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 February 24, 2004

1872 Birth Register Achill Castlebar Castlebar North Balla


Margaret to Pat LAVALLE and Bridget CAFFERTY January 1 Tonanthroe Laborer

Peter to Denis SWEENY and Mary FADIAN January 4 Valley

Bridget to Michael McMANNAN and Honor LAVALLE January 12 Dooagh Laborer

Pat to Bryan PATTERN and Kitty FALLEN January 18 Dooniver Laborer

Martin to James KILBANE and Ellen GALLAGHER January 23 Salia

Bridget to Martin LAVALLE and Ellen LAVALLE January 24 Dooega

Margaret to Denis GALLAGHER and Nancy TOOLES January 24 Vally

John to Martin PATTERN and Bridget PATTERN January 27 Corraun

James to Anthony KILCOYNE and Ann McHUGH January 17Keele

Catherine to Michael MASTERSON and Bridget MASTERSON February 1 Salia

Bridget to John FADIAN and Bridget GALLAGHER February 1 Achillbeg

Bridget to Pat KILBANE and Sibby CURRIGAN February 1 Sraheens Laborer

John to Bryan MASTERSON and Bridget CURRIGAN February 2 Sraheens

James to James Manus MALLOY and Catherine HENRIE February 2 Dooniver

Pat to Anthony CAFFERKY and Mary McNULTY February 6 Cashel

James to Michael GALLAGHER and Margaret GALLAGHER February 6 Bolinglanna

Francis to Pat GALLAGHER and Mary PATTERN February 20 Corraun

Mary to Martin CAFFERKY and Mary GAUGHEN February 22 Dooagh

Mary to Thomas COONEY and Peggy CAFFERTY February 27 Pulranny

Thady to Pat McGREAL and Nancy McMANNON March 7 Dugout

Pat to Michael GALLAGHER and Bridget GALLAGHER March 8 Doonenella

Mary to Charles MALLY and Bridget McHUGH March 11 Dooagh

Owen to Owen MALLY and Mary MULLOU March 19 Dooagh




Mary of Pat McGOFF and Margaret GIBBONS January 1 Devlish

Catherine to Thomas TRACEY and Catherine BURNS January 2 Tawnaghy

James of James DAVIS and Bridget CHAMBERS January 2 Fairhill

 Pat of Martin HOPKINS and Mary MURRAY January 3 Snugborough

Bridget to Walter BASQUIL and Mary McHUGH January 4 Hollyhill

Cecily to Geoff McGREEVY and Ellen DEA January 6 Cornaveagh

John of James CAULFIELD and Honor O'DONNELL January 7

Ann to Austin BOURKE and Mary CARTER January 7 Killawalla

Pat of Michael CUSACK and Cisily HIGGINS January 9 Derryfadda

Martin of Pat KEARNEY and Sarah KEANE January 12 Shanlee

Michael of Thomas GRAVEN and Catherine COSTELLO January 12 Killadeer

Ann of Michael QUINN and Mary MALLEY January 12 Cornanool

Catherine of John LAVALLE and Catherine BOURKE January 12 Tullycommons

Barbara to Thomas DALY (now in the US) and Mary HERON January 12 Spencer St Soldier in 54th Regiment

Bridget Mary to James WALSH and Catherine GERAHTY January 12 Carn

Margaret of Pat CARTY and Bridget LAVALLO January 13 Balloor

Pat of Pat McDERMOTT (now in the US) and Margaret STAUNTON January 16 Castle St

Henrietta Agnes of William CARLTON (now in the US) and Agnes JUDGE January 18 Linnenhall St Carpenter

Michael to Alexander GANNON and Mary HEVIOR January 19 Cloonagh

Thomas of Thomas BROWNE and Honor MORAN January 20 Derrylea

Mary of Peter McTIGUE and Margaret BOURKE January 20 Snugboro

Bridget of Thomas KELLY and Mary McGING January 21 Kinuary

Rose to James McTIGUE and Bridget MYLOTT January 22 Tully Commons

Mary Ellen to Thomas KENNY and Bridget JOYCE January 22 Cloonkeen National School Teacher

Thomas to Thomas WALSH and Mary PHILBAN January 22 Westlands

Anthony of John REILLY and Catherine CASEY January 23 Coolodge

Ann of Edward MULCRONE and Ann BARRETT January 23 Cappavicar

Michael to John McDONNELL and Mary JEFFERS January 23 Cloonconragh

Pat to Anthony WALSH and Ann MORAN January 23 Kiltarsaghaun

John to Thomas MORAN and Catherine MADDEN January 23 Derrylea

Minnie Margaret to Samuel William TIGGELL and Ann HUDSON January 24 Calvary Barracks Sgt. Major 17th Lancers Castlebar

Mary of Thomas TRACEY and Bridget FADDEN January 24 Tawnaghy

Catherine to Pat TRACEY and Margaret CORKILL January 24 Dereenascobe

Martin of Pat GANNON and Barbara SWEENEY January 25 Shanvally

Michael of William BASQUEL and Ann GIBBONS January 25 Killadeer Carpenter

Bridget to Michael SHERIDAN and Catherine GIBBONS January 27 Killawullaun

Thomas to John WALSH and Ellen McHALE January 28 Derrynagooley

Bridget to Martin FERGUS and Mary MALLEY February 1 Killawalla

Bartholomew James to Thomas GLYNN and Bridget POWERS February 1 infantry Barracks Private 54th Regiment

Margaret to Michael KERRIGAN and Catherine O'BRIEN February 1 Dereenascobe

Anthony to Hugh FLYNN and Bridget BURKE February 1 Kinuary

Ann to Pat CONWAY and Winny HANNAN February 1 Killawalla

Mary to Michael CONNOR and Mary STAUNTON February 2 Skerhanagle

Charles Cornelius to Charles CROTTY and Sophie WYNNE February 2 Kinuary Gentleman Farmer

Honor to John TRACEY and Bridget CREAN February 2 Arderry

Pat to Pat THOMAS and Mary WALSH February 4 Clooncondra

Bridget to James McTIGUE and Honor GARRY February 6 Tawnycallamne

Margaret to Edward MITCHELL and Mary CONNOR February 7 Milebush

John to Edward McGOWN and Honor KEANY February 8 Sallagher

John to Edward McGOWN and Honor KEARNEY February 8 Sallagh

Thomas to Arthur GOOCH and Margaret McNULTY February 8 Belcarra Laborer

Margaret to John WALSH and Bridget CHAMBERS February 9 Bundorragha

Mary Ellen to Pat McNEELA and Bridget COOLAGHAN February 13 Lucan St Baker

Pat Henry to John MURRY and Mary BURNS February 14 Castle St Shoemaker

Michael to Pat O'BRIEN and Ann MORIS February 15 Lucan St Pensioner

David to Robert KILKELLY and Margaret February 15 Market St Shopkeeper

Louisa to Michael McHALE and Bridget DURKAN February 15 Chapel St Weaver

John to John IRWIN and Bridget DUFFY February 22 Barney

Margaret to John MOEKIN and Maria DUNNE February 22 Lugaphuill

Mary to John HIGGINS and Catherine McDERMOTT February 24 Kinuary

Peter to Richard JOYCE and Mary FLYNN February 24 Rinshinna

Edith Elizabeth to John DORAN and Sarah Ann HUDSON Sgt. 54th Regiment Infantry Barracks

Bedelia to Pat MULROY and Maria KENNEDY February 26 Spencer St Provision Dealer

Bridget to Pat ARCHBOLD and Margaret SKEFFINGTON February 26 Cornaveagh

Margaret to Thomas MALLEY and Margaret LaVALLE February 27 Ballynew

Bridget to Thomas FLYNN and Honor GAVAN February 28 Cloonfert

Pat to John GIBBONS and Catherine HALLORAN February 28 Devlish


Castlebar North

Pat to John RUANE and Ann CAVAN January 1 Aughmore

Peter to John McHALE and Mary PHILBIN January 1 Toberrooaun

Thomas to William HOLMES and Ellen McNAMARA January 1 Terryduff

Winny to Anthony McDERMOTT and Winny PADDEN January 4 Ballymoyock

Bridget to Edward HARTE and Ann READY January 6 Derryfadda

Mary to Thomas HOPKINS and Bridget ROACHE January 13 Sheean

Bridget to Pat FAHEY and Margaret DOUGHETY January 4 Ballyglass

Thomas to Anthony HARTEE and Rose McGUIRE January 10 Gort

Thomas to Thomas MORAN and Sidney BROWNS January 10 Massbrook

Bridget to James BROWN and Maria MORAN January 14 Terry

John to Francis DAVIT and Ellen SHERIDAN January 15 Bracklough Weaver

Bridget to James CAWLEY and Mary MURRY January 20 Curraghmore

James to William GRAHAM and Bridget COUGHLIN January 21 Massbrook

 Mary to Thomas McNAMARA and Honor CAVISH January 21 Laborer

Kate to Peter LOFTUS and Ellen CLARKE January 23 Cloughbreck

Pat to John MORAN and Eliza McHALE January 24 Massbrook

Richard to Pat CAWLEY and Bridget McHUGH January 25 Bofeenaun

Ellen to Anthony JORDAN and Honor WALSH January 28 Muckanagh

Mary to Michael NARRY and Sarah KELLY January 28 Tawnagh

Bridget to Michael HOPKINS and Celia MORAN January 31 Sheean

Pat to Pat McHUGH and Honor McMANNON January 31 Muckanagh

Bridget to Pat HENAGHAN and Catherine MALLEY February 1 Burrin

Bridget to Dominick MARLEY and Catherine MARTIN February 3 Doonbredia

Bridget to Neal SYRAN and Bridget HEGARTY February 7 Derrymartin

Bridget to Thomas HOPKINS and Bridget JENNINGS February 8 Crimlin

Mary to William KEANE and Mary HARTE February 8 Derryfadda

Michael to Francis PHILBIN and Mary McMALLY February 8 Kilhale

Bryan to John BERRY and Mary McHALE February 9 Massbrook

Bridget to Martin HARTE and Maria KELLY February 14 Derryfadda

Mary Ann to William GAUGHEN and Honor WARD February 17 Knockmaria

Pat to William GAUGHEN and Honor WARD February 17 Knockmaria

Honor to Edward WALSH and Mary NARY February 21 Sheeane

Bridget to Richard McHALE and Ann BARRET February 21 Tawnagh

Bridget to Peter CAWLEY and Elizabeth PHILBIN February 21 Curraghmore

Maria to Michael MALIN and Bridget MARYLE February 22 Glenowen

Pat to Michael McDONNELL and Ann MORAN February 24 Ross

Catherine Maria to Thomas McGREEVY and Catherine MORRIN February 24 Burrin

Pat to John McNULTY and Honor ROACHE February 26 Corrnagher

Martin to Myles ROCHE and Mary GAUGHAN February 27 Lavalline

Edward to Michael FORDE and Mary BURDISH February 27 Burren

Honor to Owen DOUGHERTY and Bridget WALSH February 27 Derryfadda

John to John CADEN and Mary MUGAN March 1 Carrowskeheen

Anthony to Michael PHILBIN and Mary CAWLEY March 1 Curraghmore

Catherine to Pat McGLOON and Mary DEVANY March 1 Burrin

Margaret to Anthony BARRET and Bridget CONNORS March 1 Massbrook

Pat to Martin McNEELY and Sarah McHALE March 2 Ross

Catherine to Thomas MULLOWNY and Mary MORAN March 2 Massbrook

Mary to Michael MULHEARN and Bridget HOLMES March 2 Massbrook Laborer

Pat to John NARY and Catherine TOLAN March 3 Shanvally

Pat to Pat TIMLIN and Bridget NARY March 4 Tawnagh

John to William BARRET and Bridget McNAMARA March 5 Massbrook

Pat to Thomas RUANE and Bridget LUDDEN March 9 Taveneia

Martin to Martin McALPHINE and Mary WALSH March 9 Sheeane

Bridget to James FORDE and Ann McDONNEL March 14 Burrin

Pat to Thomas HORAN and Catherine LYNN March 14 Beltra


Biddy to Michael REILLY and Katy REILLY January 3 

Pat to Matthew McDORROHOLE and Ann STANTON January 5 



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