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Family of Gwrst + Ledlum ap CENEU and Ewerich + verch KEVENARD

Husband: Gwrst + Ledlum ap CENEU (400- )
Wife: Ewerich + verch KEVENARD (c. 405- )
Children: Meirchion + Gul ap GWRST (430- )

Husband: Gwrst + Ledlum ap CENEU

Name: Gwrst + Ledlum ap CENEU
Sex: Male
Father: Cenau + ap COEL (374- )
Mother: Ystradwel + verch GADEON (360- )
Birth 0400 Rheged, Wales

Wife: Ewerich + verch KEVENARD

Name: Ewerich + verch KEVENARD
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 0405 (est)

Child 1: Meirchion + Gul ap GWRST

Name: Meirchion + Gul ap GWRST
Sex: Male
Spouse: Essylt + verch CULWYNEDD (440-458)
Birth 0430 Rheged, Wales
Occupation King of Rheged
Death Rheged, Wales

Note on Husband: Gwrst + Ledlum ap CENEU

Gwrast the Ragged, the son of King Ceneu of Northern Britain, was ruler of a huge Kingdom that covered the whole modern North-West England. It stretched from Hadrian's Wall above Caer-Ligualid (Carlisle) all the way down to Campoduno (Leeds) in Midland Britain and Caer-Legion (Chester) in the East. He ruled in the mid 5th century, but nothing else is known of him. His epithet is intriguing.