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Family of Bernard I + and Hildegard +

Husband: Bernard I + (950-1011)
Wife: Hildegard + (c. 955- )
Children: Herman (c. 975- )
Thiermar (c. 980- )
Gedesdiu (c. 985- )
Bernard II + (995-1059)

Husband: Bernard I +

Name: Bernard I +
Sex: Male
Father: Hermann + BILLUNG (920-973)
Mother: Hildegardis + of WESTBURG (920- )
Birth 0950
Occupation Duke of Saxony
Title frm 0973 to 1011 (age 22-61) Duke of Saxony
Death 9 Feb 1011 (age 60-61)
Burial Church of St. Michael in Luneburg

Wife: Hildegard +

Name: Hildegard +
Sex: Female
Father: Heinrich I + (922-976)
Mother: Judith + of the WETTERAU (932-973)
Birth 0955 (est)

Child 1: Herman

Name: Herman
Sex: Male
Birth 0975 (est)

Child 2: Thiermar

Name: Thiermar
Sex: Male
Birth 0980 (est)

Child 3: Gedesdiu

Name: Gedesdiu
Sex: Female
Birth 0985 (est)

Child 4: Bernard II +

Name: Bernard II +
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eilika + (1005-1059)
Birth 0995 Saxony, Germany
Occupation Duke of Saxony
Title Duke of Saxony
Death 25 Jun 1059 (age 63-64)
Burial Chuch of Saint Michael, Luneburg

Note on Husband: Bernard I +

Bernard I (c. 950 – 9 February 1011) was the duke of Saxony (973–1011), the second of the Billung dynasty, a son of Duke Herman and Oda. He extended his father's power considerably.


He fought the Danes in 974, 983, and 994 during their invasions. He supported the succession of Otto III over Henry the Wrangler. In 986, he was made marshal and in 991 and 995 he joined the young Otto on campaign against the Slavs. He increased his power vis-à-vis the crown, where his father had been the representative of the king to the tribe, Bernard was the representative of the tribe to the king [1]. Bernard died in 1011 and was buried in the Church of Saint Michael in Lüneburg.


[edit] FamilyIn 990, Bernard married Hildegard (died 1011), daughter of Count Henry I the Bald of Stade (died 976). They had the following issue:


Herman, died young

Bernard II, his successor

Thietmar, a count, died in a duel on 1 April 1048 in Pöhlde

Gedesdiu (or Gedesti) (died 30 June c. 1040), abbess of Metelen (from 993) and Herford (from 1002)

and probably:


Matilda, nun

Othelindis (died 9 March 1044), married Dirk III of Holland