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Loveless Genealogy

        • Born: 1775 Maryland
        • Married: Sarah Barrett Jan.9,1794 St. John's (Piscataway) Parish,Prince George's County,MD
        • Sarah Barrett Born: Dec.12,1773 Prince George's County,MD, Saint John's Parish Died: before 1810
        • Her parents were Robert Barrett and Sarah ___.
        • Died: Dec. 1847 Pike County,IN

          • CHILDREN: (By Sarah Barrett)
          • Margaret(Masse Ann) b. Oct.15,1794 Prince George's Co.MD m. Thomas Hartley Dec.12,1816 Rowan Co.NC
          • Winnie b. Feb.12,1797 Prince George's Co.MD d. April 7,1871 Pike Co.IN m. John Blaze July 31,1816
          • Joseph b. Dec.6,1798 Prince George's Co.MD d.186? Pike Co.IN m. Elizabeth Beck March 18,1824 pike Co.IN
          • Joseph had children John b.1825 IN,Joseph Jr. b.1827 IN,Elizabeth b.1836,William b. 1839 and Daniel b.1841
          • Delilah b.1800/01 Prince George's Co.MD d. after 1880 m. Lewis Beck Jan.10,1822 Pike Co,IN
          • Isaac N. Jr. b.1805/1806 Rowan County,NC d.1900 m. Phoebe Young Jan.10,1828 Pike Co,IN
            Isaac had children Jacob b.1830 NC, Polly b.1832 NC, Luke b.1834 NC, Joseph b.1836 NC, Enos b.1838 NC
            Margaret b.1840 NC, Christopher b.1842 NC and Luanna b.1848 NC
          • William b.1807/08 Rowan County,NC m. (1st)Susanna Lee Nov.6,1828 Pike Co,IN,(2nd)Lucinda Cox Sept.12,1843 Pike Co,IN
          • John b.Aug.7,1803 Rowan County,NC d.1836 m. Peggy Beck Oct.26,1825 Pike Co,IN
          • 2nd wife Susannah Wingler m. Feb 26,1811

          • CHILDREN: (By Susannah Wringler)
          • Luke b.Sept.6,1813 m. Christian Wingler Aug.11,1836 Pike Co,IN. Had children Allen b.1837,Susan b.1849,Mahala b.1850.
          • Susan b.1816/17
          • Jo Henry b.1811/12 Rowan Co.NC
          • Elizabeth Ann b.1820/21
          • Lucinda (Cynthia) b.1822/23
          • James b.1824/25
          • Jacob b.1827/28
          • Elijah b.1827/28
          • Sally b.1821/22
          • Misc.Info: During their first year in Pike County,IN their dwelling was a crude structure, a combination of
            wigwamming and tent. He then purchased 160 acres of land on Dec.21,1819. In 1830 he built the first mill in
            that part of Madison Twp. which later became Logan Twp.

        • Born: 1806 Rowan County,NC d. before 1880
        • Married: (1st)Susanna Lee Nov.6,1828 Pike Co,IN (2nd)Lucinda Cox Sept.14,1843 Pike County,IN

          • CHILDREN: (By Susanna Lee)
          • Elisha b. 1828 IN
          • Isaac b. 1830 IN
          • Godfrey b. 1831 IN
          • Elijah b. 1832 IN
          • Windy b. 1833 IN
          • Alice b. 1836 IN

          • CHILDREN: (By Lucinda Cox)
          • Polly b. Aug.1845 IN
          • Sarah b. 1848 IN
          • F.M. b. 1853 IN
          • A.J. b. 1860 IN
          • James b. 1865 IN

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