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The Bland Family - Generation 1

Thomas (abt 1740 - 14 Mar 1826 Bland Hills, Pendleton County, Virginia)

Thomas married Margaret ?.

4 Children

1 - John (1764 - Feb 1839)

    John married Nancy CUNNINGHAM.  They went to Muskingham, Ohio in 1798 (see the History of Muskingham County, Ohio).

2 - Henry (25 Apr 1770 - 27 Mar 1853 Pendleton County, Virginia)

    Henry married Margaret WEIRICH they had 12 children.  And then he married Mary DOLLY and they had 12 children.

3 - George (abt 1776 - died young)

4 - Frances (abt 1766 - )

    Frances married John CUNNINGHAM, brother to Nancy (see above) on 1787.

Thomas married Rachael SHOULDERS (abt 1775 - Jan 1851)

5 Children

1 - Susannah (abt 1800 - )

2 - Enoch (9 Jan 1804 - 27 Oct 1882) This is the line I am following

    Enoch married Naomi TETER on 5 Dec 1826 and then married Mary Ann HARPER on 23 Jun 1836.

3 - Elizabeth (1807 - )

    Elizabeth married Jesse DAVIS, Sr (abt 1805 - 14 Aug 1884) on 3 Dec 1827.  Enoch signed the bond.  They had 12 children: Jehu, Simon, Susan, William A., Lucinda, Rachel, Job, Sarah, Virginia, Martha A., Alberta & Benjamin F.

Jesse's parent's were Joseph and Mary (SIMMONS) Davis.

4 - Rachel (1811 - 24 May 1873)

    Rachel married Johnson TETER ( - ) on 31 Dec 1829.  They had 17 Children: Naomi, Margaret "Phoebe", Caleb, Sarah, Cyrus, Jane "Jennie", Eunice, Mary, Annis "Annie", Isaac, Elizabeth, Adam, Martha, Louisa, Eve, Johnson "Bud" & Job.  

Johnson's parents were Joel A. & Elizabeth (Phares) Teter.

5 - Job (11 Jun 1812 - 28 Dec 1854 Jane Lew, , West Virginia)

    Job married Margaret CUNNINGHAM in Lewis County, West Virginia)

Notes for Thomas:

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(Most of the information for Thomas Bland and his descendants came from "Thomas Bland of Pendleton County West Virginia" by Norma Bosserman)

No one seems to know where Tomas Bland lived before receiving his land grants on the North Fork overlooking Germany Valley.  the valley was settled by Germans who came from Germantown near Philadelphia.  The Teters and the Hinkles had gone to Yadkin territory in North Carolina in 1750 settling in Rowan County.  However, the borders were harassed by Indians and these families plus others left the area, retreating north to the land west of the Blue Ridge Mountains in 1760.  Whether Thomas Bland followed this route is an unsolved question.

The first mention of a Thomas Bland in the Pendleton area is in Chalkey's "Augusta County Records", on page 6, showing he paid a fee in 1769, identified as being from "Colliers' Town".  There is a place in eastern Augusta called Collierstown just southeast of Clifton Forge toward Lexington.  Thomas' survey of 58 A. in 1771 was in that area. 

Thomas and his sons, John & Henry are mentioned on page 104 of "Virginia Valley Records 1795 - 1825" by Wayland in a voucher giving 6 horses to Captain Robert Harrison's Company in Rockingham County.  This could possibly qualify him as a Revolutionary War ancestor.  Thus far, no one has established Thomas Bland as a DAR ancestor.

In 1773, Thomas Bland attended an auction of the effects of his deceased neighbor Michael Mallow.  the auction took place on the North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac River, then in the state of Virginia, now in what has become the state of West Virginia.

In 1782, Thomas and his wife Margaret were witnesses of John Wamsley Sr.'s will.  

A Thomas Bland is also listed as a delinquent in the 2nd Battalion of Augusta County in 1784 on West Fork.

In 1785, Thomas Bland had 48 A. surveyed on North Mountain according to Kaylor in his book abstracting early land grants.  The survey was done by Thos. and And. Lewis, Thomas Bland being an assignee of Thomas Lewis who had a warrant for 500 A dated 19th Mar 1780.

In John Wamsley's will of Augusta County, VA dated 11 July 1782 Thomas Bland was a witness.

The county clerk of Augusta County, Virginia, recorded the events.  This part of Augusta became Rockingham County, then in 1788 became a new county called Pendleton after Edmund Pendleton.  In the early 1900's Oren Morton wrote a history of the county.  "The History of Pendleton County, West Virginia".  In his book, Morton recounted the details of the Mallow sale.

In 1788, Thomas Bland was sued by Jane Lambert.

From the list of Robert Poage, Commissioner in the county of Pendleton for the year 1789 we find the following: Thomas Bland 19 Mar 1789 1 white male over 16 & 6 horses. 

4 Nov 1791 Deed Book 1 page 69 - This Indenture made the 4th Day of August 1789 Between David Harmon & Barbara his wife of the County of hardy of the one part & Thos. Bland of this County of the Other Part.  Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the Sum of 105 pounds current money of Virginia in hand paid by the sd. Harmon, doth Bargain & Sell unto the sd. Thos. Bland to him & to his heirs a Certain Tract of Land Containing 125 Acres by Survey bearing dates the 14th day of December 1771 lying & being on the Sugar Lick Run on the SouthEast side of the North Fork of the So. Branch of the Patowmack & Bounded as followeth Viz.  Beginning at a Chesnut & Maple & thence N 85 W 82 poles to two Ash Saplins thence N 30 W 60 Poles to a Whte Oak on a Ridge N 4 W 70 poles to a Spanish Oak N 73 E 26 poles to a Walnut & hickory S 60 E 34 Poles Crossing a Branch to two Sugar Trees N 79 E 40 poles to a white Oak N 40 E 56 Poles to a White Oak thence East 70 poles to a Lyn & hickory S 26 poles to a Lynn S 33 W 67 poles to 3 ash saplins on a ridge N 60 W 44 Poles to a Spanish Oak S 11 & W 110 poles to Benining.  Together with its appurtenances To have & to hold said Tract of Land with its Appurtenances to the sd Thomas Bland to him & to his heirs & assigns to the sole use & behoof of him the sd Thomas Bland his heirs & assigns forever & the sd David Harman & Barbary his Wife for themsleves & thier heirs Doth Covenant with the sd Thos Bland & his heirs & assigns that they the sd David Harman & Barbary his wife doth Covenant with the sd Thos. Bland & his heirs & assigns that they the sd David Harmon & Barbara his Wife & thier heirs the sd Lands with its appurtenances Unto the sd Thos. Bland his heirs & assigns where of the sd David Harmon & Barbary his wife have hereunto Subscribed their Names & Affixed their Seals the day above Written.  David Harmon X his mark Seal, Barbara Harmon B her mark Seal.  Signed Sealed & Delivered In Presence of - At a Court held for Pendleton County the 3rd day of August 1789 The Within Deed of Bargain & Sale from David Harmon & Barbara his Wife to Thos Bland she binet first Privately Examined was Acknowledged & Ordered to be Recorded.  Teste Gaw n hamilton C P C.

The Census of 1790, being lost, was recompiled by using tax lists from 1782-7.  Thomas Bland with 5 white souls was enumerated on the list of Isaac Henkle in 1782  and 1784, which contained the residents on the North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac River.  He had no dwelling house listed, but had one other building.  Evidently they were taxed according to the size of dwelling they had constructed.  The 5 white souls would have been Thomas, Margaret, John, Frances and Henry.

In 1791, he had a survey done by Moses Henkle for 296 A east of North Fork, as an assignee of Joseph Wilson who held 400 A.  Also in that year, Thomas was bonded for $300 to the court to help settle the estate of Henry Buzard decd., along with Moses Hinkle, Peter Van Miniman, Elizabeth Buzard and Michael Buzard. 

In 1792, he was on the tax list and he and Margaret deeded to Matthias Miller 173 A, part of 2 former tracts of Thomas'.  

Deed Book 1 page 211 - - This indenture made the first day of October one thousand seven hundred and ninety two;  Between Thomas Bland and his wife Margaret of the County of Pendleton and State of Virginia of the one part and Matthias Miller of the County and State aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said Thomas Bland and his wife Margaret for and in consideration of the sum of fifty pounds current money of Virginia to in hand paid do Bargain and Sell unto the said Matthias Mill his heirs and assigns a certain Tract of parcel of Land Containing one hundred and seventy three acres more or less being part of two former Tracts of the said Thomas Bland Lying in the said County of Pendleton on the East side of the North fork of the South branch etc. on Several Branches of the Branches of the same and adjoining Lands of Peter Wirick and bounded inclusively as follows Viz, Beginning at a Red oak and walnut on the Lick ridge corner of the old survey and running there South 84 degrees East 24 poles to a sugar sapling on a hill side & So. 53 Et. 11 poles to a walnut and oak and ash sapling on a ridge corner of the new survey & thence with the lines of the same So. 61 E 61 poles to three ironwoods on a ridge & S 19 W 54 poles to two white walnuts on hill side & N 8?4 E 22 poles to an ash & white walnut above a spring & N 15 wt 44 poles to double Lynn on a hill side  & N 26 Et 40 poles crossing a branch to a red Oak and sugar Sapling on a Ridge & N 61 Et 34 poles to two chesnut oaks on a hill side & N 13 Wt 20 poles to a Red Oak and Chesnut on a hill side & N 53 Wt 80 poles crossing a branch to a Lynn and sugar saplin on a ridge & So 85 wt 74 poles Crossing a Branch to white oak locust and dogwood near a path & So 21 Et 40 poles to Lynn and Hiccory Corner of the old Survey and of Wiricks Land and thence with the lines of the same west Seventy poles to a white oak & So 40 Wt 36 poles to red oak Tree & So 4 Et 80 poles to a walnut and Elm by a hollow.  & then So 48 Et 40 poles to a white oak, so 80 Et 20 poles along the lick to the Beginning together with all its appurtanances to have and to hold said Tract or parcel of Land with its appurtenances to the only use and behoof of him the Said Matthias Miller his heirs and Assigns forever and the said Thomas Bland and his wife Margaret for themselves and their heirs do Covenant with the said Mattias Miller his heirs so that they the said appurtenances unto the Said Matthias Miller his heirs and Assins against all persons whatsoever will warrant and forever defend.  I witness thereof the said Thomas Bland his wife Margaret have hereunto subscribed their names and affixed their Seals the day and year above written.  Thomas Bland seal, Margaret Bland seal.  Signed Sealed and Delivered in presence of Moses Henkle.  At a court held for Pendleton County on Monday the first day of October One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety Two this Indenture of Bargain Sale from Thomas Bland and Margaret his wife to Matthias Miller was acknowledged by the said Thomas she the said Margaret being privily examined as the law directs was ordered to be recorded.  Teste Gawin Hamilton.

Thomas' land grant of 296 A is recorded in 1793.  He was an assignee for Joseph Wilson, according to the survey.  

At Matthias Miller's estate settlement 6 Nov 1793, Thomas and his son, Henry were both buyers of household items.  Thomas bought one scythe and two (unreadable) for 1 shilling and 1 penny.

He paid land tax in 1798, 1799 and 1800.  In 1798, 

Thomas paid a court debt to Jos. Henkle in a case of Thomas Bland vs. Stoplue Kellar in 1806 paid a 45-pound debt as well as being in the property book.

In 1809, Joseph Bennett transferred 25 Acres from Thomas Bland and Thomas was listed with a 125 Acres tract and a 108 Acres tract.

Early census records reconstruct the families for researchers.  In the 1810 and 1820 census both Thomas and Henry appeared.  

In 1817, Thomas's 2 parcels are 125 acres and 146 acres.

In 1822, by March 21st Thomas Sr's household in the Lower District consisted of 2 males.  They would have been Thomas and Enoch.

Will Book #4 p 107  26 Feb 1826

THOMAS BLAND    To beloved wife RACHEL provided she doth not marry again but if she does, then only 3rd part.  Balance of moveable property be sold at publick sale to be divided among lawful heris except Elizabeth, Rachel & Job - these to have $10 each more than the rest.

After wife's deceased my two sons Enoch & Job shall have all my land equally divided for quantity and quality.  Job part with house and pay $100 each to the rest of my heirs (equal division) 2 yrs. after my wife deceases.

Fourthly I appoint my son HENRY BLAND to be sole executor of my last will and testament.

Witness Samuel Teter, Joel Teter.  Pr 3rd May 1826.  Copy made by Samuel Teter pr as original was lost by executor named in will.

Praise Bill of personal property of Thomas Bland decd.  June 1st 1826

At a  Court held for Pendleton County the 7th day of June 1826 - - This Inventory and appraisment of personal estate of Thomas Bland dec.d was Returned to Court and ordered to be Recorded    Teste Z Dyer    C. P. C - see above document

Notes on Rachel:

Thomas Bland's will in 1826 states that his wife is Rachel.  After his death Rachel lived with her daughter, Rachel and her husband Johnson Teter according to the 1850 census.  She was 75 when the census was recorded, but died January 1851 aged 78 according to her gravestone.  Johnson and Rachel Teter evidently moved in with her mother, Rachel Bland, on the old homestead when they bought the land from Job Bland.  

Thomas and Rachel Bland's graves just lie below the Germany Valley Scenic Overlook on North Mountain where Route 33 passes from Franklin, West Virginia to Riverton.  Above the road at the crest of the mountain, there are the towering Harman Rocks which resemble a man's profile.

Their original stones are there made of the natural stone from the hillside.  Their daughter Rachel and her husband Johnson Teter also have markers.  "Bud" Teter, their son, lies buried beside them.  An empty place with no stone may have been the burial place of Thomas' wife Margaret who died between 1792 - 1797.  A traveling salesman is buried along with the family although no one seems to know why he is there.

Generation 2 - Enoch & Noami (Teter) Bland

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