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  April 8, 2005 Aughagower Baptisms  1870 to 1880    159

Transcribed to the best of my ability. SS= sponsors

Aughagower Baptisms




John of Pat CONWAY and Bridget HAWKSHAW January 5

Mary of Pat NUGENT and Kate JOYCE January 12

Isabelle of Pat GIBBONS and Bridget BRANGAN January 16 Currdaragh

Walter of Walter and Catherine WALSH January 16 Ballinlough

Maria of Pat KERRIGAN and Margaret HOBAN January 12 Leckane

Bridget of Phil MALONE and Anne WATERS January 19 Meneen

Bridget of Thomas SHERIDAN and Mary HALLINAN January 28 Ballygolman

Anne of Pat WATERS and Bridget MUGAN February 2 Dooncastle

Mary of James HALLINAN and Mary HIGGINS February 6 Carrowkennedy

Margaret of Pat WATERS and Honor DUFFY February 13 Mount Browne

Bridget of John SCAHIL and Honor LUDDEN February 13 Corveagh

John of Timothy KEANS and Ellin O'CAIN February 15

Pat of Michael SHERIDAN and Mary O'CONNOR February 16 Aughagower

Thomas of Pat McGREEVY and Margaret McGINN March 3 Aughagower

John of John KERRIGAN and Bridget HYNES March 10 Leckane

James of Michael HAWKSHAW and Anne WATERS March 12 Toberrooaun

Catherine of James O'MALLY and Honor O'MALLY March 13 Sraheen

Mary Anne of Thomas WALSH and Julia MORAN March 18 Lanmore

Michael of Austin BRENNAN and Mary MORAN March 20 Creggan married Kate FOY Westport March 30 1909

Celia of Thomas REYNOLDS and Fanny HAWKSHAW March 25 Toberrooaun

Martin of John SHERIDAN and Catherine DUFFY March 30 Corveagh

John of Michael McMORRAN and Bridget GREEVY April 3 Knock

Margaret of John NAVIN and Margaret O'MALLY April 3 Sraheen

Anne of Richard O'RIELY and Bridget MALLY April 3 Rockfield

Daniel of Martin HALLINAN and Julia HERAGHTY April 21 Lanmore

Martin of Pat O'MALLY and Bridget McGREAL May 5 Corveagh

Mary Margaret of John D. NASH and Anne O'RIELY May 21 Dooncastle

Pat of Austin GIBBONS and Mary KERRIGAN May 22 Arderry

Mary of James REID and Catherine O'MALLY May 29 Letterbrack

John of Pat DUFFY and Margaret FREHIL June 3 Letterkeen

James of James CARNEY and Julia CONABOY June 3 Forkfield

Anne Ellen of John HALLINAN and Bridget MORAN June 7 Dooncastle SS Patrick and Anne GERAGHTY

Peter of Pat O'MALLY and Anne JOYCE June 14 Ballygolman

Michael of Richard WALSH and Mary BOURKE June 19 Bunrawer

Bridget of Pat and Bridget O'GRADY June 22 Corveagh

Anne of Michael GIBBONS and Mary O'MALLY June 22 Attavally

Austin of Austin DERIG and Mary WALSH July 9 Knappa beg

Mary of James and Sarah MALONE July 18 Lanmore

James of John HOBAN and Honor COYNE July 22 Carrowmore

James of John WALSH and Bridget MORAN July 27 Lanmore

Mary to Thomas DUFFY and Mary McGINN August 5 Lanmore

Ellen of John WALSH and Mary McDONNELL September 17 Mass South

Martin of Thomas STAUNTON and Mary GERAGHTY September 21 Mass North

Michael of Thomas WALSH and Honor O'FLYNN September 25 Lankill

Patrick of Patrick MORAN and Catherine HENAHAN October 1 SS John and Mary MORAN

Daniel of Denis McGUIRE and Mary HALLORAN November13

Mary of Pat GANNON and Bridget HERAGHTY November 23




Pat of Pat GIBBONS and Bridget BRANEGAN January 8 Lanmore

John of Pat BUTLER and Mary O'BOYLE January 10 Cushin 

Honor of John CAIN and Sally KEARNY April2 Lynsky

Ellen of Michael FEENY and Bridget SALMON April27

Michael of John CUSACK and Ellen BOURKE September2

Pat of Pat GAVIN and Mary BURKE July 30 

John of John WALSH and Julia MORAN October 25 Married Bridget GIBBONS in Aughagower February 2, 1919 

Michael of John O'MALLEY and Mary O'RIELLY December 6




Ellen of Peter HASTINGS and Mary KING January 28

Mary of John SHERIDAN and Catherine DUFFY March 6 Mace

Catherine of James GERAGHTY and Ann GARVIN March 27 SS James REID and Sarah GERAGHTY

Daniel of Pat MALY and Bridget McGREAL April16




Arthur of Arthur O'MALLEY and Isabelle FREHEIL April26

Mary of Peter HASINGS and Bridget FREHEIL May 6

Anne of Michael MALY and Bridget REILY July 12 Claddy

Pat of Philip HASTINGS and Bridget KING July 12 Shaugheen

Bridget of John McDONNELL and Bridget CHAMBERS November 17 Erriff

Anne of Pat GAVIN and Mary BURKE November 24 Erriff





Mary Kate of Thomas HOBAN and Mary GAVAN May 3

Jane of Ned REILLY and ALISS McGOVERN July 4

Bridget of Peter HASTINGS and Mary KING July 7

Sarah of Pat NILAND and Bridget MULKERN July 8

James of Michael MALLY and Mary HENAGHAN July 8

Julia of James HALLENAN and Mary HIGGINS July 26

Austin of Joseph O'MALLY and Mary McGREAL August 1

Margaret of John McEVILA and Bridget BUTLER August 5

Michael of Pat GIBBONS and Mary Dolan August 5

Ellen of Frank McDERMOTT and Honor HERAGHTY August 9

Thomas of Martin GIBBONS and Bridget HOBAN August 23 

Margaret of Hugh GRIMES and Mary HOBAN September 4

Pat of Thomas HASTINGS and Bridget KANE October 16

James of James McLEVENS and Bridget SCAHIL October 16

Walter of Pat WALSH and Sally WALSH November 11

Austin of John GRADY and Ellen HOLLAND December 30




Thomas of Peter HASTINGS and Bridget FREHILL May 6

James of James HOBAN and Mary COYNE May 19

Michael of Michael WALSH and Mary NOLAN June 29 

Richard of Richard KANE and Sarah KANE July 25

Pat of Thomas McGING and Bridget GAVAN August 11 SS Pat GAVIN and Bridget McGING (widow)

Maria of John HOBAN and Mary MALLY August 21

Denis of Richard WALSH and Mary BURKE August 22

Alice of Thomas MORAN and Mary GERAGHTY August 26

Bridget of John HALLINAN and Sarah MALLY November 25

John Stephen of Pat GAVIN and Mary BURKE December 26




Philip of Thady GAVAN and Catherine HASTINGS January 16 

Michael of Pat CANNON and Catherine KANE January 16

Bridget of Pat BURKE and Bridget GAVIN February 20

John of Thomas CARROLL and Catherine MORAHAN February 23

Bridget of Martin HORAN and Bridget REILLY February 24

John of John REILLY and Anne DUFFY March 25

Charles of Pat MALLEY and Bridget McGREAL April

Bridget of Robert CARNEY and Anne WALSHE April

Bridget of Peter HASTINGS and Bridget FREHIL April

Pat of Edward McDONNELL and Bridget MALLY April 2

Margaret of Thomas HOBAN and Mary GAVIN April 16

John of Martin GIBBONS and Catherine HOBAN May 3

Bridget of Martin GIBBONS and Catherine HOBAN May 3

Thomas of Michael HASTINGS and Anne McGREAL May 7

Mary of Thomas BURKE and Mary HAWKSHAW May 23

John of Pat GRADY and Bridget GANNON June 14

Margaret of James WALSH and Anne COYNE June 15

Peter of James MALDON and Mary GIBBONS June 22

Michael of John WALSH and Honor MALLY September 27

Pat of Pat DUFFY and Cecila HAWKSHAW September 31

Thomas of Pat MALLY and Margaret SAMON December 17

Mary of James GILDEA and Mary McLOUGHLIN December 17





Sarah of William DUFFY and Catherine McDONNELL January 20

Mary of Peter HASTINGS and Mary KING January 21

Bridget of Pat McDONNELL and Maria CONRY February 7

Pat of Pat McGING and Mary DUFFY February 10

Michael of Michael NUGENT and Bridget BRADY June 17 

John Edward of Austin DERRIG and Mary WALSHE June 19

Michael of James HOLLAND and Catherine NILAND June 23

John of John BURKE and Bridget HIGGINS June 28

John of Thomas SAMON and Catherine HERAGHTY June 29

Bridget of Philip HASTINGS and Bridget KING July 18

Austin of John NEVIN and Margaret MALLY August 12

Michael of Philip GAVIN and Margaret WALLIS August 15 Kilgeever

Mary of Pat GERAGHTY and Sally McLOUGHLIN September 16

Mark of John McDONNELL and Bridget CHAMBERS October 15

Catherine of Austin RUDDY and Mary WALSH October 15

Thomas of Thomas MALLY and Margaret REILLY October 28






Edward to Pat KANE and Bridget HASTINGS January 20

James of Edward REILLY to Honor MURRY February 20

Michael to Ned HERAGHTY and Bridget REILLY March 3

James to John REILLY and Anne DUFFY March 10

Thomas of John CUSACK and Mary MUGAN March 19

Catherine of John MaGUIRE and Mary SCAHIL March 20

Catherine to Martin GIBBONS and Catherine HOBAN April 14

Daniel to Pat GAVIN and Mary BURKE May 5

Mary Anne to James MALONE and Margaret GRIMES June 1

Margaret to James HOBAN and Anne HERAGHTY June 16

Anne of James HALLINAN and Mary HIGGINS June 30

Anne of Pat DUFFY and Mary McGUIRE July 28

Catherine of Michael JOYCE and Mary KANE July 28 Baptized in Lecanvey

Mary of Pat MALLEY and Margaret SAMMON December 25




Pat of Pat GRADY and Catherine COLLINS January 22

Pat of John CUSICK and Ellen BURKE February 5

James of Michael CARROLL and Mary McENEALLY February 5

Catherine of Martin KERRIGAN and Honor NOLAN February 5 

Catherine of Martin KERRIGAN and Anne NOLAN February 12

James of James WALSH and Catherine BUTLER April 24

Dominick of Anthony McGREAL and Julia MALLEY May 30

Honor of John GARRETT and Bridget BOYLE June 11

Mary of Michael HASTINGS and Anne McGREAL August 3

Mary of William DUNNE and Ann GRADY August 24

John of Peter Hastings and Mary KING November 9



Mary Anne of Thomas MARTIN and Mary Catherine GREAL June 20

John of Pat BASQUIL and Bridget HYNES June 23

Honor of Michael GILL and Anne DUFFY June 23

Mary of Pat KANE and Bridget HASTINGS August 2

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