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   July 27, 2007


1867 Birth Register for Castlebar Balla Louisburgh Co Mayo Ireland  264 Births

Abbreviations   LH Land Holder   L Laborer

 Balla Co Mayo  (82)


Bridget to John HYLAND and Celia KEAN March 17 

Mary to Mick ROPER and Mary STANTON March 22 

Mary Anne to Thomas REILLY and Bridget REDDY March 23 

Henry to Owen COLLINS and Catherine LOOSKAN March 30 

Bridget to John LOFTUS and Bridget COSTELLO March 30 

Honor to John HEVRON and Peggy KERIGAN April 7 

Michael to Michael WALSH and Catherine BLOUK  April 13 witness Martin SKIVNTO and Ellen BLOUK   

Celia to John MADDEN and Winny GRATH April 14 

James to James DOLAN and Bridget GIBBONS April 24 

John to James CASEY and Anne GALLAGHER April 28 

Bridget to James DEMPSY and Celia CONROY April 28 

Catherine to Pat DEMPSY and Sara FLANNERY March 4 

Bridget to Mick LALLY and Sally WALSH May 5 

John to Martin JORDAN and Bridget GARVEY May 6 

Mary to Pat HEALY and Kitty DEMPSEY May 8 witness Frank CARNEY and Celia CONRY  

John to Thady McKEON and Anne BURKE May 16 witness Thomas KEVIL and Catherine BURKE  

Michael to Pat MURPHY and Marianne HENLEY May 19 

John to John MORAN and Margaret McENTRYE May 26 witness Owen BEGGAN and Bridget MORAN  

Catherine to William ARMSTRONG and Catherine IRWIN May 26  

Martin to Henry DURKAN and Bridget CURNAIANE May 26  

Anne to John MACKEN and Mary DUNNE June 2 

John to Michael JENNINGS and Bridget DURKAN June 4 

John to Redmond REILLY and Margaret BURKE June 8 

Catherine to James DEASY and Catherine MALONE June 9 

John to Charles TOGHER and Bridget ANSBORO June 9 

John to John SURDIVAL and Bridget REILLY June 9 

John to Thomas FEENY and Kitty GREHAN June 16 

Martin to James HENAGHAN and Ann RYAN September 1 Millerhill Farmer

Ellen and Michael to John WALSH and Margaret CORLEY September 5 Keeloges LH

Pat and Ellen to Michael CARNEY and Catherine HOWLEY September 5 Drumganagh LH

Michael to Michael THOMAS and Mary GENELEY September 29 Manulla Black Smith

Henry to Thomas CANNING and Maria HIGGINS September 29 Balivary Farmer

James to Pat MURRAY and Mary GLYNN September 30 Knockaraha LH

James to Peter CAROBIN and Margaret HYLAND October 1 Broadfield LH

Mary Catherine to Michael MOLONEY and Catherine MAHADY October 2 Bolevary Constable

Anne to Pat MORAN and Celia WALSH October 2 Manulla Farmer

Anne to James MURPHY and Mary McLAUGHLIN October 3 Larnaghmore LH

Michael to John FAHY and Mary SWEENEY October 5 Manulla

Thomas to John McNICHOLAS and Mary FORD October 6 Gortlahan LH Teacher

Anne to Pat SMITH and Mary MULLOY October 6 Cloonconlan LH

Biddy to James KILCOYNE and Biddy KNIGHT October 8 Knockaraha LH

Thomas  to Thomas BRANNON and Maria LANGAN October 9 Skiddernagh Shoemaker

Elizabeth  Thomas BRANNON and Maria LANGAN October 9 Skiddernagh Shoemaker

John to Anthony WALSH and Mary McNICHOLAS October 10 Ara LH

Mary to Thomas ROCH and Sally BRADY October 10 Carankian Farmer

John to John DONOHOE and Mary MORLEY October 11 Coolfox LH

John to Michael GIBBONS and Biddy MADDEN October 12 Killawullaun L

Pat to Edward COLEMAN and Biddy RAFFATY October 15 Newtown LH

John to Pat FLANNGAN and Mary O'DONNELL October 17 Laghtavarry LH

Honor to Myles JOYCE and Catherine RYDER October 29 Newtown LH

Biddy to John KENNEDY and Anne CARNEY October 31 Tarnaghlseg LH

Martin to Thomas McDONOUGH and Margaret GAVIN November 1 Liscunnell LH

Philip to Pat DUFFY and Bridget BYRNE November 1 Kiltarasahan LH

Catherine to Pat CANNON and Anne STAUNTON November 2 Currybaun LH

William to William BOURKE and Mary McDONAGH November 4 Drummin LH

John to Thomas DUNLEARY and Mary CARNEY November 4 Gorteen L

Honor James McHALE and Mary ROCH November 5  Kilnacarra LH

Ellen to John CARNEY and Mary NALLY November 5 Caranahan Farmer

Martin David BOURKE and Mary BOURKE November 6 Killawullaun Farmer

Catherine to James FITZGERALD and Biddy MURRY November 8 Drumore LH

Martin to Martin CORCORAN and Ellen FAHY November 10 Corrabaun LH

John to Pat McCANN and Mary McHUE November 12 Roslaher LH

Mary to Pat MacEVILLY and Mary DEANE November 13 Derrygovan Farmer

John to Thady MADDEN and Mary HANLEY November 15 Kigalla LH

Catherine to John GARVEY and Ellen CARNEY November 16 Rosslaken L

Mary to Pat GIBBONS and Honor CARNEY Kiltharasahane November 19 L

Biddy to Michael FOY and Biddy LYNDSKY November 20 Corraun Lower LH

Mary to John KILCOYNE to Julia FINN November 24 Knockaraha LH

Edward to Edward COLGAN and Sibby McHUE November 25 Prison National School Teacher

John to Michael CONNOR and Mary STANTON November 26 Upper Sihana LH

Ellen to John TUOHY and Ann WALSH November 26 Derrycana LH

Pat to Michael GIBBONS and Mary HENAGHEN November 26  Kiltarasahaugn LH

John to Richard KEATING and Sarah REILLY November 28 Newtown LH

Anthony to Anthony MORAN and Biddy McHUE November 29 Lismolan LH

Mary to John HORAN and Honor LOFTUS December 2 Knockaraha LH

James to George JENNINGS and Margaret MULLOY December 4 Towerhill LH

Catherine to John STANTON and Biddy McHUE December 5 Carrowbaun L

Peter to Andrew DAVID and Biddy COSTELLO December 6 Gashawnagh Herd

John to John MURPHY and Mary SHERIDAN December 9 Ara L

Mary to Martin DOWD and Anne BRETT December 9 Browne Hall LH

Anne to Anthony WALSH and Mary LAVIN December 14 Falfadda L

William to Pat CARNEY and Mary MARTIN December 18 Gorteen LH

Castlebar  Co Mayo  (120)

Ann to Hugh O'DONNEL and Ann FEENY January 3 Reinane Farmer

William Thomas to Anthony LaVALLE and Elizabeth LYNCH January 14 Doogary Farmer

James to John MURPHY and Bridget CAMPBELL February 9 Gorthbawn Farmer

John to Patrick WALSH and Margaret GRADY February 18 Lugaphuill Bridget WALSH present at birth

John to James McDERMOTT and Ann CORCORAN February 20 Burrin Farmer

Martin to Edward ARMSTRONG and Bridget KENEDY February 22 Castlebar Railway Porter

Mary to Patrick LEE and Mary O'BOYLE March 1 Kilkenny Farmer

Ellen to Thomas CORLEY and Margaret CORLEY Ballinvoash April 10 Farmer

Anne to Pat SURDIVAL and Catherine HIGGINS August 23 Elm Hall Farmer

John to William GARVEY and Bridget HEALLY September Ballaghfarna L

Pat to William FEENY and Bridget CALLANGHAN September 6 Tawnylaheen Farmer

James to Anthony PENDERGRAST and Margaret O'DONNELL September 8 Drumminracahill

Ellen Nora to Francis TRAVERS and Mary BLAKE September 9 the Barracks Castlebar Sargent of the North Mayo Militia

Anne of Michael BROWNE and Anne DEVERS September 10 Terryduff Farmer

John to Thomas GANNON and Mary BRENNAN September 2 Horsepark Farmer

John to John JENNINGS and Mary MURPHY September 7 Shumnugh Farmer

Mary Ann to John REYLEY and Ellen CALPIN September 21 Castlebar Pensioner

Thomas to John CAWLY and Mary LAVALLE September 21 Lenanasillagh Farmer

Michael to John MUGAN and Mary RYAN September 21 Pheasant Hill Farmer

Edward MILWARD to Middleton O'MALLEY KNOTT and Sophia MILWARD September 21 the Barracks Physician and Surgeon

Thomas to Pat McGREEVY and Honor CHRISTOPHER September 23 Westlands L

Margaret to James BROWNE and Bridget McENA September 23 Aghaloonteen Farmer

Ellen to Pat GILBOY and Ellen BOURKE September 23 Carrowkeel Farmer

Anne to James GILBOY and Honor JORDAN September 24 Ballyduffy

Pat to Edward MULLOY and Ellen GARVEY September 25 Graffymore Farmer

Margaret to Michael CONNONS and Julia KELLY September 25 Cornaveagh L

John to John BREEN and Bridget GLYNN September 26 Cloonkesh Farmer

Margaret to Anthony McGREEVY and Ellen MULROY September 26 Saleen L

Bridget to John MORAN and Mary WHITE September 27 Barney Farmer

Anne to Pat MORAN and Bridget McHALE September 28 Ross East Farmer

Bridget to Mark BOURKE (now in England) and Winny WALSH September 28 Spencer St Castlebar L

Austin to Edward STANTON and Bridget STANTON September 29 Lugaphuill F

James to James GOLDING and Mary GERAGHTY October 2 Breaffy

John to John COYNE and Ellen MAYOCK October 2 Carrowmore F

Ellen  to Pat DUFFY and Mary WALSH October 2 Ellen Cloonlynabebane Farmer

Robert to Thomas WILLIS and Margaret BAKER October 3 Bridge St Shopkeeper

Michael to Michael MORRISON and Anne CUFFE October 3 Newtown Castlebar L

Bridget to Pat NAUGHTON and Mary GERAGHTY October 6 Gort L

Pat of Pat KING and Mary LOFTUS October 6 Ballyhean

Bridget to Michael FLANERY and Catherine WALSH October 6 Sarnaght Farmer

Celia to Dominick MORAN and Mary MORAN October 7 Lavalliniee Farmer

John to Dominick MAHON Bridget DOGHERTY October 7  Knockfarnaght Farmer

Bridget to Pat GALLAGHER and Catherine HIGGINS October 8 Lugaphuill Farmer

Martin to Anthony GIBBONS and Margaret MOONEY October 8 Capperview L

Honoria to Edward MITCHELL and Mary CONNOR October 9 Castle St Farmer

Thomas to Thomas CARNEY and Bridget McDONNELL October 9 Cornanool Farmer

Martin of John and Honor SKIFFINGTON October 9 Creevagh

Julia of James CAMPBELL and Mary MURPHY October 10 Ballynew

James to Charles STEWART and Maria McDONNELL October 10 New Antrim St L

Sarah to James CAMPBELL and Mary MURPHY October 10 Ballyneggan L

Pat to John NARY and Catherine ROLAND October 11 Culmullnigh

Michael of Pat McDONOUGH and Mary RIELEY October 11 Cloncurran

Thomas Michael to Thomas WARD (on his way to India) and Honor MULONEY Soldier in the 59th Regiment I Foot Chapel St

James to Michael LANNON and Mary McHUGH October 11 Carrowkeel Farmer

Mary to John CARNEY and Bridget EGAN October 11 Tully Farmer

Margaret and Honor to Anthony TIMLIN and Mary MAHON October 14 Knockfarnaght Farmer

Mary to John O'DONNELL and Mary McHUGH October 15 Tawnykinaff L

Alfred to  Henry STONEHILL and Anne KELLY October 15 The Barracks Private 1st Royal Dragons

Catherine to Michael MALLEY and Honoria HOPKINS October 16 Burrin

John to John KELLY and Anne CAWLY October 18 Crimlin Farmer

Martin to Edward JOYCE and Winifred LANNON October 18 Graffymore Farmer

Bridget to Pat McGOWAN and Mary MAYOCK October 18 Lahardane Farmer

Mary to Pat RAINEY and Honoria McNICHOLAS October 19 Capparanny Farmer

Mary of William MALLEY and Bridget FORDE October 20 Burrin

Mary of Patt MONELLY and Rose Ann BOYLE October 20 Bridget St

Michael of James CANNON and Mary LUDDEN October 20 Ballynew

Michael to James GANNON and Mary LUDDEN October 20 Drumusk Farmer

Sabina Mary to Pat MONNOLLY and Rose Ann BOYLE  October 20 Bridge St Mason

Thomas to Pat FLANERY and Mary MURRAY October 21 Burrin Farmer

Bridget to Pat NAUGHTON and Matilda MURPHY October 21 New Antrim St L

Martin to John CANNON and Mary MALLEY October 22 Cornanool Farmer

Bridget to Arthur MADDEN and Sally MALLEY October 22 Lissaniska Farmer

Alfred of Henry STONE and James KELLY October 22 Horse Barracks

Martin to James GRIMES and Bridget DEVANNY October 24 Crimlin Farmer

Bridget to James McDONNEL and Mary TIMONY October 25 Doonaroya Farmer

Pat to Pat KING and Mary LOFTUS October 25 Cornaveagh LH

Catherine of Thomas MURRY and Mary HOPKINS October 26 Barraonim

Bridget of Richard JOYCE and Mary FLYNN October 28 Ballyhean

Martin of Martin BOURKE and Bridget JOYCE November 1 Breaffy

Mary to John MADDEN and Bridget McHALE November 1 Cloonfert Farmer

Thomas to Robert MAYBERRY and Eliza GAW November 1  Carrowholly Turlough L

Michael to WILLIAM OHARA and Ellen BARRET November 1 Rockfield L

Michael to Martin BURKE and Mary TONRA November 2 Currathanwalla L

Archibald to Thomas CARSON and Eliza BECKETT November 2 Ballinvoash Farmer

Bridget of Pat NOCTIN and Felda MURPHY November 2 New Antrim St

Martin to David MALONEY and Ann RYAN November 6 Pheasant Hill Farmer

Michael to Thomas NOUGHTON and Mary MULHERN November 7 Massbrook Farmer

Kate Mary to Patrick Joseph ANSBRO and Eleanor McMAHON November 7 Castle St Clerk

Mary to Thomas WALSH and Ann MORAN November 8 Cornanval Farmer

Michael to Edward McCORMACK and Mary CARNEY November 8 Cloonkesh Farmer

Anne of Martin CORCORAN and Bridget McHUGH November 9 Burrin

John to Martin JORDAN and Bridget GARVEY Elm Hall November 12 L

Bridget to James TUOHY and Catherine LaVALLE November 13 Tully Commons Farmer

Michael to Denis TOGHER and Catherine CHUKY Crest St Mason

Maria to John MANGAN and Mary JUDGE November 14 Knockmaria Farmer

Julia to Valentine BAYNES and Ann GIBBONS November 15 Bridget St Shopkeeper

Anna Marie to Henry Martin CURRY and Ann DOWDE November 17  Deer Park Teacher

Maria to William MALLEY and Bridget FORDE November 18 Burrin Farmer

Thomas to Pat MANNION and Mary BURKE November 18 Ahanroe Farmer

Bridget to Andrew FEENEY and Mary RYLY November 20 Grahmore Farmer

Myles Clement  to Michael McDONNELL and Mary Ann LYNCH November 23 Newtown Castlebar Teacher

Michael to John KENNY and Bridget GILLON November 23 Conloon

Thomas to Francis PHILBIN and Mary LUDDEN November 23 Kilhale

Catherine to Pat TIERNAN and Catherine SURDIVAL November 23 Snugborough Farmer

Ellen to Thomas ROCHE and Ann CARNEY November 24 Cunnagher Farmer

Bridget to Michael MANGAN and Mary PHILBIN November 24 Coarsepark L

Emelia Catherine to Richard GILLISPIE and Catherine CANAVAN November 25 Market St Printer

Mary Ann to John CORLEY and Ann MULROONEY November 27 Spencer St Pensioner

Anne to James BURKE and Mary QUINAN November 29 Derrylea L

James to Thomas MURPHY and Mary KELLY December 1 Springfield L

Honor to Anthony McNULTY and Mary FLEMMING December 3 Toberrooaun L

Michael to John MURRY and Mary JORDAN December 3 Tully Commons Farmer

Michael to Pat QUINN and Mary PHILBIN December 8 Carrickhill Laborer

Thomas to Thomas O'BOYLE and Bridget MALONEY December 9 Cloonkesh Farmer

John to Richard GIBBONS and Margaret JOYCE December 1 Mount Gordon L

Mary to James GILLON and Anne COYLE December 14 Conloon Farmer

Cesily to John HIGGINS and Mary FADDEN December 14 Coarsepark Farmer

Thomas to James FARRAHER and Bridget MORAN December 16 Ballyburke Laborer

Michael to James WALSH and Catherine GERAGHTY December 17 Carne Farmer

Bridget to Thomas IRWIN and Ann McGREAL December 17 Cloonnghane Farmer

Honor to Michael BRENNEN and Mary RICE December 21 Derrins Farmer

Luke to Thomas McEVADDY and Judith McCORMACK December 22 Cloonfert Farmer

Anne to James WALSH and Bridget MAYOCK November Derryfadda Farmer

Westport  Co Mayo 1

John to Pat KERRIGAN and Bridget WALSH December 21 Murrisk Farmer

Islandeady Co Mayo  (37)

Ellen to Anthony WALSH and Bridget TUNNEY September 23 Rockfield L

James to John IRWIN and Bridget KILCOYNE September 26 Cashel LH

Margaret to Peter WALSH and Margaret WALSH September 29 Derracoath LH

Catherine to Michael DOLAN and Margaret McNEELA October 4 Doon LH

Sarah to Peter GALLAGHER and Mary DOOGAN October 11 Sheean LH

Richard to John WALSH and Catherine WALSH October 14 Ballynamarroge LH

Honor to Pat CANNON and Sisley CAWLEY October 16 Kilbree LH

Mary to Pat MALLEY and Mary McGREAL October 18 Cushin L

John to Michael WALSH and Honor GILL October 18 Drummonaugh LH

Pat to Martin DONNELLY and Bridget WALSH October 21 Derrycoosh L

James to William DOOGAN and Bridget LALLY November 1 Cortoon

Bridget to John MULHEARN and Bridget WALSH November 1 Derrycoosh LH

Mary Ann to William RIRLY and Mary CAIN November 1 Fairhill LH

Pat to Pat McTIGUE and Bridget REILLY November 2 Carha Herdsman

Mary to John REILLY and Catherine GIBBONS November 3 Knockbrook LH

Austin to Larry McDONAGH and Sibby McGREAL Derrycoosh LH

Mary to Michael GIBBONS and Mary MORAN November 3 Cashel LH

Bridget to Michael CUSACK and Mary KIRBY November 7 Fairhill LH

Anne to Michael KILCOYNE and Bridget NAUGHTON November 13 Woodville LH

Sisly and Mary to Hugh QUINN and Mary GIBBONS November 14 Ballynamarroge

Mary to James GALLAGHER and Mary GERAGHTY November 15 Carrownaclea LH

Catherine to Michael McNALLY and Margaret LIVINGSTON November 19 Derrycoosh LH

James to Pat DURKIN and Catherine TUOHY November 20 Drumneen LH

Biddy to Michael FOY and Biddy LYNDSKY November 20 Corraun Lower LH

Mary to Thomas MULLOY and Margaret NIXON November 21 Ballyglass LH

Mary to Michael CORCORAN and Honor RIDER November 21 Derrartan LH

Richard to Pat BUTLER and Mary DOYLE November 23 Cushin LH

Margaret to Anthony MULCHRONE and Mary CAIN December 1 Knockglass LH

Thomas to Pat REILLY and Bridget RILLY December 3 Mace North LH

Peter to Michael CANNON and Catherine CANNON December 4 Caratosta LH

Anne to Pat GIBBONS and Bessy O'HARA December 7 Ballinacarriga LH

Thomas to Pat MOLLOWNY and Catherine O'BOYLE December 12 Cortoon LH

Catherine to Pat MALLEY and Catherine O'DONEL December 12 Dooleague LH

Anne to Thady QUIGLEY and Biddy McMANNON December 13 Derrycoosh LH

Mary to Pat WHITE and Bridget QUINN December 15 Cloonagh Carpenter

Honor to Pat LUDDEN and Mary JOYCE December 17 Sheeane LH

John to Pat CANNON and Mary GAREU December 25 Curnagridane LH

Louisburgh (25)

Owen to Austin GRADY and Margaret SCANLON August 13 Farmer

Mary to Pat MORAN and Mary GIBBONS September 7 Quay Clare Island L

Bridget to Michael MALLEY and Margaret MALLEY September 7 Caher Farmer

James to Pat RUDDY and Mary MULLAGHTY September 27 Herdsman

Mary to John COX and Mary BURKE October 4 Durless Farmer

Michael to Pat MORTIMER and Catherine CONWAY October 9 Lecanvey L

Thomas DUFFY and Bridget JOYCE October 11 Fallduff L

Austin to John TOOLE and Margaret HYNES October 12 Derrymore Farmer

Philip to Pat MALLEY and Catherine TOOLE October 12 Runish Farmer

Daniel to Martin MORAN and Mary HESTER October 17 Lecanvey Farmer

Bridget to Michael McDONNELL and Ellen GIBBONS October 18 Runish Farmer

Pat of Peter SCANLON and Bridget MALLEY October 21 Formoyle Farmer

Bridget to Pat HESTER and Ellen KEAN October 23 Falduff Farmer

Bridget to Anthony DURKIN and Mary McGIRR November 4 Bunowen Farmer

Catherine to Anthony DURKIN and Mary McGIRR November 4 Bunowen Farmer

Matthew to Thomas KERRIGAN and Michael WALSH November 9 Falduff Farmer

William to Pat TOOLE and Ann KELLY November 15 Drummin Farmer

Margaret to Michael DUFFY and Kate CONWAY November 22 Burrin Farmer

John to Michael DAWSON and Bridget CONNOR November 20 Ballakip L

James to James DAVIDSON and Agnes YOUNG November 20 Logan Land Stewart

Pat to Michael GRADY and Mary MALLEY November 22 Kilsallagh Farmer

Anne to Michael GRADY and Mary MALLEY November 22 Kilsallagh Farmer

Mary to Pat GREALIS and Bridget GRADY November 27 Fallduff Farmer

Anthony to Anthony SCOTT and Margaret DURKIN December 1 Falduff Farmer

Pat to Austin SCANLON and Bridget DONNELLY December 14 Brackown Farmer


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