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Family of Goadhal Glas +

Partner: Goadhal Glas + (1571- )
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Esasru + (2080- )

Partner: Goadhal Glas +

Name: Goadhal Glas +
Sex: Male
Father: Niul + (2115- )
Mother: Scota + (2110- )
Birth 1571 B.C.

Child 1: Esasru +

Name: Esasru +
Sex: Male
Birth 2080 B.C.

Note on Husband: Goadhal Glas +

Gaodhal (or Gathelus), the son of Niul, and ancestor of Clan-na-Gael, that is, "the children or descendants of Gaodhal". In his youth this Gaodhal was stung in the neck by a serpent, and was immediately brought to Moses, who, laying his rod upon the wounded place, instantly cured him; whence followed the word "Glas" to be added to his named, as Gaodhal Glas (glas: Irish, green; Lat. glaucus; Gr. glaukos), on account of the green scar which the word signifies, and which, during his life, remained on his neck after the wound was healed. And Gaodhal obtained a further blessing, namely-that no venomous beast can live any time where his posterity should inhabit; which is verified in Creta or Candia, Gothia or Getulia, Ireland, etc. The Irish chroniclers affirm that from this time Gaodhal and his posterity did paint the figures of Beasts, Birds, etc., on their banners and shields, to distinguish their tribes and septs, in imitation of the Israelites; and that a "Thunderbolt" was the cognisance in their chief standard for many generations after this Gaodhal.