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Family of Milesius + and Scota +

Husband: Milesius + (1050- )
Wife: Scota + (1035-968)
Children: Ereahmon + (c. 1699-c. 1684)
Heber + FIONN (1012-967)
Marriage 1020 Ireland

Husband: Milesius +

Name: Milesius +
Sex: Male
Father: Bile + (1740- )
Mother: -
Birth 1050 B.C. Spain
Occupation King of Spain
Title King of Spain
Death Ireland

Wife: Scota +

Name: Scota +
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1035 B.C. Egypt
Death 0968 B.C. (age 66-67) Ireland

Child 1: Ereahmon +

Name: Ereahmon +
Sex: Male
Spouse: Tea + TEPHI (1705- )
Birth c. 1699 B.C.
Death c. 1684 B.C. (age 14-15)
Baptism c. 1680 B.C. (age 18-19)
Occupation King of Ireland
Title King of Ireland

Child 2: Heber + FIONN

Name: Heber + FIONN
Sex: Male
Birth 1012 B.C. Egypt
Death 0967 B.C. (age 44-45) Plains of Geisiol, Leinster, Ireland
Cause: Battle on the Plains of Geisiol

Note on Husband: Milesius +

founder of the Milesian Dynasty in Ireland; the history of Ireland and it's naming are part of this heritage


Book of McKee pg 384 states "Milesius...having secured and extended by many victories the conquests of his predecessors, he made peace with his enemies...He left part of the colony to guard his new kingdom, and embarked with the remainder for Scythia, where he was honorably received by Riffloir, then king...Milsius became by his courtly manners so great a favorite with the king that he appointed him his first minister, and general and chief over his troops...he gave him his daughter Seaug in marriage...the death of wife in 2722 A.M., added to some difference he had with the king, caused him to leave Scythia. He embarked with his two children and little troop of faithful Gadelians for Egypt. There the king Pharaoh-Nectonebus gave him the command of his army in a war in which he was engaged with the Ethiopians. Milesius acquitted himself of that commission as usual, with honor, and Scota the King's daughter was given him in marriage."


An Historical Account of The Clanna Rory, from the chronology of the Rabbi Naason

b. 2690 A.M.1,2

Note on Wife: Scota +

daughter of the Pharoah Nectonibus


there is a possiblity that this is the same Scota that married Milesius, but there are many questions on this issue.


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