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Family of Eibher Swt +

Partner: Eibher Swt + (2040- )
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Beogamon + (2020- )

Partner: Eibher Swt +

Name: Eibher Swt +
Sex: Male
Father: Sru + (2060- )
Mother: -
Birth 2040 B.C.
Cause: killed in battle by Noemus, the former king's son

Child 1: Beogamon +

Name: Beogamon +
Sex: Male
Birth 2020 B.C.
Occupation King of Scythia
Title King of Scythia

Note on Husband: Eibher Swt +

Heber Scut , left Creta one year after the death of Sruth . Some of the family remained, and are inhabitants there to this day. There are no venemous serpents on the island of Creta. Heber Scut arrived at the ancestral island of Scythia where they were refused a place to inhabit. They then fought the inhabitants (descendants of Nenuall ) for the sovereignty of the Island. Here Heber fought many battles, always being the victor. He then took the sovereignty from the descendant of Nenuall and settled his colony in Scythia. Heber Scut was able to obtain rule of the colony and remained there for four generations.