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Family of Uros I + VUKANOVIC and Anna + DIOGENESS

Husband: Uros I + VUKANOVIC (1089-1130)
Wife: Anna + DIOGENESS (bef1075- )
Children: Helena + of RASKA (1115-1146)
Uros II (c. 1117- )
Desa UROSEVIC (c. 1118-1166)
Belos (c. 1121- )
Marija (c. 1123- )

Husband: Uros I + VUKANOVIC

Name: Uros I + VUKANOVIC
Sex: Male
Father: Itlybomire + NEMANJ (1059- )
Mother: -
Birth 1089 Serbian lands
Occupation Grand Prince of Serbia
Title Grand Prince of Serbia
Religion Eastern Christianity
Death 1130 (age 40-41)

Wife: Anna + DIOGENESS

Name: Anna + DIOGENESS
Sex: Female
Father: Konstantinos + DIOGENESSA (1050-1074)
Mother: Theodora + KOMNENOS (1053-1090)
Birth bef 1075 Constantinople, Turkey
Occupation Queen of Serbia
Title Queen of Serbia

Child 1: Helena + of RASKA


Spouse: Bela II +

Name: Helena + of RASKA
Sex: Female
Spouse: Bela II + (1108-1141)
Birth 1115 Beograd, Serbia
Occupation Queen Consort of Hungary
Title frm 1131 to 1141 (age 15-26) Queen Consort of Hungary
Death 1146 (age 30-31)

Child 2: Uros II

Name: Uros II
Sex: Male
Birth 1117 (est)

Child 3: Desa UROSEVIC

Sex: Male
Birth 1118 (est)
Title frm 1149 to 1155 (age 30-37) Grand Prince of Rascia
Occupation Grand Prince of Rascia
Death 1166 (age 47-48)

Child 4: Belos

Name: Belos
Sex: Male
Birth 1121 (est)
Occupation Grand Prince of Serbia
Title 1162 (age 40-41) Grand Prince of Serbia

Child 5: Marija

Name: Marija
Sex: Female
Birth 1123 (est)

Note on Husband: Uros I + VUKANOVIC

Uroš I Vukanovic was a Serbian Grand Župan of Rascia, from ca. 1112-1115 - 1131 / ca. 1145


Uroš was either supposedly the son of Vukan, duke of Rascia, or his nephew. Based on information from the Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja, Vukan had a brother named Marko, thus opening the possibility that Uroš was in fact Marko's son. Uroš etymologically stems from the Hungarian word ur (sir, lord), denoting Hungarian origin, thus also opening the possibility that Marko's wife was Hungarian.


Uroš was first mentioned in the Alexiad of Anna Komnene, a written account of the reign of her father Byzantine emperor Alexios I Komnenos. Specifically, he is mentioned in Alexios I's campaigns against the Serbs in 1093 / 1094. Following the Byzantine capture of Lipljan, Rascian duke Vukan sent diplomats to Alexios I, offering hostages and an oath promising to respect future agreements. Among the twenty hostages sent were two of Vukan's nephews, Uroš and Stefan Vukan. The duration of their captivity in Byzantium remains unknown.


Following the death of Vukan in ca. 1112-1115, Uroš became duke of Rascia. According to the aforementioned Chronicle, the Byzantine army based in Dyrrhachium invaded Doclea in 1113 / 1114 and captured the Doclean capital, Scutari. There they installed Grubeša Branislavljevic as king of Doclea in 1118, ousting then-reigning king George, who fled to Rascia for seven years under Uroš' protection. George, in 1120 / 1121 or 1125, invaded Doclea with the aid of Rascian forces. In the ensuing battle in Antivari, Grubeša was killed and George retook his kingdom. Following George's reinstatement as king of Doclea, Uroš fell into conflict with his own family, and in 1126 / 1127, George engaged in a campaign in Rascia in order for Uroš to create room in the prisons for his relatives. With the help of George, Uroš successfully regained his position as duke of Rascia.


Uroš rid himself of Byzantine authority, and sought an alliance with Hungary.


Uroš unified most of the Serbian territories.


[edit] Marriage and DescendantsUroš was married to a Byzantine noblewoman named Anna Diogene, who through her father Constantine was a granddaughter of Romanos IV Diogenes. They had the following issue:


Uroš II - Uroš' successor

Desa - Duke of Serbian Primorje, co-ruled Rascia with Uroš II

Beloš - Ban of Croatia and briefly Prince of Serbia

Jelena - married Béla II the Blind, King of Hungary

Marija - married Conrad II, Duke of Znojmo

and possibly


Zavida - Duke of Zahumlje

Note on Wife: Anna + DIOGENESS

Anna Diogenissa (b. before 1075), was a 12th-century Grand Princess consort of Serbia, a Byzantine noblewoman of the Diogenes house who married Uroš I Vukanovic, the Grand Prince of Serbia (ca 1112-1145), by whom she had five children including the successor to the principality, Uroš II.


[edit] Family and marriageAnna Diogenissa was born in the Byzantine capital Constantinople sometime before or, at the latest, nine months after the death of her father Constantine Diogenes at Antioch in 1074.[1] Her mother was Theodora Komnene, a daughter of the powerful noblewoman Anna Dalassena and Ioannis Komnenos, and hence sister to the future emperor Alexios I Komnenos (r. 1081–1118).[1] Her paternal grandparents were Romanos IV Diogenes (r. 1068–1071) and Anna of Bulgaria.


It is not recorded when Anna married Uroš I, the Grand Župan of Rascia, who reigned from 1112/1115 to 1131/1145. It most likely took place during Uroš' captivity in Byzantium, where he had been sent as a hostage by his uncle Vukan following the capture of Lipljan in 1094 by the troops of Alexios I Komnenos. Uroš is credited with having unified most of the Serbian territories after retaking them from Byzantine occupation. Rascia was the first independent state of the Serbs which had been formed in the 8th century.


Together they had at least five children:


Uroš II, Grand Župan of Rascia (died after 1161)

Desa (died after 1166), married and had one daughter

Beloš, married and had one daughter

Jelena (died after 1146), married King Béla II of Hungary, by whom she had five children.

Marija, married Conrad II, Grand Duke of Znojmo, mother of Helen of Znojmo

Possible child of Anna and Uros:


Zavida, Lord of Ribnica[1]

There is not much information in the available sources on the life of Anna Diogenissa, and this lack includes the date of her death. Charles Cawley in his Medieval Lands derived what little information he has from Europaische Stammtafeln.