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  February 21, 2011

1871 Births Achill, Castlebar, Castlebar North,





John to Owen KILBANE Peggy MORAN January 1 Belforest

Ellen to John BURKE and Mary McGINLY January 2 Valley

Michael to Pat CAFFERTY and Catherine McLOUGHLIN January 3

Bridget to and  Michael McGINTY and Bridget CORRIGAN January 8 Mulain

Mary to Pat O'BOYLE and Anne GALLAGHER January 9 Valley

Frank to Charles GALLAGHER and Mary GALLAGHER January 10 Knockmagragh

Bridget to James O'DONNELL and Bridget CATTIGAN January  13 Derreene

Bridget to Bryan CALLIHAN and Mary CALLIHAN January 14 Currane

Pat to Pat SWEENY and Mary MARIJON January  15 Pulranny

Francis Elizabeth to Richard LANDREN and Maria SHERIDAN January 15

Anne to Martin COONEY and Anne GALLAGHER January 17 Sraheens

Bridget to Anthony KILBANE and Mary MALLEY January 28 Dooga

Pat to Pat MASTERSON and Anne KILBANE January 30 Sraheens

Thady to Edward GALLAGHER and Maud CLAREY January 30

Andrew to Anthony MULLOY and Bridget CAFFERTY February 7 Keel

Pat to Peter LaVALLE and Mary McNAMARA February 14 Dooknella

Bridget to Michael GALLAGHER and Mary HEAVAN February 18 Doogea

Terry to Pat  and Grace McMANONAN Valley February 19 Valley

Maud to John GALLAGHER and Anne GALLAGHER  February 23 Bunacurry

Ellen to John GALLAGHER and Anne GALLAGHER  February 23 Bunacurry

James to Pat FADIAN and Anne MORAN February 24 Cloughmore

Alfred to Charles ROBBINS and Jane IAGO March 2 Darby's Point

Honor to Peter McNAMARA and Mary DUGAN March 6 Breenscloe

Martin to Peter McNEELY and Mary CALVREY March 9 Keel

Mary to Anthony MURPHY and Bridget LaVALLE March 12 Keel

Mary to Michael GALLAGHER and Margaret CARNEY March 16 Valley

Anthony to Anthony McNAMARA and Mary BARRET March 20 Pullock

John to Anthony RUDDY and Bridget BARRET March 30 Pullock

Robert to William ATKINSON and Mary MALLY November 12 Mulranny

Selia to Edward SWEENEY and Ellen McHUGH November 24 Pollranny

Catherine to William ASPINELL and Catherine MANNING November 28 Kildorvent

Catherine to Miles SWEENEY and Bridget McHUGH December 2 Pollranny

Sally to Martin PATTERN and Catherine PATTERN December 2 Sraheens Laborer

Ann to Thomas GALLAGHER and Bridget GALLAGHER December 6 Achillbeg

Edward to Bartly KILBANE and Mary CURRIGAN December 9 Dooega

Thomas to Pat CAFFERTY and SWEENEY December 25 Pollranny  

Pat to Anthony MADDEN and Mary GINNELLY December 25

Mary to Michael MANGAN and Mary MANGAN December 27 Dooagh

Thomas to John McGINLY and Judy CURRIGAN December 31 Breenasole



Mary of George McGLOON and Ann FADDEN November 3 Mulranny

Bridget of Myles NEYLIN and Bridget KING November 6 Barracks Castlebar Head Constable Royal Irish Constabulary

Ellen to William ROBINSON and Honor KING November 12 Charles St Runner

Margaret to William ROBINSON and Honor KING November 12 Charles St Runner

Thomas of Philip ROACHE and Mary GARVEY November 20 Moherafadda Servant

Ann of Pat FAHEY and Catherine JOYCE November 24 Tully

Pat of Valentine BAYNES and Ann GIBBONS November 29 Bridget St Shopkeeper

Mary Ellen of John GIBBONS and Ann DOYLE November 29 Spencer St. Shopkeeper

Cicly of Luke LEMOND and Catherine DUNNE December 1 Knockaraha

Michael of John FOY and Honor BURKE December 2 Carrowkeel

Mary of Neal DAVITT and Ann GODFREY December 3 Rockfield Tailor

Teresa to Anthony LaVALLE and Elizabeth LYNCH December 3 Doogary

Pat of Martin CUNNANEE and Honor WALSH December 8 Lugaphuill

Pat of Martin BARRETT and Ellen CHAMBERS December 9 Rockfield

Martin of Michael NEYLIN and Mary McHUGH December 9 Carrowkeel

Mary of Thomas CONNOR and Bridget REILLY December 13 Drumneen

Pat of John MULLIN and Margaret COONEY December 13

Pat of Thomas GARVAN and Ann GRAVEN December 14 Derryfadda

Stephen of James McHALE and Sarah MORAN December 15 Tully

Ann of Thomas DUFFY and Catherine MALLEY December 18 Barney Laborer

Thomas of Walter WALSH and Ann FLAHERTY December 19 Knockshawna

Andrew of Michael COMMINS and Judy KAVANAGH December 20 Cloonaghmore

Ellen of Michael BARRETT and Mary McHALE December 21 Rockfield

James of Michael McDONNEL and Margaret McGING December 23 Kinuary

Ann to Pat McEVEILLY and Barbara McHALE December 24 Pulnanuskin

Pat of Michael HENEGHAN and Catherine MORDHAM December 24 Devlish

Pat to Pat SALMON and Catherine FADDEN December 25 Cloonkeen

Ann of John MULRONEY and Ann BARTLEY December 25 Mount Daisy

Mary of John CUNNIFF and Margaret MULLOY December 31 Cloonlynchaghaun


Castlebar North


Michael to Martin WALSH and Margaret TONRA January 2 Deerpark 

Mary to John MHUGH and Mary GIBBONS January 3 Carrowhill 

Margaret to Sam CORBETT and Ellen FERGUSON January 5 Infantry Barracks 

Bridget to Pat FINN and Anne BOURKE January 5 Killawalla East 

Catherine to Peter FARMER and Ellen CRESHAM January 5 Newtown 

Bridget to John DEVERS and Mary GIBBONS January 6 Mt Daisy

Margaret to James WALSH and Mary ROGERS January 6 Spencer St Blacksmith 

Margaret to Pat McDONAGH and Mary REILLY January 7 Clooncomdra 

Robert Gerlier to Henry KEARNEY and Anne PORTER January 7 Breaffy Lodge 

John to James BRENNAN and Margaret SHEA January 7 Ballinabole

Thomas to John DUNN and Mary GAVAN January 7 Westlands 

Michael to Michael MDONAGH and Bridget BRENNAN January 8 Clooncomdra 

Maryanne to Michael RYDER and Anne WALSH January 9 Church St Tailor 

Thomas to Pat TIMLIN and Catherine KIELTY January 12 Gruannane 

Mary to John MORAN and Margaret McINTRYE January 12 Badaghfram  

Thomas to Thomas WALSH and Mary THORTON January 12 Knockafunta 

Francis Adeline Louisa to Allen James NESBITT and Francis Anna Jane McCUSLAND January 13 Mount Gordon

Pat to Michael MORRISON and Anne CUFFE January 13 Tucker St Laborer 

Andrew to John QUINN and Bridget GLYNN January 14 Bougnes Herd 

Margaret to Arthur MADDEN and Sara MALLEY January 15 Lisinka 

Anne to John HUGHES and Catherine GIBBONS January 16 Market St Victualer 

James to Pat DEA and Catherine MALLEY January 18 Cullentra 

Catherine to James TUOHY and Catherine LaVALLE January 18 Tullycommons 

Thomas to Pat McANDREW and Mary PHILBANE January 19 Kilhale 

Pat to James WALSH and Bridget TRACEY January 20 Sarnaght Herd

Anthony to John KENNY and Bridget MAYOCK January 21 Massbrook 

John to Martin  HENAGHAN and Bridget WALSH January 21 Deerpark 

John to Martin MORAN and Mary McHALE January 22 Ross East 

Anne to John HENNELLY and Anne GALL January 22 Cloonaghduff 

John to Anthony McGOUGH and Cisily PHILBAN January 25 Cranmore 

Margaret to Martin MURRY and Honor GERRAGHTY January 27 Dugarry 

William to Denis PHILBAN and Margaret WALSH January 27 Carn 

Mary to James GALL and Catherine BURKE January 27 Corheens

Anthony to Pat H’HORA and Bridget KEARNEY January 29 Tawnyshane 

Maria to David CONWAY and Anne McGRATH January 29 Snugborough

William George to George DODD ad Ellen GRADY January 31 Infantry Barracks 

Bridget to Pat MURPHY and Margaret MULLRONEY January 31 Derrycourse 

Bridget to Hugh HOPKINS and Mary McHALE February 1 Gort 

Bridget to John KILGALLON and Bridget ROACHE February 1 Derryhick 

Anne to Edward JOYCE and Bridget HIGGINS February 1 Killawalla 

Catherine to Pat QUIGLEY and Bridget McKEON February 2 Carroohifil 

Pat to Pat McLOUGHLIN and Bridget McGREAL February 2 Chapel St

John to John CORCORAN and Mary JUDGE February 2 Proughlish

Mary to Martin CALLAGHAN and Mary MORAN February 2 Polemarla 

John to John McDONAGH and Bridget JORDAN February 4 Cappavicar 

William to Thomas KILCOYNE and Honor ROUSE February 5 Knockafunta 

Mary to Anthony DOLAN and Sarah FEENAGHTY February 7 Ballyburke 

Pat to Anthony KELLY and Ellen STAUNTON February 7 Drimduffy 

John to John CONNOR and Honor LUDDEN February 7 Turlough 

Bridget to Richard McGOUGH and Bessy ARMSTROG February 7 Drumininoe

John to Pat MULLNEY and Kate MULLIGAN February 8 Corliss 

Mary to John KILCOURSE and Anne McDONNELL February 9 New Antrim

John to John WALSH and Mary McHALE February 10 Corheens 

Michael to William CARROLL and Mary GRIMES February 10 Cappervanny 

Catherine to Pat McGLEAN and Catherine BRETT February 10 the Mall (scripture reader)

Edward to Thomas LAWLESS and Mary VAHEY February 10 Ballintober

Stephan to Michael BRENNAN and Bridget SCREEN February 10 Cornomorrow

Sarah to Michael CONWAY and Catherine NARY February 14 New Antrim

Nicholas to William MANGAN and Bridget WALSH February 14 Snugborough

Matthew to John MALLY and Mary KANE February 16 Spencer Street

John to John MACKEN and Margaret DONNELLAN February 17 Luffertane

Honor to Pat HOPKINS and Margaret STAUNTON February 17 French Hill

Thomas to Pat DEVANY and Bridget O'DONNELL February 23 Cloonturbrid

Sam to Martin QUINN and Honor GAVAN February 24 Ballyshawn

Neil to John MURRAY and Mary LENNAN February 26 Carrowkeel

Catherine to James FARRAHER and Bridget MORAN February 27 Ballyburke

Anne to Michael KERNEY and Ellen HOPKINS February 27 Tawnyshane 

Mary to Pat GIBBONS and Bridget GIBBONS February 28 Barnakellew

Pat to Pat BURKE and Mary SHEA March 8 Killawalla Anne SHEA Present at Birth 

Mary to Pat McGREEVY and Mary CAMPBELL March 1 Gorthbawn Farmer baptized March 15

Pat to Pat McDONNELL and Bridget McMYLES March 1 Ardvarney

Thomas to Pat O'HARA and Catherine WALSH March 6 Mt Gregory

Michael to Michael KAVANAGH and Catherine CONNORS March 10 Crummer

Michael to Pat NAUGHTON and Mary GERAGHTY March 20 Cloonturbid

Agnes to Michael DODY and Ann WESTON November 21 Curraghmore

Mary to Michael McHUGHS and Ann CAWLEY December 10 Bofeenaun

Michael to Thomas DUNNEE and Catherine McDONNELL December 13 Graffa More

Hannah to Thomas CAWLEY (in Yorkshire England) to Mary CONLON December 18 Knockmaria

Margaret to Peter MULROY and Ann O'DONL December 24 Cashel Laborer

Mary to Pat KIEKER and Ann GARRY December 24 Pollawaddy

Pat to Anthony McNEELY and Mary DOUGHETY December 26 Ballyglass




James to Pat Early and Biddy KEAN December 24




Anne to Pat MORAN and Judith McHALE January 1 Lanskill

Honor to Peter McMANANIAN and Ellen Noon January 1 Clogernaugh

Sarah Jane to John MOORE and Easther CLINTON January 1 Burrishoole

Mary to John MURRAY and Margaret MULLOWNEY January 2 Shramore

Ellen to Martin KILCOYNE and Bridget KELLY January 2 Rosturke

Cecilia to John BEGGAN and Ceclia CLARKE January 7 Gurnanbecta

John to Michael MORAN and Mary WALSH January 9 Shramore






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