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Family of Henry + of HUNTINGDON

Partner: Henry + of HUNTINGDON (1114-1152)
Partner: (unknown)

Partner: Henry + of HUNTINGDON



Name: Henry + of HUNTINGDON
Sex: Male
Father: David I + (1080-1153)
Mother: Maud + (1072-1131)
Birth 1114 Scotland
Occupation Prince of Scotland
Title frm 1124 to 12 Jun 1152 (age 9-38) Prince of Scotland
Title frm 1130 to 1138 (age 15-24) Earl for Honour of Huntingdon-Northampton
Title frm 1138 to 1141 (age 23-27) Earl for Honour of Huntingdon-Northampton
Title frm 1139 to 1152 (age 24-38) Earl of Northumbria
Death 12 Jul 1152 (age 37-38) Scotland

Note on Husband: Henry + of HUNTINGDON

Henry of Scotland (Eanric mac Dabíd) (1114 – 12 June 1152) was a Prince of Scotland, heir-apparent to the Kingdom of Alba. He was also the 3rd Earl of Northumberland and the 3rd Earl of the Honour of Huntingdon and Northampton.


He was the son of King David I of Scotland and Maud, 2nd Countess of Huntingdon. His maternal grandparents were Waltheof, Earl of Northumbria and Huntingdon, (beheaded 1075) and his spouse Judith of Lens.


Henry was named after his uncle, King Henry I of England who had married his paternal aunt Edith of Scotland (the name Edith gallicised as Matilda after becoming Queen consort in 1100). He had three sons, two of whom became King of Scotland, and a third whose descendants were to prove critical in the later days of the Scottish royal house. He also had three daughters.


His eldest son became King of Scots as Malcolm IV in 1153. Henry's second son became king in 1165 on the death of his brother, reigning as William I. Both in their turn inherited the title of Earl of Huntingdon. His third son, David also became Earl of Huntingdon. It is from the 8th Earl that all Kings of Scotland after Margaret, Maid of Norway claim descent.


On Henry's death, the Earldom passed to his half-brother Simon II de Senlis.


[edit] FamilyHenry married Ada de Warenne, the daughter of William de Warenne, 2nd Earl of Surrey (died 1138), and Elizabeth of Vermandois, daughter of Hugh of Vermandois, The Great.


Ada of Huntingdon (1139–1206), married in 1161, Floris III, Count of Holland.

Margaret of Huntingdon (1145–1201)

Married [1] in 1160 Conan IV, Duke of Brittany, (died 1171)

Married [2] Humphrey III de Bohun, Lord of Trowbridge.

Malcolm IV of Scotland.

William I of Scotland.

David of Scotland, 8th Earl of Huntingdon.

Matilda of Huntingdon, born and died 1152.

Marjorie of Huntingdon, married Gille Críst, Earl of Angus.