John MALLY Culleen to Mary RUDDY of James RUDDY Murrisk February 13



William KELLY of John KELLY Kilmeena to Margaret GILL of Pat GILL Thornhill February

John MORTIMER of Thomas MORTIMER Lecanvey to Catherine CANNON of James CANNON GILL Thornhill February 17

Philip GIBLIN Mitchfield of John GIBLIN to Margaret JOYCE of Thomas JOYCE Owenwee April 11 dispensation 3-4

Pat GIBBONS of Richard GIBBONS Aughagower to Mary WALSH Westport of John WALSH Town May 10




Pat JOYCE of Martin JOYCE Murrisk to Mary REILLY of John REILLY Murrisk March 5

Pat TONRA of Stephen TONRA Town to Ann BUTLER (Town) of Michael BUTLER Aughagower February 2

Thomas McGILL of Neal McGILL Ruschal to Bridget McNEELY of Austin McNEELY Thornhill February 4

John WALSH of James WALSH Quay to Bridget CURRIGAN of Thomas CURRIGAN Quay May 10

Michael TERAGHTY of James TERAGHTY the Quay to Mary GIBBONS of Pat GIBBONS July 25

John FAIR of George FAIR of Knappagh to Jane CONNELY of John CONNELY Knappa September 30

Patt GAVIN of John GAVIN Lecanvey to Anne COSTELLO of John COSTELLO Streamstown November 11

Pat MALLY of James MALLY Louisburgh to Mary GIBBONS of Austin GIBBONS December 21

Thomas CARR Town of Hugh CARR County Galway to Bridget HART Town of Mick HART Swinford December 23




Pat CUNNINGHAM of Pat CUNNINGHAM Toranny to Anne QUINN of Michael QUINN Kilmeena February 2

Edward WALSH Killeen of John WALSH to Mary GIBLIN Mitchfield of Pat GIBLIN witness John WALSH

Michael WALSH of Pat WALSH Glinsk to Mary DUFFY Boheh of John DUFFY Aughagower February 28

James GRADY of Pat GRADY Cloonskill to Catherine McGOVERN of Frank McGOVERN Drummin February 28

Austin McGING of Philip McGING Town to Bridget MORAN of John MORAN Carrowbawn February 19

Peter KING of Peter KING Boheh to Mary McGUIRE of Thomas McGUIRE Bohaun March 11

Austin NEEDHAM of James NEEDHAM Murrisk and Honor MALLY Murrisk of Thomas MALLY March 25

Pat MURPHY of Tobias MURPHY Town and Maria HASTINGS of James HASTINGS Town May 24

Anthony BURKE of John BURKE the Quay Ann MALLEY of Philip MALLEY Belclare May 29

Michael SALMON of Martin SALMON Killencoff June 22 to Honoria MORAN of Austin MORAN Killencoff June 22

Michael ROACHE of Pat ROACHE Kilmore to Bridget GIBBONS of Austin GIBBONS Drummin July 1

Thomas KEARNEY Cloonan of Martin KEARNEY Prospect to Margaret BROWNE of John BROWNE Crossroads July 13

Philip HUGHES of Charles HUGHES Westport to Liza WALSH of John WALSH Westport July 29

Edward WALDRON of John WALDRON Westport to Anne CAMPBELL parent William BIRMINGHAM of Westport August 10

George FAIR Glosh of John FAIR Marins to Mary BROOLY of Thomas BROOLY Murrisk August 31

Anthony MONNELY Streamstown of James MONNELY Ballyhean to Bridget McLOUGHLIN Killencoff of Walter LAWLIS Aughagower September 14




Michael WALSH of Anthony WALSH Derrygorman to Eliza BROWNE of  Anthony BROWNE Derrygorman January 17

John HERAGHTY Westport of Pat HERAGHTY High St to Mary RIDDER Westport of Michael RIDDER Ballintubber January 5

Pat HESTIN of Peter HESTIN Drummin to Mary COLLINS of James COLLINS Drummin February 5

Martin WALSH of Anthony WALSH Derrygorman to Bridget TUNNEY Knappa of Telin ? TUNNEY February 5

Edward WALSH of John WALSH Killeen to Mary GIBLIN of Pat GIBLIN Mitchfield February 14

Thomas GERAGHTY of Michael GERAGHTY Murrisk to Anne McGING of James McGING Derrygorman February 10

William CASEY of James CASEY Quay to Mary McGREAL of John McGREAL the Quay April 12

Pat KEANE of Thomas KEANE Westport to Kate OATES Westport of Thomas OATES Dublin April 12

Edward HARAN Drummindoo to Mary HENEGHAN High Street September 1

John SALMON of Thomas SALMON Mitchfield to Anne McGREAL of Pat McGREAL Owenwee October 15

James GALLAGHER Culleen of Pat  GALLAGHER to Anne NEEDHAM of James NEEDHAM Culleen November 4




Michael KITERICK of Michael KITERICK and Attyrish to Margaret MURPHY Town of Hugh MURPHY Lankill January 11

Peter WALSH of David WALSH Thornhill to Mary BROGAN of Henry BROGAN Glosh January 17

Michael WALSH of Anthony WALSH Derrygorman to Eliza BROWNE of Arthur BROWNE Derrygorman January 17

James MALLEY of Charles MALLEY Clooneter to Honor MALLEY of John MALLEY Thornhill February 18



James WALSH Prospect of John WALSH Culleen to Winifred JOYCE of Peter JOYCE Prospect witness Edward WALSH Mitchfield March 9

James BROWNE Kilmeena of Harry BROWNE Rosmina to Mary NEEDHAM Culleen of Austin NEEDHAM Culleen March 20




Pat WALSH of Pat WALSH Derrygorman to Catherine GIBBONS of Pat GIBBONS Derrygorman January 30



Pat MALLY Ballykip to Mary FERGUS Pat FERGUS Mullagh January 26 

Michael GRADY Letterbrock of Pat GRADY to Mary WALSH Culleen of Peter WALSH witness Pat CANNON and Bridget NEEDHAM February 4

Michael McENALLY of McENALLY Ballykip to Bridget FERGUS Mullagh February 16

John WALSH of  John WALSH Knockfin to Mary Anne O'MALLY of Pat O'MALLY Ardmore

Michael NEEDHAM of Austin NEEDHAM Cullen to Bridget McGUIRE of Felix McGUIRE Culleen December 26




Austin GIBLIN of John GIBLIN Mitchfield to Anne ROONEY of James ROONEY July 30 Knockfin

Pat REILLY of James and Bridget REILLY Carriag to Julia McDERMOTT of John and Bridget McDERMOTT Carrowbaun April 25

James FERGUS of John FERGUS Culleen to Catherine HYNES of Francis HYNES Culleen September 5



Mick MacNAMARA of Mick MacNAMARA Louisburgh to Bridget CURIGAN of Edward CURIGAN Town February 14

Austin McGING of  James McGING Moyhastin to Mary SHERIDAN of Martin SHERIDAN Raugh

John McHALE of  Pat McHALE Westport to Bridget BURKE October 23 witness Bridget WALSH Westport and Edward WALSH Dereenascobe

Michael McGREAL Murrisk of John McGREAL to Bridget WALSH Westport of James WALSH December 19




Michael NEEDHAM of James NEEDHAM Murrisk to Anne GERAGHTY of John GERAGHTY Glosh January 29

John WALSH Carrick of Patrick WALSH Culleen to Mary SALMON of Pat SALMON Carrowmacloughlin witness John WALSH Doon

Michael WALSH Roy of John WALSH to Mary WALSH of Martin WALSH Prospect February 16

John KEANE of John KEANE Owenwee to Margaret McGING of James McGING Moyhastin February 19

John NEEDHAM of Austin NEEDHAM to Mary SCOTT of Anthony SCOTT Laurekils February 27

James McGING of Philip McGING to Sara HAWKSHAW of James HAWKSHAW Westport May 2




Edward MARR Liverpool of Lawrence MARR to Estelle GIBBONS of P. T. GIBBONS Westport September 18

Thomas WALSH Carrowmacloughlin of Peter WALSH of Culleen to Mary SALMON Carrowmacloughlin of Pat SALMON February 2 Witness John WALSH Doon and Margaret GILL Thornhill

Thomas WALSH Knockroosky of Thomas WALSH Ballyobrian to Nannie REILY Westport of Stephen REILY




Philip GIBLIN of Michael GIBLIN Belclare to Mary McGING of Austin McGING Streamstown January 6

James GILL of Michael GILL Thornhill to Maria NEEDHAM of Austin NEEDHAM Thornhill January 15

John GRADY of Martin GRADY Quay to Ellen McDONNELL of Pat McDONNELL Quay February 27

John RUDDY of James RUDDY Lecanvey to Honoria KERRINS of John KERRINS Owenwee March 10

Pat GILL of Pat GILL Lecanvey to Mary GAVIN of James GAVIN Culleen March 20

Pat McGING of Pat McGING High St to Sara NAUGHTON Michael NAUGHTON High St September 30



Pat GILL of Pat GILL Lecanvey to Mary GAVIN of James GAVIN Culleen March 12

Richard McGREAL of James McGREAL Prospect Kate WALSHE Prospect April 15 witness Winny WALSHE Prospect

Michael STAUNTON of Thomas STAUNTON Aughagower to Bridget JOYCE of John JOYCE Owenwee October19

Edward WALSHE (Mitchfield) of John WALSH and Mary SALMON Thornhill to Maria McGREAL of Pat McGREAL and Mary HERATY Owenwee December 3




Edward McHALE of Derimenae, Islandeady of Ulick McHALE to Delia GILL Derrygorman February 9 witness John ARMSTRONG Killadeer and Kate GILL Derrygorman

Michael O'DONNELL of John O'DONNELL Louisburgh to Catherine FITZPATRICK of John FITZPATRICK Derryhowna February 16

Charles McDONNELL Thornhill of John McDONNELL England to Margaret SALMON March 9 Carrowmacloughlin

Edward WALSH Culleen of Peter WALSH to Bridget HALLINAN of Pat HALLINAN Carrowmacloughlin February 9witness Thomas WALSH Carrowmacloughlin and Anne HYNES

Austin NEEDHAM Altmount St of John NEEDHAM Lecanvey to Mary KILLORAN Altmount St of Richard KILLORAN Shop St



Thady HASTINGS Drummin of John HASTINGS of Derrymore to Margaret McGREAL of Pat McGREAL Owenwee January 1




Edward GRODEN of John GRODEN Murrisk to Catherine NEEDHAM of Peter NEEDHAM Murrisk January 26

Michael NEEDHAM of Peter NEEDHAM Culleen to Honor GIBBONS of Thomas GIBBONS Mullugh February 6



Thady HASTINGS of Thady and Margaret HASTINGS Shanvallybeg to Catherine DUFFY of Michael and Catherine DUFFY Drummin January 31

Thomas MORAN of Michael and Mary MORAN Carrowbeg to Bridget GAVEN of John and Mary GAVEN Culleen November 7

James GILL of Joseph and Bridget GILL Thornhill to Nora GILL of Austin and Margaret GILL Murrisk November 14 dispensation




Pat GILL of Michael GILL Thornhill to Bridget NEEDHAM of Peter NEEDHAM Murrisk February 19



Joseph MURPHY of John and Anne MURPHY Altmount St to Anne MORAN  James St of William and Mary MORAN Roschel January 5

John NOLAN of Thomas and Honor NOLAN Aghagower to Catherine GALIGAN of Francis and Bridget GALIGAN January 12 Knappa

John FREIL of James and Catherine FREIL Kelmore to Bridget KEARNS of Pat and Anne KEARNS January 12 Glynsk

Martin NAUGHTON of Pat and Mary NAUGHTON Louisburgh to Mary O'MALLY of Edward and Ellen O'MALLY February  2 Buckwuria

Michael GAVIN Rosbeg of Michael and Mary GAVIN High St Westport  to Catherine BROWNE of Thomas and Ellen BROWNE Carrowholly February 3

Pat HALLORON of John and Anne HALLORON Lanmore to Anne MaGUIRE of James and Mary MaGUIRE February 5 Knappa

John GRADY of Thomas and Mary GRADY Murrisk to Mary RUANE of Martin and Honor RUANE February 8 Glasgort

Eneas McDONNELL of Edward and Ellen McDONNELL North Mall to Bridget MULLOY of Michael and Catherine MULLOY February 8 Bridge St

James GREEVY of John and Julia GREEVY Lankill to Catherine FERGUS of Owen and Catherine FERGUS Culleen February 8 witness John KELLY and Ellen FERGUS

John HERATY of Peter and Bridget HERATY Derrymore to Catherine DUFFY of Pat and Bridget DUFFY Drummin February 9

Thomas PIMBERTON 85 Kower Camden St Dublin of Lydney and Mary Anne PIMBERTON to Delia KEANE Rosbeg of James and Mary KEANE Browntown February 9

Michael NEEDHAM of John and Anne NEEDHAM Cross to Mary Anne TOOLE of Pat and Anne TOOLE Drummin
February 9

Austin McGREAL of Richard and Honor McGREAL Balobrien to Sarah McGREAL of Pat and Catherine McGREAL February 10

Davey WALSH of Thomas and Mary WALSH Fairgreen to Anne KEANE James St of John and Maggie KEANE Streamstown February 16

Michael QUINN Innishnakillen of Austin and Anne QUINN to Sarah Anne CONNEELY Knappa of John and Jane CONNEELY February 16

Michael GRADY to Michael and Catherine GRADY Killeenacoff to Sarah DUFFY of Pat and Anne DUFFY Killeenacoff March 7

Pat SCOTT of Anthony and Julia SCOTT Lower Killsalgah to Honor DUFFY of James and Winny DUFFY Mullagh April 8

Thomas JOYCE of John and Bridget JOYCE Owenwee to Kate GANNON of Michael and Bridget GANNON Owenwee April 19

John McKENNA of James and Bridget McKENNA Carrowbawn to Annie MOONEY of John and Bridget Carrowbawn May 1

Thomas RIELLY of Pat and Bridget RIELY Murrisk to Ann MURRAY of Michael and Mary MURRAY Deerpark June 14

Pat MORAN Govin Glasgow of James and Margaret MORAN Quay to Maggie GIBBONS North Mall of Pat and Catherine GIBBONS Partheny July 24

Martin McGING of Austin and Mary McGING Streamstown to Bridget O'CONNOR of Timothy and Ellen O'CONNOR Clahane near Tralee County Kerry July 12

Anthony KERRIGAN Killeenacoff of Pat and Anne DAWSON to Maria Bridget NEEDHAM of John and Bridget NEEDHAM October 18

John COSGROVE Rosbeg of Martina and Anne COSGROVE Cahone Co Wexford to Winny MacTIGUE Rosbeg of John and Bridget McTIGUE Snugboro December 30




George DOBBINS High St of Bridget and John DOBBINS James St to Bridget KANE of Pat and Bridget CAIN High St January 22

Michael LAWLES of John LAWLESS Bougheen to Ellen NAVIN of Michael NEVIN Derrymore February 9

Peter CORCORAN of James and Mary CORCORAN Sandy Hill to Catherine MALLEY of Thomas and Ann MALLEY Church Lane February 12

Joseph HOLLAND of George HOLLAND to Mary GIBBONS Anthony GIBBONS Clerhaan February 21

Pat KILCOYNE Cregganbawn of Thomas KILCOYNE to Bridget NEVIL of Austin NEVIL Fornaght February 23

Pat SWEENY of Pat SWEENEY Achill to Mary Agnes HASTINGS of Dominick HASTINGS Westport February 24

Michael MOYNIHAN Westport of Pat MOYNIHAN Cabra Dublin (?)To Mary MURRAY of Thomas MURRAY Westport February 26

John COYNE (Trafalgar) of John COYNE (deceased) Lanmore to Bridget QUINCY of Pat QUINCY (deceased) Swinford November 4

Thomas MULKEARNS Belcarra of William MULKEARNS Castlebar St to Mary WALSH of Richard WALSH Belclare December 26



John ROEBUCK (Bridge St) of William ROEBUCK Westport to Mary GERAGHTY Bridge St of James GERAGHTY Westport January 19

Pat SHERIDAN (Westport) of Thomas SHERIDAN (Ballyhean) to Bridget GERAGHTY of Thomas GERAGHTY Aughagower January 24

John MULKINS of William MULKINS Westport to Mary McNALLY of Pat McNALLY Westport January 26

Thomas CRAFORD Kilsallagh of Thomas CRAFORD to Margaret WALSH of Peter WALSH Culleen April 18

Pat KELLY of Daniel KELLY Westport to Bridget BERRY Westport of Michael BERRY

Pat TOOLE Quay of Ned TOOLE to Bridget JORDEN Murrisk of Pat JORDEN

Pat HERAGHTY of Thomas HERAGHTY Mitchfield to MaryAnn McGREAL of Thomas McGREAL Owenwee July 25




Pat GRADY Kilsallagh of Michael GRADY to Ellen MORTIMER Lecanvey of George MORTIMER January 21

Michael SAMMON of Dominick SAMMON Mitchfield to Ann MALLEY of Austin MALLEY Boleybrian Dispensation February 1 dispensation

Michael MALLY of Michael MALLY Kilsallagh to Maggie McGUIRE of Felix McGUIRE Culleen February 4

John MALLY of Thomas MALLY Aillemore to Catherine MORTIMER of Thomas MORTIMER Furgill February 12

Austin NEEDHAM of Henry NEEDHAM Thornhill to Rose MALLY of John MALLY Thornhill February 18

Anne GILL of Henry GILL Thornhill to Rose MALLY of John MALLY Thornhill February 18 dispensation

Pat CAWELLY of Martin CAWELLY Islandeady to Bridget CURRIGAN of John CURRIGAN Sheeroe February 23

Thomas CARROLL of Thomas CARROLL Thornhill to Bridget GAVIN of Michael GAVIN Thornhill February 2

Pat HASTINGS Castlebar St of Thomas HASTINGS Derrygorman to Bridget GRIFFIN of Michael GRIFFIN Castlebar St March 10

John GANNON Owenwee of Michael GANNON and Bridget KING Bohea of Peter KING April 5




Edward HANGLEY New York of Pat HANGLEY Dublin to Bridget GIBBONS James St of Richard GIBBONS Westport

Austin McNEELA Thornhill of Edward McNEELA to Bridget HAUGH of Thomas HAUGH Glosh February 14

Michael GRADY of Thomas GRADY Murrisk to Margaret GAVIN of Thomas GAVIN Murrisk February 17

Pat GERETY of James GERETY Furgill to Ellen MORTIMER of Thomas MORTIMER Furgill March 18

Pat FERGUS of Pat FERGUS and Margaret GIBBONS Mullah to Bridget FERGUS of Thomas FERGUS and Bridget O'MALLEY Mullah dispensation

James JORDAN of Pat JORDAN Murrisk to Bridget SAMMON of Thomas SAMMON Murrisk September 22

John CAMPBELL of Owen CAMPBELL Murrisk to Mary Ann O'MALLEY of Edward O'MALLEY Murrisk November 18 witness Pat McGREAL and Bridget McCONNELL




Michael GILL of Michael GILL Thornhill to Bridget MORTIMER of Philip MORTIMER Lecanvey December 8

John GIBBONS of John GIBBONS Aillemore to Catherine NEEDHAM of Pat NEEDHAM Culleen June 12

William CORLEY of Andrew CORLEY Quay Rd to Bridget HALLERNAN Mill St of William HALLERNAN July 3




Owen O'MALLY of Pat and Bridget O'MALLY Culleen to Ellen HOLLAND of George and Ellen HOLLAND Culleen January 15 dispensation

John MORAN of John MORAN Kilsallagh Lower to Mary GANNON of Thomas GANNON Kilsallagh Lower          January 25

Pat KING of  John and  Catherine KING Drummin to Mary Anne DUFFY of William and Anne DUFFY Drummin February 5

James TUNNY of Hugh and Anne TUNNY Lowland Derryculla  toSarah LaVELLE  of Myles and Sarah LaVELLE Mullogh February 8 dispensation

Michael MORAN of John and Bridget MORAN Kinnock to Bridget GIBBONS of Michael and Catherine GIBBONS Kinnock February 8

Edward WALSH of John WALSH and Honor KITTERICK Culleen to Mary GIBBONS of James and Bridget GIBBONS Culleen February10 witness John WALSH and Kate FLANAGAN

Peter FOY of Michael FOY Kinnock to Margaret HALLINAN of John HALLINAN Drummin April 13

John WALSH Martin WALSH Demesne to Elizabeth GIBBONS of Pat GIBBONS Mill St June 2

Pat BAKER Murrisk of James BAKER Clarecastle to Bridget Agnes REILLEY of Thomas REILLEY Crossroads 25

John KELLY of Hugh KELLY Lankill to Kate GILL of Richard GILL Derrygorman July 9

Joseph McGREAL of John McGREAL Bridge St to Sara SHERIDAN of William SHERIDAN  Altmount St July 31

Edward HARAN Drummindoo to Delia LOFTUS James Street (John LOFTUS and Mary NEEDHAM) September 21

John GILL of James GILL Thornhill to Mary MURPHY of Pat MURPHY Carrowmacloughlin October 4

Henry J KERR of Henry  KERR Glasgow to Maggie KERR of Thomas CONNOR Drumminduff December 3

James DOWNER of George DOWNER Quay to Annie M SCOTT of James SCOTT December 4 Kilsallagh

Pat O'DONNELL of Ambrose O'DONNELL Carrowmacloughlin to Mary BROWNE of Thomas BROWNE Knockfin December 10




Daniel O'TOOLE of Thomas O'TOOLE Aillemore to Catherine JOYCE Peter JOYCE Durless January 25

Thady GERATY of Pat GERATY Culleen to Mary of John WALSH and Honor KITTERICK Culleen witness Martin GERAGHTY and Kate WALSH February 23

John O'MALLY Mill St of Pat O'MALLY Mace to Katie MILLETT Castlebar St of Edward MILLETT Kilmeena           March 22

Austin O'MALLY of Austin and Anne O'MALLY Clare Island to Mary MORTIMER Westport of George and Anne MORTIMER Lecanvey May 7

Michael BAYNES of Anthony BAYNES Killawalla to Mary CORNISK of Brian CORNISK Killawalla May 19

Michael CANNON Letterbrock of John and Bridget CANNON to Bridget CONWAY of Pat and Bridget CONWAY Drummin July 4

Austin OAKLEY Peter St of Bartly OAKLEY Westport to Maria HERATY Peter St of John HERATY Westport September 3

Austin BURKE Murrisk of John and Bridget BURKE to Maria GRODEN Murrisk of Pat and Bridget GRODEN October 28 dispensation

William SAMMON Letterbrock of Pat and Bridget SAMMON to Ellen FREIL Oughty of Pat and Mary FREIL November 18

Peter HASTINGS of Darby HASTINGS Sandy Hill to Ellen the Lodge to Mary JOYCE Ashleagh December 21




Margaret MULHERRIN of James and Honor MULHERRIN Carratowick to Thomas ROYNOTO of Pat and Bridget ROYNOTO Drumminduff January 4

Pat BURKE Quay of Michael and Mary Annie BURKE Westport to Catherine GAVIN Quay Rd of John and Mary GAVIN Drumminwoagh January 13

Tobias DALY Peter St of Hugh and Anne DALY Ballinrobe to Margaret CONNOR James St of James and Mary CONNOR Swinford January 16

John McGOVERN Newport of Dominick and Kate McGOVERN to Alice Mary O'REILY Westport Hospital of Joseph and Mary O'REILY Ander January 27

John GLYNN of Pat and K GLYNN Quay Rd to Mary REILY Quay Rd Francis and Mary REILY Quay January 20

John KERINS of Pat and Mary KERINS Glynsk to Kate McGREAL of Michael and Mary McGREAL Glynsk February 3

James SCOTT Kilsallagh of James and Catherine SCOTT to Mary GANNON of Austin and Margaret GANNON Kilsallagh February 6

Pat DUFFY Kilsallagh of Michael and Honor DUFFY to Anne JENNINGS of John and Anne JENNINGS Cortoon February 6 dispensation

Pat KERRIGAN of James and Bridget KERRIGAN Owenwee to Honor MALLY of Austin and Ann MALLY Boleybrian February 13

John KING of Michael KING Oughty to Ellen McGUIRE of Felix McGUIRE Culleen February 13

Edward O'MALLY of Michael and Bridget O'MALLY to Catherine MORAN of John and Margaret MORAN Druminduff February 14

Pat KEANE Lickon of James and Mary KEANE Cloonskill to Mary HALLINAN of Pat and Mary HALLINAN Carrowmacloughlin February 19

John KELLY Quay of Thomas and Bridget KELLY Galway to Anne CAVANAGH Quay of Pat and Anne CAVANAGH March 21 Galway

Martin LASSEN Quay of Martin LASSEN Dernnarth to Katie ASPENELL Quay of William and Catherine ASPENELL Quay April 6

Thomas HOBAN Westport of Thomas and Mary HOBAN to Sarah GANNON of Thomas and Bridget GANNON Carrowkennedy April 17

Hubert NEALIS Westport of Thomas and Bridget NEALIS to Catherine COLEMAN Westport of Martin and Anne COLEMAN Shragheen April 17

Robert LaVELLE Mullagh of Myles and Selia LeVALLE Cortoon to Mary Anne JOYCE Durlis of Pat and Winifred JOYCE April 20

Peter GANNON Lecanvey of Austin and Mary GANNON to Catherine MORTIMER of George and Catherine MORTIMER Lecanvey April 30

James WALSH of Richard and Bridget WALSH Cloona to Mary O'BRIEN of Thomas and Catherine O'BRIEN Corrig May 8 Dispensation

Thomas McMULLIN Barrackhill of Henry and Bridget McMULLIN to Mary WALSH James St of Michael and Catherine WALSH July 3

Stephen COLLINS of Charles and Ann COLLINS Glenvask to Mary HASTINGS of Pat and Mary HASTINGS July 13 March 3 Dispensation

Charles HUGHES Westport of Owen and Catherine HUGHES to Jane ARMSTRONG Westport of John ARMSTRONG August 17

John HASTINGS of Pat and Margaret HASTINGS Tonnosligan to Bridget HASTINGS of John and Julia HASTINGS Drummin August 21



Thomas BAINES of Martin BAINES Glenagelna to Mary GRADY of Martin GRADY Drumminaugh January 15

Thomas MURRAY of Thomas and Mary MURRAY Ballyglass to Annie FLANAGAN of Pat and Mary FLANAGAN January 22 Carrowstootagh


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