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Family of Thomas + MIGHILL and Ann PARRAT

Husband: Thomas + MIGHILL (1580-1654)
Wife: Ann PARRAT (c. 1608-1694)
Children: Ezekiell MIGHILL (c. 1642- )
Nathaniel MIGHILL (c. 1644- )
Stephen MIGHILL (c. 1646- )
Mary MIGHILL (c. 1648- )
Ann MIGHILL (c. 1650- )
Marriage 1641 Rowley, Essex, MA, US

Husband: Thomas + MIGHILL

Name: Thomas + MIGHILL1,2,3
Sex: Male
Father: unknown (c. 1555- )
Mother: -
Birth 1580 York, Yorkshire, England
Ordination 3 Dec 1636 (age 55-56) Rowley, Essex, MA, US
Occupation Deacon
Residence frm 1636 to 1639 (age 55-59) Roxbury, Suffolk, MA, US
Death 1654 (age 73-74) Rowley, Essex, MA, US4
Burial 14 May 1654 Rowley, Essex, MA, US

Wife: Ann PARRAT

Name: Ann PARRAT
Sex: Female
Father: unknown (c. 1578- )
Mother: -
Birth 1608 (est)
Death 17 Nov 1694 (age 85-86) Rowley, Essex, MA, US

Child 1: Ezekiell MIGHILL

Name: Ezekiell MIGHILL
Sex: Male
Birth 1642 (est)

Child 2: Nathaniel MIGHILL

Name: Nathaniel MIGHILL
Sex: Male
Birth 1644 (est)

Child 3: Stephen MIGHILL

Name: Stephen MIGHILL
Sex: Male
Birth 1646 (est)

Child 4: Mary MIGHILL

Name: Mary MIGHILL
Sex: Female
Birth 1648 (est)

Child 5: Ann MIGHILL

Sex: Female
Birth 1650 (est)

Note on Husband: Thomas + MIGHILL

THOMAS MIGHILL , bur. Rowley, MA 14 Jul 1654, m(1) Ellen ____, bur. Rowley 12 Mar 1640-1, m(2) ANN PARROTT, d. Rowley, MA 17 Nov 1694.

Thomas Mighill came to America with his wife Ellen and settled first in Roxbury about 1636. They removed to Rowley in 1639 where he was ordained a deacon of the church on Dec. 3, 1639. His wife was recorded as the first person buried in Rowley. Thomas' second wife was Ann Parrott, sister of Deacon Francis Parrott. Thomas was made a freeman May 13, 1640 and had a three acre house lot on Weathersfield Street in 1643. Thomas often served on Essex County court juries and grand juries and was chosen one of three men in 1649 to end small causes in Rowley.

An early town inventory of lands showed Thomas with a three acre house lot on Wethersfield Street bounded west by the highway and east by Mrs. Margery Shove. He also had 56.5 acres in numerous plots around the town. Thomas Mighill was a selectman in 1650 and had a mault kiln across the street from his house. He also viewed and divided land for the town on different occassions. On Feb. 10, 1670-1 215 acres were laid out to widow Mighill of Rowley, bounded north by the Merrimack River, east by Thomas Kimball and Johnson's Pond, south by commons, and west by John Watson.

Thomas Mighill and Humphrey Rayner were chosen as guardians by the children of George Abott, late of Groton, in 1648. These two men also witnessed the will of John Jarratt in 1647. In 1649 Thomas took the inventory of the estate of Robert Johnson, who was a cousin of Humfrey Rayner. Thomas also was made an overseer of the will of Thomas Barker and took the inventory of Barker's estate with Rayner and Joseph Jewett. There may be clues in this information about Thomas' extended family (i.e. his in-laws, etc.). This is especially the case with George Abott.

Thomas made his will June 11, 1654. It was proved March 27, 1655 and mentions his wife Ann; three children by his first wife: Samuel, John, and Thomas; and his four children by his second wife: Ezekiell, Nathaniel, Stephen, and Mary. He also made provision for a child his wife was then carrying. This was his postumous daughter Ann, who died shortly after birth. He also mentioned his "sister Ann Tenny", which might be of some use in locating his English home. Ann Mighill was made the executrix. Inventory of his estate was taken June 24, 1654 and amounted to 571.14.11 of which 70 pounds was used to pay off debts. Ann Tenney was the wife of Thomas Tenney. She was buried 26. 7 mo. 1657. Thomas Tenney then married the widow Elizabeth Parrat Feb. 24, 1657-8.

Thomas' widow Ann died Nov. 17, 1694. Ann made a bequest to her sister Faith Parrott Senior. Family tradition has it that Thomas was born in 1606 and wife Ellen in 1610.

Ann Parratt probably came to America with her brother Francis and sister Faith. Francis was born about 1610 and was a man of influence and ability, with an unusual amount ot education for the time. He was in New England by 1640 when he was made a Freeman in Rowley May 13 of that year. He served in town office and was a deacon in the Rowley church. Francis died in England about 1656 while there on business. He married Elizabeth Northend, who remarried 24 Feb 1657-8 Thomas Tenney. Faith married twice - first to Smith and second to Law. "The Aged widow Faith Law" died 30 Mar 1705. The Parratts probably came from Yorkshire with the Rev. Ezekiel Rogers.


"To Thomas Mighill, one lott containinge three acrees


bounded on the west side by the highway, and a small


parcell [of land] lyinge common, part of it lyinge on the


north side of the streete, and part of it on the south side

The History of Rowley, apportionment of lots



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