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July 27, 2007

Births Registered in Castlebar, Balla, Newport, Westport, Louisburgh and Islandeady Co Mayo Ireland 1869

213 births


Joseph to Anthony CONNOR and Mary PENDERGRAST January 26 Spencer St Shopkeeper

James to John BROGAN and Mary McTIGUE February 2 Ballyknock Farmer

Alice Josephine and Michael QUINN and Julia McMAHON February 3 Ellison Street

Mary to James O'HARA and Bridget GIBBONS February 6 Turlough Farmer

Ellen to Laurence MALONEY and Ann MORAN February 20 Massbrook Farmer

Bridget to Pat McGREEVY and Mary CAMPBELL February 26 Gorthbawn Farmer

Dominick to Michael CONWAY and Mary JENNINGS February 28 Capparanny Farmer

Honoria to Pat MALLEY and Mary MALLEY March 4 Burrin Farmer

Sabina to John KELLY and Mary FERGUS March 10 Castle St Tailor

Mary to Michael WALSH and Julia MUGAN March 10 Lugaphuill Farmer

Sarah to Redmond REILLY and Margaret BOURKE March 13 Ballyaghama Farmer

Thomas to Redmond REILLY and Margaret BOURKE March 13 Ballyaghama Farmer

Margaret to Anthony MULROONEY and Bridget CLARKE March 15 Doogary Farmer

Bridget to Thomas GALLAGHER and Bridget GALLAGHER March 16 Burrin Farmer

Ellen to John DOOLY and Ellen DUFFY March 18 Ballure Milesman on Railway

James to James MULRONEY and Mary McHALE March 19 Tully Farmer

Catherine to Michael MAYOCK and Catherine LEONARD March 20 Ballyknock

Martin to James GANNON and Bridget WALSH March 20 Shanvally Laborer

Mary to Peter CLARKE and Mary BOYLE March 23 Market Street Watchmaker

Mary to John FAUL and Bridget FLANERY March 24 Shamble St and Farmer

Mary Ann to John FLEMMING and Mary FLANNERY March 24 Derrycleetagh Farmer and Pensioner

Andrew to John LEIGHTON and Sarah COONEY March 25 Driminnabhile Farmer

Ann to Francis MANNION and Mary CLIFFORD March 27 Lahardane Farmer

Bridget to James DAVIS and Bridget CONBER March 28 Knockbaun Farmer

Owen MORRISON and Ann KELLY March 29 Burrin March 29 Farmer

Bridget to Richard WARD and Catherine CUNNIFF April 1 Lugaphuill Farmer

Michael to Michael RICE and Bridget McHALE April 3 Milebush Farmer

James to James STAUNTON and Mary HUGHES April 4 Kilkenny Farmer

Ellen Mary to William McDONAGH and Ellen STAUNTON April 6 Workhouse Plaster

Margaret to John MURPHY and Ellen RICE April 7 Killadeer Farmer

Catherine to Francis WALTERS and Bridget McDONOUGH April 9 Kilkenny Farmer

Michael to Anthony GOLDING and Ann CASSIDY April 9 Cloonkesh Farmer

William to Pat ANSBORO and Mary McEVILY April 18 Ballyhean Laborer

Mary to James REILLY and Catherine MURPHY April 20 Turlough Laborer

William Henry to John Richard COADY and Mary KILCOURSE April 20 Castle St Shopkeeper

Margaret to Pat MALLY and Mary NALLY April 22 the Quay Servant

Michael to Neal DAVITT and Ann GODFREY April 23 Rockfield Tailor

Thomas to Pat QUIGLEY and Bridget WALSH April 25 Snugborough Laborer

Pat to Pat BLAKE and Bridget KILCOYNE April 26 Castle St April 26 Laborer

Pat to William BARRET and Bridget McNAMARA April 27 Massbrook Farmer

Catherine to Thomas DUFFY and Ellen MALLY April 28 Barney Farmer

William to William ARMSTRONG and Ellen STAUNTON April 29 Clooncroal Farmer

John Queely Russell to John Russell STRATHE and Ellen Lambert SEYMOUR April 29 Grove House Gentleman

Pat to Myles SWEENEY and Maria CARNEY May 1 Chapel St Castlebar

Pat to James GERAGHTY and Bridget BOURKE May 1 Coolodge Farmer

Pat to Michael BARRETT and Bridget McHALL May 1 Toberrooaun Farmer

Peter to Peter FLYNN and Ann FLYNN May 1 Ballintober Farmer

Timothy Patrick to William HENLLEY and Bridget JENNINGS May 2 Rush St Shopkeeper

William Charles Porter Joseph Samuel HUME and Eda Eveleen PORTER May 6 Sub-Inspector Royal Irish Constable Infantry Barrack

Hugh to Thomas SYRON and Mary BOURKE May 8 Derrymartin Farmer

Pat to Anthony FORRESTELL and Catherine KIRBY May 10 Lahardane Farmer

James to Walter WALSH and Ann FLAHERTY May 9 Devlish West Farmer

Pat to Andrew FORRESTELL and Catherine KIRBY May 10 Lahardane Farmer

Francis Charles to Thomas FITZGERALD and Eliza PURDUE May 11 Saleen Station Master

Mary Ellen to Pat WALSH and Bridget SCAHILL May 12 Car driver

Anthony to Matthew PHILBIN and Anne MORAN May 12 Curnaghem Farmer

Mary Agnes to John GILANDHOLDERAM and Emma Agnes O'CONNOR May 12 Spencer St Clerk at the Lunatic Asylum

Richard to Martin McHALE and Ann HEGARTY May 13 Cloghbrack Farmer

Ann to John FAHEY and Celia CARNEY May 13 Sarnaght Farmer and Blacksmith

Mary to Pat McHALE and Ann FLANNIGAN May 14 Cum Teacher

Catherine to Thomas McNICHOLOS and Bridget JENNINGS May 16 Crimlin Farmer

Bridget to Pat McDONNELL and Bridget McMYLES May 17 Ardvarney Farmer

Ellen to Thady REILLY and Bridget SLAVIN May 17 Cashel

Mary to Pat CARTY and Bridget LAVALLE May 18 Balloor

Martin to Pat JENNINGS and Ellen O'DONNELL May 20 Crimlin Farmer

Timothy Patrick to William HENNELLY and Bridget JENNINGS May 2 Rush St Shopkeeper

Margaret to John P NAUGHTON and Mary GERAGHTY May 20 Cloontubbrid Farmer

John to Thomas JOYCE and Bridget HOLIANN May 20 Poorhouse Hill Laborer

Ann to James WALSH and Mary WALSH May 20 Drumneen

Richard to Richard FEENY and Catherine BOURKE May 20 Cartronbower

Ellen to James HOPKINS and Mary CONNOR May 20 Tully Shoemaker

Ann to James WALSH and Mary WALSH May 20 Drummin Farmer

Catherine to Pat MALONEY and Margaret MAYOCK May 21 Massbrook Farmer

Eliza to Charles GAY and Margaret ARMSTRONG May 22 Leckeen Farmer

Anne to John MURPHY and Bridget CAMPBELL May 23 Gorthbawn Farmer

Ellen to Anthony PENDERGRAST and Mary GREENE May 24 New Antrim St Dealer

Bridget to Michael McGREEVY and Ann CARTER May 25 Balloor May 25 Farmer

Honor to Thomas GANNON and Mary BRENNAN May 25 Horsepark Laborer

Bridget Catherine to Michael KILCOURSE and Margaret KELLY May 27 New Antrim St Laborer

Winny to John BRENNEN and Catherine MUGEN May 28 Devlish Farmer

Margaret Elizabeth to Peter FARMER and Ellen CRESHAM May 28 Gasworks Newtown Gas Manager

Catherine to Michael KILCOURSE and Margaret KELLY May 27 New Antrim St Laborer

Mary to Michael BARRETT and Mary McHALE May 29 Rockfield Farmer

Myles to Pat JENNINGS and Margaret MULLEN June 2 Coolodge Farmer

Ann and Honor to Michael HENNELLY and Honor LYONS June 2 Mt Gregory Farmer

Bridget to Richard BOURKE and Bridget MALLEY June 4 Tully Farmer

James to Pat GRIMES and Honor WALSH June 5 Crimlin Farmer

John to Michael KERRIGAN and Catherine O'BRIEN June 5 Dereenascobe Farmer

John to Farrell McHUGH and Honor HOPKINS June 6 Sheeanes Farmer

James John to Hynes McANDREW and Catherine MURPHY June 6 Bridge St Shoemaker

Ellen to Luke LOFTUS and Bridget McGREAL June 6 Belcarra Keeper to the Asylum

Michael to Pat WALSH and Mary DEVANEY June 7 Cloontubbrid Farmer

Hugh to Pat CORLEY and Mary WALSH June 8 Ballintober Farmer

Margaret to James SHERIDAN and Mary MAYOCK June 10 Tawnagh Farmer

Edward to John GARVEY and Bridget KEANE June 11 Muckanagh Farmer

Mary to Thomas TRACEY and Catherine BURNS June 14 Tawnyagry Farmer

John to Thomas TRACEY and Bridget FADDEN June 18 Tawnyagry Farmer

John to Pat TRACEY and Margaret COGGIL June 18 Dereenascobe Farmer

John to Michael KERRIGAN and Catherine O'BRIEN June 18 Dereenascobe Farmer

John to John TRACEY and Ann HENEGHAN June 19 Dereenascobe Farmer

John to Michael CONWAY and Bridget CONWAY June 20 Dereenascobe Farmer

Elizabeth to Pat HOPKINS and Catherine HOPKINS June 20 Sheeane Farmer

Martin to Philip ROCHE and Mary GARVEY October 24 Maheardfedda 

Rebecca to John McKINLEY and Mary KIMTIN October 29 Spencer St Printer 

Joseph Patrick to James GIBBONS and Mary CURRAN November the Green Cardriver 

Bridget to John CASEY and Bridget MURPHY November 22 Killadeer 

Elizabeth to Pat WARD and Bridget KNIGHT December 14 Doogary 

Bedelia to John CORLY and Anne MULROONY December 14 Spencer St 

Martin to Pat DUARY and Ellen BRENNAN December 18 Derreens 

Honor to Pat KANE and Anne CORCORAN December 22 Kinury 

Mary to Michael GIBBONS and Mary HENAHAN December 22 Kiltharshane 

Margaret to James WALSH and Catherine HERAGHTY December 23 Carne Printer 

John to Luke MADDEN and Catherine BROWNE December 29 Gortnacuala 

Margaret to James CLARKE and Rose GRIFFIN December 28 Tucker St 

Male to John GIBBONS and Mary HIGGINS December 31 Devlish West




Catherine to Pat BERRY and Mary CAIN March 7 Kilmeena Farmer

Thomas to Edward O'MALLEY and Anne O'MALLEY March 9 Murrisk

Robert to Thomas COURT and Bridget SWEENEY March 13 Westport Boatman

Margaret to John CARNEY and Bridget REID March 20 Carrowbaun Farmer

Charlotte Mary to John MALLEY and Eliza HASTINGS March 21 Mill St Shopkeeper

Walter to John and Honoria CONWAY March 22 Bridge St Saddler

Eliza Anne to Matthew MANSER and Anne HARRISON March 29 James St Sub Constable to Police

Henry Austin to John MALLEY and Eliza HENEHAM Barrack St Militia Sargent

John to Pat KING and Mary FERGUS April 2 High St Slater

Bridget to John DOBBIN and Bridget GIBBONS April 3 Tailor Carrowbeg Farmer

Celia to Pat MORAN and Catherine RUDDY April 5 Carrandurgan Farmer

Bridget to Pat GERAGHTY and Jane SHERIDAN April 9 Kilmeena

Bridget to James RUDDY and Mary KERRIGAN April 17 Prospect Westport Farmer

Thaddeus to John McGREAL and Mary LAFFY April 18 Carrowkennedy Farmer

Mary to William RUAN and Mary WALSH April 19 Peter St Laborer

Maria to Joseph GILL and Maria STONE April 20 High St Merchant

James to John REILLY and Bridget HASTINGS April 20 Lockam Farmer

Philip to Peter and Bridget HASTINGS April 20 Derryherbert Farmer

James to Philip KELLY and Bridget BRADLEY April 22 Murrisk Laborer

Catherine to Michael O'DONNELL and Mary GALLAGHER April 23 James St Tailor

James of Michael FITZGERALD and Catherine BLAKE April 25 Barrack Hill Laborer

Pat to Michael FAHY and Ellen MULRAIN April 29 Kilmeena Farmer

Mary to Pat DUFFY and Celia HAWKSHAW May 3 Cordarragh Farmer

John to Thomas FORDE and Catherine KELLY May 7 James St Policeman

John to John MALLEY and Mary HERATY May 8 Owenwee Farmer

John to Martin SALMON and Ann McNAMEE May 9 Workhouse Shoemaker

Mary to John CASEY and Ann MOORE May 10 Old Walls Kilmeena Farmer

James to Hugh MALLEY and Mary GOLDING May 10 Kilmeena Farmer

Thomas to Michael CAIN and Bridget BASQUILLE May 10 Kilmeena Laborer

Richard to Thomas McLAUGHLIN and Margaret WALSH May 21 Peter St Tailor

Thomas to Thomas MURRAY and Eliza SULLIVAN May 23 Bridge St Shopkeeper

Thomas to John KELLY and Catherine FOY May 24 Sherroe Westport Farmer

John to Henry GILL and Bridget GIBBONS May 31 Thornhill Farmer

John to Michael WALSH and Catherine MALLEY June 2 Claggan Kilmeena Laborer

 John Edward to Michael BARRY and Ann HARWOOD June 2 Octagon Westport Militia Sergeant

Dominick to John LAVALLE and Bridget McGREAL June 5 Shop St Shopkeeper

Eliza to Pat LANGAN and Bridget KERRIGAN June 9 Farmer Carrowbaun

Bridget to Thomas GANNON and Mary McEVEILLY June 12 Murrisk Farmer

Bridget to John McNALLY and Mary GOLDING Island Haggart Kilmeena Farmer

Michael to Martin WALSH and Mary MURPHY June 17 Prospect Farmer

Mary Ann to James CAREY and Honor HERAGHTY June 18 Rosmindle Kilmeena

Timothy to James GANNON and Judith WARD Balloor Farmer


Sabina to Harry O'BRIEN and Bridget SALMON March 29 Kilfea

Maria to John RICE and Ellen LaVALLE April 2 Derrycooraun

James to Michael O'DOWD and Bridget GAVAN April 7 Derrycooraun

Cecily to Michael PHILBIN and Mary McNEELY April 13 Carnagh

Maria to John McDONNELL and Bridget RICE April 17 Derrycooraun

Ann to Martin MURPHY and Mary McKENZIE April 24 Doon

Margaret to Pat HENAHAN and Mary REILLY May 11 Mace North

Pat to Pat DAWSON and Bridget KILCOYNE May 13 Cashel

Peter to Pat McCORMACK and Mary JOYCE May 15 Cummer

Thomas to William CANNON and Mary CANNON May 16 Cashel

John to Thomas McDONAGH and Honor FLANNERY May 17 Mt Browne

John to Robert CARNEY and Ann McGOUGH May 21 Forkfield

Mary to Peter KIRBY and Bridget MALLY June 1 Carrowbaun

 John to Stephen MURRAY and Bridget BOURKE June 3 Cogaula

William to William FLANAGAN and Honor MULLIN June 9 Ballynamarroge

Mary to John WARD and Mary FEEHAN June 11 Derinhowa Landholder

John to Thomas MALLY and Ann KING June 15 Ballynamarroge

 John to Martin OBRYAN and Mary TRACEY June 18 Carrowbeg

Mary to James McHUGH and Catherine DONNELLY June 18 Derrycoosh Landholder

John to James WALSH and Honor MALLY June 18 Bunrawer


Neal to Neal CAMPBELL and Mary GALLAGHER June 10 Airraun


Michael to Pat FARRELL and Catherine GILL April 16 Lecanvey Farmer

Charles to William MALLY and Catherine PENDERGRAST April 23 Cross Farmer

Judith to John MALLY and Honor MALLY May 1 Lecanvey Farmer

Mary to John DAWSON and Mary HALLINAN May 2 Bellakip Laborer

Michael to Michael JOYCE and Margaret MORAN May 10 Durless Farmer

Ellen to Peter TOOLE and Mary MALLY May 18 Louisburgh Shoemaker

James to James GIBBONS and Mary GIBBONS May 20 Aghany West Farmer

Celia to Pat FLANIGAN and Bridget McKEON May 24 Aghany West

Pat Thomas MORAHAM and Catherine GERAGHTY May 28 Louisburgh Laborer

Mary to Peter GILL and Maria KERRIGAN June 2 Ballykip June 2

Mary to Austin MALLY and Honor MALLY June 5 Capnagower

John to Michael MORAN and Bridget McEVILLY June 11 Durless Farmer

Mary to Thomas JENNINGS and Mary FERGUS June 11 Kilgeever Farmer


Mary to John MACKEN and Peggy DONNELLY March 10 Luffertaun Herd

Biddy to James KENNEDY and Sarah NILAND March 20 Carrowogen

Pat to Michael REILLY and Ellen SULLIVAN March 27Balla Shoemaker

Mary to Michael SHERIDAN and Catherine GIBBONS March 29 Killawalluan Landholder

Bridget to Pat MORAN and Kitty PENDERGRAST April 6 Skihangh Farmer

Pat to Hugh MURTHER and Catherine CORLEY April 8 Arabeg

Ellen to John MADDEN Winny McGRATH April 25 Doonamoona Farmer

Catherine to Pat CONLAN and Catherine GANNON April 25 Station Master

Ann to John GALLAGHER and Biddy KENNEDY April 29 Lankill

Ann to Michael MURPHY and Margaret LANEY May 26 Ballinagran Landholder

Henry to Pat BATTLE and Mary ROACHE Cashel 5 Landholder

Biddy to Michael WALSH and Ann CARNEY June 4 Chancery Farmer

Ann  to Michael WALSH and Ann CARNEY June 4 Chancery Farmer

William to Martin MULLOY and Catherine McELLIN June 10 North Garrow Landholder

John to Michael COSTELLO and Honor McNICHOLAS June 16 Shaluskey Landholder


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