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Family of Fulbert + of FALAISE and Doda + MCMALCOM

Husband: Fulbert + of FALAISE (978-1017)
Wife: Doda + MCMALCOM (980- )
Children: Herleva * + of FALAISE (1003-1078)
Reynald (1008-1059)
Beatrice + (1028-1085)
Marriage 1000 France

Husband: Fulbert + of FALAISE

Name: Fulbert + of FALAISE
Sex: Male
Father: Thorgil + SPRAKLING (960- )
Mother: Sigrid + (961- )
Birth 0978 Falaise, Bassee-Normandie, France
Occupation tanner
Death 1017 (age 38-39) Normandy, France

Wife: Doda + MCMALCOM

Name: Doda + MCMALCOM
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 0980 Falaise, Bassee-Normandie, France

Child 1: Herleva * + of FALAISE


Spouse: Robert I * +


Spouse: Ranulph of WRENROC

Name: Herleva * + of FALAISE
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Robert I * + (1000-1035)
Spouse 2: Harlevin of CONTEVILLE (1001-1066)
Spouse 3: Ranulph of WRENROC (1009- )
Birth 9 Jun 1003 Falaise, Bassee-Normandie, France
Death 23 Apr 1078 (age 74) Grestain, Eure, Haute-Normandy, France
Burial Abbey of Grestain

Child 2: Reynald

Name: Reynald
Sex: Male
Birth 1008 Croy, Piccardy, Normandy, France
Occupation Lord of Croy
Title Lord of Croy
Death 1059 (age 50-51)

Child 3: Beatrice +


Spouse: Robert III +

Name: Beatrice +
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert III + (1022-1089)
Birth 1028 Shenton, Leicestershire, England
Death 10 Apr 1085 (age 56-57) Eu, Normandy, France

Note on Husband: Fulbert + of FALAISE

Fulbert of Falaise (fl. 11th century) was the father of Herleva, mother of the illegitimate William the Conqueror, the 11th-century Duke of Normandy and King of England. The Walter of Falaise named by Orderic Vitalis is likely a son.


Fulbert has traditionally been held to be a tanner, based on translations of Orderic's additions to the Gesta Normannorum Ducum. He writes that during the siege of Alençon (1051-2), the natives had been mutilated by William after they called him a pelliciarius (pelterer), because his mother's kinsmen had been pollinctores (corpse preparers). One later poetic source interpreted the occupation to be that of tailor, but in part due to flawed transcripts of the original, many historians have concluded he was a tanner,.[1] Others have favored a more literal reading, that Herleva's family had been undertakers or embalmers.[2]


Orderic also added to the Gesta that Fulbert served as Duke's chamberlain (cubicularii ducis).[3] It has been suggested that this occurred after William's birth.[4] Perhaps linking Orderic's two additions, contemporary practice made the chamberlain one of the persons responsible for burials.[5]


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